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The Great IUD Awakening Around The World

IUD’s are altering women’s mind, bodies and souls and no one has paid attention to their years of pain and suffering from 2007-2022!

Women are now coming forward on multiple social media sites speaking out about the severe damages IUD’s have caused!

See Below Websites, Reports and Social Media Sites:

FB Page: (28.9 Members) IUD Side Effects: Paragard, Mirena, Liletta, Skyla, ect.

Website U.S: IUD Awareness:

Website: (Canada) Lawyers And Settlements:

Website U.S:

Website: (Germany) Mirena Petition:

Petition to the US Food and Drug Administration

Gynecological Endocrinology, 31 July 2009

Mirena® – the discontinuing story:

Website: (Germany)

Dr. Ayman A. A. Ewies, MBChB, MSc, MRCOG, MD
Consultant Gynaecologist
Sandwell and West Birmingham Hospitals NHS Teaching Tru

Different combined oral contraceptives and the risk of venous thrombosis: systematic review and network meta-analysis:

Now the question becomes why are thousands of women young and old be ignored; as they speak out about how numerous Iud side effects, have ruined or ruining their lives and livelihoods! Another question is why are Doctors still currently prescribing IUD’s to women? IUD’s are causing permanent life altering damage to women’s bodies including numerous deaths. Parents and all other women should be very very concerned about the birth control devices and/or drugs that can cause lifelong damage to women’s bodies and reproductive system and migration issues than can attack other bodily organs which eventually will have to be removed.

This is no laughing matter and has been going on for way too long with no justice for any of these women! Women’s entire lives are being turned upside down; as many sit back on the sidelines and allow Iud’s to be listed as a safe contraception for women. When in fact the horrors stories being told tells a complete different story! Mother’s are livid that their young daughters have been impacted; many women had their entire female organs removed; and many have become sterile no longer able to have children.

What kind of world do we live in when Men/Women ignore the facts and allow women all over the world to be impacted by IUD’s and sit back and do nothing!

What is going to take for people to wake up! Massive IUD Deaths? If so millions of women are in danger and should be very concerned this also pertains to any other reproductive health drugs no matter what your age!

It’s time for action in order to save women’s lives; if you sit back and do nothing you are part of the problem and can careless about lives being impacted; and God is watching you!!

Mirena Iud Advocacy

Something is surely not right! People need to stop ignoring the FACTS! Human Beings are being impacted!! Do people have any souls or compassion these days or is it all about Money, Greed & Power?