Snowden Is Wrong! United States Has Been Spied on For Decades

Eric Snowden international links against the United States

 December 18, 2013

Centruries of Spying on  America

Just as Eric Snowden, it’s time Consumer Business Industry research and investigative report some crucial facts.  Mr. Snowden happens to be way off base, with his United States spy allegations. It happens to be, the other way around and has been for several decades since World War I & II where many countries have tried to re-gain access to U.S. markets due to previous business assets being seized in the 1900’s by prior U.S. government officials.  United States, is possibly being targeted for previous war reparation pay backs concerning U.S., bombings, deaths and Non – U.S. imprisonments.

The goal of many international countries is to take control of the United States, their Strategy has been to kill American people with kindness and money to gain trust for business relations, trust of top government officials for political reasoning’s, and infiltrate The U.S. job markets to learn and own U.S. businesses. Specific international countries based in the U.S. are accomplishing their goal, while impacting America’s government, Businesses, American lives and major vital economic resources! Just as Snowden stated the U.S. is spying, well there’s proof proving several countries have been spying on The United States as well and there’s proof of their brilliant strategies in how they’ve been able to dominate the United States and global business markets, and many Other industries they have control over. Many of them are trying to reach a Free Trade Deal with the United States, which is the worse thing U.S. could do spying will get worse!

Snowden’s new international BFF’s

Eric Snowden, may perhaps be one of the top NSA officials Russia and Germany sought out to gain United States intelligence information before the leakage, or maybe gave him a nice bonus to follow through with getting the intelligence in exchange for his current protection or maybe he was coerced into taking a bribe to leak and acquire United States intelligence information. It’s extremely strange Russia is protecting Snowden from the U.S., along with Germany, who traveled to Russia to speak directly with Snowden about the U.S. leaks, spy information, and his asylum. Could the NSA and Interpol possibly be the culprit’s behind United States current conspiracies?

The U.S. Interpol has the top United States foreign pharmaceutical companies as their sponsors, which some pharmaceutical and biotech companies happen to be top U.S. Foreign corporations based and operated, in their home countries while collaborating with their U.S. based business and subsidiaries.  

No Stopping Now

CABIRI, has been on a personal crusade for months trying to communicate findings just as Snowden, although his information is very contradictory to our research and Investigations. It’s not America Doing the Spying it’s the other way around Snowden, several foreign countries have been spying on America, for DECADES if you would of Done proper due diligence and know about American History you could have figured that out, you didn’t need a high-profile government job to figure out what you and your New BFF’s are doing here in America!  Sadly, Snowden is being used as a pawn to their Madness due to his top level NSA government position held, or they could have given Snowden a handsome financial bribe?

Sorry Snowden you fell for the trap you will be disappointed when all the true Facts come to light about the same countries you think Have your back! I’m wondering if Snowden has a new job in Russia, Who’s paying for his living expenses, like food, shelter, and clothing? Or does he Have lots of bribery Money left from his, United States intelligence leaks? Poor Snowden didn’t realize, prior decades of demons still living want revenge for past crimes and wars, not associated With today’s society. Snowden and the international business owners fail to realize American citizens will do what is necessary for their country when it comes down to America’s safety and well-being.

 Another interesting factor is why would Russia put up missiles? Is it just because, or is it due to Snowden’s information, or a guilty conscience. Well it really doesn’t matter at This point, the time has come for these countries to stop, the hidden agenda’s, corruption practices and bribery they’ve been indiscreetly pursuing the past several decades by Infiltrating and entering specific United States business markets. Snowden is not alone in his intelligence; other professionals in America have caught onto how these International countries are endangering American lives and humanity globally.  

Decades of business corruption

Many people are unaware spying and corruption has been going on for decades, many international countries do not have access or privy to the education or economical resources of America. Any Invitation or opportunity to leave their country for a better life or education they jump at the chance to live or work in the United States.These actions have become a large financial strain on the United States, and its citizens. Many Americans currently are homeless and unemployed and have no wear to go!

The American elderly, Business professionals, teen-aged children have no jobs, College graduates are unable to locate a decent job after college graduation, or they can no Longer afford their College tuition’s, all of these factors fall back onto the American baby boomer class who somehow has to pick up the slack affecting all American Households.

