Political Bureaucracy Violating U.S. Citizens Required Humanitarian Needs

The U.S. Government, International Corporate Business Owners are concerned with Only $$$$$$$$

Humanitarian Right’s Violations –  Against “Chronically Homeless Medically Ill Citizens” 


It’s hard in this day in age, to really believe a word that comes out of any of our politicians mouths. There’s so much corruption in the U.S. Government, Federal Agencies, Corporations, Organizations, Wall Street, IMF, Technology, Agriculture, Environmental Industry, Judicial and Healthcare systems, it’s ridiculous there is no trust or honesty anywhere in our Federal Government leaders. It’s time for all Americans to come to a realization that the United States is a “Socio-Economic Disaster Area” that must be fixed immediately, for the good of the American people!

Recently, our research consisted of investigating the crisis into America’s ‘ Chronic Homeless Epidemic’ the U.S. Government is keeping hidden, boosting economic growth, and unemployment numbers which are fallacies. These higher ups are living in their million dollar “Bubbles” and making “Deadly Decisions for the American people or lack thereof; and these Government officials have the slightest clue about the “Real world humanitarian nightmare” millions of Middle-Income, and Poor Citizens are experiencing on the “Lower Economic Level!’

Does anyone not realize what goes on in the dark always comes to light. Sometimes all it takes is ‘A Voice, real world experience’s, education and plain common sense’ to figure out there’s a serious problem in our society.

“When speaking with,” Federal, State and local government representatives, about the medically ill and other disabled, elderly citizens whom are currently chronically homeless in a the United States for periods between 1 – 3yrs. It was disturbing to find out there’s no help for citizens of the United States in need of desperate economical help. The age ranges of the “Chronic Homeless Epidemic,” in the U.S. varies from the elderly, middle-aged, and children.

“Many citizens as well as myself,” are frustrated with the U.S. Federal Government leaders who’s allowing ‘Political Bureaucracy” to stand in the way of saving human lives in America! These entities don’t realize good standing ‘American Citizens’ who previously worked hard paid their  taxes faithfully, are also being denied any help or support if they become chronically homeless due to a sudden medical or non-medical illnesses. What are U.S. citizens paying taxes for?

The more frustrating part comes into play, when you try contacting these agencies for any help. Here’s some barriers you’ll  face when you contact any agency on the Federal, State or Local government levels. You’ll have a hard time getting insurance if your medically ill and unemployed, You’ll be unable to seek proper medical treatment due to being uninsured, You’ll be subjected to taking radiation treatments for your cancer while living in a hotel and you can’t afford it, You’ll need multiple surgeries and living in hotel and can’t afford it, You’ll apply for SSI/Disability 2 – 3x and be “Denied” although you’ve given the Social Security Administration medical, doctor, and homeless certificate proof, You’ll be denied rental assistance HUD, Public Housing, on State/Local levels due to lack of State/Local funding and 3yr. housing waiting lists, You’ll be discharged from multiple hospitals homeless and medically ill, You’ll find your State/Local/and Non-Profit Organizations do not have any resources available for medically disabled citizens, including Veterans, You’ll find your Emergency Hotline for local citizens doesn’t have any current homeless referrals due to again, lack of funding.

“When investigating we also found,” when you contact Federal/State/Local Government agencies you’ll be put into a “Whirl-Pool’ of transferred “Non-helpful phone calls,” which your lucky if you get a call back or a email response. You’ll be given multiple contact numbers on the “Federal level” for the State and Local Community level, which also are all dead end phone calls, each blaming the United States Economic problems on one another. It gets better America “No agency” on any level will accept responsibility for the “Broken” Public Assistance Programs in the United States all American Citizens require for their family’s basic “Humanitarian Needs!”

If people of the United States are “Chronically Homeless” this distinctively means basic humanitarian needs are not being met for the American people. Which is a direct violation of our “Constitutional rights.” The right to health encompasses not only health care but also the underlying determinants of health such as adequate sanitation and safe drinking water and adequate housing!

The right to health is “an inclusive right extending not only to timely and appropriate health care but also to the underlying determinants of health, such as access to safe and potable water and adequate sanitation, an adequate supply of safe food, nutrition and housing, healthy occupational and environmental conditions, and access to health-related education and information” – Committee on Economic, Social and Cultural Rights– http://www.ohchr.org/EN/Issues/ESCR/Pages/Health.aspx

The right to have your health intersects with many issues, including Disease, Disability, Job Loss, Housing and Financial stability. If a citizens health is failing and they aren’t being provided basic “Humanitarian Needs” (Required By Law), this makes it virtually impossible for a human being to live a normal life which is a direct violation of there ‘Human Rights!’

