Black Migrants Have Hi-Jacked African American (ADOS) Lineage In U.S.

Black Migrants vs ADOS

So the ‘Buzz’ around town after Jamaican/India Kamala Harris was nominated to run as V.P. is that’s she’s ‘African American’ which many ‘ADOS’ disagree with and are furious! This is a another ‘Slap In The Face’ to the African American ‘Lineage’ in United States!

It seems to be lots of confusion in the Democratic Party, who seem to think a Black Migrant compares to a (ADOS) American Descendant Of Chattel Slaves. As well as the Republican Party, who as well ‘Glorifies’ a young Caribbean by the name of ‘Candace Owens’ who somehow Republicans think she’s qualified to speak on behalf of ADOS and their ADOS children! ADOS learned their lesson with Migrant Keyan-Hawaii, Obama; ADOS have Awoken!! How can they speak about a Lineage, they know nothing about only what they read or heard. They’ve never lived it like ADOS families.

Why are Black Migrants and their migrant parent birthed America children being classified as African Americans! Which they are not!

If this is the case; Chinese/Muslim/Iranian/Egyptian/Turkish children birthed in America; can run for President and speak on behalf of ‘All’ White Americans when they grow up and become adults! Why not it’s happening currently now with Obama and now Kamala..

The fight has begun in America between Black Migrants vs ADOS!

ADOS Movement Mobilizing Throughout America

It makes no sense for a ‘Migrant Family,’ to land on ‘American Soil’ birth children, and when that Migrant Family child grows up ‘Somehow,’ this automatically classifies them as being a American, and ‘Eligible’ to speak on behalf of ‘All’ Americans Families, and their Ancestors who built America, long before their migrant foreign families were able to migrate to the U.S.

So let’s see hypothetically speaking; this means one day in the ‘FUTURE’ America could have a “Chinese/Russian/Turkish,” Migrant Child become President or V.P of U.S.A., and qualified to speak on behalf of all Americans family’s and lead America children into the next decade just by attending an all White College in America! WOW!!!!

This crazy nonsense only occurs in America, ‘NO OTHER COUNTRY’ would Ever allow this type of insanity to go on! This is why America is losing and being destroyed from within….Have you ever saw a American Citizen running for President or V.P., in a country their American family migrated to? Ah, NO! It would never happen in Any country besides America!

America Has Sealed It’s Own Fate & May Lose ‘Lady Liberty’

According to sources; there may be no ‘VOTES’ for the upcoming ‘Presidency’ by many enlightened ‘ADOS!’ It seems America doesn’t get it, and continually disrespects or ignores, the Original African Americans (ADOS) true Lineage in America!

The motto: If they can’t respect ‘ADOS’ or their children then WHY VOTE FOR AMERICA…

Unfortunately, until things change in this arena the word is spreading in the ADOS Community…No Votes For Biden/Kamala nor Trump/Pence…Unless a ‘VALID,’ ‘Reparation Agenda,’ is discussed!

November 3rd; will be very interesting!!! Pray America has enough migrant Voters! They’ve forcefully shut out ADOS in their own home country! NOW IT’S TIME FOR BOLD ACTION!!! Which means No Votes!

America has chewed off more than it can handle! The harsh ‘Truth’ is You never turn your back on your ‘Own Country People,‘ who helped build America! Foreign Migrant family’s and their children are enjoying the American luxuries, of what ADOS slave families built in America! Totally disrespecting many ADOS deceased ‘Slave’ family members!

Let’s Elaborate On The Notion Of Kamala Harris African Americanism

Let’s clarify if we shall; Kamala’s mother moved to America from India at 19yrs. old to attend University Of Berkeley; where she met Kamala’s Jamaican Father, whom also came to America to attend college.

Kamala’s parents eventually married and birthed two girls. Shortly after, Kamala’s 25yr., old mother and father divorced! At some point after divorcing, her Indian mother left Oakland, CA where she birthed Kamala, and migrated to Canada. She raised her two girls until they graduated High School. Only to return to U.S. so her ‘Daughters’ could receive a great education, like she did becoming a scientist after attending University Of Berkeley.

Kamala didn’t mention anything about her Jamaican side of her family nor anything about her father in her DNC speech.

Kamala Harris DNC Speech:

It’s reported; Kamala Harris lived in a very wealthy neighborhood in Canada. Allegedly, Kamala grew up in a very ‘Elite’ area in Canada having neighbors such as the Seagram’s Family; and lived in the same neighborhood the Current Canadian President Trudeau grew up in as a child!

Canadian Black Caller States Kamala Harris Grew Up In A Elite Wealthy Neighborhood

Is this coincidence Kamala comes from an Elite area in Canada? Kamala was 5yrs. old; when migrated to Canada with her mother, not returning to America until Indian/Jamaican/Canadian Kamala graduated High School! Only to come back to attend a ‘Prestigious HSBCU College!’

One could say ‘Kamala’s’ mothers ‘Migrations’ paid off for Kamala! This could be why, psychologically Kamala considered herself to be a Semi African American due to her being Jamaican/Indian attending a HSBCU in the United States where she interacted with African Americans.

Although, at some point Kamala met her Caucasian Husband, and birthed two children. It’s strange how Kamala attended an all African American HSBCU and ended up marrying a White man, instead of a Black Man, you’d think she’d be attracted to African American men?

The bottom line here; India/Jamaican/Canadian ‘Kamala Harris’ is a migrant child: Attending a HSBCU doesn’t make her an African American with ADOS Lineage….

(Mother) India (Father) Jamaica = University Of Berkeley + Oakland, CA Mother: India – U.S. – Canada – U.S. (College & Work) Father: Jamaica – U.S. = College


America is in total confusion, not realizing many foreign migrant blacks, do not identify with (ADOS) Black Americans; just as Hispanics don’t identify with Guatemalan’s, all come from different countries and backgrounds.

