International Big Pharma Business Owners

In researching the Big Pharma industry there are some very disturbing facts concerning the numerous mergers of American pharmaceutical companies with European companies, notably post war German ones as well as others, who quite possibly pose a big threat to American economics and health? The question in my mind, as well as other researchers, is how are these companies marketing their drugs? What safeguards does the American government have in place to protect its citizens? How much does big finance play in approval and marketing on American soil?

My research into the biggest pharmaceutical companies today began with their origins, their products and by-products, their questionable marketing practices, their carefully planned mergers with American companies, their financial political clout and past and present litigation’s. My research has convinced me the U.S. Government doesn’t do enough to investigate imported drugs, nor mergers nor big business drug marketing. Billions of dollars profits are made each year by these companies at the expense of the American people.

U.S. citizens deserve to know who is monitoring these corporations. They have a right to know what clinical standards are met before drugs appear on the market. Just how much scrutiny do big mergers receive when foreign pharmaceutical corporations are profiting billion of U.S. dollars from drugs channeled through U.S. companies?

The international-American corporations are utilizing money bribery and conspiracy in the United States top federal and governmental agencies paying off Scientist, Judges, Politicians and many more. They have gained trillions of U.S. American citizen dollars over the decades, taking over many of United States corporations, which ultimately will give them population control over American citizens’. My research is based upon International countries in U.S. which goes back to Soviet Union, communist and a prior company by the name of IG Farben, this company was ordered closed back in the 1900’s for war reparations, the company somehow is not open, although reports show the company continues to trade on the Germany Stock market? This company also happens to be tied to various International U.S. based German and European corporations, with planted firm wealthy roots on American soil, impacting American lives, Corporations, and Economical resources our American citizens need to survive!

Consumer Advocate For America.

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