The Federal/State/Local Agencies are denying millions of United States Citizens there basic ‘Humanitarian Needs’ to live a normal healthy safe life. If citizens of ‘America’ getting their basic humanitarian needs met! It’s time for immediate “Government Action” or “Immediate U.S. Citizens Action” –  Against Federal, State and Local Governments for not providing citizens with basic “Humanitarian” needs!

Per the United Nations State’s and Governments are to adhere to the following “Humanitarian Needs For All Citizens”

United States Human Rights Violations Against The American People
United States Human Rights Violations Against The American People

What are human rights?

Human rights are rights inherent to all human beings, whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, colour, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equally entitled to our human rights without discrimination. These rights are all interrelated, interdependent and indivisible.

Universal human rights are often expressed and guaranteed by law, in the forms of treaties, customary international law , general principles and other sources of international law. International human rights law lays down obligations of Governments to act in certain ways or to refrain from certain acts, in order to promote and protect human rights and fundamental freedoms of individuals or groups.

Interdependent and indivisible

All human rights are indivisible, whether they are civil and political rights, such as the right to life, equality before the law and freedom of expression; economic, social and cultural rights, such as the rights to work, social security and education , or collective rights, such as the rights to development and self-determination, are indivisible, interrelated and interdependent. The improvement of one right facilitates advancement of the others. Likewise, the deprivation of one right adversely affects the others.

Both Rights and Obligations

Human rights entail both rights and obligations. States assume obligations and duties under international law to respect, to protect and to fulfil human rights. The obligation to respect means that States must refrain from interfering with or curtailing the enjoyment of human rights. The obligation to protect requires States to protect individuals and groups against human rights abuses. The obligation to fulfill means that States must take positive action to facilitate the enjoyment of basic human rights. At the individual level, while we are entitled our human rights, we should also respect the human rights of others.

America, there is no help or support in the United State’s so it’s up to the American people to demand our Humanitarian Rights for our Family’s safe, health and well-being! We must ensure all basic humanitarian needs are being met whatever our nationality, place of residence, sex, national or ethnic origin, color, religion, language, or any other status. We are all equal, bleed red blood, and entitled to our human rights without discrimination or unfair treatment due to “Political Bureaucracy.”

Thank you for taking the time to read! Check Out: http://www.consumer2savlives.com view ‘CABIRI’s “Luv Thy Neighbor project” that will help bring your local community organizations, churches and citizens together which will ensure all community citizens basic needs are being met, leaving no family behind.

* America maybe it’s time for the ‘American People’ to request adjustments in the U.S. Government laws! As per our prior “Fore Fathers” if the United States Government is not working for the American people, the people have the authority and power to make changes! Although, in this day and age American citizens will face “Military Style Police Resistance” for fighting for basic “Human Rights!”

Political Solution: What if politicians and government leaders were required to live in the “Real World” for a period of 6 months to a year before they can run for office. It’s important for Political leaders to get a taste of what it’s like to live a normal life without wealth. Maybe this will help ‘Leaders’ become more compassionate about another human life, and it also may help them understand what it’s like to live as a regular white-collar or blue-collar citizen. The “Real World” stipulation will ensure all elected officials will be working hard for the American people not “Corporations” or to line their own “Pockets.”


Freelance Business Research For America


America not immune to human rights violations – http://www.vanguardngr.com/2014/09/america-immune-human-rights-violations/


UN Condemns America on Human Rights’ Violations – http://thesovereigninvestor.com/asset-protection/un-condemns-america-human-rights-violations/

Uncle Sam is Driving Americans to Let Go of Their Citizenship – http://thesovereigninvestor.com/asset-protection/expatriate-taxation-laws-driving-americans-let-go-citizenship/

WORLD REPORT 2014 – http://www.hrw.org/world-report/2014/country-chapters/united-states

Florida Corruption = Rick Scott & Leaders

Palm Beach County System Flaws

1. Lack of Homeless Shelters Rehabilitation Assistance Programs for Women & Children – 10yr. Homeless Program Adopted by Palm Beach County – No return phone calls lack of shelter, funding etc. W.P.B. Mayor blames county for homeless crisis! County we have no $$!