ADOS, did not migrate from impoverished, corrupt war zone countries. Nor did their families migrate to United States to attend College or work in America!

Many Americans just aren’t comprehending; No Black migrant would of ever been able to voluntarily come to America, if it wasn’t for White, Irish-Indentured Servants, American Indians, ADOS Slaves Ancestors building America to what it is today!

The Plight Of U.S. 2020 Elections

In the 2020 elections, Democrats & Republicans may have to depend on Migrant Votes, they’ve seemingly replaced ADOS with! Many disrespected African Americans (ADOS) are ‘REFUSING’ TO VOTE’ for either party deeming them both disasters, and not good for American Families, specifically ADOS families, who are still fighting for Equality and Justice! As Black migrants rise to the ranks to speak on ADOS, behalf!

Many ADOS members across U.S. are stating they will not be ‘REPLACED’ by Black Migrants in their own home country! Their ‘ADOS’ Ancestors built, fought wars for, died, dealt with segregation, communities burned down, and were lynched for; as well as their ADOS ancestors who fought for Constitutional Legislation; ‘Post Slavery’ such as Civil Rights, Voting Rights & Affirmative Action, which has been been hi-jacked for Gender Biases, White Women, and Foreign Migrants and their children. Giving no due respect to the ADOS families, who fought and died for those ‘Constitutional Rights!’ No migrant nor gender biases were present back in 1865.

The U.S. Constitution has been twisted and misinterpreted to appease Non ADOS and their Migrant Families!



ADOS vs Black Migrants & Their American Born Children

NON ADOS OF America: Haitians, Jamaicans, Caribbean’s, Somalians, Africans, Kenyans, Indians, Muslims, Hispanics & Any other Black race with Non ADOS Lineage in U.S.

ADOS, will no longer tolerate this type of ‘ Lineage Disrespect’ in their own home country USA! ADOS families have their own ADOS children to lead into the ‘Next Generation,’ and it does not include migrant children. It seems America believes ‘Black Migrants’ are better equipped to becoming U.S. President & V.P. and holding political seats in U.S., instead of a ADOS political candidates.

Well ADOS; are fed up with this notion, and taking action! Although, not through BLM, which many view BLM is horribly infiltrated! These ‘Out Of Control beings,’ know nothing about American History ‘NOR’ ‘African American Lineage,’ in America dating back 400ys., Centuries before any foreign migration to America. Birthing a child on another countries soil; does not constitute a migrant family being part of; American Families Natural Born Family History or Lineage’s!

In short Black Migrants aren’t (ADOS) African American Descendants Of Chattel Slaves; and should not take ‘Precedence‘ over Black (African) Americans!

ADOS vs Black Migrants isn’t about ‘Racism’ it’s about ADOS American Ancestors Lineages! Don’t get the two confused..

LINEAGE DEFINITION: Lineal descent from an ancestor; ancestry or extraction:She could trace her lineage to the early Pilgrims.the line of descendants of a particular ancestor; family.

Here’s a few ‘Black Migrants’ birthed in America in the ‘Spotlight’: Obama, Kamala Harris, Idris Elba, Daniel Kaluuya, Cynthia Erivo, Rhianna, Cardi B, Candace Owens, Mia Love, Omarosa and there’s many more the list is too long.

Unfortunately, until the ‘ADOS Back Stabbing’ is addressed, America may have just sealed it’s fate into ‘Socialism or Communism and will be missing many ADOS votes come the 2020 Election!

If Your Home Country Doesn’t Respect – You nor Your Ancestors Contributions to it’s well being; Then why care about your countries well being, when they give you no respect in return????

Quote: You Have To Give Respect – To Get Respect (Votes)

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Bayer/Schering Plough/IG Farben Settles – Essure Birth Control Lawsuit! What about Mirena Iud??

Bayer/Schering Plough/IG Farben Settles – Essure Birth Control Lawsuit! What about Mirena Iud??


Bayer has more coming! Mirena Iud Lawsuit are next.

For those who aren’t aware this is another ‘Birth Control’ Device that’s impacted women in the most life threatening ways imaginable!

Women have lost ‘ALL’ there Female Organs, never to have children again; Thanks to Mirena Iud! Women have gotten Diseases, Cancer, Organs Removed, Lymph Nodes/Uterus/Fallopian Tubes removed due to IUD Migration, Hysterectomy’s and the list goes on! Women are experiencing life long repercussions thanks to Mirena IUD Device..

Big Pharma Companies Impacting Women’s Reproductive Health, Young & Old, ‘MUST’ BE HELD ACCOUNTABLE!’ Of course we all know dirty tricks are being played to keep this product on the market!

U.S. Internationally Controlled Big Pharma Companies, are good at paying FDA, HHS, CDC, Doctors, Judges, Lawyers, ‘OFF’ to paint a picture like this Device is ‘Safe’ and Millions of Women are Lying!! Caring not one bit about ‘MILLIONS’ of Women’s Reproductive Health being compromised!




U.S. IRS – No Stimulus! No Tax Return & Dependent Fraud

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Listen to the Nightmare of a debacle in the IRS System! Trump needs to ‘FIX’ this problem ASAP!! With the IRS broken system, the American people are losing! What makes people think the ‘Elections’ will be FAIR, if they can’t even get one thing right for the American people! “Can we say Disaster!”

A Federal Crime can be committed in the U.S. and seemingly you can get away with it! This being the case the ‘American people,’ are doomed if Federal broken systems aren’t fixed!!

Bringing awareness to ‘Broken Systems’ in U.S. that may impact American families, is the 1st step in addressing the problems to repair, heal and move forward!

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