American Citizens Fed Up with International Citizen Control

Many Americans are fed up and speaking up about International country people who have come over to America!

The United States Government is failing to realize there is a ground war going on in America, that may not turn out
very pretty, if a handle is not put on all the Immigrants who have come over to America! Many Americans are getting fed up at this point young and old and the “Pot is slowly brewing and thickening!”

Many American born citizens have now realized that many International citizens now own Corporations, Businesses Real-Estate, and have taken many jobs away from hard working generatinoal American families! This is not good America, CABIRI, has been speaking and following the media for quite some time and the plot is thickening!

Americans are very upset with the United States Government for allowing International Countries people to come over to America on Visa’s and acquire anything they want! Which is now turning into a major problem. If nothing is done Americans will start a war in their own country to take back what is rightfully theirs. All these smart politicians are missing the boat on this, as the pot is brewing. Why do you think Americans are not giving up “Gun Control”, why do you think there are private American Militia Groups forming in America for a reason and many are missing what is truly going on!

The American Government, should United States back into the hands of the American people or their may be some not so nice things to occurr down the line! Americans have children and they want to live the American Dream, and if International Country people have taken over, how will this be possible! Which causes a grave problem in America, the United States Government is missing. The Department of Homeland Security has no control over International Visa holders or newcomers, this all in the hands of the United States Government whom are allowing all of these international country people to come take control over many of Americas Business Industries, which is wiping out the Naturalized American Born Citizens an their families and the Next American Generation.

Many Americans are realizing this is only occurring in America, No other country in the world is allowing other international country people to take over their country by visa entry! Also another factor brewing is American Citizens are fed up with International Country people evading Taxes, and Credit History requirements, and College Tuition perks, why American citizens are being scrutinized for every little thing possible, International Country people are getting away with Economical Murder in America, taking away from millions of American Families.

If the Government does not put handle on this Immediatley, they thought the “Bundy Ranch” was bad, what if they had that all across America! They have no idea Americans are buying guns and purchasing guns for a reason, and are refusing to give them up for a reason! In CABIRI, finding many Americans Citizens are fed up with every where they turn it’s a International Citizen whom is doing better than them in their own country and they were born and raised in America with deep family roots. So the pot is definitley brewing and the United States Government should realize Americans are going to stand for this too much longer! Many have expressed to CABIRI, the United States Government is Corrupt and for International Citizens and against it’s own American Citizens. Which is a major problems.

The United States Forefathers’ stated if ‘Internationalism’ every became a problem in America, there would be a turn over in Americas Government leadership and American Citizens will have to fight to take control back over thier country! This may happen sooner than later, many American Citizens tempers are looming and tired of seeing international visa holders and residents excelling and Americans dimishing. Which is a major problem!

Please tell your American Government Leaders to put America back in the hands of the American Citizens or prepare for some very uneasy times looming in American by millions of “Fed up American Citizens, who want their country back, which means, Land, Jobs, Schools, Oil, Food, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Technology, Wall Street, etc., basically all economical resources that have been stripped away from American Families.

How The international Banking Cartel Controls The World Through The U.S. Military And Economic Sabotage

American International Big Pharma Mergers = DEATH & DISEASE

$16B deal for GlaxoSmithKline oncology meds turns Novartis into cancer heavyweight

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GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis, starring players in a Big Pharma deal bonanza

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Bulk up or slim down? Maybe both: Pfizer said to weigh a $100B deal for AstraZeneca

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GSK announces major 3-part transaction with Novartis to drive sustainable sales growth, improve long-term earnings and deliver increasing returns to shareholders

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Novartis announces portfolio transformation, focusing company on leading businesses with innovation power and global scale: Pharmaceuticals, Eye Care and Generics

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NIH Funds Influenza Research and Surveillance Network –

Novartis bids farewell to vaccines with $7.1B sale to GSK

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Ebola deaths rise to 135 as vaccine research lags

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Merck, Sanofi hope for sales expansion with two-dose Gardasil switch

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Lead Developer for HPV Vaccine Admits it is Useless, Likely Dangerous –


The President’s Cancer Panel is pushing for increased use of Merck’s and GSK’s HPV vaccines

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Crowdfunded HIV vaccine project draws criticism from scientists

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Falsified AIDS vaccine data lands researcher an NIH funding ban – “Big Pharma Bribery in America!” 

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UPDATED: GlaxoSmithKline slams brakes on trial of MS drug linked to data scandal

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BMJ: Notorious vaccine-autism study a fraud –

It’s official: Gilead’s Sovaldi zooms past previous records with fastest-ever drug launch

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BMS sues ex-account manager, claiming she took PD-1 marketing secrets to Merck agency aka Merck KGAA of Germany! 

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Endo’s off-label Lidoderm mantra, whistleblower says: ‘Put the patch where the pain is’

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Amgen whistleblower went undercover for the feds –


J&J whistleblowers to collect record $168M share of DoJ settlement

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Sanofi faces bribery allegations from China whistleblower –

Zorro’ claims Novartis’ Alcon unit faked trials to bribe Chinese docs

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ASCO plans cost-benefit scorecard for cancer meds as prices grow ‘unsustainable’

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FDA Warns Against Laparoscopic Power Morcellation –


Glyphosate Herbicides Now in Pregnant Women’s Breast Milk


Corporate Interests, Including Monsanto, behind Ukraine Putsch -


Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight -




Great Wall of America

“Stand Up and Help Protect America” – Stop Allowing America to be “$old Out” 

The series of events occurring in America is the reflection of the “Economical Warfare” occurring in  America, which CABIRI has been reporting to the American people. The present events are tactics utilized in the “Eugenics Theory that has been in effect for quite some time, now rearing it’s “Ugly Face,” which will impact millions of American citizens!”

Whereas; Un-Friendly, Non-Americans have been plotting for decades, to take control over America by privately weakening America’s economical resources, by infiltrating and embedding themselves within America’s Corporations, Businesses, IT/Communications Infrastructures, Educational Systems, Top Government Agencies, Law/Judicial, Agriculture, Online Courses, Medical Institutions/Pharmaceutical/Biotech, American Business Duplication, Wall Street, Banking, Private Foundations/Investors/Holding companies, Spy’s,Hackers, Global/American Investments, Food/Crops, basically America all resources they can get their hands on leaving the American people and the United States with “Zero.”

 They’ve conspired with other international counter-partners, to affect many other additional aspects of American citizens livelihood’s taking away, Jobs, Housing, Land Ownership, Farms, Start up companies, Private Clinical Trial Companies, Law Firms, Grocery Stores’s, Investment companies, Marketing companies, and Real Estate companies! America should this be, soon their will be nothing left for the American people too say this is  “America the land of the free!” Many U.S. Fore Fathers left and fought for America and the American people, along with thousands of current and past U.S. Military Veterans, by which many lost their lives protecting their country. 

One disturbing factor occurring, is Europe/Germany happens to be popping up in many conversations throughout America, which should not be, this is America, for the American people, just as Europe is for the European people, as well as Germany, China, Russia, Australia, Belgium are their own countries and should not have the majority control currently in America! In fact it should be the other way around American people should be the only people in control of their Homeland, not other foreign culprits throwing their money around to destruct America and American lives!

America if you visit another country, their country people work and own businesses, you don’t see a wide-spread of American Citizens owning businesses in foreign countries. So why in the world is this occurring in America? Is this to say American citizens aren’t worthy of owning business in their “U.S. Homeland.” Why aren’t America’s servicing foreign nationals as visitors? Millions of other countries service foreign nationals who visit their countries, showing visitors their culture, historical landmarks, shops, crafts, businesses and their countries values. So why is this ideology reversed in America?

