American Citizens International Social Security and Credit History Fraud

Planned ‘Economical Warfare’ Against The American People
American citizens are having a difficult time acquiring ‘Basic’ life needs in order too live a safe, free, happy life while they are on earth one time. People are being subjected to other human beings evils, who are in leadership positions, and have trillions of dollars in money.
The Credit Bureau’s of the United States are skewd, And…broken! America, how can a Foreigner, come to the United States, get a Rent a house with no credit history, Buy a house with no Credit History, Purchase a car with no credit history, and let’s not forget; get a job with no credit history, Receive Federal, County, City benefits  such as Welfare, Social Security and Subsidy Housing benefits. So with all of this what is left for the American people?
The American people’s Credit History, Social Security Numbers, Personal Information has been hacked, and who knows what American Citizens information has been compromised on all levels of U.S. Financial Reporting Systems, including the Social Security Administration! Who knows what hands the American people’s information is in, being that the Federal Government never arrested or communicated to the American people who’s Social Security Numbers and personal information may have been ‘Stolen’ by the hackers. Who can quickly ruined the ‘Credit Worthiness’ of millions of American Citizens, young or old who have decades of credit history, or U.S. Children who have no credit history!
Please know U.S. Children’s Social Security Numbers are being used; so make sure you check your childrens, ‘Credit History’ identity’s are being stolen, and the Social Security Administration feels it’s not their duty to relate this ‘Vital’ information to the American people! Do they know this is a ‘Very’ dangerous game their playing with American families livelihoods and personal well-beings!
See for yourselves below; How  American families ‘Privacy, Financial, Personal History, and Security’s, have’ been ‘Unconstitutionally Violated!’
There is a state of International ‘Economical Warfare in the United States, as CABIRI reported to the American people back in 2014! Now it has progressed to the point millions of American families are feeling the ‘International Pain Takeover’ and nothing is being done by millions of U.S. leaders, on the Federal, City, County levels, in fact many of these ‘Dishonest’ Corrupt’ ‘Culprits’ are involved themselves, receiving ‘Kickbacks!’
International infiltration Money, Greed, and Power has killed the American people and the United States! It’s truly not fair to the American families, their ancestors, and our Prior Forefathers of the United States. Why isn’t any American born ‘Leader’ voted into office’ not abiding by or ‘Respecting’ the Land of the Law, the U.S. Constitution! They all vowed to uphold as a U.S. leader for American born citizens and the next generation of American children.
The U.S. Constitution stated nothing about giving the ‘World’ the country of the United States. International Citizens can’t come and infiltrate the America and ‘Illegally’ take away what’s ‘Rightfully’ American citizens, Jobs, Resources, Housing, Land, Governments, Communities, History, Cultures, Religions, Education, Laws, Businesses, and Corporations!
American citizens did just fine developing United States before ‘International Citizens’ came to America! If it wasn’t for the American people developing the United States to what it has become ‘Today;’ These same international citizens ‘Trying to Takeover’ and ‘Steal’ the U.S. from the American people, wouldn’t of had a chance to come to America and live a better life!
The U.S. Federal Government needs to ‘Acknowledge’ their is a ‘International Economical Warfare’ in America! Which involves identity theft, so the Credit Agency’s such as Experian, Equifax, and Transunion should be shut down, until the Social Security Administration fixes their ‘Network’ issue’s and continuous international Hack problems!
America, please realize these are all planned plots, to hinder the American people and as we see it’s working very well in their international favor due to American Men’s Greed, Money, Power, who don’t care about their own American Children’s future as a ‘American!’ How sad is that?
The current U.S.  politicians ‘Who are predominate ‘White Men’ don’t care about their own Children, Family History, or Legacies! Whether your Black or White, we are all Americans, and previous Ancestors, wrote the U.S. Constitution for every American citizen of the United States! So please take heed into who; you turn your back on America, it could cost your child’s future as a American Citizen, and your family legacies!
Last Week Tonight with John Oliver: Credit Reports (HBO)  
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