Breaking News: L.A. Homeless Living With Black Mold

Source: Breaking News: L.A. Homeless Living With Black Mold

Do people care about human lives any more? Wasn’t everyone born a human being before color, or career? Do people care if innocent people are being exposed to gas leaking, roach feces, and/or Inhaling Black Mold and Black Mold Gnats! People need to put themselves in other peoples shoes some times, how would you feel? Also it was brought to my attention by a ‘Homeless Disabled Doctor’ that they all people are ‘Guilty’ for Stereo-typing homeless citizens, before hearing the reason why they are homeless! In fact there’s many Professionals Homeless, and fighting the system, leaders, politicians, organizations, etc., They fail to realize ‘Professional Citizens’ with professional skills will not allow them to treat them like their lives don’t matter. There’s a huge Homeless issue in California and all throughout out U.S.


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