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Los Angeles Leaders Implement ‘Citizen Tax Increases’ To Fix Public Agency GR/Housing Subsidy Corruption



America, in light of California’s recent housing corruption cover up, it is imperative for all American families of California to know the reasoning behind some possible and upcoming ‘November Ballot Tax Increases’ that may hit your families pockets! Although, not to be concerned America CABIRI, Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations; will be here too fight and as always ‘Report’ the ‘Truth!’ This is for all American born California Citizens, “whom are” or “have been impacted,” by leaders and public agencies throughout the ‘State of California,’ telling fallacies to the public!

CABIRI, previously published several articles pertaining to the current Los Angeles, Public Agency Corruption; so please be aware of the recent Los Angeles, CA public agency’s Housing/GR/SSI corruption; it is real! It has been reported to multiple ‘Federal Agency’s, whom are allowing the corruption to continue!’

CABIRI’s Ongoing Investigation

Over the past 6 months California’s Government office’s have continually been trying to cover up their corruption! Multiple Agency’s and California Leaders are not acknowledging the fact that California Public Government Agency’s are inundated with Foreign workers who are playing favoritism to their country people!

These criminal acts have resulted in the ‘Homelessness of Millions of African Americans, Caucasians, Children, Veterans, and Elderly American Citizens whom are walking or rolling around in the Hot Summer with ‘Wheel Chairs, Canes, Casts, you name it! These homeless human beings were forced into the streets, dealing with lack of housing, healthcare, clothing, showers, bathrooms, food; along with being subjected to dangerous imported drugs; such as Spice and Flakka, which is being brought into the ‘Skid Row’ area! Many ‘Unreported Death’s’ have occurred and being covered up, and not being reported by any controlled ‘Media or News Agency!’

Why is that America? Although from credible sources from ‘Skid Row’ residents there has been 18 or more deaths! Why isn’t this being communicated! Well of course, to cover up the ‘Truth’ get this one America!


Mental Health Services For Those Whom Speak Out

Many of these Public Agencies, effortlessly tried to get 7 ‘Sane’ African American victims who brought the corruption to their attention to sign up for ‘Mental Health Services,’ with the Department of Mental Health, in order to get re-housed or thrown into a shelter! They were trying to deem the ‘Corruption Victims,’ who reported the ‘Initial’ corruption as incompetent and mentally unstable, so no one would believe them about their Internal ‘Federal Public Agency’ corruption! America of course all 7 Citizens that were ‘Illegal Evicted’ and left homeless due to the multiple ‘Public Agency Corruption! The tenants were forced into eviction or were threatened by Los Angeles Judicial System, with a Eviction and Judgement on their credit reports!’ So the 7 tenants had no ‘Other’ recourse but to ‘Agree!’

Although 6 declined all Mental Health Services being offered to them! So after months and months of trying to enforce ‘Department Of Mental Health’ upon the tenants caught in the middle of the corruption; the agencies finally figured out that wouldn’t work, now Plan B!


Plan B Raise Taxes On California Citizens To Fight Homelessness

So sneaky plan B ‘County Board of Supervisors’ and ‘Leaders’ of Los Angeles, CA decided to try ‘Imposing Taxes’ on American citizens of California on the “November Ballot,” to help with the homelessness emergency crisis! America this really makes no sense, when the ‘Public Agency’s’ including the ‘County Auditors’ office and all State, County, and City Leaders haven’t dealt with their own ‘Internal International Corruption throughout California’s Government Agency’s!’

Also, please know from a confidential source at the Department of Homeland Security, California has many crazy “Non-American illegal scams” circulating throughout the entire State hurting the American people and wiping California off the map as a State for the American people in U.S!

Discrimination and Corruption Los Angeles Housing Department

ON THE STREETS — a feature documentary on homelessness in L.A.

LA Times Partial Truth @ Skid Row

Accountability and Transparency

All corruption has come to the ‘Forefront’ and has been uncovered, and only being reported by CABIRI! The corruption was reported to a “L.A. Times” reporter a month ago; of course no article was written about the ‘Cover Up!’ Being that their controlled! It’s a shame the American people don’t know who to trust!

Especially, when the American and Non-American U.S. Constitution ‘Oath’ takers aren’t abiding by the ‘Land of the law’ for the United States of America! This should be considered perjury! U.S. ‘Leaders’ and Public Agency’s of Los Angeles, CA., clearly aren’t working for the American people! Basically they’ve all ‘Lied’ under ‘Oath’ only to get their leadership positions for of course their own Country people, or Agenda’s Not the American people!

Now California American Born citizens, are experiencing deadly circumstances! A homeless crisis in Los Angeles, California against the American people! This does not show a ‘High Standard’ of conduct’ by any U.S. leader whose played a part in this corruption and all should be immediatley removed from office! Or not voted into office; Such as Attorney General ‘Kamala Harris’ who was just ‘Endorsed’ by Obama and Joe Biden! With this Foreign Federal Housing Corruption she clearly isn’t working for the American people!

Now get this one America! This will make your ‘Head Spin!’ How can you ask ‘Los Angeleno’s to pay taxes when they haven’t dealt with their own corruption, and the 7 citizens they left homeless due to their corruption! If these leaders uncover the ‘Internal’ corruption in their Government Agencies then maybe millions or even billions of dollars will be found! Don’t ask the American people to pay for your Federal Foreign corruption coverup! This is unethical and unfair!


