The Rise Of Psychic Investigators Solving Cases Helping Police/FBI

The new ‘Rise’ of psychic investigators,

Due to the overwhelming lack of ‘Justice,’ the rise of psychic investigators are now utilizing their gifts to expose all what’s being hidden behind the scenes. It’s time for all who have talents and gifts to assist in balancing out God’s Kingdom we all must live in until we expire. Other human beings have ‘No Right,’ to cause harm to any other human being; due to power, jealously, greed, money, envy, for personal gains.

Psychic investigators; are currently speaking out about many things being hidden from society. Some may not believe in Psychics; although they’ve been around for decades for a reason. Are people clueless about may individuals in “Power,” who are not working in the best interest of other human beings. Sadly, the greed for money comes before moral, values, truth, honesty and integrity. Thankfully many ‘psychic investigators’ see clearly what’s been happening behind the scenes in America, the Judicial System, Corporations, Politics, and Businesses all causing societal illusions to carry out their evil agendas.

All of which is impacting innocent citizens. The fraud, corruption, spiritual warfare attacks many citizens have experienced and had spoken out about to public officials; has taken investigative case solving; to another level! Normal ‘psychically gifted,’ citizens are assisting innocent victims and law enforcement to help solve cases to bring justice and balance.

It’s time for justice to be served, the lies, deceit, deception, gang-stalking, fraud, corruption must be stopped in order to restore any faith into our U.S. Judicial System. Psychic Investigators are communicating clues, descriptions, what’s going on behind the scenes, whether the individuals are male female or working in groups, how long they’ve been at their evil deeds. Whatever the question a psychic investigator may just have the answer for you?

If psychic investigators are uncovering corruption and evil; why is it taking the ‘Judicial System’ so long to solve cases and bring justice to many who’ve been seeking justice. Many lives are being turned upside down as ‘Investigators’ are taking 3-10yrs to settle cases for innocent victims. Citizens are speaking with psychics due to their cases are very dangerous cases involving deadly circumstances to the victims or they don’t have the financial backing required to fight for their justice. Previous investigative reports prove some cases are intertwined with ‘Pay to Play’ schemes;’ meaning if the case involves ‘Powerful’ individuals, other law enforcement officials, the judicial system itself, businesses, corporations, and governmental entities, many of these viable cases just disappear into thin air never to be heard of again.

Many lawyers are refusing cases, which is a huge concern for many citizens seeking justice; if powerful individuals are involved, many lawyers don’t want to touch these types of complex cases; too protect their own careers; leaving many innocent victims to suffer in silence without any justice being served in their cases. Fortunate for many seeking justice ‘Psychic Investigators’ have stepped up and solving cases. Many psychics have large ‘Client Bases’ and many followers; on their Youtube channels, due to their psychic gifts. Psychics and private freelance investigators; felt the need to step up and take control on ‘YouTube’ or other forms of media, blogs etc., This is to assist in helping solve many innocent victims cases and to expose hidden crimes being done behind the scene that may impact the masses, especially if it involves women and children.

The rise of psychic investigators helps bring balance to ‘Society’ by utilizing their god gifted talents to help the greater good. The more ‘Truth Seekers’ the merrier to bring peace, love and happiness. We should hope between law enforcement and psychic investigators; many innocent citizens will one day; receive the justice they all deserve as well as; Systems, Policies, Procedures, Legislation – Can be modified!

Psychic Investigators

Please be advised the information in the videos by ‘Psychic Investigators’ is for entertainment purposes only; all video’s can be viewed or obtained on individuals youtube channels. These are a few of many other psychics on YT whom are speaking out about all the evil; that’s been going on behind the scenes in America and around the world. If these issue’s are addressed every human being no matter what your status; should be very concerned it’s only going to get worse.

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