Be Aware Of Facebook Lottery Winning Scam Instant Messenger

CABIRI Online Scam Investigation  Added gentleman Terry Weiter whose profile looks as though he works for Facebook in Menlo, CA

He contacted business page through FACEBOOK. After 3 days used Instant Messenger stating he was my Online Agent for my Lottery Winnings.

I asked about his credentials, he repeatedly stated the FBI was aware and the Government. And he could also forward contact information to Corporate HQ and they would call back about Lottery Winnings.

He stated he needed:

Name, Address, Phone, Email! Not giving any information. Asked Mr. Weiter for a contact number to call and Redeem Winnings he provided contact # 501-295-0853. Which isn’t a California area code. Not sure awfully strange.

Told him would call number he gave to redeem my winnings of Oh Get this 650,000.

He was very consistent with persuasion it was not a scam and the FBI was well aware of the Facebook Lottery and the winners.

Clearly this is a International scam comparable to a bogus investigation we did last year with so called Fake Foreign Investors targeting Small Business owners.

They actually sent check and Check was drawn on a Valid Florida Bank Account, although Prominent Bank wouldn’t release the funds from the account. Although verified Routing Number, Account and Check Number was Accutate.

So we contacted Person, Company, and Check Issuers which landed us in Canada, a Prince of another country, and Credit Card Company Allied Alliance.

Of ccourseall refused to take responsibility for the 50k check drawn on a accurate bank account which was fraudulent.

Who knows who Bank Account they were stealing 50k from? Or how many CoCompany’s or people are involved in these international scams..

Please Be Aware the scams are getting really sophisticated..