Untold Corruption Facts

Now here’s some facts to be known in our investigation. Many public agency’s are setting up ‘Fraudulent Vendor Accounts’ with ‘Fake Non-verified Federal/State paperwork!’ Along with the County Auditors Office of Los Angeles; processing ‘Checks’ without any type of Business Licenses, IRS W9 Verification, Inspections, etc., Now on the Fiance side of things there was ‘No Way’ possible these ‘Agency’s’ were balancing their books, Weekly, Monthly, or Yearly! There is and was too many ‘Debits’ on multiple ‘GR’ accounts mysteriously being deducted! Recipients had no idea what they were going to get month to month. America who can live like that!? Not knowing what their going to get from month to month!

When asked; several Public Agency’s and Auditors office and County Investigations blamed their “Lack of due diligence” on the new and old Computer system! Well someone’s and several somebody’s are supposed to do ‘Human Being Verification,’ for legitimacy before cutting any Federal or ‘Tax Payers’ checks! They were freely cutting checks to ‘Who Knows Who; of Foreign decent, connected with the fraudulent Subsidy/Housing Vendor Accounts! It was recently reported to CABIRI, new foreign California residents are able to purchase property, through a ‘Special Housing Program’ for New Immigrants! This explains the abundance of ‘International Land, and Property ownership in the California area.

There is no way an ‘American citizen’ can go to any country and just purchase property! What is going on in CALIFORNIA?? Who signed off on this? The audacity when the American people have lost their homes to ‘Foreclosures’ and bailed out the Banks! These ‘Disrespectful’ actions have impacted the American people of California! The new ‘International Land,’ ‘Business’ and Homeownership’ have raised ‘Property Rents’ ridiculosly high making it impossible and unaffordable for many American citizens! This is why we now have ‘Skid Row’ they have forced African Americans to live on streets and in illegal ran Transitional Housing in poverty stricken neighbors!

The (Illuminati) Plan to Kill Black People   – Depopulation Of Black Race

Is This A Depopulation Tactic Of African Americans

Why are ‘American Born Citizens’ ending up on the street homeless with a ‘Evictions’ on their credit reports; ruining their chances of ever getting a roof over their families head! While ‘New’ Foreign Citizens, are living lavishly, in homes, new cars, business ownership, and they can set up and sell whatever they like on ‘Any Sidewalk!’ While their children get a ‘Free Education!’

This isn’t America! And American ‘Forefathers’ and American people did not fight for this!

The end result of these ‘Corrupt Leaders’ action is homelessness dealing with, ‘Skid Row, Illegal Transistional Housing, Cars, Rv’s, Tents, you name it! American Citizens and many Veterans of California are literally living on the land and being given ‘Crumbs, ‘False Fake Resource Promises’ by many agency’s who won’t even call them back! Although when you visit many of these ‘Government Publc Agency’s’ such as Social Security Office you’ll view all foreign citizens getting whatever they want!

The bottom line; Non-Americans are working in ‘American Citizens’ jobs that should be for the American people, not for Non – U.S. Citizens who’ve only been here 8 to 14yrs! These ‘Foreign Non-American Workers’ are using it to their ‘Ultimate Advantage! America Wake UP!! This is clearly a U.S. International country ‘Invasion’ on U.S soil which has caused a nightmare for the American people of California called; ” Deadly Homelessness!” Which is ‘Unconstitutional!’

County Funded Non Inspected Housing



…..And to think America these leaders took a ‘U.S. Constitution’ Oath of Office and raised their ‘Right Hand’ to work for the American people! Well clearly this isn’t the case! So now it’s time for ‘We The People’ of the U.S. to ‘Step In!’ Including the U.S. Federal Government like the ‘FBI, Department of Justice, Department of homeland security to do their ‘Oath Duty Jobs’ for the American people! Who by the way will not let them impact our country or our American families lives and ‘Especially’ the Next Generation of ‘True American Born Children!’ ‘This is supposed to be their Federal Duty!’ Crimes have been committed and the corruption is being ‘Publicly’ commuicated! Many American leaders are trying to hide behind the ‘Real Truth!’ Which will not work for ‘True American Born Citizens’ who love their country USA, and have a heart and soul to help their Fellow Americans whom can’t help themselves from corrupt leaders in California and throughout the U.S!



Now on a bright note; this can be fixed by uncovering the corruption! Which will involve investigating Los Angeles, State, County, City and ‘Public Agency’s! A ‘Internal Audit’ by the Internal Revenue Service is a ‘Must!’ Agencies and State of California did commit Federal W9, business license crimes which involves Tax reporting! And there is no way in the ‘World’ the Taxe’s reported by many of California’s Public Agency’s to the Federal Government was correct? As a prior accountant we all know someone did some creative accounting number crunching!’

How did Government Agency’s and private citizens involved in the ‘Housing Corruption Scandal’ report taxes on the ‘illegal Subsidy/GR/SSI housing payments to the Federal Government, when deemed illegal? Many ‘Unknown Homeowners and/or illegal Sub-tenants have been cashing in on American Citizens ‘Tax Paying Dollars’ for decades; possibly dating back far back as 2006! So how much money truly has been ‘Freely’ given away to foreign citizens dating that far back??


So American Citizens of ‘California’ if you don’t want your ‘Taxes’ too increase due to Greed and “Internal public agency’s Covering up corruption, then now would be a excellent time to act! As American citizens we can’t fight this fight ALONE!!

Also please take into consideration how this is harming the Next Generation of American Born Children! They need their parents to lead the way for their future as ‘American born children’ in their ‘Home Country U.S.A. ….And this is not to be taken lightly America, eventually this will hit all of your American families pockets Rich or Poor!