Is Giving The Homeless Prescription Drugs Ethical

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US Addiction Epidemic Fuelled By Pharma Corporations

Has any healthcare professionals taken into consideration the harmful impacts of prescription drugs if a citizen doesn’t have a stable living environment, where they can eat properly and deal with the ‘Side Effects’ associated with the medication.



It’s a known fact people need medications for various Health reasons and each case is different! Is it essential for Healthcare providers to give certain ‘Medication’ to citizens whom are living in poverty or homeless. The side effects alone could be life-threatening or difficult to bare without proper living conditions. Especially, if they are mentally-ill, we all know those medications can cause ‘Hallucinations, Depression, Headaches, Body and Stomach Aches, etc.,

Harmful Effects of Medications on the Digestive System

The logical point being; we all know how some prescribed medications make us feel, now imagine being homeless and dealing with the side effects! On top of the fact you couldn’t take your medication with ‘Food or Water’ if you were homeless. So we must ask; is it ‘Really Ethical’ for HHS, FDA, Doctors, and other Healthcare professionals to administer prescription drugs to citizens living in ‘Poverty or Homeless?’

This is a tricky situation, although all it takes is compassion for a Human Life, providing proper Housing, Healthcare, Stability, Safety, and for those that need it Guidance and Support. The problem is everyone judges a individual without ‘Listening’ to them understanding why their ‘Health and Life’ has deteriorated, causing them to live in poverty or become homeless.

The Dangers of Misused Prescription Drugs

Healthcare professionals are able to assess their patients and are the ‘Core Key’ in saving human lives! Doctors, Hospitals, Clinics, get to know their patients by the detailed questions, tests, required to treat or diagnose a patient. If any Health Hazards, such as harmful side-effects from prescribed medications is a health concern, it’s the duty of Medical professionals to help their Patients with their safety and well-being, while under doctors care or hospitalized..

U.S. Healthcare professionals aren’t just drug prescribers! They are ‘Healers’ who should have resources available in order to support the needs of their patients best interest; helping to Save Human Lives!

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