U.S. Economical Warfare Killing White Americans

Financial despair, addiction and the rise of suicide in white America

U.S. International Economical Warfare now Socioeconomically impacting American families. Double the number in several other countries! CABIRI, alerted all American  Citizens of the ‘Economical Warfare’ back in 2013, after a Medical Device experience that lead to researching U.S. Top 10 Pharmaceutical Corporations, which happened to be internationally owned.

The research revealed ‘Deep Hidden Agenda’s’ that could harm or impact the American people and the U.S., the research – Case Study was sent directly to OBAMA! Although, we all know the GOP is too busy arguing, rather than listening to the American people!

The Economical Warfare, has stripped the life and stability out of Millions of American born citizens, who are living in poverty, homeless, health failing, disabled, unemployed, working with lower paying wages, dealing with unaffordable housing, Section 8/Public Housing waiting list 3-5yrs., In debt; Student Loans/Increasing Healthcare Costs, and a Increase in Food prices, barely able to their family’s and have a ‘ Nutritional Healthy Diet,’ while taking prescription drugs, which is deadly in itself.

So yes, some American people can’t take it or know how to deal with it, especially if like many American born citizens were hard working and now living ‘below poverty’ with no savings, and no retirement in site. This is becoming difficult to bare and many prefer to die than live! This is what the GOP has done to their own ‘Fellow Americans!’ Honestly, it doesn’t matter what color you are this extends to every ‘American Born Citizen’ feeling the Economical Warfare pain!

The only way this will stop is when ‘American Born leaders, Rise up, Speak up and Demand justice for “Your Country and Your Families.”

Please pass along, It’s time for Serious Changes’ in U.S.A for “We the people!”

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