2.No family orientated transitional monitoring faith based 12 Step Treatment/Substance Abuse/alcohol programs – Separate from court order drug program, half way houses, pre-trial intervention.

3.United States Census For Palm Beach County – Omits Statistical Information for White Owned Firms – Includes Black, Asia, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Native-America, Latino, and Women
http://quickfacts.census.gov/qfd/states/12/12099.html & Omits PBC male percentage, No account of PBC Foreign Citizens Visa statuses

4. No Immediate Temporary Disability and/or Medical Insurance for unknown medical emergencies extending over a 6mth period of time.

5. Lack of Shore Security – Via Waterways – preventing drug smuggling and human trafficking, or non-monitoring of foreign visitors docking for long periods of time.

6. Lack of auditing and monitoring local Governments, organizations, political leaders, who are accountable, and responsible for other human lives – Current Governor Health Con-Artist himself!

7. Lack of affordable Housing for Veterans, Elderly, Single-Parent Mothers, & the Medically Ill

8. Lack of International Educational Programs – Assisting International children and families with English, History, Laws, Schooling, etc.,

9. Debt to Income Ratio Inequality – Poverty – Hidden Homelessness Crisis in Florida

10. Outdated Programs listed as services – Stating available for assistance when in fact their not.

11. UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For ‘Stand Your Ground’ Review – Florida has a bad case of racial profiling

12. HUD RELEASES JULY 2014 HOUSING SCORECARD – “The market indicators for the housing market recovery were mixed in July as foreclosure filings continue to improve, but home sales, particularly for new homes, showed unexpected weakness,” said HUD Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research Katherine O’Regan. http://portal.hud.gov/hudportal/HUD?src=/press/press_releases_media_advisories/2014/HUDNo_14-097
13. Rehabilitate or punish? – Psychologists are not only providing treatment to prisoners; they’re also contributing to debate over the nature of prison itself. http://www.apa.org/monitor/julaug03/rehab.aspx
Palm Beach Post Article: Posted: 6:51 a.m. Monday, July 2, 2012
By Sonja Isger and Jennifer Sorentrue
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

After more than a decade of planning, Palm Beach County will open its center for the homeless today.
It is the first time that the county’s homeless have had a single place to go for shelter, medical care, job training and other social services.

Although a handful of local charities and churches have always helped the homeless with emergency shelter, meals and job training, the county has lacked a central place for the homeless to go to easily navigate those services.

Homeless advocates say the center’s opening is the culmination of a perfect set of circumstances — a county commissioner advocating the project; a partnership between the county and nonprofits working with the homeless; and $8.5 million in federal grant money. What happened to the funding, who monitors and disburses has federal funding disbursement went toward homelessness assistance? If so why has homelessness increased in the Palm Beach County area.
“Everything came together,” said Marilyn Munoz, Executive Director of the county’s Homeless Coalition.

County commissioners first talked about providing an emergency shelter for the homeless in 2001, when former Commissioner Addie Greene formed a task force to help craft the plan.
But the next year, Greene said that the shelter should no longer be the task force’s top priority, acknowledging that political pressure from other commissioners had persuaded her to change her mind. Many worried about finding a location for the facility and complained that they would simply be “warehousing” the homeless.

Greene’s decision came after the county’s director of human services issued a report in 2002 saying that building a shelter for the homeless would be “cost prohibitive.” Instead, the director said he wanted more money for social workers to provide counseling for homeless people. He also said he would pay for more room nights and motels and halfway houses for the homeless while the social workers worked to find permanent help.
“In the beginning, (county managers) sort of encouraged you not to build permanent shelters,” said Commissioner Karen Marcus, who was first elected to the board in 1984. “It was, ‘if you start building them, you are actually going to get more homeless.”
By 2005 the county had partnered with CARP, Inc., which stands for Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, to help fund a 16-bed Homeless Residential Assessment Center at CARP’s campus in West Palm Beach.

But advocates kept pushing for a county-owned facility.

Meanwhile, an impromptu homeless shelter at Westgate Tabernacle in suburban West Palm Beach was drawing attention to the county’s growing homeless problem. The tabernacle drew the ire of county officials for opening its own shelter to house as many as 150 people a night. County officials argued that the shelter violated both fire code and zoning laws.

