Breaking News: All Women Please Sign Petition Protect Your Life

See attached Link Below Article from Care2Action! Please Sign!

CABIRI, started this blog back in 2014 bringing public awareness about the ‘Life Threatening’ Dangers of Mirena Iud Medical Device and many other Hidden Dangers “Embedded” throughout U.S. Internationally owned Pharmaceutical Industry!

Now I’m not alone, more awareness is being brought due to more ‘Women’ being impacted by all types of Medical Devices! So its ‘Very’ Very’ important for Women to stand up now for their future safety in the U.S.

Let’s continue fighting together too protect ‘Women’s Reproductive Health!’

Please take heed in what CABIRI, the Business thats been working several years fighting to protect all women, and all human beings from U.S. Internationally Owned Pharmaceutical Industry, who doesn’t care about a human life!

These corrupt culprits ‘Board Members’ are sitting ‘Peacefully’ in their countries dodging U.S. taxes, while impacting U.S. Families and Cashing In on Record numbers of North American Pharmaceutical profits!

Its time this is stopped!! Human Beings on ‘Earth’ one time deserve a ‘Right to life! Greed, Money nor the Male Dominated World should be able to take a life directly or indirectly  from another human being, without being held ACCOUNTABLE!!

Please Read, Sign and Pass Along if you care about the Healthcare Future of the U.S.A.

Thanks for supporting our fight!!


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