CABIRI – USA Free Speech Social Network

Hello My Fellow Americans,

I truly apologize for not posting in awhile. I’ve been working on many other projects and counting. There’s so much to do and get done. Back in 2013 I began exposing the corruption and broken systems now I’m working to help fix them.

My latest project is a ‘Open Discussion Panel’ USA Free Speech Social Network for ‘All Americans’ no matter what side of the political coin you may be on! We need to ‘Unite’ as Americans not as ‘Political Pawns’ for the system. At the end of the day were all ‘Americans’ who ‘Love’ our country ‘USA’ dearly. I decided to create a platform to have ‘Open Discussions’ about many and any topics people would like to talk about. Especially during the Covid Lockdowns; this gives people a platform so they won’t feel alone. We talk about many interesting topics openly; it’s not all about ‘Politics!’

If you’d like to join our ‘Open Panel Discussions’ please subscribe to my ‘Website’ or you can ‘Join’ via my Youtube Channel: USA Free Speech Social Network, and anyone is welcome to join, I’m currently opening up the platform for Co-Hosts; if you’d like to be a Co-hosts please let us know.

My 2nd Project, I’m working on as well is ‘Women’s Holistic Health’ to help women heal their bodies naturally after experiencing ‘Reproductive Health Trauma’s’ due to a Birth control device. If you’d like to ‘Join’ our weekly Zoom meetings every Wednesday please sign up here:

Thank you for viewing my research blog; Please be aware I’m still currently in the trenches fighting the fight to expose ‘Socioeconomic Impacts’ that are very dangerous to all ‘American Families and the United States Of America!’ We only have one country and as the ‘Daughter Of A Vietnam Veteran’ and a Federally Registered Contractor since 2014; I feel it’s my ‘Civil Humanitarian,’ duty to serve my country as well as all my ‘Fellow Americans!’

God Bless You All,

Kaila Truth