American Citizens Have No Hope

The IRS once again has been breached, compromising all American born citizens personal information! Social Security Numbers and Financial Information being ‘Hacked’ right at ‘Tax Season’ is not good!

IRS says identity thieves breached its systems

Why does this keep happening? It’s apparent Federal Agencies Computer Networks aren’t entirely secure!! Who knows, Where, What, or Who has taken the personal information of millions of American born citizens!

CABIRI, previously published an article calling for Credit Agencies such as; Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union to be shut down. How can they hold any credibility to any American born citizens ‘Credit History’ when there’s been so many ‘Data Breaches!’

TaxSlayer Software Developers Reveal Data Breach

Also how can Banks, IRS and the Federal Government give International Newcomers Credit on a ‘Flawed System?’ The American people’s Credit History has been violated, although its still a requirement for all American people to provide! How does the IRS, Experian, Equifax, Transunion know the names and personal information, of the 2nd Round of the Millions American Citizens who’s ‘Data was Breached!’

IRS Wants Data Breach Suit Tossed For Lack Of Standing

How can any American Citizen trust ‘Any’ Federal or Credit Agency with their personal information if they continue to have ‘Data Breaches’ by unknown predators. The IRS, Credit Reporting Agencies may be ripping the American people off, How would they know it if the ‘Entire System is Flawed?’ …And lets not forget about the indifference’s between New loans, Businesses, Housing, Land now being generously extended to new international citizens, opposed to a American born citizens who’s ‘Credit History’ that’s been compromised for the past several years! Where is the fairness in this scenario for the American people?

IRS hit by data breach, tax info on 100,000 stolen

Has your business become the victim of a data security breach?