Furthermore, international corrupt business problems occurred in the United States long before Eric Snowden, if you know anything about American History. The problem  is, it’s all becoming publicly known sadly history may be repeating itself and the international dilemmas must be addressed once again by the United States American Government. There is something definitely suspicious about all the foreign U.S. business links, who own numerous United States businesses with governmental, community And international connections. Quietly foreign countries have partnered together for a United States Economical Alliance, although some countries may have shown some resilience their seems to be international economical business partnerships, in the UK, Europe, Germany, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, China, Israel, and Iraq. All of these countries have something to gain by residing or owning a Business in the United States, many own U.S. private companies and foundations  Where they can carry out hidden agenda’s, and conspiracies against America. Let’s not forget being in control of all their business practices, employment, assets, financial Transactions and governmental reporting.

 Many foreign companies and their counter partners have mastered the way into infiltrating all U.S. markets and winning big! Although many international countries used the American dollar and citizens over a long period of time as a huge crutch! Many Americas helped get them to their foreign countries current wealthy status. This may have Back fired on the United States now their profits and knowledge gained is being used against America and its citizens, they have too much power in our country! Why is that? Could it be political involvement to get what they want in America?

 With temporary work-visa’s, company purchases, and employment (top and low profile), internationalist have been able to gain access to many U.S. markets, which has allowed them to learn more about  American people, top government officials, agencies & programs, the United States judicial system, Health facilities, Biotech,Pharmaceutical, Law firms and many other important economical markets. 

They’ve gained entrance into many United States colleges and programs where foreign residents with no hard work or U.S. government stipulations can enter into United State’s colleges, giving them access to Gain more lucrative knowledge to become, private United States spy intelligence citizens reporting back to their base country. Its funny too see many foreign U.S. residents residing in the United States for long periods of time and can’t speak a lick of English and use their American schooled children to translate for them, even though if you visit their home country a United States citizen must learn their Language and abide by all their countries rules and regulations. Why is it so different in America, why do we bow down to foreign countries and their citizens and feel the Desire to accommodate other countries and their families; America is in debt trillions of dollars we can’t afford anymore economical burdens.

 United States Broken System

The American Dream has been violated by many foreign nationals and their greed, which has now turned the United State’s into a pool of foreign sharks, taking away from and Hurting American households. In the midst of the new current turmoil, how will the United States protect American citizens when many of these foreign nationals hold High Ranking positions in the United States political arena’s such as NSA and Interpol, which are top U.S. governmental agencies who are responsible for protecting American Citizens from foreign predators.

 The system of the United States is truly broken, along with the trust of the American citizens’ protection, health and well-being. Does the U.S. government really know how Many internationalists are currently working within the United States political parties or top governmental agencies, providing vital American intelligence to their home Countries? Let’s not forget to mention the many private businesses, corporations, hedge funds, and foundations currently owned by foreign citizens residing in the United States. The U.S. government should be aware of how many international business owners who are currently in the United States with or without a work visa, this Type of information should be publicly communicated to the American people for their fair chance in becoming an American business owner. Many foreign nationals are Utilizing their American knowledge gained by adopting U.S. business practices, by means of owning and working in several U.S. business markets, which many of these U.S. Business international owners work directly with their home countries business associates and corporate headquarters reporting more U.S. intelligence.   

Friends Till The End

 Eric Snowden made a perfect statement, “Friends who back together stay together,” the statement is definitely politically correct the same quote applies to international U.S. Business owners an American quote would be “Keeping it in the family,” currently there are many countries and Non-American business owners working together Impacting every business industry in the United States. Whatever market you can think of off the top of your head, is the market foreign nationals are working in the United States.  With the new international business owners this has triggered increased corporate corruption, and lawsuits with the U.S. Government, Pharmaceutical and many Health Agencies, Judicial System, Biotech, Consumer Goods, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientist, Agriculture, many more. Now somehow the U.S. government must take back control of our country from top foreign corporate business owners and put American businesses back into the hands of the American people.

 It’s OK to want to work with America or visit, although the line should be drawn; American businesses should not be allowed, in the hands of foreign money hungry Business professionals, making astronomical profits to eventually leave American citizens and their families with nothing. Many American families are being subjected to International private business practices, we are not aware of, every country and culture is completely different in many ways which includes business practices, safety and Corporate structure. Recently Americans have been affected with life-threatening diseases, Cancer deaths and illnesses, Tainted blood, addictive drugs and life threatening Prescription drugs, High Health Care costs (Not Obama related), Job Losses (due to foreign company U.S. business control), Food Borne illnesses, Severe and life-Threatening and deadly Women’s Health Issue’s due to counterfeit and faulty toxic Recycled contraceptives and birth control, Chemical issues, Non-U.S. business ownership, higher tuition fee’s, hacking, spying, espionage, bribes, political bribery on corporate and judicial levels, Security Breach, Agricultural, Anti-Trust, GMO protest, reduction in American citizen’s governmental assistance programs (Note: Foreign nationals do not pay taxes – which means American citizens pick up the tab), Americans are financing Internationally owned businesses, supporting numerous undocumented families using American citizen’s governmental benefits which should go to The American people of The United States! 

