Kaila Truths – CABIRI 2014/2017 Personal Story’s & Socioeconomic Blog

Happy Holidays America,

Hope everyone had a Merry Christmas! I wanted to share this part of my life with the world. I’ve kept this private, not wanting to coming to terms with my own accomplishments fighting for my life, American families and my country USA.

Why I created CABIRI for American Families

My blog CABIRI began 4yrs ago during Obama Administration, when I was in a very dark place in my life! Medically ill recovering from Cancer/Disease and other side-effects caused by Mirena Iud Birth Control, including being medically homeless in/out of hospitals embarrassed, and unattached to society, besides my laptop. All while trying to be strong dealing with my own life-threatening illnesses, I somehow created this Blog and Social Media platform ‘CABIRI’ to help bring awareness to what I was personally dealing with in my own country by no control of my own.

America I was in pure shock thinking I was gonna die!!

Every published article comes from my heart; all written articles and posts are my own ‘Real World’ personal experiences! I had years of healing time to do my own detailed research to find my own answers, of what happened to my life and what was inside the Mirena Iud that could of killed me, and for Doctors too remove all of my female organs, never to have children again leaving me and many Women  with permanent bodily damage! Women were unable to sue due to U.S. International Trillion Dollar Big Pharma leaders who sit in Germany and are bribing and controlling U.S. Healthcare Industry, Judges, Lawyers etc.

My research first began with U.S. Internationally owned Pharmaceutical Industry unfolding a ‘Economical Warfare’ in U.S! The international ‘Hidden Agenda’ research information I stumbled upon scared me enough to create CABIRI, and send my research directly to Obama and his entire Administration trying to save my country from unfriendly international infiltration and forewarn all American families.

CABIRI’s Global Socioeconomic Awareness Impact

As the owner of CABIRI, a Federally Registered Sole-Proprietor Small Business since 2014, I’m proud to have made many strides and opened many eyes globally, federally and locally with my Socioeconomic corruption research. Many of us have been effortlessly trying to forewarn our ‘Fellow American Patriots’ way ahead of time!

Not to worry American patriots, CABIRI, has been communicating Socioeconomic research to Trump Administration, Obama chose to ignore! Although he approved my International Pharmaceutical research as credible federally!


As I was fighting for my life, country and fellow Americans, with Gods strength somehow I managed to unknowingly accomplish all of the below in a few years, as I was on my death bed, homeless and my own life was a total disaster..

Here I was trying to save the world instead of focusing on myself and saving my own life, doctors had no clue about what was wrong with me internally!! Honestly the only thing that helped me overcome Cancer/Disease was this Blog CABIRI, my Parents, Sons, Dogs, a few Friends, Nurses, Doctors, and Homeless people I met along the way, who told me to share my story to help others one day!

Luckily, I had 30yrs of prior Professional Business, Corporate, and Government experience so ‘CABIRI’ basically created itself! I’ve truly enjoyed building a great ‘Social Media Platform’ over the years networking with people from all over the world bringing “Global Socioeconomic Awareness,” that’s impacting human lives directly or indirectly.. Basically bringing public awareness about all the international hidden corruption unfolding throughout the United States!

Please know all of my accomplishments came with threats, harassment, stalked, hacked,  living in horrific conditions, and losing everything I owned and worked for over 30yrs. The most damming was the impact my illness had on my family, especially my father a Vietnam Veteran it almost killed him! I fought and survived several years suffering in silence now I’m ready for the next chapter in 2018 to help TRUMP MAGA!!M

Milestone’s Accomplished  

Kaila Truths Owner of CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations – Fed/Cage Code# 71SG1 Since 2014, *Chosen to be part of American’s ‘Oldest’ Washington, D.C. NSBA/SBA (National Small Business Association) Leadership Council Member For State of California/visited D.C. several times working with National and Congressional leaders, Member of D.C. American Small Business Chamber of Commerce/National Small Business Chamber of Commerce, Chosen as prior L.A. Trump Campaign African American Coalition Leader, 2015 Chosen to be (RLI) Republican Leadership Initiative for State of CA, *Women’s Reproductive Health Advocate, *Prior Kaila Truth show @ WCOBM, * Member of National Association of Professional Women – NAPW, *IT Works Holistic Distributor *LinkedIn Publisher, *Added to many  Twitter Lists, *Scouted by book companies like *Kindle and Hay House Publishing.* Member of SBA, Conservative Groups, Positive Minded People Meetup Group, and many more! I was also in a few Documentary’s most recent ‘Trumphobia!’  

