Canada Notices Big Pharma Chemical Dangers

Hello Fellow Americans and Leaders Of The United States,


For the past several years I’ve been advocating about the dangers of the United States Pharmaceutical industry – Chemical Concoctions, that are harming, altering, and killing the American people.

My name is Candance Camper, I’m a 46yr., old Mother of 2, and a Vietnam Veteran daughter, with a college degree, with 30 years of Corporate business accounting experience in almost every market industry, including working for Local Government! So I’m well aware of what goes on behind closed doors that’s kept quiet!

“I started,” my social media business CABIRI, due to a personal medical nightmare that doctors, hospitals, and  pathologists left me wondering if I was going to live or die, from unknown illnesses, 6yrs. after getting a medical-device removed. As always being a healthy woman my illness was a blow to myself and my entire family, being that I’ve always been the backbone of my family! My children and family were petrified that I was not going to live due to being excessively hospitalized undiagnosed and living with permanent medical problems that involved disease, surgeries and credit ruined, and all my hard work of my life and children’s belonging just gone.

Well if that doesn’t wake you up, I don’t know what will! Truly, I had no other choice but to stand up and save my life, that’s when my Knowledge, Athletic, and Parents guidance kicked in! My parents, nurses, doctors, and many other professionals told me not to give up and I didn’t!

My two sons and my family mean the world to me! …And anyone deliberately trying to take me away from them, “By no fault of my own”, I had no choice to fight for them and myself in order to live! I’ve been fighting diseases, and other illnesses due to the ‘Toxic’ medical-device! I joined the, “Facebook Mirena-Iud support group,” where women all around the world, like myself speak about the dangers, side-effects and nightmares they’ve had due to this Toxic Device!

Since doctors, hospitals, nor pathologists could identify why I had a Mirena-Iud piece that broke off inside of me, migrated and embedded itself into my lymph nodes for 6yrs! I decided to take matters into my hands to save my own life! So I began researching the Pharmaceutical – Biotech Corporations in America!

When I completed my research it was so “Alarming” I sent my research to the “Office Of The President, FDA, HHS and many other Federal Agencies! All I kept hearing, “Oh maam, where sorry to hear that happened to you!” Well if you almost were taking away from your children and family by a “Toxic Device” those are not the words you want to hear!”

Advocating has been my only out, since my own Government, State, Lawyers, would not help me and left me homeless, sick and misdiagnosed! Well I’ve been overcoming this “Medical Nightmare,” and have been trying to find my own medical answers too heal my own body, since it seemed no body cared and doctors were left scratching there heads. The only country that reached out to me is Canada back in 2013, a woman from Lawsuits and Settlements reached out to me after reading one of my blogs, she understood what I was dealing with, being that women in Canada were experiencing the same type of medical-issues pertaining to the Mirena-Iud, the Lawyer stated she would help me, by doing a personal story about what I’ve been through!

Taking it a step further I began communicating my research to the entire world to prevent anymore deaths, permanent illnesses, due to the carelessness of “U.S. International Big Pharma Industry!”

As a advocate, I’ve found the dangers of the Healthcare industry and many other market industries in the United States! The entire United States is now catching own, many organizations, and other leaders, and fellow citizens who care about “Human Beings” are now stepping up and helping me save lives! The first step was to bring awareness, which now the United States Federal Government now see’s my point please view:

Their findings has, are a day late, in my case! They did not do anything to help me or acknowledge me for bringing this to their attention! Does the U.S. Federal Government truly feel that it’s okay to allow a “Foreign Country” to import chemical products into the United States, be approved by the FDA, CDC, NIH as safe for human consumption! Only to find out that the imported medical products have dangerous chemicals inside of them that can harm human beings!

Well United States, you don’t get a free pass, just as my “Father” didn’t get a free pass when he was drafted to the “Vietnam War!” My life and millions of “American Citizens,” are and have been impacted by these deadly chemically concocted drugs, medical-devices, and products!

As a American born citizen I’m appalled, frustrated, and upset, that Canada is the only country that is hearing me and millions of Americans! Actually, I must say I’m very pleased to see the news media, and other organizations have now caught on! See links below for yourselves, as the owner of CABIRI, everyone is forwarding me pertinent information too protect All American Citizens, since our Federal Government is refusing to do so! I had to save my own life, stand for all of Americans, and especially our children who need us to protect them from these type of medical dangers!

Too protect your friends, families, colleagues, please take a look at all my information! I have tons information that relates to my research @! Although, the U.S. Government and the Medical Industry sold me out and left me to die and homeless, I refused not sell out my ‘Fellow Americans,’ in order too save their families lives, from the “International Controlled Big Pharma – Biotech leaders in the United States!

I’m not going to continue on and on there’s so much I can say, and have said, please see below links to enlighten yourselves about what truly happening behind the scenes in America, that could be deadly to you or your children!

Please see all attached articles: Some articles are “International Research Articles,” by professional medical researchers who’ve also have been finding strange harmful chemicals in drugs and products, due to the Chemical Industry working with the Big pharma industry!

View Link: Chemical Industry Increases Contributions and Lobbying as Congress Takes up Chemical Bill –

Appropriate Taxes for Multinationals!The chemical and pharmaceutical company BAYER has systematically moved profits to low-tax countries. The corporation thereby reduces its tax burden at the expense of taxpayers in Germany, the United States or France.

America, Thank you for continuing to read and support CABIRI, if it wasn’t for my business, family, friends, and colleagues, I may have  given up on myself! Now I’m facing a autoimmune disease, that I was told 2yrs ago were Ulcers. Thanks to the Mirena-Iud support group, it was brought to my attention from another young lady on the other side of the world, who happened to be having the same symptoms, as I. There actually were a few of us speaking about it, and they sent me their research to help me! I thanked the ladies from the bottom of my heart, the doctors in the United States were way off base and had no clue, and left me worried and undiagnosed!

I’ll tell ya America it’s been a fight, although I refused to give up, I now see it as my calling from above to help those who can’t help themselves, between my fathers VA treatment, and my personal medical experience 17 hospitals and 8 surgeries, there was no way a strong woman such as myself, would let this fly and not find out why, what, when, when, where and how!

Here’s to staying alive in the United States! Please see below articles for your knowledge:

The Dangers of ‘Pharma Partnering – (Canada article)

Drug minister bans five legal highs from midnight –

FDA Asked Big Pharma to Self Police on Dangerous Chemicals via @sharethis Be aware of toxic drugs still on market

Bernard Merkel: Measuring the performance of health systems—a troubled history

An open letter from Giubilini and Minerva

UK Ecstasy strength quadruples in light of competition from legal highs –

AstraZeneca’s Onglyza ‘mortality’ risks noted by FDA reviewers – FiercePharma:

US states face fierce protests from anti-vaccine activists –

Why Women Are Getting Breast Cancer on the Job –

More International Big Pharma news:

Sale of BAYER plastics division: Countermotion to ASM –

Pesticides Linked to Honeybee Deaths Pose More Risks, European Group Says –

Bayer sells Institute plant back to Dow –

UK Regulators Prepare for Review of ‘Forgotten Thalidomide –
Lawsuit Launched to Protect Endangered Wildlife From New, Toxic Pesticide –

Victory for Bees and Freedom of Speech –

New TDI plant: Environmental groups affirm criticism – Friends of the Earth Germany and the Coalition against BAYER Dangers reconfirm their criticism towards the new chemical plant at Dormagen (Germany):

Drug companies spend lavishly to woo veterinarians – Drug companies, veterinarians tight-lipped about cash connection –

Hope your getting the message America! Here’s some interesting translated information

Coalition against Bayer Dangers- The street names changed Carl Duisberg

Current: Discovery Health: Interview with Philipp Mimkes ++++ Colombia: Three injured after fire ++++ The use of toxic pesticides continues to grow ++++ World War: “BAYER does not recognize its responsibility” ++++ “It is an unquestionable duty to help Franco” ++++ Advertising heroin in Spanish newspapers
More: Large multinational companies determine the political game in all parts of the globe. One of the biggest “global players” is the BAYER AG. No country on earth where BAYER is not active. The subsidiaries of the former IG Farben (BASF, Bayer and Hoechst) dominate the German and European chemical industries and have a combined annual 90 billion Euros volume. No government, political or institution can escape the influence of this powerful bloc. Any criticism of BAYER is primarily criticism of multinational companies in general and the chemical industry in particular. WONDERS AND DANGERS

America I had to include this information! Now will the U.S. Government and all Leaders now WAKE UP AND PROTECT U.S. CITIZENS: READ BELOW

Spanish – Translated
Coalition against Bayer Dangers – The street names changed Carl Duisberg

Current: Discovery Health: Interview with Philipp Mimkes ++++ Colombia: Three injured after fire ++++ The use of toxic pesticides continues to grow ++++ World War: “BAYER does not recognize its responsibility” ++++ “It is an unquestionable duty to help Franco” ++++ Advertising heroin in Spanish newspapers

Coalition against Bayer Dangers (since 1983) supervises the multinational BAYER and coordinates activities against the violation of human and environmental rights by BAYER. “KEYCODE BAYER” contains annexes to the German magazine “Stichwort BAYER” – if you send a message (, you will receive the newsletter “KEYCODE BAYER” regularly via e-mail.

