BJNN – Law Firm States – U.S. Has Statute Of Limitations On Foreign Money Laundering via Real Estate

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Foreign Family Able To Money Launder via Real Estate..

Are American Citizens unknowingly Funding Terrorists, ISIS, Cabal, Or Any Other Dangerous Foreign Groups!

Foreign Real – Estate Investors are illegally turning U.S. Single Family Homes into Rental Properties without acquiring Permits, including not reporting to Mortgage Companies, IRS, City, State, County Federal Governmental Agencies. And a Whistleblowing Law Firm stated there’s was a ‘Statute Of Limitation’s and the case may be barred???


When the Foreign Family acquired the property in 2015 they put the Property in a Family Trust to hide their illegal activity. This matter was reported to DOJ, IRS, FBI, HUD, City Attorneys of Los Angeles, City Building & Safety and many others! All of whom are silent allowing this foreign family to operate a illegal dwelling rental property collecting approx $10K a month dating back to 2015.

The Foreign Family has ‘EVADED’ Paying TAXES on their Family Trusts Rental Property Income, and their Small Business located On the Property. DATES: 2015 – CURRENT (DO THE MATH)

The Foreign family as well has scammed, stole, and manipulated many American Citizens who have rented from this illegal family. Also let’s not forget about the fraudulent Rental Applications, which are also illegal and VOID.

The Los Angeles City Building & Safety of Van Nuys, CA allowed the Re-inspection date to lapse well beyond the date, the Code Enforcement Officer and his Supervisor, when contacted about re-inspection of the illegal dwelling they were taking it as a laughing matter and seemed to be helping the foreign family! Allowing the family to continue their illegal rental activity and tax evasion. As well it seems the IRS, FBI, DOJ, HUD seemingly aren’t concerned with the ‘Foreign Families Illegal Real Estate Rental Property Scams,’ allowing the ‘Foreign Family’ to continue operating and send their FAMILY TRUSTS RENTAL PROPERTY INCOME; back to their home country!

Disturbingly, 1 1/2 yrs. NO arrests have been made, nor has the Tenants who were scammed received their rental payments, nor relocation fee’s after the City Of Los Angeles Code Enforcement deemed the property a illegal dwelling and stated they must pay such fee’s to re-convert the home back into a Single Family Home per the Certificate Of Occupancy on File.

Now the question becomes ‘HOW MANY’ Foreign Real Estate Investors & Family’s are defrauding the U.S?? America is being robbed blind due to poor Federal, State, City, County Oversight. Also how does U.S. truly know who owns what in the U.S if Real Estate properties are being hidden in Family Trusts?


When contacting a High Profile Law Firm – We were told U.S. has a Statute of Limitations on Foreign Money Laundering and the case may be barred..Excuse me this is Foreign Money Laundering and Tax Evasion via Real Estate..

(PURE INSANTIY) No wonder U.S. being destroyed from within!

Hopefully, this raises many ‘Eyebrows‘ and is addressed asap!

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