The tabernacle sued the county in 2007 and 2009, seeking relief from the fines. It argued that county officials had denied the homeless problem existed.
At the same time, then-Commissioner Jeff Koons was urging the commission and county administrators to address the county’s homeless problem. Working with nonprofits, he ultimately helped establish a homeless advisory board, responsible for crafting a 10-year plan to end homelessness in the county.

Koons resigned from the commission in 2010 amid an extortion scandal and was sentenced to five years’ probation but has since returned to advocating for the homeless. In an interview Thursday, he recalled urging advocates for the homeless to talk to commissioners about the county’s problem.
“I’d tell people whenever you bump into a commissioner, tell them how proud you are that they are working on homelessness,” Koons said.

The resource center became a critical piece of the 10-year plan, which was approved by the commission in 2008.

“Without Jeff Koons pushing it, I don’t know that it would have gotten this far,” Marcus said of the center. “It just became a real priority for him. He reached out to all the providers.”

Homeless in Palm Beach County
• A 2011 count found there were 3,228 homeless people in Palm Beach County.
• In county schools this year, there were 1,590 students between the ages of 5 and 17 who were considered homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.
• Fifty-six percent of the students in the county’s school system qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches.
• The leading causes of homelessness in the county are unemployment and lack of affordable housing, officials say.
• The county’s homeless outreach team placed 1,423 adults in emergency shelter last year.
Homeless Resource Center
Cost: $9.2 million
Location: 1000 45th St., West Palm Beach
Capacity: 60 beds, opening in three phases; 20 beds will open July 2; 20 beds will open Oct. 1; and 20 beds will open by Jan. 2. (non – existing)

Operation: Palm Beach County has contracted with three local nonprofits to run the facility and provide the social services. The county’s homeless outreach team will also be based at the center.

Lead operator: Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, responsible for overseeing the on-site interim housing and providing individual housing placement. (2013 No Services Available for homeless)

Adopt-A-Family: Will help families find services and housing. (2013 No services available)

The Lord’s Place: Will help refer people to the center and will provide employment and life skills services. (2013 No services available)

Lewis Center – (No services Available)

Homeless coalition – No return phone call – Governors R. Scott office – We can’t help you we have no $$ (How can you trust a man who’s had previous healthcare fraud, to do right by his citizens?)
Medical services: Staff from the county’s health department will provide on-site medical service.

Report: Heroin epidemic in South Florida -The problem has become an epidemic, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in the aftermath of the crackdown on pill mills that dispensed high-potency painkillers. By Dan Christensen – BrowardBulldog.org –

Are U.S. women’s organizations credible

Are the United States women’s organizations credible and helping women?

Women’s organizations are supposed to be there to uplift, support and help women! So are they truly helping Women?

In some ways Yes, and more ways No! Many women in the United States ‘Reproductive Health” is being altered and has become extremely deadly for many U.S. women! Cancer is spreading rapidly in U.S. women and should not to be taken lightly! Why isn’t anyone doing anything to help U.S. women, does a international country need to step in to save the lives of American women?

The current Hobby Lobby and Abortion Issue’s are just the icing on the cake there’s many more  attacks against women brewing behind closed doors, “going unrecognized!”

Astonishingly, although many of these ‘Women’s’ organizations receive public and federal funding, although there hasn’t been one organization or government entity, reaching out to help women in the United States who’s ‘Reproductive Health’ has been impacted in some form or fashion!

Why is that? Do they care? Everyone knows a woman’s reproductive system is part of a woman’s internal organs, and if severely impacted this could cause woman to die, become medically ill, and/or internally diseased.

Involuntary attacks

Women in America are being targeted in every facet imaginable! When it comes to ‘Women’s’ lives, female run organizations, leaders of America and world leaders should surely step up to help women, who’s health is being impacted or has been impacted! Unsupported illnesses and deaths are occurring, is this unimportant?

U.S. families reproductive health is involuntarily being destroyed by Americas corrupt Healthcare system, drugs and products! How is this ethically fair to women in America!

Women are the main back bones of many families! Few realize, if you destroy a mothers health you destroy their children! These children now have a sick or deceased mother, who they can no longer look up to for support and guidance, some may become homeless due to no father being present. A mother ill or deceased puts a huge burden onto family households, siblings, grandparents, government programs and society.

Also, did anyone not bother to think that U.S. women’s reproductive health personal traumatic stories could help sway laws, and protect millions of other women around the world! Or are they politically keeping these stories private, fearing backlash by the female population?

