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CABIRI, started this blog back in 2014 bringing public awareness about the ‘Life Threatening’ Dangers of Mirena Iud Medical Device and many other Hidden Dangers “Embedded” throughout U.S. Internationally owned Pharmaceutical Industry!

Now I’m not alone, more awareness is being brought due to more ‘Women’ being impacted by all types of Medical Devices! So its ‘Very’ Very’ important for Women to stand up now for their future safety in the U.S.

Let’s continue fighting together too protect ‘Women’s Reproductive Health!’

Please take heed in what CABIRI, the Business thats been working several years fighting to protect all women, and all human beings from U.S. Internationally Owned Pharmaceutical Industry, who doesn’t care about a human life!

These corrupt culprits ‘Board Members’ are sitting ‘Peacefully’ in their countries dodging U.S. taxes, while impacting U.S. Families and Cashing In on Record numbers of North American Pharmaceutical profits!

Its time this is stopped!! Human Beings on ‘Earth’ one time deserve a ‘Right to life! Greed, Money nor the Male Dominated World should be able to take a life directly or indirectly  from another human being, without being held ACCOUNTABLE!!

Please Read, Sign and Pass Along if you care about the Healthcare Future of the U.S.A.

Thanks for supporting our fight!!


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America Take Back U.S. Housing Industry



Let’s Just Put It Out There Honestly America

Don’t Sell Our Homes To Wall Street

Let’s stop trying to ‘Sugar Coat’ and/or be Politically Correct

American citizens have been forced out of their homes, land, finances, jobs and resources.

Let’s be real and put the truth out their, whether people like it or not! Someone has to come forth and be honest with the American people!

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CABIRI, wrote a article a year ago; questioning the validity of a ‘Castro’ being in control of U.S. HUD housing for the American people. Well we all now see the results of; ‘Julian Castro’ being in a top ‘U.S. Government’ position for the American people! Foreclosures, Homelessness, and millions of American citizens living below poverty level.

Skid row in Los Angeles, CA is mostly Blacks, a few whites, and few immigrants. Veterans, Disabled, Mentally ill and Cancer patients have no where to go, and shelters are filled and no money is coming from anywhere to help the agencies, the Mayor is vouching is helping homelessness! In fact recently as April CABIRI met with many Homeless Directors, Housing Directors, and Mental Health Directors, who know very well of the ‘Homeless Crisis’ and the Lack of Housing and Funding, and now aware of and involved with the current ‘Housing Corruption’ in the Los Angeles Government Agencies!

When citizens are contacting these homeless agencies, they are told you will be put in a ‘System’ and they can’t make you any promises! So basically many of these Agencies are being ‘Marketed’ to help although all they’re doing is putting names into a ‘Flawed’ Corrupt’ ‘Database’ with millions of other homeless citizens throughout the Los Angeles area! This is like a ‘Pool Pit’ and you hope your “Lucky Number’ gets picked!

On top of the fact there’s ironically ‘Computer Glitches’ in the L.A. Government GR/Housing Subsidy system from a computer conversion from 2006 – 2016, per L.A. County Auditors office! So that means a ‘Governemnt Paper Audit is due, the ‘Debits’ definitley do not equal the ‘Credits!’

Sometimes if they do help organizations, and agencies are telling citizens to sign up for ‘Department of Mental Health Programs,’ so they can get speedy permanent housing! …And get this America, Department of Mental Health Los Angeles; is mainly Hispanic, and L.A. Department of Public Health is mainly Asian! And L.A. Social Security office is mixed with Asian/Hispanic. And there’s a few blacks and some whites! Is this the U.S?

Sorry to say international domination is in every provided resource and benefit for the American people!

Whom are sadly homeless and living in poverty, being pushed out onto the ‘Streets,’ in their own Home country USA! Many Americans in Los Angeles, CA have become so desperate, chronically homeless citizens are signing up for ‘Department of Mental Health programs,’ just to get stable housing! And this is while L.A. County, City, and other Government Agencies, California Homeowners (International), Sub-Lease’s, receive fraudulent U.S. Federal Funding by American tax payers, and raising rents beyond ‘Financial Unfaffordable Control’ to keep the American people out! Which is fraud; and it’s coming to light throughout Los Angeles and surrounding area’s!

It seems Mayor Eric Garcetti; doesn’t want to see ‘What’s Real’ or he’s only looking out for the ‘Best Interest’ of his ‘International Friends’ and family members, than the American people! It’s a shame, California doesn’t even feel like a part of the United States anymore, it’s more Hispanics, Asian, and other Immigrants than American people! Florida is not far behind with Cubans, Hispanics and Haitians.