Please help us!
Scientific Committee

Prof. Juergen Junginger, designer
Prof. Dr. Juergen Rochlitz, chemist, former member of the Bundestag (Federal Parliament of Germany)
Prof. Rainer Roth
Wolfram Esche, legal attorney
Dr. Sigrid Müller, pharmacologist
Eva Bulling-Schroeter, member of the Bundestag
Prof. Dr. Anton Schneider, biologist
Dr. Janis Schmelzer, historian
Dr. Erika Abczynski, pediatrician

Large multinational companies determine the political game in all parts of the globe. One of the biggest “global players” is the BAYER AG. No country on earth where BAYER is not active. The subsidiaries of the former IG Farben (BASF, Bayer and Hoechst) dominate the German and European chemical industries and have a combined annual 90 billion Euros volume. No government, political or institution can escape the influence of this powerful bloc. Any criticism of BAYER is primarily criticism of multinational companies in general and the chemical industry in particular.

The “wonders of chemistry” were a day applauded lightly as “progress of the human race”, but the dangers of producing chemical poisons have made us hostages: No one can escape, it affects us all. Reviews and alternatives are needed. Coalition against Bayer Dangers, which began as a citizens’ initiative in 1978, has worked to publish the risks of large-scale chemical production, eliminate potential hazards and develop alternatives.

Products like ASPIRIN are not the only things related to BAYER through its history, which extends until the nineteenth century. The company also identified with chemical warfare agents, with “drugs” such as HEROIN (an early BAYER registered trademark), and countless homemade insecticides and poisons. The company thinks only of his own benefit and works continuously with dictators and war criminals, from Hitler to Pinochet. BAYER director Carl Duisberg personally propagated the concept of forced labor during World War II. The idea stemmed after the mass murder in the concentration camp IG Farben owned company: Auschwitz-Monowitz. The company was positioned under a huge burden of guilt due to its strong complication in planning, preparation and conduct of the two world wars. The International War Crimes Tribunal for the company pleaded guilty for his role in the war and crimes of the Nazi dictatorship.

Coalition against Bayer Dangers has been successful in combating global dangers and the seemingly omnipresent power of the BAYER group using action, information, and international solidarity. Coalition against Bayer Dangers unifies people and organizations in a network that continually fighting against BAYER to impose respect for human life, the dignity of working conditions and environmental security. The strength of Coalition against Bayer Dangers comes from solidarity and cooperation. Many volunteers throughout Germany and other countries work together on Coalition against Bayer Dangers, companeras cooperating with 46 countries.

In their work, Coalition against Bayer Dangers assumes that large multinational companies are decisively responsible for the ecological, social, ethical and global political. Coalition against Bayer Dangers BAYER seen as one of the hounds of the chemical industry as an example of a company with multinational policy. The goal of the Coalition against Bayer Dangers is to make more transparent company policy and publish cases of abuse in factories around the world, helping those affected by abuse, organize resistance, fighting for improvements and propose alternatives, as well as ensure environmental protection, human rights and social security BAYER. Coalition against Bayer Dangers use their knowledge to help ensure that these acts of resistance from neighbors, relatives of employees, environmental groups and others succeed throughout the world. The activists Coalition against Bayer Dangers work together in the same place, if necessary to ensure that BAYER pay attention to environmental protection, social security and human rights. The prospectuses and KEYCODE STICHWORT BAYER BAYER are published quarterly and inform their readers of the latest actions.

Gone are the days of peace and tranquility enjoyed by BAYER at its annual shareholder meeting in Cologne. Provided voting rights of small shareholders, BAYER Critical Shareholders have faced the direction of the company, banks and large shareholders using the benefits of BAYER since 1982. It has become tradition to invite all affected world to meet to talk personally present at the shareholders meeting. A very special form of international solidarity.

Founder/Owner: Candance Camper

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Social Media – Venture Capital Pryamid Schemes


Are there any more American Only based businesses in America, without a international country attached to it! Being a business owner you are sent many business opportunities, how in the world do you know if your being scammed or not? If your smart and research the company, you can find the true owners of the business with the main address location being in another country. How do you know who your truly doing business with if the company is also based in foreign country, with a subsidiary based in the United States. International laws and U.S. laws are totally different, along with you have know idea who is on the other end of the business.

The point, here is to make sure you do your homework before doing business with any company in the United States! To gain back control of the United States, the American citizens must try and only do business with U.S. based businesses and American business owners! This way the revenue generated with these American based business will only go to stimulating the American Economy for the American people. Most importantly, to assist the many American families in need of help!

America please think about, how this can help our country to regain back, the many businesses that have been stripped away from America by international countries,forcing American citizen tax payers to fund many other countries instead of their own homeland country United States of America! Also, please see “Eugenics Theory” and “Population Council” you will view the hidden agenda’s behind all of the series of events occurring in America. 

View below US based – International based Companies: 

Company Address: Empower Network, LLC 146 Second Street North St. Petersburg, Florida 33701 Suite
UK Address (Correspondence Not Accepted):
Empower Network Limited 66-68 High Road Bushey Heath, Herts WD23 1GG

Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan Review – is it a SCAM or legit?

See questionable information about the site which somehow links to the
company above, granted both of these businesses are advertising via email,
craigslist and Google.

Please be aware America! (Below information included in above link)!

I have two major problems with the system. When you reach step 4 it is obvious that Instant Payday Network is essentially a carrot and it is being used as a means of converting you into a Empower Network sale, this has not been made very clear and it is a bit sneaky. I am not in anyway calling empower network a bad thing and will be doing my own review on this.

Instant Payday Network by Jeff Buchanan

The next major problem I have is I wonder about the validity of Jeff as an entity when I look at the pages of this system. I look at the bottom of each of the pages and I see Satori Primes logo so this immediately makes me think hmmmmm. This was backed up particularly when I started receiving emails from Guy Ferdman when it was Jeff’S referral ID I signed up with.

In researching you’ll find Mr. Guy Ferdman at the following links, which are also questionable?
You’ll view here the statistical rating of the business which is contradictory to what being marketed as being a lead producer world-wide?

Additional research on the server information of Satori per below website: CloudFare Internationally connected although businesses based online with a office location in California

CloudFlare received media attention in June 2011, not all of it positive, after providing security to LulzSec website
In July 2011, CloudFlare announced receiving $20 million in venture funding from New Enterprise Associates, Venrock, and Pelion Venture Partners, after receiving $2 million in earlier funding. It had raised the additional funding in November 2010.

In October 2011, CloudFlare was named as the Most Innovative Network & Internet Technology Company of 2011 by Wall Street Journal. The World Economic Forum (WEF) noted CloudFlare innovative algorithms and ability to adapt in its Technology Pioneers 2012 report. The WEF called LulzSec use of CloudFlare services a vote of confidence in CloudFlare approach.

In June 2012, the hacker group UGNazi attacked CloudFlare partially via flaws in Google authentication systems, gaining administrative access to CloudFlare and using it to deface 4chan.

Additional Private Venture Fund office –
New Enterprise Assoc. – Beijing, Shanghai, Mumbai
NEA invests in three broad industry sectors: information technology, health care, and energy technology, with investment professionals allocated to each industry! Very Interesting??

Please review this article about NEA who tied to Clinical Trials and Cancer in America & Social Media! WOW!
Venture Capitalist Dick Kramlich Last Stand – Email snooping tied to law enforcement per the website

The 2nd donor Venrock is a nightmare also tied to Big Pharma CANCER & the Rockefellers who are the patent owners of the Mirena – IUD! See Below link for additional information!

Venrock, a compound of and Rockefeller, is a pioneering venture capital firm formed in 1969 to build upon the successful investing activities of the Rockefeller family that began in the late 1930s. It has offices in Palo Alto, California, New York City, Cambridge, Massachusetts, and Israel!

