Cancer Hitting Women In Leadership Positions

To All Women; please read below! As a prior resident of Florida and a colleague of the woman impacted by Breast Cancer it’s disheartening and upsetting to hear this is still occurring!

Please see the letter below, forwarded at the request of Representative Lori Berman:
 —– Forwarded Message —–
Subject: Personal Letter from Rep. Berman

February 8, 2016
Dear Friends and Colleagues:
On January 4th I went for my annual mammogram, which revealed that I had breast cancer. On Friday, February 5th I had a bilateral mastectomy and am now recuperating. I hope to return to Tallahassee February 24th, depending on my recovery.
My annual mammogram probably saved my life. I ask that you keep me in your thoughts and prayers and that you and your loved ones follow through in a timely manner on all doctor recommended testing. I also request that you remember those in Florida who do not have access to healthcare.
In lieu of other action, I would be most grateful if you would consider making a donation to The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative (WBHI) so that more women can get the potentially lifesaving preventative care they need. The WBHI is a non-profit, 501 (c)3 organization that fights breast cancer and heart disease through targeted door to door outreach, screening referrals, ongoing recommended screening, patient navigation and care coordination. They break down barriers and mobilize people and resources to give at-risk women a fighting chance.
You can donate by going to or mailing a check to the following address:
The Women’s Breast & Heart Initiative
Florida Affiliate
14125 NW 80th Avenue, Suite 306
Miami Lakes, FL 33016
I look forward to seeing everyone soon.
With warmest regards and best wishes for good health,
Lori Berman

Lori Berman
State Representative
District 90
Office: 2300 High Ridge Road, Suite 161
Boynton Beach, FL 33426
CABIRI Socioeconomic News,

America please be aware from personal experience; When in Florida I myself was in ‘Pre – Cancer’ stages, receiving a ‘Hysterectomy due to a failed Medical-Device diagnosis,’ although when reported to numerous; ‘Florida Leaders’ I was totally ignored by Governor Rick Scott, Lois Frankel, W.P.B. Mayor Jerry Muio, New Hispanic Housing Director, Planned Parenthood Director, Doctors, Hospitals, Lawyers, Democratic Committee Leaders, Senators, and Law Enforcement Officials! No one cared about by my Health Concerns that went from 17 hospital visits 8 surgeries, to homeless losing everything I owned! NONE of these Leaders cared on bit!

I’m guessing they didn’t help for several reasons, one I’m a minority woman, and they felt my life didn’t matter; Or they truly had no resources to help; Or they just didn’t care if I lived or Died, nor did I have Money, Power, or a Political Status. So my 3yrs., of fighting and cries for help went “Unnoticed” to the point I had to leave the ‘State!’   

Now notice; These are similar traumatic Cancer related stories, although one’s in the Professional Business and Political arena, and a not a Minority! The other woman a Minority College Educated 30yr. Business Professional, prior Freelancer and now Global Entrepreneur saving all lives! Also there’s a Husband and Wife whom are Doctors who managed to get the FBI, to investigate their Cancerous Medical – Device, impact!

So this means the more ‘Money you have’ Federal, State, and Local Leaders will listen to you, and help them receive justice.    

No matter what diversity I was faced with my ‘Faith’ and respect for other human beings all of that pieced together helped me to  overcome! So in 2013 I founded CABIRI, after researching U.S. Top 10 Pharmaceuticals Corporations, and the doors being ‘Slammed In my Face’ by Local, State, and Federal leaders, who were supposed to be their to protect us! 

At that point I’d realized there was ‘No’ help for women such as myself; so to ‘Fight For The Unheard Voices all around the world, CABIRI was developed to bring Global  Socioeconomic Impact Awareness and Dangers to all human beings no matter how rich, poor!  

Citizens shouldn’t have to posses ‘Money, Power, or be politically connected to have a ‘Voice’ especially when it’s Life Saving Information! So please be aware, if you have a issue and trying to be heard try and connect with people or organizations, who can help you GET HEARD!