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{July 12th 2015}

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µ1. Introduction / Background 1 2.

Business Case 2 3.

Problem Statement / Introduction 2 4.

Proposed Solution(s) 3

Application of Solution 3 5.

Future Direction / Long-Term Focus 3 6.

Results / Conclusion 4

Appendix 5

Appendix A – Scenarios 5

Appendix B – Options 5

Appendix C – Authors 5

Appendix D – References 5

Introduction / Background

In the mixed of the ‘New World Order’ coming upon us, there’s been several ‘Destructive Events’ occurring all throughout the United States. The ‘Economical Impacts have been extremely devastating to the American people in regards to; Employment, Poverty, Homelessness, Financial, Housing, Government – State/Federal/Community Services, Healthcare Drugs-Products-Care, Environment, Immigration, Food, Water, Security, and Safety.

If we sum all of that up at one time, you clearly can see how all of these ‘Economical Disparities’ could definitely impact you and your families well-being. The truth and the seriousness thereof; in some of these Socioeconomic instances are not publicly reported due to ‘Fear’ of how Naturalized Citizens of America would “Re-act.” Which isn’t ‘Fair or Ethical’ when it comes to the American people protecting their families and themselves against numerous ‘Economical Disparities.’ Whom are allowed to act upon these indifference’s per the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Civil Rights Clauses of the United States! All of the above “Laws” previously written decades ago, hold the ‘Keys’ to the American peoples ‘Economic’ well-being!

Yes, the past is different than the future, although if you tie the two together you’ll notice similarities, and mistakes made that can be corrected, enhanced, re-developed, or prevented, going into the next decade. The Foundation of America, was ‘Not’ built upon Greed, Money or Power, it took many battles, deaths, marches, and rally’s in order for America to gain “Independence as one Nation,” for All Naturalized American born citizens. Now it’s time to re-shape our country for the betterment of the Next Generation, your Children, Grand-children and Great-Grandchildren!

CABIRI will be your Socioeconomic Coaching guide keeping your families ‘Up 2 Date and Aware’ of all ‘Economic Injustices’ that may impact your families well-being. All current ‘Events and Impacts’ in today’s Society will be touched upon, you will get to know “What, Who, When Where, & How specific scenarios are impacting you or your families livelihoods. Many have called us crazy, for doing this, and it will be a tough long road to cross, since our Socioeconomic impacts cross over into International territories by which many have strategically infiltrated the United States, and now causing extreme damage!.

Of, course no one wants to spend their time ‘Standing Up and Doing What’s ‘Right!’ Although for ‘Changes’ to occur, someone has to do the job and become the Leader! It’s very necessary for “Other Brave Souls” out there to come forward and help ‘Stand Up and help us take action! It’s really common sense and heartfelt, wouldn’t you take ‘Action’ if you knew lives were at stake, and the future of your country’s Independent stability is being jeopardized, and your children may never get to live the ‘American Dream,’ or carry on your families American History legacies, those are major problems to consider! pg. 1

Problem Statement / Introduction

In the first ‘Socioeconomic Blog Content White Paper’ of the United States you’ll view Current Economic problems via published articles, News Content, and Video’s to get the “Full picture of how these ‘Economical Disparities’ can hinder your families well-being and future as a U.S. born citizen. We also won’t leave you hanging without solutions, the ‘Solutions’ will be included in the ‘Blog Content White Paper, Published Articles, and Video’s, so keep up and take notes if you have too! You’ll be receiving Imperative information from ‘Trusted Researched Sources’ who live in the ‘Real World’ and aren’t driven by ‘Money, Greed, Control, or Power! We believe,”Every human being only lives once and “Man or Man-Made should respect that and not interfere with a human life!”                                                              


                                                                      Socioeconomic Impacts

Albuquerque to pay $5m to family of homeless man killed by police – Homelessness & Police Brutality are Unconstitutional

US torture report: psychologists should no longer aid military, group says – Doctors, Care and Mis-diagnosis & Chemical Drug concoctions are killing millions of people

US torture doctors could face charges after report alleges post-9/11 ‘collusion’ – Here’s your proof of Doctors ‘Medically Torturing Human Beings’ – U.S. Doctors, FDA, Big Pharma, & U.S. Government! Only care about ‘Profit not ‘saving a life

Economic inequality is greatest threat facing many nations, report says – Impacting Human Lives – Which is against Universal Declaration of Human Rights

Number of people in extreme poverty could be greatly underestimated – report – Proof of ‘Skewd Statistics’ being reported

Web statistics ignore 1bn users in developing countries, study shows – Watch who your speaking to online – Unknown International Predators are lurking

Republicans tout anti-abortion credentials at Right to Life Convention – A woman’s body is her own! Man is not to tell a ‘Woman about what to do with her ‘Internal Reproductive Organs’ she was born with and could cost her life.

Should Standardized Testing Be Part of a Civil-Rights Agenda? Learning American History and Government Econ, use to be part of Standardized Testing! What happened to that!

