Breaking News: L.A. Homeless Living With Black Mold

Breaking News: Disabled Citizens Exposed To Black Mold, Gas Leakage, Roach and Rodent Infestations


Symptoms of Black Mold Exposure

Dangers of Black Mold

‘County Funded Pilot Program Homes’ Are Not properly monitored, nor inspected!’

In the attempt to get some ‘Homeless Citizens’ off the street. The County of Los Angeles, Department of Social Services; are helping Eligible G/R recipients with the housing assistance program called the ‘Pilot Program.’ Although there’s a disturbing problem not being addressed or acknowledged, or being publicly reported concerning the ‘Inhumane Conditions’ of the only type of homes that will participate in the (County Funded ‘Pilot Program’) which are called; Transitional Housing.

The homes are Sober Living residences for ‘Rehabilitating and Transitioning,’ Drug offenders, Convicted Felons and New Parolee’s. So why are Prior ‘Sane Disabled Homeless’ Business Professional being placed in these homes?  Women are also being placed with 6-9 men to 2 women in the homes, How dangerous is that?

Forcing ‘Sane Disabled Business Professionals’ to live in unsafe neighborhoods, where these ‘County Funded Licensed (?) Transitional Home’s,’ aren’t being monitored ensuring the Properties and/or Hotels are up to ‘Health and Safety’ ‘Code and Compliance!’ From recent investigations this is not the case!

It seems County, City, State, and Federal Leaders care ‘NOTHING’ about a ‘Human Life’ if they are allowing people to live in SUCH inhumane conditions causing their health to deteriorate! Are California Local, State Leaders, Managers, Supervisors, Code Enforcement, Zoning, Environmental Services, protecting human lives OR killing the homeless and disabled?

See Below Consumer complaint from a former ‘Pediatric Doctor’ ‘Caucasian Woman’ placed in a Transitional Home, with all ‘African-American Men’ and One Female who’s also a professional and afraid for her life, and a young pregnant woman!

Now please note many of these inhumane conditions were reported to many agencies, who all seem to keep passing, ‘The Buck’ not wanting to be  held accountable providing ‘Broken Resources!’ Leaving you frustrated, scared, sick and living like below:

Anonymous Message To CABIRI, Hidden Inhuman Living Conditions; Being paid for by County Housing Programs.

February 16th, 2015

Complaint: Adult  Protective Services – Inhumane Living Conditions!

Safety Complaints Made To; Department of Social Services, County Pilot Program Coordinators, County of Los Angeles Community and Senior Services – Adult Protective Services, City Homeless Director, Mayor’s Assistant, U.S. Health Human Services, U.S. Homeless Coalition, 211, 311, SSI, Doctors, Office, Harbor UCLA, Law Enforcement and many more!

None of the So-Called Agencies could assist in helping U.S. Born Homeless Citizens/U.S. Veterans, although ‘New International’ Citizens are living ‘Beautifully’ in the California area! As a American Born Citizen with ‘American History Legacies’ this is infuriating!


Environmental Transitional Housing Complaint: BLACK MOLD – Kitchen, Bathrooms, No Proper Working Stove, Refrigerator, Microwave Roach Infested with visible eggs/ and Entire ‘Single Family Transitional House’ has a Roach/Rodent Infestation, In-house Gas Leak, No Heat/Air, No Washer/Dryer! Lastly multiple gun shootings, sex offenders living in area.

Who just puts people in these types of predicaments. Who will be liable for ‘Deteriorating Health’ which could become ‘Deadly Living W/Black Mold!!!!! This proves many leaders are telling ‘Fallacies’ when their stating they are helping the Disabled and Homeless People!

Well you ask yourself what would you do if, you were thrown in this situation! And the Agencies, and Leaders who are their too protect you from ‘Black Mold’ don’t give a dam if you live or die! You wouldn’t have your dog living with ‘Black Mold’ Although in California, County, City Programs they don’t care what happens to people!

So think about this California Residents ‘Election’ Time! CABIRI, will be here to Remind you of all the leaders who ‘Betrayed The American People!’

Do these Agencies know they are Liable!  Well CDC will be notified since California, doesn’t care about it’s citizens living in ‘Inhumane Conditions’ that consists of ‘Deadly Toxic Black Mold!’


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