Also view this company tied to Venrock – Genron – Geron Corporation is a biotechnology company located in Menlo Park, California that specializes in developing and commercialization of products in three specific areas: 1) therapeutic products for cancer that inhibit telomerase; 2) pharmaceuticals that activate telomerase in tissues impacted by cell aging, injury or degenerative diseases; and 3) cell-based therapies derived from human embryonic stem cells for treatment of various chronic diseases –

More History on Venrock: In the healthcare sector, Venrock has invested in HealthSouth Corporation, MedPartners, Inc. Caliper Technologies Corporation, Centocor, Geron,[1] Genetics Institute, Idec Pharmaceuticals Corporation, Illumina, Millennium Pharmaceuticals, Sirna Therapeutics, athenahealth and Sugen.

In 1999, Venrock and Kleiner Perkins Caufield & Byers, in coordination with Michael D. West, now CEO of BioTime, invested in West's Geron Corporation (NASDAQ: GERN). Venrock General Partner Patrick Latterell served on the company Board of Directors and the company went on to initiate the first embryonic stem cell-based clinical trial.

On July 19, 2013 it was announced that Daniel Loreto, engineering lead for Twitter and Google is joining Venrock as EIR – The EIR role in a venture capital firm is often designed to fill one of three primary functions; To launch a new entrepreneurial venture, often with the backing of the parent firm or organization; To assist in the evaluation of potential investments where the entrepreneur has a particular expertise; To provide functional expertise to assist with an existing investment

The more you research the worse it get's – They are also linked to criminal hackers – via CIA, Sony,, see more information:

Just think this was all based upon researching 2 emails sent to get you to sign up for their
programs. This is to get all your information, they are using PayPal as their base payment
hub see: From July 2007, PayPal has operated across the European Union as a Luxembourg-based bank.

As you viewed this could be the working of a pyramid marketing scheme by all these businesses on
many levels! Which all ties back to international, European control and the Rockefellers in the
pharmaceutical cancer area! Is this why their has been an influx in Cancer in America, which
is again America a population control tactic via Eugenics Theory!

Here is the definition of a pyramid scheme via SEC website;
Pyramid Schemes

In the classiC scheme, participants attempt to make money solely by recruiting new participants into the program. The hallmark of these schemes is the promise of sky-high returns in a short period of time for doing nothing other than handing over your money and getting others to do the same.

The fraudsters behind a pyramid scheme may go to great lengths to make the program look like a legitimate multi-level marketing program. But despite their claims to have legitimate products or services to sell, these fraudsters simply use money coming in from new recruits to pay off early stage investors. But eventually the pyramid will collapse. At some point the schemes get too big, the promoter cannot raise enough money from new investors to pay earlier investors, and many people lose their money. The chart below shows how pyramid schemes can become impossible to sustain:

View this link again to see the connection between pyramid schemes:
Venture Capitalist Dick Kramlich Last Stand

Web Content Research Freelance Writer



American Citizens: Please Read and Pass on to all your Family and Friends – Save your own lives

Please Read Along This is no JOKE!

Brief and to the point America!

America is urgently in danger of collapsing! Every American must read and view all attachments included in this article. There are a series of events currently and rapidly happening in America! CABIRI, has personally found due to a medical- device that almost took the founders life! Who decided to start CABIRI, due to the medical nightmare which she was hospitalized an entire year! The founder started researching who, what, when and how her life was almost taken from her, and why she lost everything she ever owned due too a trauma she didn’t see coming, as a healthy ex-athlete, professional prior corporate individual, and before her medical trauma a prior small business owner! Please see below Bayer Healthcare of Germany and all their economical subsidiaries killing and impacting American families, via sterilization and Cancer & Death’s!

The founder has always previously, dedicated her life in helping all human beings in need to the best of her capabilities, even going through her own personal struggles in life. Many of the founders family, friends and business colleagues who’ve come across her respects opinions, well-rounded business knowledge, and she also happens to be very well-travelled locally and internationally. She is known as a blunt, compassionate, “Truth Seeker”, who believes in protecting human beings. No matter if their young, old, child or of; any nationality that may be caused “Unnecessary Harm”!

All American’s are in jeopardy! So please listen, learn, and spread the word! CABIRI has found the disturbing truth! In researching CABIRI, has found very frightening things that we’ve been trying to communicate to all American Citizens of the United States which all holds very true, you can do your own research, below links will help you see the light!

Actually, many Americans and news reporters, journalists, book authors, and Tv programmers, have been trying to tell American citizens. America is in danger! All  American or international leaders who the have guts to stand up and fight for human lives must react now to what’s occurring in America and globally! A world take over is looming and the American dollar is quickly diminishing. Which means all Americans will suffer, What if all of a sudden you can’t use the American dollar anymore, what are you going to do how are you going to feed your family and supply the economical resources you need to survive?

An American economical warfare has been looming for the past decade and is now showing it’s “Ugly Head” in the United States! Every naturalized American citizens must watch all below video’s, the series of events are happening behind closed doors and many citizens are trying to tell all American Citizens. PLEASE Wake UP! America is truly in trouble, and all American’s must become one nation under whatever god you choose to represent to save you and your family. The “Eugenics Theory” is alive and prevalent in America!

Top Big American international corporations and countries have now brought America to it’s knee’s and every American citizen are now suffering or will suffer, including your children. Please do not take this information for granted, for it’s very true and real and everyone needs to stand up and listen to what is being communicated and shown to you!

This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, if you do nothing every American family will be hit harder than you could ever have possible imagined, with things you never thought could happen in this day and age!

Just as CABIRI’s founder never imagined she’d be hospitalized an entire year on/off all due to a faulty medical device that gave her a life-threatening disease, and had her in pre-cancer stages, the device was distributed by several merging international non American friendly countries, which dates back to World I and World II, and many of these countries have infiltrated American Economical Markets, Governments, Businesses, and have hidden agendas in America to bring it down. They’ve even had their own private international meetings excluding America! So what does that tell you! Germany Russia, China, U.K., Europe, Japan and many more including the middle-eastern countries are have been plotting against America!

They are winning big economically here in America and are privately taking American lives via “Big Pharma” to depopulate American citizens by Eugenics Theory!

There also are many other forms of current events that have occurred in America, these events aren’t just occurring for no reason, this is all the impacts of decades of planned out plots, you can view some @ and, please take the time to read and pass along, it’s very urgent for every American to communicate this information, this is no joke, we all must save one another in America, if you care about your life and your families lives you will do something to help or contribute to your country and help save your children’s future in America.

CABIRI, has effortlessly been reporting, American Economical Warfare since November 2013, after stumbling across the hidden conspiracies and corruption occurring in America by International countries, via the pharmaceutical industry, and many other numerous industries in America, which have been brewing for over a decade, and now has hit American borders!

If your wondering why you or your family are struggling, or why a family member has suddenly become sick with cancer or any other unexpected medical trauma, you need to start clicking on all the links below and get educated of what’s occurring in your country! Also, please understand this does not matter if your rich or poor, you are a American. The collapse coming will hit all Americans from every angle you will be in the “Cross-Fire”, you are not immune to a country disaster, police state, communism, or no way to spend your American dollar, or being stricken from a disease, or anything else these international Top American business owners and conspirators see fit in harming the United State’s and it’s citizens taking control, and collapsing the American government, Wall Street, Banks and Businesses!

Please take this seriously, again this is no time to sit back and say “Yea Right” – What a bunch of Bull”! Many American citizens will not be saying this when everything in America comes crumbling down right in front of you! Then what are you going to do, will you be the American citizen who say’s “I could of, would of, or should of done something? By that time it may be too late for you and your family!

It’s here and real, getting worse day by day, so please take heed NOW! Do something NOW! We do not have time to waste this is why CABIRI, is reporting to all America, so everyone can start taking action to protect their precious families and assets. America needs leaders to stand up and start helping too save America! America needs their own “Private Non-Governmental Defense Team” to battle what’s coming and figure out a game plan to stop these, “Greedy international and U.S. Government conspirators,” from taking over United States and collapsing America, leaving it’s citizens in a “Great Depression!” Or even thrown into communist camps!

Note: The “Eugenics Theory,” was put in place by “Adolph Hitler” of Germany and explains it all, and there is no time to waste, so don’t take this lightly, or you, your family, kids and grandchildren will soon suffer, it’s all to go down this year in 2014, according to many you will view in the below video’s the collapse is coming sooner than later! Please pass this on get onboard, communicate to all who matter, most importantly start preparing to save and protect your family, to what is to come in the American Economical Warfare Collapse.

