Lack Of Diversity In U.S. Leadership


America the inequality is now being acknowledged Finally! The WSJ posted below article outlining the current ‘Lack of Diversity In U.S. Federal Leadership!’ It’s very interesting this all of a sudden is a problem when ‘Inequality’ been around for decades.

Group Blasts Fed for Lack of Diversity in Leadership

The brutal truth; the ‘Whole World’ is now living, working and owning businesses all throughout America! With this comes different; Cultures, Religions, Family Traditions, Rules, and Regulations, to name a few! U.S. leaders didn’t think about the ‘Diversity’ impact this would cause in America! It seems ‘New Diverse Leadership’ in the U.S. is necessary to accommodate first ‘Diverse American Born Women’ and then the new ‘Immigrants’ and their families who’ve migrated to America!

Also please know many international newcomers have climbed the U.S. Political, Corporate, Federal, State, and Local Community ladders; and they have lots of ‘Money and Power.’ Being in those ‘Powerful’ positions they ‘ve seen and experienced the ‘Lack of Diversity’ the American people have suffered for decades! This will be a very interesting outcome when people from all around the World reside in U.S.

Fed leadership: Too white, too male, too many bankers?

What would diversity possibly look like in America? Cuban, Chinese, American, Latino-Mexican, Russian, Haitian, German, French, Middle-Easterners, Japanese, Korean, Indian, Asian, Turkish, European, Italian, Syrian, African Nations, Jamaican, Trinidad, Brazilian, Argentina, U.K., Phillippino, Bangladesh, Belgium, Ireland, and Armenian

The American people have some upcoming ‘Tough Decisions’ to make in the near future so brace yourselves!

Words of Advice: Remember your American Children, Grand-Children, Great-Great Grand Children, Family History and your Family Legacies! Also don’t forget United States binding document the U.S. Constitution for ‘We The People!’

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