U.S. HUD Housing Investigation

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United States Hud Systems Are Broken If American Citizens Are Homeless

America, has anyone sat back and thought about the U.S. Housing Crisis! Why is there a Homeless Epidemic in the U.S? Who is responsible? What’s going on behind closed doors?

The American people have been pushed out onto the streets, by Foreign immigrants, Excessively High Rents, Foreign Newcomers/Home Owners, and U.S. Foreign citizen housing leaders are discriminating against the American people and playing favoritism to their own country citizens.

This is a major problem for all U.S. Born Citizens. The Economical resources in the United States, have been impacted by the New Large ‘Foreign Presence’ in the United States and whether we like it or not these are the ‘FACTS!’ The American people are ‘Economically’ being Dominated by Foreign Newcomers, from all around the world! And being “Pushed Out” in their own country!

America, please note; what goes on in the United States would never occur in any other country! If you traveled out of the country, there is ‘No Way’ in the world you could acquire what the ‘Foreign Residents’ are receiving in the United States.

For instance, in States such as Florida and California, the Foreign Dominance over the American people is not becoming! The American peoples Well being, Safety, History, Legacies, and Land should be protected at ‘All Cost’ by all U.S. Federal Leaders and Agencies per the United States Constitution! This is not the case in the United States!

So as American born Citizens we should ask; Who’s monitoring United States ‘Broken’ Hud Housing Agencies? They play a ‘Huge’ part of the hidden housing crisis, if America has a current ‘Homeless Epidemic!’

Below are a few questions that should be addressed by Federal, State and Local Leaders working for ‘American Born Citizens’ with Legacies

How are new foreign residents getting Bank Loans without being a permanent U.S. Citizen

  1. Is there some type of International Credit Reporting Agency tied to Equifax, Transunion, Experian
  2. How does the U.S. Banks, accurately verify a ‘Foreign Citizens’ Creditworthiness if they come from another country who doesn’t have the same business guidelines as U.S.
  3. Are all International Credit Laws the same as U.S.
  4. How can a Visa holder or a New Foreign resident easily get a business loan if not being a resident of the U.S. for at least 5 – 10yrs
  5. Why can Foreign Residents have multiple family members living in a 1 or 2 bedroom when the American people can’t!
  6. Why are Foreign Property Owners charging excessive rents, when the economy is bad? Why won’t property owners participate in State and Federal Housing Programs
  7. Are the American people being put 1st on housing programs before citizens not born or from the U.S.
  8. How are foreign residents getting Low Income and Section 8 housing without being a resident of the U.S. at least  5- 10yrs – Having a child in U.S. to acquire Housing should not be tolerated
  9. Lastly, How in the world can Any Human Being be put on a Housing waiting list for 3-10yrs. before they can get a roof over their heads, they will be ‘Dead’ by that time
So America, here are some important facts to be addressed for the American people, Please keep fighting for your “Constitutional American Citizen Rights!”
Kaila ‘Telling’ The Truth