Take your money out of the banks, or you will not have any, go back to the olden days, protect your assets and your personal family interests before they are stripped away from you! Pay Cash it’s FAST! Many international countries are paying cash for all of America’s economical resources and business, to fly below the U.S. Government Radar! Also their inter-country international mergers in America are horrific they are selling American businesses to other international countries like “HOT CAKES!” Leaving America even more WEAK and citizens jobless and homeless!


Glen Beck Warns Economic Implosion Coming
The Most Important Day in America in 50 Years – July 1st, 2014 – World Bank Whistleblower ***Exposes All*** (Pt.1) – The British Banking Conspiracy Part 2 – America, Israel and The Federal Reserve (9/11) – U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way) – AMerican Economic Collapse 2014 – Peter Schiff – Jesse Ventura America Economic Collapse Coming 2014 Martial Law! – AMERICA ON THE BRINK 2014 – HARVARD Economist Predicts USD COLLAPSE Will Occur 2014 – Time Running Out For AMERICA – PLANNED GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2014

– America’s Depression Looming – Home insulation scheme’s speedy rollout was ‘insane and unsafe’ Ukraine aid bill clears Senate hurdle after Republicans drop resistance to IMF loans

Lawmaker Accuses GM of “Criminally Deceiving” the Gov’t – Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries, cuts bonuses across the board

Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries, cuts bonuses across the board

Politicians add fuel to the firestorm over Gilead’s hep C drug pricing

The top 10 pharma companies by 2013 revenue

Humira –

Cost watchdogs demand efficacy data on new Bayer CANCER DRUGS

With Big 5, Bayer aims for 8% annual pharma growth through 2016
Aiming for big growth in top 5 meds, Bayer will stake an extra $600M on marketing, R&D
New drugs in hand, Bayer’s pharma sales leap ahead
With a sweetened $2.9B bid, Bayer nabs its Xofigo partner, Algeta

AbbVie CEO’s pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff’s first solo year

AbbVie CEO’s pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff’s first solo year – FiercePharma – BE AWARE CONNECTED TO INERNATIONAL BIG PHARMA CULPRITS!!!!

In latest marketing-reform move, GSK recruits in-house doctors to speak for products –

Gilead’s hot-selling Sovaldi draws more patent attacks – – INTERNATIONALLY OWNED!

Sanofi reportedly jumps into $12B race for Merck’s consumer unit

UPDATED: J&J releases more Doxil, its popular cancer med that has been dogged by supply issues

UPDATED: J&J releases more Doxil, its popular CANCER med that has been dogged by supply issues – FiercePharma

Toothpaste factory line or F1 racetrack? McLaren revs up Glaxo’s production –

Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker

Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker – FiercePharma – AMERICAN’S TAX PAYING DOLLARS GOING INTERNATIONAL!!


ALEC THE REPUBLICAN (RLC) – Re – Posting Info. Disappeared from Posts

ALEC vs. Republican

Many United States citizens are unaware of the American Legislative Exchange Council,
the organization has distinctive ties between top International business owners and the Republican party members of the United States. The business ties between the two run deep into the United States governmental legislative system allowing top international corporate and non-profit business leaders to write and discuss model bills and laws to benefit their top private businesses and foundations impacting every “American State,” in the United States. Alec is a 501(c) organization formed in 1975, who actively tries to keep its memberships, activities, and communications very private! Information discussed and proposed is only for private undisclosed members who agree with Alec’s private illicit practices who do not mind harming other human beings. Why is this organization keeping to themselves, is there a hidden agenda behind their private schemes? Why is there a need for such privacy? Do the American people not deserve the right to know what bills are being changed in America by these international and republican top business leaders controlling many of America’s economical resources?

Alec is funded by top international and American corporations located in America and abroad. Every American should answer the following question, How is it legal for a Non-American international citizens to have any part in rewriting state laws for American citizens of AMERICA. When did these international citizens become part of American history passed down from American Forefathers. Would it be acceptable for a American to go over to a foreign country on a work-visa, join that countries legislative and governmental organizations and start rewriting bills for their country people, with no prior knowledge of their countries value’s, culture and previous laws put in place by their countries prior Forefathers? Realistically speaking, there is no way an American business professional or normal citizen can go over to another country and own a business, let alone join a legislative organization or governmental entity, and start changing that countries laws passed down from their forefathers. How is this acceptable in America? Do other countries really understand American values and cultures based on American History? Do these internationalist understand the struggles American citizens had to endure in the Great Depression and many American wars?

Another point to be questioned, Why was it a requirement for American children in the 80’s and 90’s to pass Government Economics and American History in order to graduate from High School? This is very contradictory to American citizens who attended High School in the 80’s and 90’s. Why were these American students forced to take these courses when the same standards do not apply to American international business leaders a decade later? Were these courses a waste of time for many American children back in the 80’s and 90’s. Why do these new international American business leaders get a “Free Pass,” to bypass American History and Government Economics? Do other international country citizens know the actual true history of America, whom are coming to America from their homelands, not having a clue about America history? This is not fair too the American People of America! Consumer Rights, Privatizing Government Services, and Pushing “Free” Trade
Alec’s legislative bills aren’t being formed for the well-being of the American people, in fact the top corporate businesses are violating many American governmental laws by limiting workers rights, consumer protection, infiltration of American Wall Street, to benefit their own personal agenda’s for their countries and top businesses in America and abroad. These international American business predators are currently funneling American tax dollars out of the country by secretively using their for-profit, private businesses and foundations, leaving Billions of American citizens in a economic nightmare due to their private Free Trade conspiracy’s which benefits their country and their country people. Disturbingly, their corrupt activities are approved by many American Republican’s working with these international countries hand in hand affecting many human lives.

Below is a listing of Alec’s organizational structure where many will see the correlation between international business owners and many republican party members. These international corporate conspirators are using their private STATE businesses and foundations as a back door to violate many human rights of all American people. American’s should be aware, who is giving these temporary new international Non-American citizens the right to change state and governmental laws for the American people on the state and senate level. None of these corrupt activities would or could never happen in any other foreign country, so why is it okay for this too occur in America? Is America too friendly to internationalists who only have hidden agenda’s to harm America and the American people? This may be the reason why China put up the Great Wall to prevent things such as this from happening in their country by foreign conspirators?

Read Below Organization Information:
Listing of known state’s involved with ALEC
Alabama, Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas, California, Colorado, Connecticut, Delaware,
Florida, Georgia, Hawaii, Idaho, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine, Maryland, Massachusetts, Michigan, Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, Montana, Nebraska, Nevada, New Hampshire, New Jersey, New Mexico, New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Oregon, Pennsylvania, Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee, Texas, Utah, Vermont, Virginia, Washington, West Virginia, Wisconsin, and Wyoming

Alec’s Board of scholar Members
The ALEC Board of Scholars is composed of the following:
Arthur Laffer, founder and chairman of Laffer Associates, an economic research and consulting firm
Stephen Moore, senior economics writer and editorial board member, The Wall Street Journal
Victor Schwartz, partner in the Washington office of the Kansas City-based law firm Shook, Hardy & Bacon, LLP, and chair of its Public Policy Group.
Richard Vedder, is a Distinguished Professor of Economics at Ohio University in Athens, Ohio
Bob Williams, founder and senior fellow of the Evergreen Freedom Foundation, a public policy organization in Olympia, Washington.

