Are You Getting Costly HGH Injections??

A Holistic Edge – To Bring Healthy Healing Naturally To Your Mind, Body & Soul


Are you like so many others who are paying lots of money to look and feel different by getting costly HGH Injection, that’s draining your pockets? 

Well there’s ‘Great News’ SomaDerm Transdermal Gel is here & you can purchase at a much more affordable price and obtain the same HGH and More over a period of time. ‘Many are calling it ‘Liquid Gold!’ 


So instead of paying thousands of dollars to a Doctor for HGH Injections; use what some Doctors are now giving to their patients seeing excellent results.

Of course some turn their ‘Nose’ up at these types of products; some want us to stay stuck in a ‘Box’ of unhealthy toxic products! Let’s just be honest!! 

We all must learn to look for alternative lifestyle ways of living in these changing times, depending on ‘Nature & Mother Earth!’ 

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