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Please help support CABIRI’s growth @ WCOBM Network where Social Media Meets TV Check us out soon on ‘The Kaila Truth Show!’ A show that will cater to all the ‘Unheard Voices, Businesses, Entrepreneurs that deserve to be heard and given a chance!

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Check Out CABIRI’s Upcoming Live Social Media Show

Support CABIRI’s Growth For America – Upcoming Live Global Social Media Show

The Williams Show – June 21 2016 – Segment 1

The Williams Show – June 21 2016 – Segment 2

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L.A County Housing Corruption Coverup

7Victims Of Fed. Housing Corruption – Click Link Above

L.A County Housing Corruption Coverup! The Saga Continue’s!!

America, here’s another Hidden scandal being paid for by U.S. Tax payers! In a nutshell, State, County, DPSS, Housing Agencies, Public Health Agencies, Environmental Agencies, Disability Advo…

Source: L.A County Housing Corruption Coverup