You see some of us have been ‘Awoke’ I’ve been quite busy America and currently due to my many, many, accomplishments over the years, I was asked by my Fellow Trump supporters who’ve worked with me on the ‘Trump Campaign’ and the L.A. GOP to run against Corrupt Maxine Waters in the 43rd district. It would be such a honor as the ‘1st Black/Native American woman’ to run against Corrupt Waters.

Although, sadly due to lack of  Funding support, deep rooted ‘International Corruption’ and CA Election/Voter Fraud lawsuit by ‘Judicial Watch’ it’s not looking good for California Republican Candidates who are out numbered by Democrats in control.

God and President Trump! Will step in to help save ‘Sanctuary State California,’ that’s been foolishly under decades of “Democratic Control” being destroyed and stripped away from American Born Families! Thanks to international special interest, illegal immigrants and Mass Migration..

All American Citizens must Unite as ‘One Nation Under God’ or risk losing USA….

America 1st, and please be mindful your American born children have Dreams! We also have American family legacies to carry on for decades to come as a AMERICAN BORN CITIZENS OF THE USA..

Thank you for all your support my Fellow Patriots,

Happy Holidays,

Candance Camper aka Kaila Truths,




Proof of Hidden Racism against Black America

Here’s my issue Black Americans for TRUMP have been working effortlessly hard before and after the Campaign and a few have asked for Support for Black American events to help their Black communities for the past 8months.  Even top Black Trump Delegates and Surrogates had a hard time receiving support. All resulted to Zero help on the State or Local level nor from many Fellow Cultural Americans ‘Black Americans For Trump’ worked alongside during the entire Trump campaign!
As a Black America whose worked just as hard for years with no help building my business CABIRI, and I was recently chosen as California’s  D.C., National Small Business Association Leadership Council member, to work with Congress and other National leaders concerning U.S. Small Businesses, and I’m a Small Business Federally Registered Contractor. As a Black Americans should we ask ourselves should we care about helping our ‘Country’ and/or ‘Fellow Americans’ in ‘Making America Great Again’ if many can’t except the fact we are ‘True Born Americans’ who happen to have ‘Brown Skin!’ Are Black Americans wasting their precious lifetime competing against decades of ‘Hidden Racism’ that still exist in America?
Be very concerned about possible ‘Hidden Racism’ throughout  America and California! It seems Black Americans aren’t worthy of receiving funding nor support. Although many say they want to help Black American urban community’s. It’s common sense how else can Black American families help their own Urban Community’s their Black American Ancestors left for them? Whites nor any other cultures know what Black American community’s need or desire! If Black America can’t receive support how in the world does anyone expect the Urban Community’s across America too change for the better?
It’s bad enough Black America is no longer the only ‘Minority Group’ in America, being wiped out by the new ‘Minority Immigrants!’ Now here comes the hidden racism showing its head among White Americans who seemingly prefer to help ‘New Immigrants’ opposed to ‘Black America’ who were brought to America 400yrs ago and played a huge part in developing America to what it is or isn’t Today!
Why Hidden Racism?? Here’s a Example:
Recently we have a new Jewish/Latino whose a Strong ‘Boots On The Ground’ Trump Activist who received $4937.00 in GoFundMe support in a matter of 3wks. Now this Mixed cultural activist is a normal ‘Trump Supporter’ not a  Federally Registered Contractor nor had he been working with Federal Agencies the past several years.
Although many loved his ‘Boots on the Ground Advocacy’ and gave to his cause a Latino/Jewish from Compton, CA with a Black speaking voice gained him $4937 in support. Interestingly the gentleman and many others weren’t present at Inglewood, CA African American Coalition for Trump BBQ nor at the Taste of Soul – A huge all Black American Event which both events unsuccessful due to lack of support for African American Coalition across the RNC board.
This may not sit well with many although truthful. Needless to say someone had to speak up and address the ‘Hidden Racism’ that has been going on for quiet some time! Personally as being a Trump Supporter’ my personal experience working on campaign it is alive. For the naysayers; The truth must be known in order for people to heal or address there own hidden prejudices they may have failed to personally realize they are truly racist against Black Americans. This realization has hit home to a few California Black Trump Activist and its time to come too terms with the Hidden Racism!  
So you can ask yourselves why Black Americans can’t receive the much needed support they need to work with their Local Communities and Federal Leaders, to help Mr. Trump with the New Urban Renewal Agenda he has in place for Black America.
See both Gofundme pages and you ask yourself is there Hidden Racism in California throughout Trump Supporters??
Do Mexicans come before Black Americans in California is this the reflection we see on Skid Row of Black Americans living in tents with no one willing to help them?
It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see what’s really going with Hidden Racism!! Whether people want to admit it or not! And sadly as a active Black American in society this is very disturbing and I felt someone needed to be ‘Very  Vocal’ about this Hidden Racism issue in America!
Thank you for reading the Truth by CABIRI,