A History of Spying to gain control

There is much more information to be told, the time has come for America to start speaking out for their country and American citizens!  The global spying and bickering has To stop, everyone is a Human being and deserves a life of peace, health, happiness and prosperity, no matter what country they reside in! The United States and foreign leaders knows, there is no way in the world a United States citizen or citizens could go over to their country and do any of the shenanigans they are allowed to get away with in the United States! When visiting another country you can not do anything out of the ordinary without being closely monitored by their government officials, so why do foreign visitors think they can just come to the United States and get a free pass to do as they please?

  Many foreigners are not bad many have good hearts and are friendly human beings, and many mean no harm just as many Americans mean no harm to them. Unfortunately, Decades of previous history of business and territory quarrels and issue’s with other Non-American friendly countries happens to be impacting the new generations, possibly due too older generations still holding high political positions and are stuck in the past and may have hidden agenda’s, for previous war reparations. The past should remain in the past and all must move forward, this does not mean foreign countries can take over United States with their Money, bribery, business ownership, spying, lawsuits, or many other Business illegalities. Many countries have learned to dominate the United States gaining control over U.S. vital economical Business Markets while working with their co-Conspirators in their home countries, impacting every American life. The United State’s has now been compromised, and does not look good for America.

Many foreign nationals currently reside in America and many more are illegally finding ways to sneak into the United States via highways, planes, waterways, borders. Many of them have no temporary work visas or their visa has expired and undocumented.

Helping America – Stop International Market Control

Many Americans may not know foreign nationals, if asked the majority of them plan on moving back to their home country after there American work experience and college Education is over Many of them do not like the United States and prefer their home countries. So why come here and take away from American families if you don’t plan on Staying? Why waste our time? Americans should See it’s all a international game and a ploy to gain American knowledge that may be forced upon them by their home Countries, which some have communist leadership. Their main goal and purpose is to learn the American way and achieve a great education and business trade. Many foreign national predators and their linkages have taken a toll on our families, now is the time to stop them from dominating American and global businesses.

Consumer advocacy business Industry research and investigations will keep Americans alert on all corrupt illegal foreign impacts the U.S. government and agencies do not want the Public to know, which every American deserves to know if their life is currently at risk; and which corporations are putting it at risk. There are very serious life-threatening Dilemma’s currently on American soil and MUST be addressed by the United States government, and this does not include top foreign nationals working with or within The United States Government or its agencies.

 CABIRI, will speak up and tell the real truth and facts relating to foreign national business industry research and investigations. Snowden stated in a letter he could provide proof of all the United States spy dealings, the boat rocks both ways America has proof your counter partners are doing very bad things in America and globally and all their Illegalities and corruption will soon be exposed, in a matter of time! 

 United States has an economical foreign take-over crisis, that’s hurting and impacting all American citizens. America must learn too stand up and utilize freedom of speech it’s Your right! Demand your U.S. government speak up and tell the truth, demand answers, demand permanent fixes, demand to know how many American citizens own Businesses opposed to foreign U.S. business owners and demand international laws be changed to benefit American families, which doesn’t include International family’s or  Additional family members with work visas. There is much more untold information America, CAIBIRI will report and provide private research business information to all American citizens being affected by international Corporations their Subsidiaries or its affiliates.

 CABIRI, will help fight American born citizens rights, and demand the U.S. government put stricter rules in place for American citizens, foreign visitors are not equal to Americans, America is for the American people not Internationals! Our goal is to extend Citizen Protection globally no matter what country protecting ALL Human Rights!


Final Special note: Several U.S. top international pharmaceutical & Agriculture companies are supplying Americans with various drugs and food from foreign countries, which do not have human lives Best interest at heart, the only interest they have is their bottom line profits from American citizens and their North American corporation’s business Profits. While owning and operating these Top companies they can funnel money back to their home country or continue to purchase many more American Businesses in cash making their country wealthy and driving America deeper into the poor house.

Consumer Tips: For all who want too blame Obama he was not in office decades ago, the current U.S. international issue’s go deep beyond our current president, the problems reach back to the 1900’s is coming back to bite US! Too bad they will be stopped in their tracks when the real truth comes out!

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