Obama Won’t Let Some Mass Graves Stop the TPP Human beings all around the world ‘ Universal Humanitarian Rights” are being violated by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights

OPM director resigns over data hack that affected up to 22 million Americans American Citizens family’s Safety and Security has been compromised

City Violent Crime Spikes After Years of Decline Read Non Safety and Security of the American people in States is a violation of the U.S. Constitution

Most Americans Want Feds to Punish Sanctuary Cities Rasmussen Reports: polled voters and found that 62 percent of them want the government to step in and punish cities for essentially providing safe haven for illegal immigrants. That amounts to 79 percent of Republicans, 65 percent of unaffiliated voters, and 43 percent of Democrats. Fifty-eight percent of those voters would like to see the federal government cut off funding to more than 200 such cities across the nation, a figure that includes 79 percent of Republicans.
Feds Issue Rules For Companies Denying Birth Control Coverage – A woman’s right to choose what she wants for her body!
Forced Vaccinations is a direct Violation of the United States Constitution. States are impose demands on their people, if so this will back-fire on, being that the people of California can ‘Sue’ the Entire State for violating the “U.S. Constitution.”
Researchers: Earth Facing Imminent Ice Age Prepare your families for ‘Colder Winters’
Scientist Confesses: “Global Warming a $22 Billion Scam” – Deceit & Corruption impacting human beings

Proposed Solutions

When Money Dies

 Dr. Ron Paul Describes Exactly What America’s Next Crisis Will Look Like

4 in 5 Americans Are Ignoring Buffett’s Warning Take Heed Please – Learn from the Best – They are forewarning all of your American families and giving you solutions  pg.2

Application of Solution

After viewing the Socioeconomic impacts that are unraveling within the United States, you clearly see, ‘Serious Economical’ problems looming all throughout the Nation. All of the above impacts will hit home to every ‘Naturalized American Born Citizen, whether your rich or poor. So in order for everyone to be ‘Ahead of the Game’ it’s now time to ‘Act!’ Protecting your family should be your first priority, then your valuable goods, just in case the dollar ‘Collapses’ you’ll have enough goods, to keep your family afloat! It will be just like living with the old ‘Barter System.’

Also just in caser, get valuable and basic things you’ll need to survive as a family unit ‘Now,’ because we all know if a ‘Crisis Hits’ stores are cram packed and supplies go quickly! If you think all of this is a bunch of ‘Conspiracy’ then you’ll be one of the ‘People’ that were forewarned, and had wished you listened to the ‘Words of the Wise’ who are only trying to help you! What people fail to realize, what do others have to gain by spreading viscous lies to other human beings, when there’s many people stating the same thing “So just maybe this time you’d think it has some validity to it!” Well it surely does, although now you have the time to prepare your families futures moving forward, with the help of many of us working hard to protect  your families best interest and our country. pg.3

Results / Conclusion

By American Citizens jumping in and following these basic steps, we can possibly begin healing as a nation of ‘Independence of Proud American Citizens of The United States Of America!’

1. Respect prior forefathers and the elderly learn from them

2. Fix the ‘Gap’ Between the Federal, State, City and Community Leaders of the American People – All of the following should be working in your best interest

3. Be more proactive in you communities – Helping thy neighbor

4. Build up Eduction – Communicating American History and preserving the ‘English Language’

5. Define your American family values, principals and start living by them, prevent entitlement way of thinking

6. Take Control of your own personal Financial Resources, Goods and Family Legacies

7. Help Solve Employment Issue’s

8. Give to the less fortunate – Pay It Forward

9. Focus on Community Togetherness

10. Fix our Healthcare Systems and Big Pharma, then Cure ourselves and our children Naturally 11. Be open minded continue to grow, and learn

12. Create a Accountability System for Government, States, Cities, Local Municipalities, and Communities

America if we ‘All come together and implement the many ‘Guidelines’ presented, above these steps can insure all your Safety, Health, Wealth, and Personal well-being, going into the next American History Decade. We all know this will be a tough hurdle to jump, although extremely necessary! Will all have to keep each other strong, and get through it as a “Nation!”  pg.4


Appendix A – Scenarios Future Formats; White Paper, Published Articles, News Sources, Video’s, Market Research Trend Content

Appendix B – Options Like-Minded Organizations, Small Businesses, Corporations, All Naturalized American born Citizens-Anyone willing to Stand up to protect their American family legacies

Appendix C – Authors Candance Camper – Founder/Owner – Entrepreneur

Mrs. Jackson – History Coach & Economic Researcher

Appendix C – References Content Links: For informational purposes only

End Of CABIRI, Socioeconomic “Blog Content White Paper Free Introduction”………We look forward to working with, “All Our Fellow Americans!” Thanks in advance for joining us to help preserve American History! pg.5  

CABIRI –  Socioeconomic Blog Content White Paper – Published 07/12/2015

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Constitution Articles:

Article I – Amendment 1 – Freedom of expression – Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof; or abridging the freedom of speech, or of the press; or the right of the people peaceably to assemble, and to petition the Government for a redress of grievances.

Article. XI. 11 -Proposed 1794-1795; Ratified 1798 The Judicial power of the United States shall not be construed to extend to any suit in law or equity, commenced or prosecuted against one of the United States by Citizens of another State, or by Citizens or Subjects of any Foreign State. Article 11 is very important Amendment which clarifies that State & Government officials are not immune from being sued in a federal court if they act in violation of a right guaranteed by the U.S. Constitution

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