Skid Row: 26 African Americans Dead

Victims Of Imported Drug ‘Spice’


America, main stream media in Los Angeles, CA strangely has not reported the 20 deaths, Friday 08/19/2016 of 20 African Americans who died within ‘One Hour’ of Smoking, or other forms of using the ‘Drug Spice!’

Monday:  08/22/2016 More reports of 6 ‘Death’s’ of African Americans Again from ‘Drug Spice!’ Making it ’26 African Americans’ Dead within a ‘Disturbing small amount of time!’

Why does the public not know about this? Why isn’t the main stream media, reporting the deaths 0f 26 “Homeless African Americans?”

This Happens All The Time

Also please know from the ‘Mouths’ of several Skid Row Residents, these types of ‘Drug Over Doses’ of Toxic Chemicals being imported, and distributed onto the ‘Streets Of Los Angeles’ occurs on a Weekly and Monthly basis!

So America, along with ‘Subsidy/GR Housing Corruption on the ‘Federal, State, County, City levels whom are leaving African Americans Homeless due to Los Angeles, County and City’s, Department of Public Social Services, County Auditor’s Office, Corrupt Homeless Agency’s, and ‘Internal Multi-Cultural Corruption’ of International Favoritism, and Unknown Faulty Computer Systems! The American people and U.S. have lost part of our country! ISIS may as well come help them take over California! This the New ‘Hell’ in America!

Who’s Killing Off The Homeless

Now someone is mysteriously ‘Killing Off ‘ Homeless African Americans’ so they won’t have to assist them, with housing and help get them off the streets of ‘Skid Row!’ Where are these homeless people to go, with No Resources, Facilities, Shelters, Rehabs, Mental Health Facilities, Jobs, Education, and Affordable housing!

This sounds like a disaster, if you think about it! No one in the Federal, State or Los Angeles, CA area seems to care that these 85% African-Americans on ‘Skid Row,’ including Whites are living and dying on ‘Skid Row!’ All of whom are human beings 1st then “American Citizens,” of the United States born under the U.S. Constitution. “The Land Of  Law!”

Treating African Americans Like 3rd World Citizens

How can ‘Leaders of America’ and New immigrants treat African-Americans, and White Americans in California like 3rd World Citizens in their own country? While Naturalizing 10,000 New Immigrants 8/11/2016 and another 10,000 more to be Naturalized in September 2016!

This clearly is a ‘Crisis’ being overlooked, No one seems to want to talk about or ‘Deal’ with one being California’s ‘Civil Rights’ violations against Blacks! America, Why are Blacks and Whites, suffering in the State of California, as New immigrants from around the ‘World’ pour into California, and hold or own the majority of Local/State/ jobs including Government jobs, Businesses, Corporations, Land, you name it; basically all the Economical resources American Citizens of America ‘White or Black need to survive!

President Obama, Loretta Lynch, Julian Castro Held Private Meeting With Mayor of Los Angeles, CA

America, the “Real World Truthful,” facts are being hidden from the ‘American people, to cover up Deaths, Lies, Deceit, and Corruption! “Loretta Lynch,” “Obama” and “Julian Castro” Of U.S. Hud; All are aware of the Federal Subsidy/GR Housing Corruption, reported to them by CABIRI, and others on multiple occasions and did nothing.Well killing off African Americans may be their solution!

Hope you see America, your Democratic Government doesn’t care people are dying. Just as they didn’t care about the citizens of Louisiana! What type of ‘Soul-Less’ People are running our Federal, State, City and County Agencies, who would turn against their own country people!

According to Mayor Eric Garcetti’s  of Los Angeles, CA Newsletters, He quietly met with all three Leaders in August! Why is the Mayor of Los Angeles, reaching out to the ‘President of the United States,’ privately meeting with him? Along with Loretta Lynch of U.S. Department Of Justice and Julian Castro of HUD? These private meeting should be questioned being that ‘African – Americans are suddenly dying off due to the ‘Drug Spice!’


Democrats Lies, Deceit and Hidden Corruption is Killing the American people

America the ‘Democrats’ lies, corruption and deceit, are hurting and killing off the American people! Do not be brainwashed by the controlled ‘News Media’ spreading lies instead of the ‘Real Truth!’

Please ask yourselves; Why are African-Americans dying due to a “Imported Deadly Drug?” The African Americans, and Whites living in tents and sidewalks didn’t put ‘Spice’ into the community of ‘Skid Row! …And as for the Federal housing corruption being covered up, Why are African-Americans living on the street, when new immigrants are living in Apartments, Condo’s, and Purchasing homes? Does any ‘American Born Citizen’ not see a problem with this scenario?

America there is something ‘Deep, Dark, and Disturbing’ going on in Los Angeles, CA against the American people! The Democrats are allowing, including ‘Obama!’

Please Share and bring awareness to those who are living in the ‘Dark’ or have been ‘Brainwashed!’

Kaila Truths,




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Pence In Nevada!! This Week Trump Supporters


Dear Kaila,

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