We all must ask, why in the world does the American Government, and State Leaders allow foreign nationals to own thousands of American based businesses, which is taking away from the millions of American people who are naturalized citizens of America, and deserve the right to work and own businesses in their “Homeland!”

Millions of American citizens have deep family history and roots in America dating back to the early 1800’s and 1900’s. Does this not matter anymore in America? Does it not matter millions of American children will not be able to carry on the “American Dream, now competing with thousands of International youth residing and graduating from American Universities? This is not fair or just to the millions of American families who have been born and bread in America! Their children, grandchildren, nieces, nephews, and siblings deserve the right to carry on their families generational American history! 

America must readjust their concepts, it’s time to build a “Great Wall of America,” which will protect all borders in the United States! Instead of border patrol, try a “Wall Border Patrol”  the wall can be built high enough not to climb, and electrified on the other side for it to be impossible for someone to even come near the wall! The American Government can make the Wall from Wood, Rocks or whatever is fit for a Wall to form and start protecting America’s borders, to prevent illegal immigrants from coming illegally into the United State’s!

This theory should also apply to waters, “Americas Water Wall“, by which foreign nationals can only come into U.S. waters via Border Patrol Inspection, U.S. Coast Guard Clearance, or Foreign U.S. Embassy Dock check-in’s verifying Ship staff and destination, American Foreign owned Corporations/Investors/ should report Work-Visa status to the U.S. GAO, U.S. Foreign Affairs, and U.S. Immigration, on a consist basis, along with the implementation of Non-American finger printed Passport Verification! These steps wouldn’t require much for the American – Government to put into place to protect Americas borders for the safety and well-being of the American people! 

Why is America missing the boat it’s time to take back control of America, building a “Great Wall of America” this would be a great start! Then also maybe the American Government can figure out how many international families are truly residing in America! It’s not rocket science, China has “The Great Wall of China” to protect their borders, and Germany has the Berlin Wall, so why couldn’t  or wouldn’t America have the same type of Wall to finally, once and for all protect “American Borders!” 

Here is millions of reasons why “Americans Must Start Standing Up” and demand justice for their U.S. “Homeland,” to protect and preserve their decades of American family history’s, for the next American Generation! 

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EU executive says corruption still widespread in the bloc –

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BMW races to record earnings, sees significant boost in 2014 –

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Why Is Europe Asking Snowden About U.S. NSA Spying

Why is Europe speaking with Snowden about the United States NSA, when they are partnered with Germany, who are part of the conspiracy, and they own the vast majority of United States Corporations. Pharmaceutical, Oil, Water, Consumer Goods, Biotech, Agriculture, Cruise Lines, Prisons, etc., 


Edward Snowden: US government spied on human rights workers

Whistleblower tells Council of Europe NSA deliberately snooped on groups such as Human Rights Watch and Amnesty International
Europe – Germany = United States 

America Now Europe –

International Competition in America

U.S. Citizens New International Global Competitors – No Hope for Americans

America, I meant to get this out earlier! Sorry for the delay, this is very important for all American people to read and finally realize, the United States is now competing with many other countries. You’ll read, what Germany truly thinks of us here in America! 

When reading the articles, I was in pure shock of the wording, which some may view as being disrespectful. You’ll also get a chance to read about the international mimicking of United States businesses and the different international corporate-business structures!  

In reading you’ll also notice how international countries are surpassing America in their home countries, the international Governmental leaders are privately conspiring to take over the world globally, which means taking over America. Many internationalists have set up their many businesses on land and online in America! Which we all must understand those companies take away from taxpaying citizens, this is not giving back to the American citizens, it’s taking away from the country as a whole! Unknowingly, U.S. citizens are giving away billions of American dollars to fund other countries, businesses, corporations, governments, and citizens. Purchasing international products, resources, and using their American based businesses and corporations, we all are guilty suspects! 

The internet has allowed many other countries to set up their businesses online to compete with the new global market, you’ll read about below.

I’d like to share a recent alarming webinar experience. The Webinar was about How to Make $500-$7000 Copy Blogging, it was being taught by, world renowned “Jon Morrow.” Sure, I’d love to make that income, and brush up on my writing skills to ensure I’m communicating my information correctly. I’ve been writing for quite some time now, and it’s not paying the bills, so of course I jumped at the chance of what he had to offer! Before Mr. Morrow started the webinar he mentioned a few countries that were listening in on, “How to make $500-$7000 Copy Blogging,” I was amazed to hear India,and numerous amounts of people from Australia, Canada, and a couple other countries, he’d mentioned were listening. Those were the few countries that stuck out in my head. I know there wasn’t many of us from the United States.

Needless to say, I was in pure shock! Then after finishing the webinar, I thought to myself, I’m a U.S. Citizen and they live in another country and their doing the same thing I’m doing, Wow, so now I have competition in America and from many other people on the other side of the world! Then I thought do I really have a chance or should I just give up, now that I’m faced with global competitors and Americans! 

Then I thought a little deeper and realized, Jon Morrow is also U.S. citizen, although he now lives in Mexico, due to Americas healthcare cost he couldn’t fathom anymore, so Mr. Morrow, decided to leave the U.S. Although, Technically speaking he’s still an U.S. citizen, who is teaching other countries via the internet; of course for a large fee, his American business knowledge of “How Make $500-$7000 Copy Blogging, and all you had to do is subscribe by email and dial in!  

Then I started asking myself, is it like this with all United States corporations, businesses and internet entrepreneurs? Then I thought if all businesses are being taken from America by international Business owners and entrepreneurs, will Americans be faced with excessive global competition? Then what will be left for the next upcoming American generation, will our American children be able to compete with the other global next generational children, who’ll eventually be lining up to compete for the same jobs in the American job markets, or internet based businesses? Or will they be internationally owned and they can’t apply at all, due to the business being based in another country? Then I thought what a living nightmare, What are U.S. citizens going to do? The school rankings in America are below average compared to other international countries. The new international business ownership in America now puts pressure on the next generation of American children who’ll be faced with great competition. 

America, honestly this has been a uphill battle trying to get American citizens to realize, we are being defeated in our own country by new international newcomers with deeper pockets than us! Please read below carefully, come to your own personal conclusions please feel free to comment!

If you agree please copy and paste below link to help, “Stop International Corruption in America!” It’s very sad to say as an American we all have to consider, how we are going to survive in a new internationally controlled country! Will these internationally led companies let us work for them, although they have different beliefs and business ethics? Will they hire our children? Will they treat us fairly? Can Americans possibly go live in another country to work and be treated fairly? These are all important questions and concerns we must all start asking ourselves here in the United States! Read below: “Germany News”  

Germany “Wall Street Journal” –Yes, Germany now has it’s own “Wall Street Journal”

Here’s the link:

Germany’s News: Please Read you will find articles very interesting: 4/2/2014

Article 1 – General Motors

GM chief Barra fool of himself in front of the U.S. Congress

Mary Barra, head of GM Opel’s parent, had to explain the recall debacle before the U.S. Congress and gave the ignorant. You have until January did not know about the series of mishaps that claimed 13 dead. Barras obvious ignorance of the basic facts eventually dropped the Committee Chairman Tim Murphy intervening ask: “Have you read the documents at all, the GM has submitted to the Komitte”Barra replied sheepishly: “No, those are about 200,000 pages.”

