RH Negative Unknown Royal Bloodline Starseeds 15% Of U.S. Population! Baffling Many!

The Awakening Of RH Negative Royal Bloodlines Is Happening!!

Rh Negative Bloodline is unknown to many and kept very hidden from society. Although

RH negative people are highly monitored and watched by many Government Agencies!

The fascinating capabilities of RH negative people has baffled many including ‘Adolph Hitler’ who

called many of the Jewish RH Negative people as ‘Superior Beings’ and wanted them exterminated!

It’s time the world truly acknowledges these unique ‘Beings’ for the many naturally born gifts, talents, psychic abilities that they encompass to help; Heal humanity and God’s Kingdom.

As well let’s add since many are unaware of the origin of the RH Royal Bloodline; many like to chalk it

up as the Royal Bloodline coming from Aliens, which is far from the truth! Why would they be in human form? The nonsense out there about RH Negative people is just that ‘NONSENSE!’

Most RH negative people are beautiful highly intelligent, highly intuitive souls that exude love, kindness to all and we just want the best for the entire plant!

It’s amazing how the post most looked at is about RH Negative Royal Bloodlines, so that should tell us all something! It’s more to it than what people let on!!! Scientist are even baffled!

View video below for more details!

Thanks for viewing! More to come!! RH Negative Awakening is currently happening and were ready to share our natural born gifts and talents with the world!

Law Firms vs Insurance Companies

There seems to be a disconnect between Law Firms and Insurance Companies!

Law Firms are fighting to settle claims that have been in limbo for 2,3,5yrs. clients getting upset with law firm’s who have their hands tied, due to Insurance Companies refusing to settle claims or trying to give clients pennies on the dollar. Clients are left with outrageous unpaid medical bills that aren’t being covered by insurance companies which is damaging many Americans credit history.

Honest law firms are fighting ‘Hospital Law Firms,’ for unpaid client bills, due to insurance companies refusing to settle clients claims properly. We must ask ourselves why pay insurance companies when your still left with debt and a ruined credit history! Is it right for insurance companies to decide which of their clients medical bills are worthy or not worth to pay? Although justified by the hospitals that the proper medical diagnostics were necessary for patient. We seem to have a debacle where clients are being caught in the middle which is an injustice to many Americans!

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