Cashing In On American Resources

International citizens from around the ‘World’ have ‘Cashed In’ on the U.S. Real-Estate, Residential/Commercial Markets! This is why you’ll view ‘Foreclosures and U.S. Citizens Homelessness! So America something is defintley off and the U.S. Federal Government is refusing to ‘Step up and do anything!’ The American people are not ‘Stepping up to waste their breath and time; clearly there’s a problem among the American people and ‘Voices’ aren’t being heard!

While the American people suffer in despairity dealing with many ‘Unethical and Criminal Issue’s’ looming throughout America by international ‘NewComers’ who are only concerned with their ‘Countries Agenda’s’ and Country People! Leaders such as ‘Garcetti, are talking a good game, although the housing system says differently! According to a prior converstation with prior ‘Housing Director,’ Los Angeles is City is 500, 000 homes short, and the County is about 200,000 homes short of housing the homless!

…And there is ‘NO’ availability in shelters and the waiting lists is around 6months to 5yrs! There’s many Veterans, young children, elderly, and disabled citizens homeless in all throughout CABIRI’s personal known investigative area’s and experiences with; Florida and California! Which interestingly has a large predominate ‘International’ presence in both States! Although many other international newcomers are moving out in the Suburb area’s in the Midwest!

America let’s be real; many ‘Foreign immigrants’ or people from other countries; honestly don’t like America or the American people, so what makes us think they would feel any different by moving to the U.S. (Hidden Agenda’s are looming!)

When the U.S. and all American’s realize the U.S. is being used for it’s ‘Country Purposes’ then maybe things will change in America! Also, new immigrants or foreigners; must realize the ‘Position’ of the American people; it’s truly not fair for international newcomers to come take away decades of the American people’s, Family History, Land, Cultures, Housing, Financing, Jobs, etc.,

America is the ‘ONLY’ country that has allowed this to evolve; to the point the American people are being forced to ‘Pay’ to learn to speak ‘Spanish’ and Compete in their own country United States, a English speaking country! People just as China is a Chinese speaking country, they aren’t forcing their citizens to ‘Pay’ to speak another language in their home country in order to get a job or too please new immigrants residing in China!

That isn’t fair to any countries citizens, so why is this occurring in the United States! America was based on the ‘English’ language! Why isn’t that being ‘Respected’ and Enforced’ in the United States! Speaking ‘English’ should be a requirement on all ‘Visa’s’ and test should be administered before granting international newcomers U.S. Visa’s! This would be the fair thing to do for the American people!

Attached you’ll view article written by CABIRI, concerning L.A. Housing Corruption Funding Scandal currently unfolding involving Welfare Housing Subsidy Fraud, Federal SSI Fraud, GR-Cash Fraud and Internal/External County, City and other agencies, lack of oversight and/or supervision of Funds being disbursed to non-licensed vendors mysteriously setup without any type of verification’s put in place by law.

America, the truth of the matter is all resources, in America have been infiltrated by ‘New and Old Immingrants’ who are looking out for their family, friends, and country people only! The U.S., or helping the American people is not their top priority! There family and country come first! Other countries believe in ‘Family Togetherness’ and theres ‘No Real Prejudice’ and ‘Hatred’ between races; like between ‘Black and Whites’ in America! This is why other countries are ‘Rapidly Advancing’ and the U.S. is fastly diminishing for the American people!

It’s time to come to terms, of what’s really happening, and the truth will set us all free! New international/Federal, County, City leaders can not play favoritism to their country people in the United States!

The American people who developed the United States under the United States Constitution, and who fought in wars too protect America, will fight for what’s rightfully their property, and will not allow International dirty money, Greed, Power to ‘Impact’ our American families, Children in our own home country U.S.A!

America, this is neither fair or ethical; U.S. Citizens, deserve their country back; or ‘International citizens and/or Immigrant Newcomers’ please learn how to share, collaborate and work with the American people, in their home country, at least give them that respect! You would receive the same respect if a American citizen visited your country so, please do the same in the U.S.A!

Also ‘International Newcomers’ please realize the American people, have or had nothing to do with the ‘Decisions’ of the U.S. Government, or U.S. Politicians! American families are innocent bystanders and should not be mistreated, so please don’t include American Citizens in your feuds, and political debacles!

So Julian Castro Director of HUD; Eric Garcetti of Los Angeles, and let’s not forget Rick Scott and Marco Rubio of Florida; Please give the American people back what’s rightfully theirs or turn in your resignations immediately! The American people need leaders who are looking out for the best interest of the U.S.A, American families, U.S. History, Culture, Value’s and American Legacy’s!


Article Written By,


Candance Camper

Daughter of Vietnam Veteran