Note: As you read above they call Mary Barra a “He” instead of a “She” and then they called her a “Fool” and “Ignorant!” What a way to talk about your companies leadership! Wow Germany, not very nice! This article also mentioned Germany’s GM Cars, which is the only thing they care about not safety!


ARTICLE 2 – Germany Dominating the World

As Germany dominates the world market in secret

Hidden Champions produce crayons, shopping cart or dishwasher.They are highly specialized, but mastered more or less the world market., when Nils Stieglitz, Professor of Strategic Management at the Frankfurt School of Finance and Management, talks about Hidden Champions, then he takes as an example like the dishwasher manufacturer Winterhalter Meckenbeuren.

Pushed into the 1980s by overpowering competitors such as Miele from the market for household dishwashers, Winterhalter decided to continue to focus on a specialty product. “For 30 years, they are therefore only dishwashers for restaurants and hotels here, clean the dishes extremely fast. And because the German market is too small to survive, they make the world,” says Stieglitz.

Today Winterhalter has over 1,000 employees.The worldwide distribution network comprises 38 own sales organizations, distribution partnerships in over 70 countries, the export share is 70 percent.The turnover in 2009 amounted to about 160 million euros.

Approximately twice as many employees and turnover Wanzl GmbH in Leipheim near Ulm. Just as Winterhalter it was founded after the Second World War, is family owned and run by the family.

Wanzl manufactures shopping carts and luggage trolleys for airports, the developers of the company have (important for pushing together) invented the retractable rear facade of the shopping cart, the child seat, the deposit system and the Blocks-technology for use on escalators.

According to Stieglitz, it is this innovation in small steps, characterizes the hidden champions. “They improve every year, the efficiency and the design of their devices in order to defend the world market leadership.”That this is not as easy as it sounds, Stieglitz has been found in experiments in which participants develop a product by recombination between different elements and should thus influence the willingness to pay of consumers.

Note: As you have now viewed Germany along with Europe are on a mission to “Dominate the World,” and this means the United States!


ARTICLE 3 – Germany’s thoughts on Americas Federal Reserve 

Future Shock of the Federal Reserve

The changes in the outlook also point out that the Fed’s decision-makers have scaled down their views on the efficiency of the U.S. economy. By both revised their forecasts for GDP growth and the unemployment rate down, they paint a picture of an economy where the economic recovery with increasing offer less unemployed people their labor at all and return to the labor market. This would have an economy that generates more inflation at a lower growth rate – an idea that is reinforced by the fact that the Fed seems to expect the next rate rise sooner now.

Investors got it all not quite as good. Both share prices and the prices of U.S. government bonds fell. Maybe but investors reacted rashly. Even though the tone of the Fed sounded more aggressive, but it is based on the perceived state of the economy in one year – not the present situation.

Today, the labor market is clearly slack, maybe he’s even weaker than it suggests the unemployment rate of 6.7 percent. The preferred by the Fed code for the underlying inflation trend is just 1.1 per cent over the last year. Thus, inflation is well below the targeted by the central bank target of 2.2 percent. In this respect, the economy is still enough time to refute the forecasts of the Fed – and to make further action unnecessary for the time being.

Note: Germany and their European partners are keeping close tabs on Americas Federal Reserve and Unemployment Numbers, to finagle their world take over strategies! To eventually “Dominate” the United States markets with their numerous amounts of Top American based Corporations, Businesses and Private Investments.


ARTICLE 4 – Germany’s biggest Stocks??

Germany Biggest Stocks – Biotest-Surteco-cewe – books-CTS eventim – concert tickets- Xing – (Spinoff of U.S. LinkedIn) – Sma Solar-Aurubis – Copper-Puma-Heidelberg-Stada – SGL – Shareholders Bmw – VW-Lufthansa airlines-SixT-Sky Germany –Addidas – Qsc – Cologne -Media Market -Tom Tailor clothing-CAT Oil -Drillisch – Plus 25.4 %

The share of Drillisch benefited from the solid business model and a high dividend yield. In times of low interest rates for bond investors increasingly look after dividend beads. Drillisch pay 1.50 euros per share, which corresponds to a …

NOTE: This is very interesting Germany mentions nothing about them “Dominating United States Pharmaceutical Industry?”Also they fail to mention their Cruise Lines, GMO, Biotech, Chemical, and Energy corporations in the United States!

Article 5 – Germany’s booming econonmy

Germany’s economy picks up speed

The German economy is likely to improve further this year.The Ministry of Finance, in his new monthly report many positive signals even when chronically weak consumer.


ARTICLE 6 – Microsoft Interview – READ CAREFULLY

Microsoft’s start-up chief Rahul Sood: “Berlin has completely blown away”

From STEPHAN DÖRNER – Schelbert for Microsoft – Rahul Sood

Rahul Sood passes Microsoft’s global start-up program. Since November 2013, the software giant has with the Microsoft taken Ventures Accelerator Berlin, the German capital into focus. Together with Peter Jaeger, Executive Vice President of Microsoft Germany, Sood spoke about the cooperation of the Group with German and international start-ups – and what Microsoft has high hopes of it. MSFT  +1.05%


    • Why do you work together with start-ups? Are you all just the fact that the founders use your software?

      Rahul Sood: Ultimately, it is a way for us to create the next generation of large companies. Sure, it’s great if they use our software – but that’s not a requirement.When you work with us, they see what we can do and contribute. If they still show interest in our software that makes things in general better. There are companies in a very early stage.

    • There is, therefore, the things they can do with our software that they previously could not do – maybe did not even know about it until they cooperate with us. Ultimately, the goal is to help them to be successful, so that they become long-term partners. Only then comes the software.


    • Peter Jaeger: We try regardless of the specific technique to implement: Of the nine startups who presented at the recent Microsoft demo Night in Berlin their ideas, use eight on the client side not the Windows platform. Only one thing is on our platform, the other eight on iOS or Android. In the backend decided during the program to seven of nine to use our cloud system Microsoft Azure.

      What sort of start-ups Microsoft is particularly interested in?

       Rahul Sood:.There is no specific area on which we focus. We are a technology platform: people can come to us and build any business basically, the scaled means of technology. We pay attention to anything special, except on a team of really good entrepreneurs who understand the problem they are trying to solve and are really committed. We look for problems – and it must be big problems. The founders should have a compelling vision of how they want to solve this problem. And if we include in our program, we know that they are financially viable.

      •  Peter Jaeger: From a global perspective, we see four mega trends in our industry: Cloud, Mobile, Social and Big Data. Specifically, in the Berlin Accelerator, the startups should move in one or more of these four megatrends.

      • With a biotech company would not cooperate, for example?

         Rahul Sood: No, we would not make Biotech.

      • (What does Biotechnology have to do with Microsoft)?

         Peter Jaeger:

      • Can you say how much money has been invested in start-ups Microsoft?

        Rahul Sood: Let me be clear: In the program itself, Microsoft has naturally invested a lot – but as an investor, we usually prefer unstructured investments. We are not a major investor in one of these companies. We could of course come across a company where Microsoft decides that it has an interest in participating – from strategically compelling reasons. But typically we do not participate, but help companies to find investors. Microsoft Ventures has existed for about two years. More than 230 companies have gone through the program since then. Of these, Microsoft has taken one – and there were nine acquisitions of other companies that are not related to Microsoft. Acquisitions are not so our motive.

      Note: Here’s the proof in the pudding for Germany’s United States Take Over “Acquistions!”