Known Board of directors
The ALEC board of directors is composed of the following
2013 ALEC National Chair
State Rep. John Piscopo – Republican – Connecticut

First Vice Chair
State Rep. Linda Upmeyer – Republican – Iowa

Second Vice Chair
State Rep. Phil King – Republican – Texas

State Sen. Leah Vukmir – Republican – Wisconsin

State Rep. Liston Barfield – Republican – South Carolina

Chairs Emeritus
State Rep. Harold Brubaker – Republican – North Carolina

State Rep. Tom Craddick – Republican – Texas

State Rep. Noble Ellington – Republican – Louisiana

State Sen. Steve Faris – Democratic – Arkansas

State Rep. Bobby Hogue – Democratic – Arkansas

State Sen. Owen Johnson – Republican – New York

State Rep. Dolores Mertz – Democratic – Iowa

Immediate Past Chair
State Rep. David Frizzell – Republican – Indiana

Known Board Members:
State Sen. Gary Banz – Republican – Oklahoma

State Sen. Jim Buck – Republican – Indiana

State Sen. Bill Cadman – Republican – Colorado

State Sen. Barbara Cegavske – Republican – Nevada

State Rep. Joe Harrison – Republican – Louisiana

Speaker William J.Howell – Republican – Virginia

State Sen. Michael Lamoureux – Republican – Arkansas

State Rep. Steve McDaniel – Republican – Tennessee

Speaker Raymond Merrick – Republican – Kansas

State Rep. Tim Moffitt – Republican – North Carolina

State Sen. Wayne Neiderhauser – Republican – Utah

State Sen. Bill Seitz – Republican – Ohio

State Rep. Blair Thoreson – Republican – North Dakota

Speaker Thom Tillis – Republican – North Carolina

State Rep. Curry Todd – Republican – Tennessee

State Sen. Susan Wagle – Republican – Kansas

Private enterprise board
ALEC private enterprise board is composed of the following known corporate leaders

Tobacco – Active Members
Preston Baldwin – Centerpoint360 – Chairman – Tobacco lobbyist – Active

David Powers – Reynolds American – Treasurer – Tobacco – Active

Daniel Smith – Altria – Board Member – Tobacco – Active

Pharmaceutical – Active Members

Sandra Oliver – Bayer AG (International) – Vice Chairman – Pharmaceutical

John Del Gorno – GlaxoSmithKline (International) – Vice Chairman – Pharmaceutical

Jeffrey Bond – PhRMA -(International) Board Member – Pharmaceutical

Robert Jones – Pfizer Inc. – (International) Board Member – Pharmaceutical

Energy – Oil – Water Active Members

Lisa A. Sano Blocker – Energy Future Holdings – Board Member – Energy/Oil

Kelly Mader – Peabody Energy – Board Member – Energy/Oil

Randy Smith – ExxonMobil – Board Member – Energy/Oil

Russell Smoldon – Salt River Project – Board Member – Energy/Water

Bail Bonds Active Board Members

Jerry Watson – Chairman Emeritus – Bail Bonds – Emeritus

William Carmichael – American Bail Coalition

Additional Board Members

Kenneth Lane – Diageo – Alcoholic Beverages

Bill Leahy – AT&T – Telecommunications

Pat Thomas – Telecommunications – Shipping

Roland Spies – State Farm Insurance – Insurance

Active Lobbyist This group lobby’s for all the above business sectors and companies to benefit their private hidden agendas
Mike Morgon – Koch Companies Public Sector,LLC

State Chairmen
ALEC chairmen from state legislatures
Alabama – Mary Sue McClurkin – Republican
Arizona – Debbie Lesko Republican Montana – Gary MacLaren R
Arkansas – Linda Collins-Smith Republican Montana – Scott Reichner R
Arkansas – Michael Lamoureux Republican Nebraska – Jim Smith – R
California – Joel Anderson – Republican Nevada – Barbara Cegavske – R
Colorado – Bill Cadman Republican New Hampshire – Gary L. Daniel R
Colorado – B.J. Nikkel Republican New Hampshire – Jordan G. Ulery
Connecticut – Debra Lee Hovey – Republican New Jersey – Steve Oroho R
Connecticut – Kevin D. Witkos – Republican New Jersey – Jay Webber R
Delaware – (Not Known) Republican New Mexico – Paul C. Bandy R
Florida – Jimmy Patronis Republican New Mexico – William Payne R
Georgia – Calvin Hill, Jr. Republican New York – Owen H. Johnson R
Georgia – Chip Rogers Republican North Carolina – Fred F. Steen II R
Hawaii – Gene Ward Republican North Dakota – Alan H. Carlson R
Idaho – Patti Anne Lodge Republican Ohio – John Adams R
Illinois – Kirk Dillard Republican Oklahoma – Gary Banz R
Illinois – Renée Kosel Republican Oklahoma – Cliff Aldridge R
Indiana – Jim Buck Republican Oregon – Gene Whisnant R
Indiana – David Wolkins Republican Pennsylvania – Brian L. Ellis
Iowa – Linda J. Miller Republican Rhode Island – Francis T. Maher, Jr. R
Kansas – Raymond Merrick – Republican Rhode Island – Jon Brien D
Kentucky – Tom Buford Republican South Carolina – Liston Barfield R
Kentucky – Mike Harmon Republican South Carolina – Thomas Alexander – R
Louisiana – Joe Harrison Republican South Dakota – Valentine B. Rausch –
Maine – Richard Rosen Republican Tennessee – Curry Todd R
Maryland – Michael Hough Republican Texas – Jim Jackson R
Maryland – Christopher Shank – Republican Texas – Kel Seliger R
Massachusetts – Nicholas Boldyga – Republican Utah – Wayne L.Niederhauser R
Massachusetts – Harriet Stanley – Democratic Utah – Curtis S. Bramble R
Michigan – Tonya Schuitmaker – Republican Utah – Chris Herrod R
Minnesota – Mary Kiffmeyer Republican Vermont – Kevin J. Mullin R
Mississippi – Jim Ellington Republican Virginia – John A. Cosgrove Jr. – R
Missouri – Tim Jones & Jason Smith Republican Washington – Jan Angel & Don Benton R
(West Virginia) Eric Householder Republican (Wisconsin) Scott Suder & Robin J. Vos (Wyoming)R Peter S. Illoway Republican

As you can see above, the Republican’s have control over the majority of states in the United States – Could this be a Sabotage move towards the American people, Democrat’s and Obama’s Presidency. Are all these state republican’s and their new international board members creating turmoil all across America, for their personal hidden agenda reasons they are not letting be known? Many of the republicans and internationalist have corporate, private businesses and foundations, by which all have attached subsidiary companies in every major economical industry. This could represent legislative power control on the state side by many republicans and their new top American foreign business leaders. The puzzle spelled out in this article should be visible to all Americans, of what’s really happening on the state side of the economy. Republicans and their international friends have much too do with the current American poverty and economic dilemma’s, which has spread throughout America.

Continue reading below for additional Alec organization information:

Task force members
ALEC presently has 9 task forces to “commission research, publish papers, convene workshops, issue alerts, and serve as clearinghouses of information on free market policies in the states.” Each task force is co-chaired by one state legislator (termed “public”) and one corporate representative(termed “private”), but Private Co-Chairs have veto power over final decisions of their task force. The primary goal of these task forces is to develop model policies for the country. “The main agenda for the Task Forces is ALEC’s model legislation. To date, ALEC has considered, written, and approved hundreds of model bills, resolutions, and policy statements to benefit their personal private hidden agenda’s.

Please view below:

Civil Justice
Lance Kinzer R, Kansas representative
Victor Schwartz representing Shook, Hardy & Bacon

Commerce, Insurance, and Economic Development
Dawn Pettengill R, Iowa representative
Emory Wilkerson representing State Farm Insurance

Communications and Technology
Blair Thoreson R, North Dakota representative
Bartlett Cleland representing the Institute for Policy Innovation

Greg Forristall, R, Iowa representative
Jonathan Butcher representing Goldwater Institute

Energy, Environment, and Agriculture
Thomas Lockhart, R, Wyoming representative
Paul Loeffelman representing American Electric Power

Health and Human Services
Judson Hill, R, Georgia senator
Marianne Eterno representing Guarantee Trust Life Insurance Company

International Relations
Tim Moffitt, R, North Carolina representative
Brandie Davis representing Philip Morris International

International Delegates
MEP Richard Ashworth, United Kingdom
Senator Cory Bernardi, Australia
MEP Adam Bielan, Poland
MEP Martin Callanan, United Kingdom
MEP Philip Claeys, Belgium
MP David Darchiashvili, Georgia
MEP Niranjan Deva, United Kingdom
MEP Christofer Fjellner, Sweden
MEP Daniel Hannan, United Kingdom
MP Chris Heaton-Harris, United Kingdom
MEP Roger Helmer, United Kingdom
Assemblywoman Ayesha Javed, Pakistan
MEP Syed Kamall, United Kingdom
MEP Michal Kaminski, Poland
MEP Miroslaw Piotrowski, Poland
MEP Ivo Strejcek, Czech Republic
MEP Robert Sturdy, United Kingdom
MEP Konrad Szymanski, Poland
Christopher B. Shank, R, Maryland senator

Stacie Rumenap representing Stop Child Predators

Tax and Fiscal Policy
Ken Weyler, R, New Hampshire representative
Amanda Klump representing – Altria

