California Homeless Epidemic Exposed

California lawmakers set to tackle homeless issue

Wow it’s about time! We shall see, how it works out! CABIRI, had the opportunity to work with the ‘Skid Row’ Case Manager. America, when we called the more prominent City and County, Managers, Leaders of California, none of them could assist with housing, and looked down at the notion to visit the area and walk in the ‘Skid Row’ managers shoes for one day.

Well that was totally out of the question, many stated, they dare not come to that area! They acted as though they were too good to work one day Skid Row! Why are people so afraid of Reality?

In more efforts to bring awareness, CABIRI contacted the City-County Leaders, and was told the ‘Homeless Epidemic’ was under control when it clearly wasn’t! Many Top Agencies, Organizations, Shelters, didn’t return phone calls, and left ‘Women AND Disabled’ citizens outside, with no where to go!

Demolition of homeless camp leaves California’s destitute with few options

We should wonder how can someone do that to another human being, and sleep at night? Then just go along with their lives like everything is all good and ‘Skid Row,’ Tents, and RV’s parked all throughout California are Non-existent!

Local California ‘Churches’ state they’re overwhelmed, and the other organizations say they are lacking funding for food and clothing!

…And let it be known, Mayor Eric Garcetti’s, office failed to return the ‘Skid Row Case Managers, and CABIRI’s phone calls and emails, after investigating the ‘Broken’ Homeless and Housing programs!

Homeless Merry Christmas Lennox California

Sadly, we were only reaching out to ‘Bring Awareness’ too save lives from America’s growing Homeless Epidemic! …We cared and they didn’t!

At one point early on in 2015, CABIRI, was told by a ‘City Leader,’ the City worked with their own specifically chosen agency’s, although when you call those many agencies, your ignored or told nothing is available.

So taking it a step further, CABIRI went public with the investigative reports and pictures proving California’s Homeless Crisis! And contacted the U.S. Homeless Coalition Director ‘Amy Sawyer’ about the crisis! Soon after Mayor Garcetti, issued a ‘State of Emergency for Los Angeles, California’s Homeless Epidemic!

Signs of Depression coming USA..How Homeless people Live near the California free ways

When contacting all leaders we emphasized the Mentally-ill, Disabled, Drugs, Lack of housing, Disease and Death’s impacting hundreds of American Citizens, and it really needed addressed, as it was getting worse.

Although America, its quite interesting when CABIRI’s group ‘Positive Minded People’ led a ‘Homeless Drive’ back in 2013 for the Homeless Citizens of Skid Row! Now 2016, its a problem!

It’s also disturbing as a ‘Naturalized American Citizen’ to view around California Mexicans, Latino’s, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Armenians, Indians, Iranians who have no problem with Housing, Jobs, Business ownership, Welfare and SSI benefits throughout the California area!And speak no ‘English!’

Orange County’s Homeless

This isn’t fair to many American born Californians! American citizens are homeless living outside in unsanitary conditions, where the streets smell of ‘Feces and Urine!’

Skid row, has very VERY FEW ‘Foreign Citizens’ the majority are Blacks, Whites, Veterans, Newly released criminals and the mentality ill.

Another point not ‘reported’ the County of California say, their 100,000 homes short, the City says its 500,000 homes short of housing citizens! Although when driving around,you’ll view ‘For Rent’ signs on many buildings, although when you call or email, there’s no answer, or return phone call, nor a email response!

Homeless children increasing in Southern California

Let’s not forget the ‘Real Estate Companies’ and ‘Referral Agencies,’ who are ‘Raking in the Dough,’ charging Application Fee’s and Referral Fee’s for homes and apartments they know aren’t available! These con-artist are profiting off the backs of California residents, who truly need a roof over their heads. …And to add residents are being asked to make 3 to 4 times their rent!

So let’s see a Example:
1br – 1ba 500sq ft. @ $900/mth
Tenant must gross – $2700 a month 3×4 times Rent
Pay $35 – $40 Application, Background, Credit Checks Fee’s
Deposit Amount – $900 w/approved excellent credit – Poor Credit $900 x 2 =$1800 (Foreclosures and Evictions)!

How many American Citizens lost their homes to Foreclosure after the ‘Bank Bailout’s. Or became disabled, medically ill and unable to work?

So far in example above a single individual could be out of pocket, $35-$40 application fee’s, possibly being denied

Landlord Required to Refund Excessive Rent paid for Unlawful Rental Unit


$1835 w/approved excellent credit, poor credit you could be set back $2735! Then if denied, families are forced to pay more application fee’s! Imagine if they applied at three Apartment Communities, they’d be out $80’s, four times $120, and most are non-refundable.

This is like preying on the weak, every ‘Financial Situation’ is different and some have it better than others, and the ‘Excessive fee’s’ could break a family! It’s asinine, when it doesn’t include the cost of Utilities, which can be a additional $500, and let’s not forget basic household furniture, transportation, food and medical cost!

Medical and Cutaneous Disorders Associated With Homelessness

The ‘Housing Crisis’ is a ‘No Win’ situation for any human being, who’s on a ‘Fixed Income’ or working for Minimum Wage! There’s ‘No Way’ ‘Anyone can survive, when the ‘System’ is setting you up to ‘Fail!’

The ‘entire Real – Estate, Insurance Housing Market in the U.S. is ‘Broken,’ although ‘Land Ownership’ in U.S. is another issue that needs researched!

America, with “No Rent Control Enforcement’ in California, How will a Homeless person survive, paying those type’s of excessive Housing fee’s, just for a “Safe place to call home?”

Housing First

Also please note in investigating the U.S. Homeless Epidemic, CABIRI found many ‘California Landlords’ refuse to take ‘State Funded’ Housing programs, due to Slow, Low Payments.

This is per, Rental Agencies, Landlords, and Transitional Housing owners, so although a few “Housing Programs’ are in place in California for some residents the ‘Programs-Processes aren’t ‘Market Industry’ or ‘Land Lord’ Friendly!

The ‘Housing Programs’ in California and Florida’s Public Housing, Section 8 programs have a 3 to 10yr. waiting list! America, Who in their right mind can wait that long? People, will be dead by then, homelessness = Bad Health!

More homeless camps are appearing beyond downtown L.A.’s skid row

“Foreign Residents” – Are Exempt from ‘Credit History  And Background Checks in California,  due to the fact, our own U.S. Federal Government, has no idea about the Backgrounds, Credit or Family Histories of millions of ‘Foreign and Illegal immigrants, looming throughout U.S! So how is any State in U.S. different?

Common sense tells us, of course the American people have Backgrounds, Decades of Credit history, and Family Legacies; America does happen to be their ‘Home Country!’ There’s people
from all around the ‘World’ living, and visiting the U.S., with ‘Unknown’ or ‘Fraudulent information!’

So before the ‘Homeless Epidemic’ can be resolved there’s much work to be done and fires to be put out, Accountability isn’t present on the Federal, State and Local Governments!

California legislators propose spending $2 billion to build housing for homeless”

This is very interesting Please view article then look at attached PDF! One has nothing to do with other!

HUD Awards $8.5 Million to Help Low-Income Residents in California Find Employment and Job Training