Foreign Property Owners Money Laundering Through U.S. Real Estate – Deemed Legal

Foreign Real Estate Money Laundering Legal In The United States

These facts are being hidden from American Families.

Many of U.S. residential and commercial properties are being hidden through shell companies, trusts by foreign property owners including Insurance Companies. Title Fraud is also massive throughout the United States;

These criminal fraudsters may or may not reside within the United States. Some foreign culprits living in another country have partnered up with other family members who reside in the United States. Has no one thought about why property values in the United States have astronomically skyrocketed? Well fact check: America has been hustled! By foreign newcomers who have purchased massive properties throughout the United States; cashing in sending and money back to their home countries.

It seems no one is speaking about these facts; which are being covered up by many politicians; federal leaders, agencies and many others whom have been well aware for several, several years! Many foreign newcomers are making ‘Millions if not Billions of dollars off the backs of American families and sending it directly back to their home countries. And we wonder why United States has a homeless epidemic as many continue to blaming the American people calling them mentally ill or drug addicts! Not acknowledging; it’s partly caused by Americas international criminal systematic housing fraud and a flawed credit reporting system that plagues American families; by which many are choosing to ignore.

Let’s add in United States Debt Clock; this should sink in! No American Family will ever be able to pay back!

American children are in debt before their born..(See The Debt Per Citizen – Debt Per Tax Payer)

As Americans you must wonder why; the U.S. Debt is over $31 Trillion; which no ‘American Family’ could ever pay this massive amount back. No matter how much taxes or interest rates are raised; many of our American families children, grandchildren, great-grandchildren, great great grandchildren will never be able to pay off this massive debt for decades to come. This is the reason why American children are ‘Bankrupt’ before their born.

International Money Laundering, Housing Fraud, is deemed legal by City Governments, FBI, HUD, IRS, Fair Housing; all have been previously notified. Including FBI Agent: Mary – ID#9529. Cabiri and many others news outlets has investigated and reported several instances of Foreign/Domestic housing and title fraud which is still occurring across America! In years of investigative journalism; We’ve seen many foreign newcomers from around the world with visas, work visas or in U.S. on business or travel can easily purchase property in the United States; with ‘CASH’ cutting out any legal loophole or governmental red tape. Many are utilizing private Insurance Companies, Property Management Companies, Realtors who were referred to them by family or friends. As well some of their family members are working in positions of power in America to ease their purchase processes. Making it very easy for property profits earned in the U.S. to be sent out of the country.

Housing and Rental prices in the United States; are horribly unaffordable; due to the ‘Foreign Property Ownership’ in the United States whom are buying properties and raising housing prices out of greed. The more they make in the United States the more they can send back to their home countries. American families are paying outrageous mortgages, property rents and thousands of American families old, young have just given up hope to ever afford their ‘Dream Home!’ Especially if your an minority! You may just rent the rest of your life!!

No one wants to speak about this huge, “Elephant in the room,” that’s plaguing throughout the United States. There’s been multiple cases reported; although the Obama Administration, Trump Administration; and multiple Federal Agencies and Local Municipalities have sat back and continued to allow this to occur; year after year; brushing it under the rug like it’s not happening; deceiving all American families of the ‘Right To Affordable Home Ownership’ in their own home country. We must do better for American families; Their ancestors and family legacies are depending upon it!

The fact are American families are renting more than owing their own dream home, too pass down onto their children. “Keeping it in the family is long gone in America!” All American families should have the opportunity to own property in their home country. American children and many adults seemingly; will never have a chance at homeownership. Sadly, being forced to rent making other property owners with wealth; wealthier. Many foreign families with large sums of cash can easily obtain homeownership in the U.S. Being able to take their home equity profits or rental income profits; from their properties owned in the U.S. too pass along to their families residing in the U.S., or better yet for their family members who’d like to come live in the United States.

Again, sadly this isn’t the case for many American Families; especially minority families who depend upon a flawed credit reporting system. If you look at the statistics in homelessness the majority of ‘Homeless Citizens in the United States are Americans not foreign newcomers; that in itself should raise eyebrows. How are foreign newcomers affording properties an apartments in the United States? No one wants the see the writing on the ‘Wall’ these homeownership inequalities in the United States surely needs Investigating the housing system is broken for American families seeking home ownership!’

Cabiri Investigative Journalism reports the facts many are unwillingly to speak about..

**We are all ‘Human Living A Human Experience’ Lets honor, support, protect and love one another! All American children deserve to live the ‘American Dream,’ and carry on their family ancestral family legacies in their home country.

Investigative Journalist – “Daughter Of Vietnam Veteran”



Warning: Geek Squad Email Scam Derived From Frankfurt, Germany

Be Aware Of The Current Email Scam:

Verified Publisher: Philandro Software GMBH

Contact# (888) 658-8396

Foreign Call Center you’ll here broken English be spoken in the background

Customer Service Representative Name: (Woman Name: Rihanna)

URL: (This is the site used to take control over your computer if you ask to cancel)

Shell Association (*Any Desk) – They’ll get into your hard drive files

They’ll give you a false confirmation code: (Ex: 764-107-07)

They’ll also give you a fake cancellation password: Cancel 123

As the representative is speaking with you to draw your attention away; you’ll see them taking control over your computer screen remotely on their end to access your computer.

Weebly – Has no contact number only email if you have an website with them – There’s no means to contact them about fraud

Another Caveat stated by CSR Rhianna – Their targeting people who do online banking!

How It Begins:

Culprits will email you stating you have an account with Geek Squad; which is a warranty option at ‘Best Buy!’

The culprits will email you stating that your ‘Credit Card’ will be charged for your warranty.



Although, when speaking with the representative at ‘Geek Squad’ she stated they are partnered with IC3.Gov and FTC.Gov, which is very interesting! So be mindful when signing up for warranty services at ‘Best Buy’ for your purchases using Geek Squad warranty, your warranty is being monitored by two Government agencies.

We must ask ourselves is the ‘Internet or any of our personal information safe from predators such as these?’

Lurking and preying virtually to hack and attack and steal from American Citizens. On another note these scammers are also using text messaging scams you’ll think it’s coming from your ‘Bank’ although if you click on the link they can clean out your bank account in minutes. These scams aren’t being stopped or blocked.

So in summarization; Text Messages with links aren’t safe, Warranty Services Aren’t Safe, Emails Aren’t Safe; and Many Companies in the U.S. are being used by ‘Foreign Culprits & Hackers to steal from hard working Americans.

Maybe it’s time America blocks the U.S. Internet from countries who are found scamming Americans!


Cabiri Business Services – Investigative Journalism by Daughter Of Vietnam Veteran