Merck KGAA = U.S. FDA Bribery

THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAVE BEEN WELL AWARE OF PHARMACEUTICAL DRUG AND PRODUCT DANGERS! THEY CHOSE TO IGNORE THE AMERICAN PEOPLE FROM 2013-2016! So think about this America! CABIRI, has been fighting for all American families who deserve to know the truth too protect their families!

America, please see below CABIRI’s 2014 published content. Along with the below content, CABIRI’s Pharmaceutical Research was sent to ‘Obama’ in 2013, proving the ‘Hidden Corruption, Dangers in America’s Internationally controlled Pharmaceutical industry.  So it’s frustrating to know the Federal Government was well aware of all the Healthcare, Drugs and Product dangers!

Which are being distributed by the Top 10 International Pharmaceutical Leaders based in United States, although living in their countries, supplying the American people with Foreign Man-Made Toxic Dangerous Chemical Concoctions.

Also as the owner of CABIRI, and a International Pharmaceutical victim, receiving no justice from State, and Federal Leaders, please take heed, this how CABIRI, came about to protect my Fellow Americans, who have no clue what’s ‘Really’ going on.

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Source: Merck KGAA = U.S. FDA Bribery