      Why is Berlin so Interested in Start-ups in the United States to take global? Also why are they so concerned with Acquistions in America? As you read, there are differnces in Business and Corporate Ethics between the United States & Germany-Europe! Whom are currently “Dominating many markets in the United States!” Imapcting millions of American citizens! Here’s the proof America you’ve read it for yourselves! Wow is the United States in Trouble!

      Thought Americans should know about who owns this online business – Dropbox buys Berlin start-up Readmill – and closes it


      ARTICLE 7 – Germany Banking

      For German-Bank board members to do next raining gold

      You know: The bank must earn significantly more to keep up especially with the American competitors. But the reality is different. Especially in the trading of fixed income securities, foreign exchange and commodities, the German bank suffers more than their U.S. competitors under the weak market environment.The consequences bear not only the shareholders, but also the employees. About 500 employees in investment banking must go According to insiders.


      Even with the customer satisfaction it does not look good. Is shown by the numerous lawsuits against the bank.The Bank makes every effort to faster to draw a line under litigation. And with the Kirch heir she has actually agreed after more than ten years. But that is nowhere near the goal. Rather, the bank still has many processes at the neck.give this case some of the applicants unsightly insights into their negotiating strategy.

      BERLIN- Heinrich Arnold knows fairly well how it is with the German startup scene. He is the man for the German Telekom, the start-up landscape in mind, looking for new ideas and trends. He does this not only in this country but also in the U.S. founders Mecca Silicon Valley and Israel. When he asked what the three different countries in this field, his judgment for Germany precipitates only mediocre. “Germany often lacks ambition, fiscal than scaling” says Arnold.

      Behind the technical set hides a sobering statement about the future of the German economy: the founders lack the courage to think the big hit. Arnold is a guest at the birthday party of the German start-up funding. For 15 years, the federal government spends on its program Exist money for start-ups at colleges and universities.Celebrated since Thursday in an old transformer station in Berlin-Mitte with a congress. The progress is to be found behind the old brick walls. (HMMM?)

      Torben Schreiter has done it. As co-founder and CEO of a successful start-ups, he explains to the audience objectives and strategy of his company Signavio. The name derives from the Italian word for sign, Segnavia, from.The company now has 50 employees with headquarters in Berlin and earned his money with the modeling of business processes. The Signavio software creates maps, such as the various departments of a company engage. As Schreiter and his partners wanted to do at the University of Potsdam from their idea into a business, they helped the federal government with a start-up grant. That was five years ago.

      Today, the company also has a presence with offices in the USA and Singapore. Torben Schreiter itself was a few months in Silicon Valley.There he met the leaders of established tech firms and potential investors for breakfast. The theme alone: The product and how so money can be made.”In the U.S., one is from early to late in the sales mode. For months they repeated again and again his message, “says Schreiter. In Germany, was the subject of selling much more restrained.

      NOTE: As you read Germany-Europe does not have it’s own resources, so they are inquiring, acquiring and using United States as their money, business and corporate hubs to advance and dominate America and the world markets! Wow America Really! They are taking idea’s and strategies from hard-working American Citizens!

      Americans are very nice people, just giving away information, now as every American read are niceness has now caught up with us and it’s hurting us in the END! International countries are now using American Taxpayers to fund their start-up’s and businesses and corporate endeavors in their countries and the United States! Wow!

      Article 8 – Silicon Valley

      In the Valley get to the big show

      California has brought to him the German Silicon Valley AcceleratorStart-ups that have managed to launch, can apply for the program, to learn how they can accelerate their growth. The young entrepreneurs get an office provided and benefit from mentorship network of contacts in the industry. Also the Accelerator funded the Ministry of Economy. Located it is at the Ludwig-Maximilians-University of Munich.

      Responsible for the “accelerator” is Professor Dietmar Harhoff. Too, he considers it the greatest benefit that the founders are under pressure to advertise their idea. “Many decision makers in the IT field sitting in the United States. Around the need to reach it “there and also occur as a Silicon Valley company says Harhoff. The biggest difference to Germany is the self-confidence, is occurred in the Valley for him.”Because it’s not about saying, maybe next year we want to set up two new people. As it is, we want to be the number 1, “the professor with Harvard and MIT graduate Promotion telecom innovation boss says Arnold confirmed: Learning is the great gig in the U.S. only.



      Volkswagen struggles with “Toyota and GM” for the title of world’s biggest carmaker.The World Group produces and globally in more than 100 works.We will show you where what brands and models are emerging.(Was there a hidden agenda behind GM?)

      Audi – Belgium – Germany-Hungry

      Audi A6 – China/Germany/India

      Audi Q3 spain


      Bentley – U.K.

      Bugatto France

      Lamborghini – Italy

      porsche stagattat – germany-Slovakia

      Portugal = Alteia

      skoda – czech republic russia

      VW Argentina –

      Vw beetle – Mexico

      vw caddy – poland

      Emden – vw cc

      VW Crafter:

      Built in Ludwig Field and Dusseldorf (both commissioned in works by Daimler).

      Brazil VW

      VW jetta – china, india mexico

      Vw passat – us, grmamy india china

      VW Polo:

      Built in Anchieta (Brazil) and Kaluga (Russia) and Pamplona (Spain) and Uitenhage (South Africa) and Pune (India) and Shanghai (China)

      VW Scirocco:

      Built in Setubal in Portugal

      VW Tiguan:

      Built in Wolfsburg (Germany) and Kaluga (Russia) and Shanghai (China).

      VW Touareg:

      Built in Bratislava, Slovakia.

      VW Touran:

      Built in Wolfsburg (Germany) and Shanghai (China).


      I hope everyone see’s the looming crisis in America! Not a pretty situation for all Americans! 

      Please take the time to sign Campaign via helping to prevent Corruption in America



      Article News links from (Wall Street Journal of Germany not the U.S. don’t get them confused)  wsj: & 


      Thanks for reading, hope information is useful to all Americans, also feel free to comment! 



      Freelance Web Content Business ResearchImage Writer 




      American Citizens: Please Read and Pass on to all your Family and Friends – Save your own lives

      Please Read Along This is no JOKE!

      Brief and to the point America!

      America is urgently in danger of collapsing! Every American must read and view all attachments included in this article. There are a series of events currently and rapidly happening in America! CABIRI, has personally found due to a medical- device that almost took the founders life! Who decided to start CABIRI, due to the medical nightmare which she was hospitalized an entire year! The founder started researching who, what, when and how her life was almost taken from her, and why she lost everything she ever owned due too a trauma she didn’t see coming, as a healthy ex-athlete, professional prior corporate individual, and before her medical trauma a prior small business owner! Please see below Bayer Healthcare of Germany and all their economical subsidiaries killing and impacting American families, via sterilization and Cancer & Death’s!

      The founder has always previously, dedicated her life in helping all human beings in need to the best of her capabilities, even going through her own personal struggles in life. Many of the founders family, friends and business colleagues who’ve come across her respects opinions, well-rounded business knowledge, and she also happens to be very well-travelled locally and internationally. She is known as a blunt, compassionate, “Truth Seeker”, who believes in protecting human beings. No matter if their young, old, child or of; any nationality that may be caused “Unnecessary Harm”!

      All American’s are in jeopardy! So please listen, learn, and spread the word! CABIRI has found the disturbing truth! In researching CABIRI, has found very frightening things that we’ve been trying to communicate to all American Citizens of the United States which all holds very true, you can do your own research, below links will help you see the light!

