International Price Increases

American Citizens and the United States are being Financially robbed Economically.

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Canada vs. U.S. pricing: Why we often pay more

How  do you ask! “Simple!” With the increasing number of International U.S. Business Owners, Corporations, Foundations, Organizations, Non-Profits, Land/Real-Estate Owners, and International Federal, State, Local Leaders, are creating economical instability within the United States!

Prices have gone up due to the new international business owners, not only funding their U.S. businesses, also funding their families and businesses in their home countries. When researching the ‘Top 10 International Pharmaceuticals Corporations’ we found the majority of their profits came from ‘North America – U.S.!’ Which makes sense, the more they increase their prices in the United States the better their (ROI) Return on Investment!

Price Gouging Investigation

Well this ideology and current disposition is not good nor fair to the American people! On top of the known fact there’s a ‘Current Trend’ whereas; international citizens from around the world are “Refusing” to work, and employ American Citizens in their businesses, corporations etc., You’ll usually view international citizens catering to family, friends, or associates from their country and some have the nerve not be ‘Friendly to the American people! Why is that? Aren’t they profiting in the U.S?

So as American Citizens we all need to realize and possibly come to terms With International Citizens being in control of America! WHY!! They can increase prices and charge what they want for their U.S. services, products, land, and seemingly still be able to ‘Not’ work with; or employ the American people! Where’s the fairness in that? Let’s not even get on the subject of cheap labor that’s another article!

Breast Cancer Patient Arrested for Protesting TPP: “This is Price Gouging at the Cost of Lives

There’s no way the American people would get away with this in any other country! So why is this happening in the United States? The American people are homeless, on Unknown imported drugs, dying, unemployed and living in ‘Poverty and Distress!’ This has made the American people feel “Used and Left out” in THEIR HOME COUNTRY, passed down to them by previous Ancestors and ‘American Forefathers!’

This is just wrong and hurtful to all ‘American Born Families!’ They are being hit Economically and Financially in all Market Industries. They average U.S. Citizen can’t even get a Bank or Car loan, Afford a Apartment/House, or Find stable employment.

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The ‘International Economical Instability,’ in the United States has pushed the American people into a ‘Close Depression’ not being ‘Communicated!’ Although please know the truth in the ‘Real World’ can’t and won’t be ignored and will always prevail in the End!

International Respect of the American people, History and Legacies within United States must be addressed! Americans fought long and hard for what is now their HOMELAND the U.S.A!  

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