Yellowstone National Park May Be Terrorist Activity to Destroy USA

Hello My Fellow Americans,

No news media has the extremely important ‘Video Coverage’ 

Gentleman from Lebanon walking freely throughout U.S. stated at beginning of July 2018 that, America will be destroyed by Yellowstone National Park ironically 3wks prior today’s ‘Fisser Eruption!’

The USGS has a media black out, DHS, National Park Service has been contacted to locate gentleman from Lebanon who knew this information prior to it occurring..

If the Fisser gets worse, it will wipe out 2/3 of America, Kill 87,000 or more American people instantly or wipe America totally off the map!!

Please watch video, the proper Federal authorities have been notified..

God Bless USA & May God Bless all American Families
By Kaila Truths 

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by KT 

Is Yellowstone National Park a target in U.S. 

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Thank you for following my blog. I’ve been busy working on many new projects. My current project is very ‘Eye Opening’ must watch video coverage. 

Please see my latest video captured in Downtown Los Angeles, CA. on July 7th, 2018 

Black Israelites crowded on Los Angeles corner speaking about how Jesus is the White Devil…..

Bystander from Lebanon – Israel speaks about ‘The New Jerusalem’

&& How ‘Yellowstone National Park in U.S. will be destroy America and there’s nothing that can be done about it!!!!

The fearful thing about the video randomly captured by ‘Kaila Truths,, was when a unknown man from Lebanon walked up to the ‘Black Israelites yelling about ‘The Real New Israel’ & ‘Yellowstone National Park’ will destroy America.

The Yellowstone supervolcano is a disaster waiting to happen 

The unknown gentleman from Lebanon also states how he doesn’t want to be in USA! My next question was if he didn’t want to be in the U.S. then why was he here?

Then my next concern was he here in U.S. plotting something for Yellowstone National Park..& are there others, since he stated he didn’t want to be in America? 

Also the notion of possibly other countries; knowing about catastrophic areas that can ‘Destroy America!’ In one good hit!

One may think the End Times is nearing in U.S. if international countries know about U.S. vulnerabilities such as Yellowstone National Park. 

May God Bless USA,

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