      Actually, many Americans and news reporters, journalists, book authors, and Tv programmers, have been trying to tell American citizens. America is in danger! All  American or international leaders who the have guts to stand up and fight for human lives must react now to what’s occurring in America and globally! A world take over is looming and the American dollar is quickly diminishing. Which means all Americans will suffer, What if all of a sudden you can’t use the American dollar anymore, what are you going to do how are you going to feed your family and supply the economical resources you need to survive?

      An American economical warfare has been looming for the past decade and is now showing it’s “Ugly Head” in the United States! Every naturalized American citizens must watch all below video’s, the series of events are happening behind closed doors and many citizens are trying to tell all American Citizens. PLEASE Wake UP! America is truly in trouble, and all American’s must become one nation under whatever god you choose to represent to save you and your family. The “Eugenics Theory” is alive and prevalent in America!

      Top Big American international corporations and countries have now brought America to it’s knee’s and every American citizen are now suffering or will suffer, including your children. Please do not take this information for granted, for it’s very true and real and everyone needs to stand up and listen to what is being communicated and shown to you!

      This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, if you do nothing every American family will be hit harder than you could ever have possible imagined, with things you never thought could happen in this day and age!

      Just as CABIRI’s founder never imagined she’d be hospitalized an entire year on/off all due to a faulty medical device that gave her a life-threatening disease, and had her in pre-cancer stages, the device was distributed by several merging international non American friendly countries, which dates back to World I and World II, and many of these countries have infiltrated American Economical Markets, Governments, Businesses, and have hidden agendas in America to bring it down. They’ve even had their own private international meetings excluding America! So what does that tell you! Germany Russia, China, U.K., Europe, Japan and many more including the middle-eastern countries are have been plotting against America!

      They are winning big economically here in America and are privately taking American lives via “Big Pharma” to depopulate American citizens by Eugenics Theory!

      There also are many other forms of current events that have occurred in America, these events aren’t just occurring for no reason, this is all the impacts of decades of planned out plots, you can view some @ and, please take the time to read and pass along, it’s very urgent for every American to communicate this information, this is no joke, we all must save one another in America, if you care about your life and your families lives you will do something to help or contribute to your country and help save your children’s future in America.

      CABIRI, has effortlessly been reporting, American Economical Warfare since November 2013, after stumbling across the hidden conspiracies and corruption occurring in America by International countries, via the pharmaceutical industry, and many other numerous industries in America, which have been brewing for over a decade, and now has hit American borders!

      If your wondering why you or your family are struggling, or why a family member has suddenly become sick with cancer or any other unexpected medical trauma, you need to start clicking on all the links below and get educated of what’s occurring in your country! Also, please understand this does not matter if your rich or poor, you are a American. The collapse coming will hit all Americans from every angle you will be in the “Cross-Fire”, you are not immune to a country disaster, police state, communism, or no way to spend your American dollar, or being stricken from a disease, or anything else these international Top American business owners and conspirators see fit in harming the United State’s and it’s citizens taking control, and collapsing the American government, Wall Street, Banks and Businesses!

      Please take this seriously, again this is no time to sit back and say “Yea Right” – What a bunch of Bull”! Many American citizens will not be saying this when everything in America comes crumbling down right in front of you! Then what are you going to do, will you be the American citizen who say’s “I could of, would of, or should of done something? By that time it may be too late for you and your family!

      It’s here and real, getting worse day by day, so please take heed NOW! Do something NOW! We do not have time to waste this is why CABIRI, is reporting to all America, so everyone can start taking action to protect their precious families and assets. America needs leaders to stand up and start helping too save America! America needs their own “Private Non-Governmental Defense Team” to battle what’s coming and figure out a game plan to stop these, “Greedy international and U.S. Government conspirators,” from taking over United States and collapsing America, leaving it’s citizens in a “Great Depression!” Or even thrown into communist camps!

      Note: The “Eugenics Theory,” was put in place by “Adolph Hitler” of Germany and explains it all, and there is no time to waste, so don’t take this lightly, or you, your family, kids and grandchildren will soon suffer, it’s all to go down this year in 2014, according to many you will view in the below video’s the collapse is coming sooner than later! Please pass this on get onboard, communicate to all who matter, most importantly start preparing to save and protect your family, to what is to come in the American Economical Warfare Collapse.

      Take your money out of the banks, or you will not have any, go back to the olden days, protect your assets and your personal family interests before they are stripped away from you! Pay Cash it’s FAST! Many international countries are paying cash for all of America’s economical resources and business, to fly below the U.S. Government Radar! Also their inter-country international mergers in America are horrific they are selling American businesses to other international countries like “HOT CAKES!” Leaving America even more WEAK and citizens jobless and homeless!


      Glen Beck Warns Economic Implosion Coming
      The Most Important Day in America in 50 Years – July 1st, 2014 – World Bank Whistleblower ***Exposes All*** (Pt.1) – The British Banking Conspiracy Part 2 – America, Israel and The Federal Reserve (9/11) – U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way) – AMerican Economic Collapse 2014 – Peter Schiff – Jesse Ventura America Economic Collapse Coming 2014 Martial Law! – AMERICA ON THE BRINK 2014 – HARVARD Economist Predicts USD COLLAPSE Will Occur 2014 – Time Running Out For AMERICA – PLANNED GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2014

      – America’s Depression Looming – Home insulation scheme’s speedy rollout was ‘insane and unsafe’ Ukraine aid bill clears Senate hurdle after Republicans drop resistance to IMF loans

      Lawmaker Accuses GM of “Criminally Deceiving” the Gov’t – Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries, cuts bonuses across the board

      Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries, cuts bonuses across the board

      Politicians add fuel to the firestorm over Gilead’s hep C drug pricing

      The top 10 pharma companies by 2013 revenue

      Humira –

      Cost watchdogs demand efficacy data on new Bayer CANCER DRUGS

      With Big 5, Bayer aims for 8% annual pharma growth through 2016
      Aiming for big growth in top 5 meds, Bayer will stake an extra $600M on marketing, R&D
      New drugs in hand, Bayer’s pharma sales leap ahead
      With a sweetened $2.9B bid, Bayer nabs its Xofigo partner, Algeta

      AbbVie CEO’s pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff’s first solo year

      AbbVie CEO’s pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff’s first solo year – FiercePharma – BE AWARE CONNECTED TO INERNATIONAL BIG PHARMA CULPRITS!!!!

      In latest marketing-reform move, GSK recruits in-house doctors to speak for products –

      Gilead’s hot-selling Sovaldi draws more patent attacks – – INTERNATIONALLY OWNED!

      Sanofi reportedly jumps into $12B race for Merck’s consumer unit

      UPDATED: J&J releases more Doxil, its popular cancer med that has been dogged by supply issues

      UPDATED: J&J releases more Doxil, its popular CANCER med that has been dogged by supply issues – FiercePharma

      Toothpaste factory line or F1 racetrack? McLaren revs up Glaxo’s production –

      Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker

      Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker – FiercePharma – AMERICAN’S TAX PAYING DOLLARS GOING INTERNATIONAL!!


      Are you seeking Current Economical Warfare Information Impacting America

      Anyone seeking Information pertaining to the current Economical Warfare in America the government is not telling you?

      Contact CABIRI, our Business monitoring organization has vital information pertaining to:

      (Current West Virginia Water Spill Conspiracy) & (H1N1 Pandemic) – Culprits

      Pharmaceutical Industries – Energy/Oil – Water – Agriculture – Biotech – Health – Legislative – International – Governmental 

      National Security – Health – Businesses – Foundations – Consumer Products

      Image  Protect your families

      Please email contact information to 

      Pharmaceutical vs Agriculture – Monsanto vs Bayer AG – Business Research & Investigation Sample


      Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Business Industry Connections with no governmental monitoring there are several international business industry owners who seem to be “Keeping it in the family!”

