L.A County Housing Corruption Coverup

America, here’s another Hidden scandal being paid for by U.S. Tax payers!

In a nutshell, State, County, DPSS, Housing Agencies, Public Health Agencies, Environmental Agencies, Disability Advocates, County Attorneys, Code Enforcement Agencies, all of whom have allowed Non-Homeowners; to Sub-Lease Single-Family Homes, as Non-licensed or Inspected properties.

The County of Los Angeles, and all agencies, are violating their own HOUSING ‘Rules and Regulation concerning, Transitional Housing, , Pilot Housing Program, and Sober/Living Facilities!

Although, not one ‘Agency’ on the County level ‘VERIFIED’ Business Licenses, nor Certificate of Occupancy, NOR INSPECTED, for Health and Safety! Some How the ‘County of Los Angeles,’ DPSS and other Agencies ‘Referred’ citizens to these properties, and made them pay part of their GR towards ‘Monthly Rent,’ which the ‘County’ takes out directly to pay the ‘Per Single Bed’ or ‘Shared Room’ @ $500 – $1,000, which was (Illegal) paid directly to a ‘Sub-Leasee’ ‘Not the Homeowner!

When asked to Stop payment, for March rent due to ‘illegalities and property conditions’ the DPSS housing manager stated the tenant will have to fill out a affidavit. Well after the  request was given to housing Manager, the payment somehow was paid anyway and taken out of tenants GR check, so the Los Angeles housing manager ignored tenants request, although affidavit provided in February.

When called back to let them know the DPSS, worker tells ‘Tenant’ she will call Sub-leasee and request tenants rent and deposit back! Well that didn’t fly! So the DPSS Housing Manager, tells tenant the Sub-Leasee isn’t required to give money back being the tenant didn’t move out! Well how could they when the County didn’t listen to tenant and paid rent, Leaving tenants broke and unable to move anywhere!

This happens to be a Housing ‘Stipulation’ per DPSS in order to participate in the County/GR Funded ‘Transitional  Housing Program’ it must be the ‘Homeowner’ not someone they are  just ‘Renting’ too (Not Living at property)! In a recent investigation a ‘Sub-Leasee’ -‘Renter’ ‘Rented out’ 6 rooms to 9 tenants  and received ‘Check Payments paid by the County and SSI/Disability!

And this is while ‘Innocent Citizens are living in ‘Inhumane Conditions’ and their ‘Health’ has been compromised  as the Sub-Leasee; Cashes In!  Public Health Agencies, DPSS, Environmental Health, and several agencies were notified of the ‘Condition’ of the property, although several ‘Inspectors’ were sent to 10332 Anzac Ave, Los Angeles, CA 90002, they themselves found the ‘Property’ Deplorable and inhumane!

Although, stating to ‘Tenants’ the ‘Health Department’ must give the Non-Licensed Sub-Leasee, time to provide a ‘Business License, Certificate of Occupancy and to make the Immediate ‘Housing Repairs!’ Well how is that possible, when they aren’t the Homeowner? How did the paperwork get passed the county paying a Husband/Wife, who aren’t the Homeowners? Why didn’t County DPSS, Housing, not  verify, inspect, property and ‘Said’ owner before referring Citizens?

Now 9 innocent victims are caught in the ‘Middle’ 3 ‘ being Very ill!’ Something has to be done for these tenants to be Re-homed ASAP! Especially, when the entire ‘Property’ and Sub-Leasee is illegal, and inhumane!

Los Angeles County ‘Criminal Negligence!’ When Tenants; complained to DPSS, they Housing Manager stated for the ‘Tenant’ to Fill-out a Affadavit to Stop March Rent payment! The DPSS Housing Manager took report in February, then submitted payment anyway, although requested to be stopped by tenant due to ‘illegalities, and the condition of property. When asked why they referred tenant the DPSS worker stated to tenant, they could move anytime! Although, making it impossible when they are still paying for a ‘Illegal Property’ rented by a Sub-Leasee and his wife, not the Original Homewowners!
So how is this ethical or legal? Why would the County of Los Angeles, and it’s said agencies, pay for a property they never seen or verified for legitimacy. Who does the Sub-Leasee or DPSS worker know getting ‘Fictious Paperwork’ through! Los Angeles County is paying for Non-Licensed, uninspected County/State Funded properties?
Can DPSS refer citizens to a ‘Transitional Property’ they haven’t deemed safe and liveable! You would think not! Well in fact the Los Angeles Department of Public Health several ‘Inspectors’ were ‘Very Disturbed’ by what they saw upon a Walk-Through with Sub-leasee at the property! The Sub-Leasee was given a ‘Deadline’ for a property he doesn’t even own! This isn’t common sense!
This is corruption at ‘Best!’ Although the only victims suffering are the ‘Tenants’ caught in the middle of this mess and stuck living in deplorable conditions! As the ‘County scrambles to figure out how this disaster happened, putting lives in danger, they need to ‘Help’ the Current Tenants 1st; then figure out how long the property has been under the radar?
How much County/State Funded Payments did the Sub-Leasee and his wife receive at the 5 Unlicensed Properties undetected by DPSS, although paying for the properties!
All 9 Citizens (4 very ill) need Re-Housed and Compensated immediatly pending a ‘Full Investigation’ into the County of Los Angeles, Housing, Public Health, Environmental, Mental Health Housing Programs, Processes, Owners, Licenses, etc.,
The Criminal Activity, stems from the Homeowners, Sub-Leasee, DPSS County Workers, Housing Managers, Disability Workers, Accounting Departments, Code Enforcement, and Public Health, and more! All of whom should be ‘Criminally Investigated’ for County/State and Federal Housing Fraud!
If your interested in knowing more about this Breaking ‘Story’ Please email; Kaila Truths @ consumer2savlives@gmail.com
Please help CABIRI, put a ‘Stop To Hidden Corruption’ impacting human lives!! It may be your own a friend, or family member being impacted!



Breaking News: L.A. Homeless Living With Black Mold

Breaking News: L.A. Homeless Living With Dangerous Black Mold – Hazmat Needed ASAP! Please Help 9 Residents/3 Animals Vacate Premise! Los Angeles County, City and U.S. Public Health Department, DPSS, Adult Protective Services, will not help tenants, allowing tenants to remain in dangerous living conditions!

 Please Contact: 424-350-9681or 818-577-7516

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