Known Contributing Authors
Dr. Matthew Ladner, Nevada Policy Research Institute
Dan Lips, Goldwater Institute
Dr. Vicki E. (Murray) Alger, Vicki Murray & Associates LLC

Known Participating Corporate Members
Altria (formerly known as Philip Morris)
America Online (AOL)
American Bail Coalition
American Bankers Association
American Council of Life Insurers
American Council of Trustees and Alumni
American Insurance Association
American Legal Financial Association
American Petroleum Institute
American Principles Project
American Tort Reform Association
Americans for Tax Reform
Association for Competitive Technology
Bayer AG
BNSF Railway
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cato Institute
Center for Competitive Politics
Center for Digital Media Freedom
Charter Communications
Citizens In Charge Foundation
Civil Justice Reform Group
Community Financial Services Association
Corrections Corporation of America
Coventry Health Care
Crown Cork and Seal Company
CTIA – The Wireless Association
DCI Group
Dow Chemical
Eli Lilly
Entertainment Software Association
Express Scripts
Fadem & Associates
Farmer’s Insurance
Federalist Society
Foundation for Excellence in Education
Free State Foundation
Geo Group (formerly known as Wackenhut)
Georgia Pacific
Heartland Institute
Higher Education Research/Policy Center
Illinois Policy Institute
Imagine Learning
Institute for Justice
Institute for Legal Reform
Institute for Policy Innovation
International Franchise Association
James Madison Institute
Justice Fellowship
Kansas City Power and Light
Koch Industries
Lawyers for Civil Justice
Macquarie Capital
Management and Training Corporation
McLeod County Farmers Union
MV VeriSol
National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies
National Association of Water Companies
National Beer Wholesalers Association
National Cable and Telecommunications Association
National Coalition for Safer Roads
National Federation of Independent Business
National Pawnbrokers Association
National Popular Vote
National Rifle Association
News Corporation (parent company of Twentieth Century Fox, Wall Street Journal and Fox News)
Orchid Cellmark
Pacific Research Institute
Pickle Consulting Group
Pioneer Institute
Price Waterhouse Coopers
Progress and Freedom Foundation
Property Casualty Insurers
Reason Foundation
Reckitt Benckiser Pharmaceuticals
Sanofi Aventis
Satellite Broadcasting and Communications Association
Schering Plough 1 of many Subsidiaries (IG Farben of Germany)
Serlin Hale
Sprint Nextel
State Farm Insurance
State Policy Network

Stop Child Predators
Taser International
Thomson Reuters
Time Warner
United Health
United Parcel Service
US Chamber of Commerce
Wine Institute
Wireless Generation
Wise Carter Child & Caraway
Xcel Energy

Former known corporate members
American Traffic Solutions resigned April 13, 2012
Arizona Public Service Company
Best Buy
Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation ?????
Blue Cross Blue Shield
Cargill is listed as a member in 1998,but now denies ever having been a member
CVS Caremark
Enron (went bankrupt in 2001, see Enron scandal)[
General Motors
John Deere
Johnson & Johnson
Kaplan, Inc.
Kraft Foods
Louis Dreyfus Group
Lumina Foundation for Education
National Association of Charter School Authorizers
National Board for Professional Teaching Standards
Procter & Gamble
Reed Elsevier
TicketMaster was a member as late as 2000, but now denies membership and is threatening legal action for being associated as a member
Walmart suspended membership May 31, 2012

CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations will continue to monitor business activities of all Businesses in the United States and abroad, including there private and subsidiary companies located in America and abroad, that are not being acknowledged to the American people, hiding pertinent business information that effects and harms humanity. Many of these businesses are run and driven by political hidden agenda’s and GREED, as you read above mostly by the republican party and International conspirators, fixing the American system to benefit other countries and their own private businesses. These political mobsters have currently driven America into a economical warfare mess, that needs immediately addressed for the safety of America and many American families and other global countries impacted by their dangerous shenanigans! Power does not give you the right to control other human beings lives, everyone is put on earth to help one another not harm!

Now review the legislative members of ALEC below:
Legislative members
John Adams R, Ohio House of Representatives
Danny Bubp R, Ohio House of Representatives
Ron Amstutz R, Ohio House of Representatives
Steve Austria R, U.S. House of Representatives
Peter Beck R, Ohio House of Representatives
Louis Blessing R, Ohio House of Representatives
John Boehner R, Speaker of the United States House of Representatives
William Coley R, Ohio House of Representatives
Tim Derickson R, Ohio House of Representatives
Bob Gibbs R, U.S. House of Representatives

Matt Huffman R, Ohio House of Representatives
Jim Jordan R, U.S. House of Representatives
John Kasich R, Governor
Casey Kozlowski R, Ohio House of Representatives
Frank LaRose R, Ohio Senate
Robert Latta R, U.S. House of Representatives
Ronald Maag R, Ohio House of Representatives
Jarrod Martin R, Ohio House of Representatives
Seth Morgan R, formerly Ohio House of Representatives, appointed to Ohio Retirement Study Council by Governor John Kasich
Jean Schmidt R, U.S. House of Representatives
Barbara Sears R, Ohio House of Representatives
Bill Seitz R, Ohio Senate
Steve Stivers R, U.S. House of Representatives
Andrew Thompson R, Ohio House of Representatives
Pat Tiberi R, U.S. House of Representatives
Joe Uecker R, Ohio House of Representatives
Lynn Wachtmann R, Ohio House of Representatives

Now everyone has viewed the above, ask yourself is this type of activity fair to the American people. American citizens should do research on past presidents Franklin D. Roosevelt and Eisenhower who were trying alert American’s decades ago this day and age would come! Also please take heed too the international citizens coming into America via Canadian borders Waterways and private jets bringing many of their friends, families, and their workers who are purchasing American businesses and homes at excessive rates out bidding many American citizens. Leaving America and its citizens weak and vulnerable. The America government has to truly find out how many international citizens are living in America LEGALLY! Who can prove they are a actual American citizen and not in the United States with only a Temporarily Work

CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry and Investigations
This article was written for the American people of America to protect our homeland!

Please support CABIRI in our efforts to report critical business news for America!
Any organization, Investor or donations are appreciated in joining our Team in our fight to protect America from corruption and business greed! There is much more Unknown Cabiri
will report!

Mis-Treatment of United States Veterans

Many veterans of today are experiencing mental, physical and life altering social ailments due to war, and traveling abroad into foreign territories. Upon returning to the United States these veterans have experienced and seen things they’ve never thought of enduring their entire lives. Sure, they signed up for the U.S. Military, which means they care for their country and are willing to risk their lives too protect the United States. Does this give the U.S. military, veterans hospitals, or society a reason to mistreat them for protecting America? If it wasn’t for many of these brave veterans numerous Americans and their families may not be alive today, if these veterans did not stand up and protect their homeland country for many years!

American veterans are returning home only to be faced with more disparity and confusion. Many of them have a very hard time re-adapting back into society, difficulties interacting with their families, jobs, eating and sleeping habits, re-adapting back into American society living environments, and getting used to new economical resources that were not present when serving abroad.

America becomes somewhat of a foreign country to these men and women. Some of their health conditions may not be visible to a regular citizen and some try and hide it very well, although many veterans have psychological dilemma’s or (flash backs), from being in a military environment for a long period of time. While active veterans try to stay alive and protect one another so everyone can get home too their families, and try and live normal lives. Which is becoming incomprehensible for many veterans, who are having a hard time re-adapting into society, and have no where to turn for additional help due to the lack of medical care and follow-up treatments available to them.

Research shows many veterans are having trouble with loneliness, emotionally distraught, nervousness, depression, homeless, alcoholism, drug addiction, internal diseases from foreign toxins and many other medical ailments. Many medications are prescribed by veteran doctors too keep many veterans semi-functional in society. This is a ticking time bomb waiting to happen, a mind, body and soul that’s been military reprogrammed and now heavily medicated in American civilization. American Veterans basically have to re-learn how to become a non-war, non foreign country, American citizen, which for many is a very difficult task.

America has to do better in helping veterans, these men and women have protected your life and many of your children lives. Why are they being treated as a burden to American society? Many veterans are mistreated in and out of the military, why would any human being with a real heart not want to take care of these men and women. It’s like the saying goes, Don’t bite the hand that feeds you! Every veteran has fed many families by protecting America from any harm, so many families could continue too eat and live the America Dream!