       Many consumers may not know that U.S. German Bayer AG (Holding Company) entered a series of cross-licensing agreements with Monsanto in the early part of 2013. This would make Monsanto a German based business not American! With the cross-licensing agreement Bayer AG (Headquartered in Germany), Limited company Bayer Crop Science will acquire the business aspects of Monsanto and it’s subsidiary a independent German family owned business, KWS SAAT AG.


      Industries: Chemical, Agriculture, Biotechnology


      Crops, Laundry Detergents, Pesticides, GM Food, Insecticides, GM Seeds, Led (light emitting diodes), DDT, Agent Orange, Synthetic Fibers, Herbicides, Bt Cotton (India), Cotton (Acquired by Bayer AG. U.S.) Gm Plants, Sulfuric Acid, Polyurethanes, Acetic Acid, AstroTurf, rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone), Nucleus Herds, & Industrial Bio-Testing, Plant Biotechnology, Pig Genetics, Semen, Nuclear Weapons, Various Pharmaceutical Drugs (Celebrex – L-dopa),Chiral Compounds, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), RoundUp Ready Alfalfa (RRA), Bollgard I Cotton and



      Partnerships – Mergers & Affiliations

      Major Corporations & Privately Owned Businesses

      Newsham Genetics – UK & U.S.

      Grimaud, Bucolica Bv ( Netherlands financial group holds majority interest in Newsham)

      Rattle Row Seghers – European formerly know as; Seghers Genectics NV – (Belgium)

      RA – SE Genetics & Elita Ltd. – Ukraine

      D & F Afxentiou – Belgium

      Syngenta – Switzerland


      United States & Global Affiliations

      BASF – Dow – Dupont – Mobay – Mound Laboratories – Cargill Seeds – NutraSweet- Pfizer – Americot – Climate Corp. – Seminis – De Ruiter Seeds – Dutch – Hoescht AG – I.G. Farben – Bayer Ag – Bayer Cropscience – Aventis – Solutia Inc., Asgrow

      Agracetus – Calgene – Pharmacia – UpJohn – Emergent Genetics, Unilever, – Nexgen – Delta & Pine Ltd – Genetec – Dekalb Genetics, Climate Corp., Phytogen – Holden Foundation. Numerous GMO patents held by BAYER, BASF & MONSANTO!



      Farming Suicides

      Anti – Trust

      Environmental Damage

      Chemical Waste Leakages

      Patent Violations Lawsuits

      Unauthorized Genetically Modified Organisms

      Various Drug Health Risks

      Scientific Misconduct

      Seed Piracy Labor (India)

      False Advertising – Bee Killings ( Pesticides-Herbicides)

      Various U.S. & Top High Profile Political Agents & Agencies Monsanto Supporters

      Defending Farmer Lawsuits against U.S. Farmers for GM Seeds


      Bayer Crop science GM Patents: Maize, wheat, rice, barley, soy, cotton, sugar beet, rape, potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, grapes – the list of transgenic plants & Many more not listed


      Monsanto Global Concerns: – United States, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, India, China, Europe, Haiti, Australia, and Spain


      In 2008, the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), initiated by the United Nations and the World Bank warned that research and dissemination of knowledge is being restricted by the increasing registration of patents. Especially in developing countries this would prevent locally adapted agricultural practices contributing to food security and economic sustainability.


      CABIRI-Consumer Advocacy Consumer Research & Investigations –

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      Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations – CABIRI


      Industry: Pharmaceutical & Agriculture News
      Business: Bayer AG – Monsanto

      Business information this week will be advertised freely, all information after December 20th, 2013 will be based upon consumer request. The format will be a power point news presentation for easy viewing and convenience to review important business investigations & research news pertaining to the specific corporation or industry request. Information is for consumer corporation business knowledge operating in the United States and Abroad!


      Current Highlight – Germany Agricultural and Pharmaceutical Business Industry Connection

       Many government agencies has somehow missed the boat, by not overseeing mergers and business purchases made by corporations and private businesses. With no governmental monitoring there are several international business industry owners who seem to be “Keeping it in the family!”

        Many consumers may not know that U.S. German Bayer AG (Holding Company) entered a series of cross-licensing agreements with Monsanto in the early part of 2013.  This would make Monsanto a German based business not American! With the cross-licensing agreement Bayer AG (Headquartered in Germany), Limited company Bayer Crop Science will acquire the business aspects of Monsanto and it’s subsidiary a independent German family owned business, KWS SAAT AG.  See Below Diagram


      Global Business Industry Impact

      Monsanto – Global Industry Impacts


      Industries: Chemical, Agriculture, Biotechnology


      Controlling Markets:

      Crops, Laundry Detergents, Pesticides, GM Food, Insecticides, GM Seeds, Led (light emitting diodes), DDT, Agent Orange, Synthetic Fibers, Herbicides, Bt Cotton (India), Cotton (Acquired by Bayer AG. U.S.) Gm Plants, Sulfuric Acid, Polyurethanes, Acetic Acid, AstroTurf, rBGH (Bovine Growth Hormone),  Nucleus Herds, & Industrial Bio-Testing, Plant Biotechnology, Pig Genetics, Semen, Nuclear Weapons, Various Pharmaceutical Drugs (Celebrex – L-dopa),Chiral Compounds, Polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), RoundUp Ready Alfalfa (RRA), Bollgard I Cotton and Many more not listed


      Monsanto Sold Markets:

      Animal Genetics Sold – (2009) U.S. (Privately Held) Newsham Genetics  – Swine Genetics

      Subsidiary of: Group Grimaude (France) – Multispecies Genetics Supplier largest in North America

      Cotton Division Sold – (2009) Partner Bayer Crop Science –  (Subgroup of Bayer AG of Germany)



      Partnerships – Mergers & Affiliations


      Major Corporations & Privately Owned Businesses

      Newsham Genetics – UK & U.S.

      Grimaud, Bucolica Bv ( Netherlands financial group holds majority interest in Newsham)

      Rattle Row Seghers – European formerly know as; Seghers Genectics NV – (Belgium)

      RA – SE Genetics & Elita Ltd. – Ukraine 

      D & F Afxentiou – Belgium

      Syngenta – Switzerland

      Many international business partners: Europe, India, China, Ukraine, Belgium, Switzerland & Canada


      United States & Global Affiliations

      BASF – Dow – Dupont – Mobay – Mound Laboratories – Cargill Seeds – NutraSweet

      Pfizer – Americot – Climate Corp. – Seminis – De Ruiter Seeds – Dutch – Hoescht AG

      I.G. Farben – Bayer Ag – Bayer Cropscience – Aventis – Solutia Inc., Asgrow

      Agracetus – Calgene – Pharmacia – UpJohn – Emergent Genetics, Unilever,

      Nexgen – Delta & Pine Ltd – Genetec – Dekalb Genetics, Climate Corp., Phytogen and

      Holden Foundation. Numerous GMO patents held by BAYER, BASF & MONSANTO!

      Financial Reports can be requested – Cash Value Paid at 3 to 4x’s FMV for many businesses!