U.S. Previous History Of Deportations

Dearborn, Michigan 2016

America, please realize previous history shows this isn’t the 1st time a U.S.

President has had to deport people out of America. So why are people blaming Donald Trump. Please try and learn the facts be for attacking the President of U.S., he’s only protecting his ‘Fellow Americans’ and his homeland U.S.A., so what’s wrong with that? America is for the American people not the whole entire world. Americans have their own families, children, legacies, history to protect.

Why Has President Obama Deported More Immigrants Than Any President in US History?

Also from recent experience of attending three naturalization ceremonies in August, September., October 2016 in Los Angeles, CA., right before the elections approx. 25,000 or more new citizens were naturalized as U.S. citizens.

Muslims, Latinos unify over Trump’s immigration, border plan

….And during the ceremonies the new naturalized citizens from around the world were told to fight for their rights as a U.S. Citizen, and this is exactly what their doing.

U.S. deportations of immigrants reach record high in 2013

Let’s be real, we all know the international protesters are putting American families in danger, no one really knows who, what, or what type of citizens from around the world were naturalized into the U.S. as well as; the Expired Visa holders, the undocumented, and illegal immigrants floating around. Who knows what the backlash will be from unknown foreign citizens who have infiltrated their way throughout America?

Although, the disturbing part is all these countries from around the world are now working together protesting ‘Donald Trump’ immigration policies. The problem is the new immigrants are misguided and are clueless about the ‘Constitutional Laws Of The U.S On The Books, dating back to the 1800’s!’

View below U.S. Historical Deportations by past U.S. Presidents

Emergency: Communist Chinese Attempt Takeover Of United States Media – 01/26/2017

Chinese Immigration and the Chinese in the United States – From 1882 to 1943 the United States Government severely curtailed immigration from China to the United States.

Mass Deportation: Lessons from the Past

A “Red Scare” is the promotion of fear of a potential rise of communism or radical leftism. In the United States, the First Red Scare was about worker (socialist) revolution and political radicalism. The Second Red Scare was focused on national and foreign communists influencing society, infiltrating the federal government, or both. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Red_Scare

The Chinese Exclusion Act was a United States federal law signed by President Chester A. Arthur on May 6, 1882. It was one of the most significant restrictions on free immigration in US history, prohibiting all immigration of Chinese laborers. The act followed the Angell Treaty of 1880, a set of revisions to the US–China Burlingame Treaty of 1868 that allowed the US to suspend Chinese immigration. The act was initially intended to last for 10 years, but was renewed in 1892 with the Geary Act and made permanent in 1902. The Chinese Exclusion Act was the first law implemented to prevent a specific ethnic group from immigrating to the United States. It was repealed by the Magnuson Act on December 17, 1943.

Four American Presidents Conducted Deportations

Please share the true immigration history of the United States Of America..


World War II 1941 United States freezes Japanese assets http://www.history.com/this-day-in-history/united-states-freezes-japanese-assets

Covert Campus Watchdog Discovers University of Houston Students Praising Hitler, Expressing Desire to Hurt Jews on Social Media