Many veterans are not getting proper medical treatment required. A reported instance in Ozark, Alabama where veterans are being forced to travel 45min to 2hrs. away just to receive proper medical treatments, medications and checkups, due to doctors at Fort Rucker Va. Hospital resigning, or finding other suitable employment less stressful elsewhere. Prior and new doctors, and nurses could not handle the excessive overflow of veteran patients in the area. Phone calls to the clinic are answered by a automated phone system, and no calls are being returned to many veteran patients needing immediate medication or medical assistance. This is unacceptable in this day and age, what are these veterans to do for immediate care, are their lives not important enough?

What are the elderly veterans to do if unable to drive? Many veterans have no family or have been displaced from their family members and can not drive long distances. This is no way for American society to treat these men and women who’ve fought to protect America. Every veteran should have the best medical care possible, along with any other thing that helps them recover and adapt back into American society, being able to lead comfortable lives for standing up for America which they thought was the right thing to do for all American people. Many American’s could never fathom being in a military environment for a extended period of time, let alone live and survive in a unknown country where nothing is the same as in America, realize every country is made to be uniquely different.

America let’s start showing more appreciation towards veterans whom all deserve complimentary awards from the American society for being brave souls, and protecting their homeland and saving many families from danger. It’s important too help return the favor and protect all veterans benefits and ensure proper extended medical treatment for new and old veterans who’ve protected many American families.

Consumer Advocacy Businesses Industry Research and Investigations
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United States International Economic Warfare – Who’s Really In Control America?

                          United States International Economic Warfare – Who’s Really In Control America?

American Citizen’s Please Read; Which International Corporations Are Supplying Your Family With Vital Economical Products Impacting Every American Household! America it’s “Very Imperative,” Every American Household Purchases My Book, If You Care Anything About Your American Children or Grandchildren Or The Next Generations To Come! Please visit my website for more details!

West Palm Beach, FL, November 04, 2013

“New Age” International-United States Pharmaceutical World

The United States of America has become a “Diversified Cultural Country. In this “New Wake,” American Citizens and the U.S. Government have failed to realize, what this actually means for the American People and Their Precious Families. “Wake up America it’s called, Economic Warfare!” Very Important Vital Economic Resources, Businesses, Money, Jobs are being swept away from our Country Very SWIFTLY and QUICKLY!

Being a prior “Corporate Business Professional,” and Business Owner, I’ve never imagined going from a Healthy “Go-Getter,” To a Medical Mess losing everything and everyone around me due too severe Life-Threatening Side Effects from a Faulty Drug. “With that said,” My career has changed to Consumer Advocacy to help, “Protect and Educate American families.” In my book the American public will read the “Real Truth and Facts,” Behind our “New International Corporations,” doing business within the United State’s who are currently impacting, “American Family’s Lives”!

AMERICA! Obama care is the least of United States problems! There’s bigger Fish swimming in the American sea; American Citizen should be very frightened! You’ll read in my first Rookie Book, “New Age International-United States Pharmaceutical World,” That your U.S. Government isn’t concerned with the Health, Safety or Well-Being of the American People!

Please Answer The Following Question: What International country do you Personally know, would permit any American Business Professional to move Into there country and allow them to open several large corporations, then let The American corporation Lay-Off the majority of their countries employees, In return recruit United States employee’s on work visa’s to work at the New American Owned Corporation? More details inside my book, Americans start paying attention things are happening in your country!

“America,” Ask your Government Officials, FDA, NIH and other Major American Health Agencies; Who’s Really In Control, of Americans Vital Economical Good’s? After reading my disturbing book you’ll find “NOT THE UNITED STATES!”

Read why there’s a huge problem; within our Country besides America’s Pharmaceutical Industry. Every American Family is Currently at risk!

Please read attached Article’s For Fact’s and Proof America has some severe economical issue’s!

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Hackers & Spy’s Targeting Advocacy Groups


      Consumer advocates are being targeted by hackers and spy’s. Big brother is monitoring anyone who is getting too close to the truth, these hackers or conspirators are trying to prevent the real truth from being reported too the American Citizens for their own personal protection, health, safety and well-being. Instead they rather hack into the company’s network to shut down the company’s business operations, isn’t this a form of identity theft and confidential information?

   Why do these evil culprits not want to save lives, why would they hack or pop up on your Web cam to see who you are? Why are freedom of speech professionals being targeted? Information is reported pertaining to vital business and economical health knowledge that can and will impact American lives. Citizens deserve to be alerted about what is truly happening in their country and abroad. 

    Hackers or evil predators do not have the right to target such businesses or cause conflict with reporting crucial business knowledge too protect and save human lives. Every human being deserves the right to know if their lives are being put in jeopardy. So why would a hacker not want controversial business news reported whether it’s Health, Business, or Politically related in or out of America. The truth is the truth, human beings should know who’s impacting their lives and their families lives. If your life is in the hands of specific individuals,corporations, government entities, wouldn’t you like to know what decisions are being proposed for you and your families health, safety and well-being?

   By affecting these types of humanitarian businesses and entrepreneurs this is a crime against freedom of speech and  humanity! The business has every right to report corruption and controversial news too the American public via social media or any other form. Reporting is not to cause conflict, information is reported for educational business knowledge for American or international protection against corrupt business predators and individuals who have hidden corrupt agenda’s, impacting precious human lives. America is based upon freedom of speech and no one is in control over another human beings life or destiny. Anyone’s job profession does not give them the right to believe they are of higher power, and can control or harm human lives. A job is just that a job, not a right to control human beings!

 Greed, corruption and conspiracies are curtailing all around the world, the true predators will have to face facts and explain their corrupted acts against humanity, karma eventually comes around, so hacking does not prevent the truth from being known. There are many other forms to communicate illicit business practices and corrupt news information. The real truth is being reported by other human beings who happen to care about saving and protecting human lives, along with helping the world become a better place for all human beings. Consumer Advocates or controversial reporters are in no way form or fashion harming anyone by reporting true hidden facts.

 Please tell your fellow hackers and corrupt spy’s, no matter what the truth always comes out in the end and what is done privately behind closed doors eventually comes to light. So there is no sense in trying to defeat the media, press, journalist, book authors, humanitarian entrepreneurs or any other business professionals who report corrupt controversial news or who may not agree with  specific government entities. This is America, where human beings have a right TOO “FREEDOM OF SPEECH,” whether good, bad or ugly! 

   Below is a article about Aaron Swartz a young gentlemen who took his own

  life while trying to make a difference in the world.

 On, Doctorow added: “It takes a tremendous human spirit to look at the failures of the institutions around us – from the breakdown of governmental checks and balances to its war on whistleblowers to the tremendous corporate influence on crafting anti-user policies – and not despair. Aaron taught us that we must not.

“He’s inspired people to take up big challenges not out of reckless optimism, but because he believed that if we can see the change we want in the world, we are powerful enough to make it happen. From Lawrence Lessig marching across New Hampshire to address corruption in politics, to public interest groups banding together for a day of action against NSA spying, that legacy lives on.” “In America”

 CABIRI – Network has been hacked on 3 separate occasions recent date of 1/8/2014, and observed via webcam on 2 separate occasions! Why are hackers trying to prevent the truth from being reported are they part of the true conspiracies happening in America?



Consumer Business Research and Investigations



The New Year has rang in, everyone has made there resolutions for 2014! Its now time to get down to business in hand and help start re-building America, the fact still remains United States has a serious Economical Warfare quietly being pursued against the United States as every citizen goes along with their daily lives.

Disparity, homelessness, unemployment, vital daily economical resources, American inequality vs. International equality, and high health care cost (which are driven by top pharmaceutical/biotech international corporations who sponsor Interpol),who are impacting many American lives. This is a major problem for all United States citizens and their families whom depend on these type’s of agencies for their health, safety and well-being.

So along with the international run U.S. businesses that are severely impacting American lives, several sources have reported China will eventually, take over the United States.

Answer the below questions:

What does this mean for every American Born Citizen? What does this mean for the next American generation many of your children?

What does this mean for each city in the United States?

Will America’s History change to benefit the liking’s of another international country, instead of the original American forefathers?

How would a new international country treat American Citizens and their children, if they took control of America?

What would American families tell their children, why America is not America anymore and now is a communist country under dictatorship?

The above questions should make every American citizen re-think many things concerning the protection of America and the next American generations, which are your children, nieces, nephews? The next generation is supposed to carry on the American Dream for many more decades to come, how Is this possible if America is being controlled by another country? America’s rules will change, the American Constitution and the Bill of rights may become Obsolete, and every America citizens will have to abide by new implemented rules, of dictatorship type of leadership, now controlling America and its citizens.