      Business Issue’s & Concerns

      Farming Suicides – False Advertising

      Anti – Trust – Generally Modified Corn, Soy Beans, Beets, Wheat, Potato, etc.,

      Environmental Damage – Global Protest

      Chemical Waste Leakages – Contamination

      Patent Violations (Terminator, Patent Swaps) & Lawsuits- Dioxin & Toxic Chemical Spills

      Unauthorized Genetically Modified Organisms – Pollution

      Deregulations – Various Drug Health Risks

      Scientific Misconduct and Fraud – Highly Toxic Fungicides – Maxium or Thirum

      Seed Piracy – Crop Failures – Seed Production Child Labor (India)

      False Advertising – Bee Killings ( Pesticides-Herbicides) 

      Various U.S. & Top High Profile Political Agents & Agencies Monsanto Supporters

      Defending Farmer Lawsuits against U.S. Farmers for GM Seeds


      Bayer Crop science GM Patents: Maize, wheat, rice, barley, soy, cotton, sugar beet, rape, potatoes, tobacco, tomatoes, grapes – the list of transgenic plants & Many more not listed


      Monsanto Global Concerns: – United States, Argentina, Canada, Brazil, India, China, Europe, Haiti, Australia, and Spain


      In 2008, the International Assessment of Agricultural Science and Technology for Development (IAASTD), initiated by the United Nations and the World Bank warned that research and dissemination of knowledge is being restricted by the increasing registration of patents. Especially in developing countries this would prevent locally adapted agricultural practices contributing to food security and economic sustainability.


      Thank you for viewing 

        ImageEnd of Report

      News By Power Point & Consumer Client Services Negligence – Coming Soon!!



      Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations

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      Snowden Is Wrong! United States Has Been Spied on For Decades

      Eric Snowden international links against the United States

       December 18, 2013

      Centruries of Spying on  America

      Just as Eric Snowden, it’s time Consumer Business Industry research and investigative report some crucial facts.  Mr. Snowden happens to be way off base, with his United States spy allegations. It happens to be, the other way around and has been for several decades since World War I & II where many countries have tried to re-gain access to U.S. markets due to previous business assets being seized in the 1900’s by prior U.S. government officials.  United States, is possibly being targeted for previous war reparation pay backs concerning U.S., bombings, deaths and Non – U.S. imprisonments.

      The goal of many international countries is to take control of the United States, their Strategy has been to kill American people with kindness and money to gain trust for business relations, trust of top government officials for political reasoning’s, and infiltrate The U.S. job markets to learn and own U.S. businesses. Specific international countries based in the U.S. are accomplishing their goal, while impacting America’s government, Businesses, American lives and major vital economic resources! Just as Snowden stated the U.S. is spying, well there’s proof proving several countries have been spying on The United States as well and there’s proof of their brilliant strategies in how they’ve been able to dominate the United States and global business markets, and many Other industries they have control over. Many of them are trying to reach a Free Trade Deal with the United States, which is the worse thing U.S. could do spying will get worse!

      Snowden’s new international BFF’s

      Eric Snowden, may perhaps be one of the top NSA officials Russia and Germany sought out to gain United States intelligence information before the leakage, or maybe gave him a nice bonus to follow through with getting the intelligence in exchange for his current protection or maybe he was coerced into taking a bribe to leak and acquire United States intelligence information. It’s extremely strange Russia is protecting Snowden from the U.S., along with Germany, who traveled to Russia to speak directly with Snowden about the U.S. leaks, spy information, and his asylum. Could the NSA and Interpol possibly be the culprit’s behind United States current conspiracies?

      The U.S. Interpol has the top United States foreign pharmaceutical companies as their sponsors, which some pharmaceutical and biotech companies happen to be top U.S. Foreign corporations based and operated, in their home countries while collaborating with their U.S. based business and subsidiaries.  

      No Stopping Now

      CABIRI, has been on a personal crusade for months trying to communicate findings just as Snowden, although his information is very contradictory to our research and Investigations. It’s not America Doing the Spying it’s the other way around Snowden, several foreign countries have been spying on America, for DECADES if you would of Done proper due diligence and know about American History you could have figured that out, you didn’t need a high-profile government job to figure out what you and your New BFF’s are doing here in America!  Sadly, Snowden is being used as a pawn to their Madness due to his top level NSA government position held, or they could have given Snowden a handsome financial bribe?

      Sorry Snowden you fell for the trap you will be disappointed when all the true Facts come to light about the same countries you think Have your back! I’m wondering if Snowden has a new job in Russia, Who’s paying for his living expenses, like food, shelter, and clothing? Or does he Have lots of bribery Money left from his, United States intelligence leaks? Poor Snowden didn’t realize, prior decades of demons still living want revenge for past crimes and wars, not associated With today’s society. Snowden and the international business owners fail to realize American citizens will do what is necessary for their country when it comes down to America’s safety and well-being.

       Another interesting factor is why would Russia put up missiles? Is it just because, or is it due to Snowden’s information, or a guilty conscience. Well it really doesn’t matter at This point, the time has come for these countries to stop, the hidden agenda’s, corruption practices and bribery they’ve been indiscreetly pursuing the past several decades by Infiltrating and entering specific United States business markets. Snowden is not alone in his intelligence; other professionals in America have caught onto how these International countries are endangering American lives and humanity globally.  

      Decades of business corruption

      Many people are unaware spying and corruption has been going on for decades, many international countries do not have access or privy to the education or economical resources of America. Any Invitation or opportunity to leave their country for a better life or education they jump at the chance to live or work in the United States.These actions have become a large financial strain on the United States, and its citizens. Many Americans currently are homeless and unemployed and have no wear to go!

      The American elderly, Business professionals, teen-aged children have no jobs, College graduates are unable to locate a decent job after college graduation, or they can no Longer afford their College tuition’s, all of these factors fall back onto the American baby boomer class who somehow has to pick up the slack affecting all American Households.

      Furthermore, international corrupt business problems occurred in the United States long before Eric Snowden, if you know anything about American History. The problem  is, it’s all becoming publicly known sadly history may be repeating itself and the international dilemmas must be addressed once again by the United States American Government. There is something definitely suspicious about all the foreign U.S. business links, who own numerous United States businesses with governmental, community And international connections. Quietly foreign countries have partnered together for a United States Economical Alliance, although some countries may have shown some resilience their seems to be international economical business partnerships, in the UK, Europe, Germany, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, China, Israel, and Iraq. All of these countries have something to gain by residing or owning a Business in the United States, many own U.S. private companies and foundations  Where they can carry out hidden agenda’s, and conspiracies against America. Let’s not forget being in control of all their business practices, employment, assets, financial Transactions and governmental reporting.

       Many foreign companies and their counter partners have mastered the way into infiltrating all U.S. markets and winning big! Although many international countries used the American dollar and citizens over a long period of time as a huge crutch! Many Americas helped get them to their foreign countries current wealthy status. This may have Back fired on the United States now their profits and knowledge gained is being used against America and its citizens, they have too much power in our country! Why is that? Could it be political involvement to get what they want in America?

       With temporary work-visa’s, company purchases, and employment (top and low profile), internationalist have been able to gain access to many U.S. markets, which has allowed them to learn more about  American people, top government officials, agencies & programs, the United States judicial system, Health facilities, Biotech,Pharmaceutical, Law firms and many other important economical markets. 

      They’ve gained entrance into many United States colleges and programs where foreign residents with no hard work or U.S. government stipulations can enter into United State’s colleges, giving them access to Gain more lucrative knowledge to become, private United States spy intelligence citizens reporting back to their base country. Its funny too see many foreign U.S. residents residing in the United States for long periods of time and can’t speak a lick of English and use their American schooled children to translate for them, even though if you visit their home country a United States citizen must learn their Language and abide by all their countries rules and regulations. Why is it so different in America, why do we bow down to foreign countries and their citizens and feel the Desire to accommodate other countries and their families; America is in debt trillions of dollars we can’t afford anymore economical burdens.

