Minority Is No Longer Just Black American’s

Black America Is Non-Existent Due To New ‘International Minority’s

Black Americans (American Born Minority’s) are being cheated out of Business Resources, Capitol, Housing, Grants, Business Ownership, Homeownership, and Contracts.

Mixed Signals: The State of Black Entrepreneurship https://www.entrepreneur.com/article/200506


The entire ‘World’ is now living in America! Many new foreigners are now considered ‘Minorities’ of U.S. – Which wipes out Black American Born  – Descendants of American Slaves 400yrs ago.

White and Foreign business owners, will Only take a financial business risk or give to one another

NO (Black American) Minority Labor Laws being enforced by Any Federal Agency

No separation of Black American Born Citizens from, minority’s such as Hispanic, African, Jamaican, Cuban, Asian,  Middle-Eastern, Indian, just to name a few – Zero left for Black Americans

Federal, State, County, City leaders, failing to give Black America Business Support Required to Re-Develop their own community’s their ancestors developed


Now America, this is common sense! Native Americans get help, Foreign newcomers and Immigrants, including illegal immigrants coming to U.S. get help, Whites get help, So who’s helping Black America to build up their own community’s NO ONE!!

This is a huge disconnect in Black America Urban Community’s! How can Black America help there ‘Race’ if their own ‘Fellow Americans of U.S.A. won’t even invest to help them although their ‘Black Ancestors’ helped U.S.A to be what is today!

CABIRI, will be asking all Fellow Americans, Federal Leaders, Organizations, Small Businesses, Corporations and who ever else, that’s willing to contribute in helping ‘Black American’ Small Business owners with Capitol, Resources, and Education.

NOT About Racism

This also isn’t about racism, its more of discriminating against “Black America Born of U.S.A.” who’ve been pushed to bottom of ‘Minority’ List! Their are more Foreign Small Businesses than Black Owned Businesses, and again although ‘Black America’ have been planted in U.S. for over 400yrs.

(Minority’s) (Other than Black) – I need benefits  (Majority) – I need business help & want to buy

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Help Support Urban Community’s by investing in Black America!!


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