It’s very important for every American citizen to join together and start re-building America for the protection off the next American generations. I’m sure many of Americans wouldn’t take too kindly, if they or their children were controlled by another international country telling them what to do. Let’s not forget to mention Americans seem to forget about all the hard work past Forefathers and War Veterans put into building America, did they do this in vein Only for the country to eventually be controlled by another international country, decades later?

Many American’s would not be in the positions their in today if they didn’t have the prior American Forefathers or War Veterans who protected America Soil! Not against the American people, foreign predators!

Many past Presidents such as Franklin D. Roosevelt and Dwight D. Eisenhower, warned America a time would come where United States would become a policed Run country under dictatorship. Decades have now past since their presidency and their exact same frightening words are currently occurring discreetly in America. American’s have to open their eyes to the facts, about what America is currently being faced with and everyone must stand up, team up, and pair up to keep America an American Country!

Every American citizen can do their part in protecting American soil; your children’s future depends on you. Start standing up for America and one day very soon the culprit’s will have to justify why they’ve waged an economical war on the American population, and other global countries affecting many human lives for the past decade. Just as Snowden, it will be a process bringing the culprits to justice since they’ve brilliantly infiltrated American society, judicial, and governmental offices using Money, conspiracy, fraud and espionage.

America, please understand many laws are changing to benefit another country Not America! Currently there is an increased governmental expansion, which relates to U.S. Corporations which many are international run! The current economical warfare debacle resembles putting a huge puzzle together piece by piece, and once it’s done it reveals a picture, in America’s case the puzzle has revealed a Frightening, deadly, disastrous nightmare for United States and its citizens!

Please stand up and make a difference for your country in 2014, show the next generation you care about them staying a true American, helping keep America, a country for The American people for many more decades to come! America please view all news reports, and CABIRI news reports, there are many organizations, and individuals, and Book authors who have caught on to what’s occurring and now trying to alert American Citizens, there is a huge problem in American and it must get fixed! The new Mayor of New York DiBlasio, is on the right track in standing up for his city and country, although be aware the culprits are right next door living silently in New Jersey where many of them originally set up shop decades ago to start their chain of events to take over America!

Let’s Get Going – Protect America!

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                                                                  HlN1 – FLU PANDEMIC CULPRITS 

CABIRI, Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations decided to release some very important unknown business information and facts for all American citizens pertaining to the current H1N1 Pandemic that has spread all across the United States and affected thousands of families. Please do not get a Flu Shot America, it’s very deadly and toxic! Do what you can to fight the illness, try home remedies anything you can to fight it off naturally!  

  The upsetting factor about the H1N1 aka Swine Flu, is the severity of illnesses it has caused too the American population. Many American citizens may not know were the pandemic derived from or it’s original owners. H1N1 is not just floating out in the air, yes people catch the flu never a pandemic. The Virus was approved into the American population, by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2009, once the good ole U.S. FDA approved the strain in 2009 a worldwide flu pandemic broke out with H1N1 virus. Currently in 2013 the CDC are claiming the swine flu, known as H1N1 is spreading widely throughout the United States in many states. How did this H1N1 get exposed to so many American Citizens?                                 

 The history is repeating itself, the same thing occurred when the FDA approved the flu virus in 2009 causing over 12,ooo American deaths, now its mysteriously back with a vengeance to annihilate American families. In 2009 the strain was predominately found in children and the elderly, now years have progressed and the drug has been enhanced impacting now the entire America population with the H1N1 virus.

  The H1N1 strain originated in Germany! One could say the H1N1 was put into the American population to infect as many as people as possible, causing deaths in men, women, children! You may catch on to the entire debacle by reading further. H1N1 originated from AstraZeneca, which was one of the world’s seventh-largest pharmaceutical company’s, measured by 2009 prescription drug sales. AstraZeneca plc. Drug Pipeline consists of; major diseases, cancer, cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Infection, Neuroscience, Respiratory, Inflammation, and Anti-viral therapies.

  AstraZeneca originated in 1999 through an acquisition, between a Swedish based company by the name of Astra AB. based out of Switzerland formed in the early 1900’s, they joined a UK based British company by the name of Zeneca Group plc who also dates back to the early 1900’s., Zeneca was a spin off from a prior British chemical company, a manufacturing company which was known for being a British Empire. The company produced paints, specialty products (foods, polymers, electronic materials, fragrances and flavors, microbial produced biodegradable plastic called Biopol a GM bacterium that converted glucose and paints, synthetic fibers, polyesters, nylons and lastly explosives.  

 The two companies now one (German-British) are prominent top pharmaceutical companies in the United States supplying American families with medications dating back to the 1900’s that consist of chemicals and many other alarming products you read above. Some of their lawsuits consist of; antipsychotic drug, Seroquel, which was known to cause people to develop diabetes and caused 36 illnesses and one death, the company was sued for their fraudulent marketing and promotional practices for the drug, defrauding the U.S. Medicaid, Medicare and other health systems, Claims were made against AstraZeneca for promoting Seroquel’s use in children and adolescents long before establishing it was safe or effective for any use in the population,  severe side-effects and many human guinea pigs were used globally to test many of their tainted products some by they way fell severely ill and died.

 AstraZeneca merged and became a German owned corporation at some point; several other claims had surfaced, Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and a lecturer in social medicine at the Harvard Medical School, alleged in Stern, a German-language weekly newsmagazine, that AstraZeneca’s scientists had doctored their research on the drug efficiency. They also bribed doctors to promote their drugs for kickbacks, sexual harassment, claims of working with the KGB, and the producers of HPV Human Papilla Virus, also rampant in the United States, let’s not forget the recent Nexium lawsuit. There is much more to be told, the plot thickens! If interested please contact CABIRI for additional information!

 Were going to move on to the next culprit of the HlN1 virus, Glaxo Smith Kline also a German based corporation headquartered in Germany. GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company. GSK involvement consists of; getting the good ole U.S. FDA approval for their H1N1 virus in 2009; (manufactured by GSK’s ID Biomedical Corp. subsidiary), they joined four other influenza vaccines approved in 2009. (Both AstraZeneca & GSK approved for the same H1N1 drug in the same year?) GSK deceptive practices consisted of sponsoring at least four medical trials using Hispanic and black children in New York Incarnation Children’s Center without prior parental authorization, in 2006 GSK and US Army military was criticized for Hepatitis-E vaccine experiments on 2000 soldiers conducted in 2003, in 2012 Argentina fined GSK for experimenting with human beings” and “falsifying parental authorization” during vaccine trials on 15000 children which 14 children died. Glaxo Smith Kline has numerous other claims that have been made against them impacting all American lives.

 CABIRI, Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations strongly feels this type of pertinent information should be communicated to the American public! Many American families would think twice about what medications they are putting into their bodies, and especially their innocent children bodies. Medication can alter a human life in a matter of minutes, days, weeks, months or years!  Just think of how many children on medications in the United States, currently being used as human guinea pigs for a top pharmaceutical company testing out their new products, by doing human clinical trials on healthy adults and children and the poor parents have no clue?

The sad part is doctors are prescribing the drugs for bribery money and gifts, given too them by these pharmaceutical corporations, so how would one know if your not a clinical trial statistic? The doctors just want their kickback they are not going to communicate to the parents the drugs are dangerous, and still in clinical trial phase, although approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration?  This is horrific situation for all American citizens and their children, what are they to do?

 CABIRI, will be here to help protect you from these types of predators by researching and investigating every business industry in the United States, so every American will know what company’s are safe and which are not! The Client Service Negligence program will target the Service industry side to hold them accountable for negligent services. All information will be posted on line for every American citizens, Who deserve a chance to protect their children from unsafe corporations, such as the two companies above who are now responsible for a H1N1 pandemic in America!

 Please visit website for additional information and please help support CABIRI, continue to research and investigate crucial business information to the American public. CABIRI’s portfolio consists of consumer business industry research and investigation information for all American citizens, the report above is a sample of information that’s included in the business package, there’s extensive details that were not discussed, although as important. Please contact CABIRI for additional information for AstraZeneca, GSK or any other businesses you may have concerns about. CABIRI will help save many lives by keeping America informed and educated about the same businesses they trust with their families health, safety and well-being, who happen to be hurting their lives in a indiscreet way. Ask yourselves is your life and your children’s life worth a business or doctor gamble? That’s exactly what your doing when you have no idea who’s behind the scenes of a business or corporation! Image

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