       United States Broken System

      The American Dream has been violated by many foreign nationals and their greed, which has now turned the United State’s into a pool of foreign sharks, taking away from and Hurting American households. In the midst of the new current turmoil, how will the United States protect American citizens when many of these foreign nationals hold High Ranking positions in the United States political arena’s such as NSA and Interpol, which are top U.S. governmental agencies who are responsible for protecting American Citizens from foreign predators.

       The system of the United States is truly broken, along with the trust of the American citizens’ protection, health and well-being. Does the U.S. government really know how Many internationalists are currently working within the United States political parties or top governmental agencies, providing vital American intelligence to their home Countries? Let’s not forget to mention the many private businesses, corporations, hedge funds, and foundations currently owned by foreign citizens residing in the United States. The U.S. government should be aware of how many international business owners who are currently in the United States with or without a work visa, this Type of information should be publicly communicated to the American people for their fair chance in becoming an American business owner. Many foreign nationals are Utilizing their American knowledge gained by adopting U.S. business practices, by means of owning and working in several U.S. business markets, which many of these U.S. Business international owners work directly with their home countries business associates and corporate headquarters reporting more U.S. intelligence.   

      Friends Till The End

       Eric Snowden made a perfect statement, “Friends who back together stay together,” the statement is definitely politically correct the same quote applies to international U.S. Business owners an American quote would be “Keeping it in the family,” currently there are many countries and Non-American business owners working together Impacting every business industry in the United States. Whatever market you can think of off the top of your head, is the market foreign nationals are working in the United States.  With the new international business owners this has triggered increased corporate corruption, and lawsuits with the U.S. Government, Pharmaceutical and many Health Agencies, Judicial System, Biotech, Consumer Goods, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientist, Agriculture, many more. Now somehow the U.S. government must take back control of our country from top foreign corporate business owners and put American businesses back into the hands of the American people.

       It’s OK to want to work with America or visit, although the line should be drawn; American businesses should not be allowed, in the hands of foreign money hungry Business professionals, making astronomical profits to eventually leave American citizens and their families with nothing. Many American families are being subjected to International private business practices, we are not aware of, every country and culture is completely different in many ways which includes business practices, safety and Corporate structure. Recently Americans have been affected with life-threatening diseases, Cancer deaths and illnesses, Tainted blood, addictive drugs and life threatening Prescription drugs, High Health Care costs (Not Obama related), Job Losses (due to foreign company U.S. business control), Food Borne illnesses, Severe and life-Threatening and deadly Women’s Health Issue’s due to counterfeit and faulty toxic Recycled contraceptives and birth control, Chemical issues, Non-U.S. business ownership, higher tuition fee’s, hacking, spying, espionage, bribes, political bribery on corporate and judicial levels, Security Breach, Agricultural, Anti-Trust, GMO protest, reduction in American citizen’s governmental assistance programs (Note: Foreign nationals do not pay taxes – which means American citizens pick up the tab), Americans are financing Internationally owned businesses, supporting numerous undocumented families using American citizen’s governmental benefits which should go to The American people of The United States! 

      A History of Spying to gain control

      There is much more information to be told, the time has come for America to start speaking out for their country and American citizens!  The global spying and bickering has To stop, everyone is a Human being and deserves a life of peace, health, happiness and prosperity, no matter what country they reside in! The United States and foreign leaders knows, there is no way in the world a United States citizen or citizens could go over to their country and do any of the shenanigans they are allowed to get away with in the United States! When visiting another country you can not do anything out of the ordinary without being closely monitored by their government officials, so why do foreign visitors think they can just come to the United States and get a free pass to do as they please?

        Many foreigners are not bad many have good hearts and are friendly human beings, and many mean no harm just as many Americans mean no harm to them. Unfortunately, Decades of previous history of business and territory quarrels and issue’s with other Non-American friendly countries happens to be impacting the new generations, possibly due too older generations still holding high political positions and are stuck in the past and may have hidden agenda’s, for previous war reparations. The past should remain in the past and all must move forward, this does not mean foreign countries can take over United States with their Money, bribery, business ownership, spying, lawsuits, or many other Business illegalities. Many countries have learned to dominate the United States gaining control over U.S. vital economical Business Markets while working with their co-Conspirators in their home countries, impacting every American life. The United State’s has now been compromised, and does not look good for America.

      Many foreign nationals currently reside in America and many more are illegally finding ways to sneak into the United States via highways, planes, waterways, borders. Many of them have no temporary work visas or their visa has expired and undocumented.

      Helping America – Stop International Market Control

      Many Americans may not know foreign nationals, if asked the majority of them plan on moving back to their home country after there American work experience and college Education is over Many of them do not like the United States and prefer their home countries. So why come here and take away from American families if you don’t plan on Staying? Why waste our time? Americans should See it’s all a international game and a ploy to gain American knowledge that may be forced upon them by their home Countries, which some have communist leadership. Their main goal and purpose is to learn the American way and achieve a great education and business trade. Many foreign national predators and their linkages have taken a toll on our families, now is the time to stop them from dominating American and global businesses.

      Consumer advocacy business Industry research and investigations will keep Americans alert on all corrupt illegal foreign impacts the U.S. government and agencies do not want the Public to know, which every American deserves to know if their life is currently at risk; and which corporations are putting it at risk. There are very serious life-threatening Dilemma’s currently on American soil and MUST be addressed by the United States government, and this does not include top foreign nationals working with or within The United States Government or its agencies.

       CABIRI, will speak up and tell the real truth and facts relating to foreign national business industry research and investigations. Snowden stated in a letter he could provide proof of all the United States spy dealings, the boat rocks both ways America has proof your counter partners are doing very bad things in America and globally and all their Illegalities and corruption will soon be exposed, in a matter of time! 

       United States has an economical foreign take-over crisis, that’s hurting and impacting all American citizens. America must learn too stand up and utilize freedom of speech it’s Your right! Demand your U.S. government speak up and tell the truth, demand answers, demand permanent fixes, demand to know how many American citizens own Businesses opposed to foreign U.S. business owners and demand international laws be changed to benefit American families, which doesn’t include International family’s or  Additional family members with work visas. There is much more untold information America, CAIBIRI will report and provide private research business information to all American citizens being affected by international Corporations their Subsidiaries or its affiliates.

       CABIRI, will help fight American born citizens rights, and demand the U.S. government put stricter rules in place for American citizens, foreign visitors are not equal to Americans, America is for the American people not Internationals! Our goal is to extend Citizen Protection globally no matter what country protecting ALL Human Rights!


      Final Special note: Several U.S. top international pharmaceutical & Agriculture companies are supplying Americans with various drugs and food from foreign countries, which do not have human lives Best interest at heart, the only interest they have is their bottom line profits from American citizens and their North American corporation’s business Profits. While owning and operating these Top companies they can funnel money back to their home country or continue to purchase many more American Businesses in cash making their country wealthy and driving America deeper into the poor house.

      Consumer Tips: For all who want too blame Obama he was not in office decades ago, the current U.S. international issue’s go deep beyond our current president, the problems reach back to the 1900’s is coming back to bite US! Too bad they will be stopped in their tracks when the real truth comes out!

      Be aware of products and services – Sometimes things aren’t what they appear TO BE!Image 


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