It’s been hard to figure out the past 3yrs. why women led organizations, government healthcare agencies, doctors, lawyers, hospitals, healthcare agencies, and women leaders have mysteriously chose to ignore the many stories being communicated by U.S. women speaking out about there personal ‘Reproductive Health” trauma’s in America!

Do Women’s Life’s Matter

Do their stories and lives not matter? If this is the case many women in America need to re-think who really has there back! Do these organizations, leaders, agencies truly deserve our support in the U.S.?

Women speaking up like myself, and lawsuits being filed by thousands of women, will help change laws and bring awareness to other women around the world! Women matter in the world, and we all need to start acting like we matter or men will continue treating us like we are less deserving!

So why wouldn’t Women leaders want to help and ask women questions about there ‘Reproductive Health trauma’s, and that ‘s if there still alive, many have unfortunately died due to reproductive health complications?

Does the credibility of Women’s organizations hold true? If they aren’t even reaching out or acknowledging the same women they vouched to help protect in America, and throughout the world, What is their true purpose?

At this case and point this is not the case! There seems to be a broken link behind Women’s organizations whom are supposed to be there helping support American women who’s reproductive health or health in general has been compromised or currently being altered!

So why aren’t these top women led organizations and leaders not assisting U.S. women crying out for help?

Well one things for sure at least other U.S. women including myself care enough to speak out about there personal trauma’s, to help alert and protect millions of other women?

Women In America Demand Support From U.S. Women Led Organizations & Leaders

It’s time to start speaking out against ‘Women organizations and leaders’ who aren’t supporting or helping the women they vouched to help protect! Supporting women calls for much more besides “Political Bureaucracy,”  and it’s called, “Women’s Health” which is attached to a human life! Which do you think would be more important?

As the owner of CABIRI, and a U.S. woman with reproductive health trauma’s. I’ve personally experienced and dealt with many shortcomings of all these women led organizations and leaders in the past 3yrs. speaking with various organizations, leaders, and agencies, whom all chose to ignore many U.S. women’s voices in America experiencing reproductive health trauma’s due to healthcare corruption!

In my opinion and anyone with common knowledge, knows some businesses are portraying and professing to help fight for and support women, although when it comes to reality it’s a “Tall Tale!”

** Women of America please think about this when you vote!**

Ask yourself, who’s really sincere and cares about you and your families well-being

Thank you for reading and please help CABIRI, spread the word, helping us protect women of the United States from devious planned out attacks via greed, power and corruption!


Consumer Advocacy For America

CABIRI Quote’s:

The root of money is evil – Evil is the root of money – Money is the root of all evil

Getting America on Track

Hello Fellow Americans, 


Please join CABIRI, and United Republic’s Represent.Us campaign. There are many true Americans who are stepping up for all fellow Americans to help stop the looming corruption in America, which is impacting all of us. Please realize there is something definitely broken in America, many media networks, politicians, causes, bloggers and new organizations have been speaking out, about the ongoing severe issue’s in America.

If Americans do not ‘Unite’ together to let the powers at be know, that American citizens will not stand for their Corporate and Governmental, Greed, Money, and Fallacies, every American must brace for the “Evil” that is brewing and going to get much worse even becoming deadly. This is a very serious matter and is very ‘Real’, many American citizens, such as CABIRI, aren’t just blowing “Hot Air,” we have a problem in America, and we all must stand together. We can make a change, if everyone puts forth some type of effort!

CABIRI, has spoken to several ‘American Citizens’, with diverse ethnic backgrounds, who were young, and old. Many are concerned about what’s occurring in America, many have seen the international infiltration that’s occurring, and changing America, and impacting their American families life. American Citizens rich, and poor are very frustrated and upset, many of them feel stuck struggling to survive, and do not know where to turn, and do not have the means to turn to anyone, it’s very sad and disturbing to see “Fellow American citizens” whom are suffering, and wondering what happened in their country.

Some of the rich American citizens feel, nothing can be done due to the fact they feel Americans have been brain washed, which is a form of control, to make people do what you want them to do, making them believe the “Powers at be” truly have their families best interest at heart. 

This is why, it’s so important America, to please join us, our time is running out, due to the fact there has been evil plots in place since the early part of 1900’s, and are now coming to light, which is not good for any American family, especially your children, who have decades longer to live in America. So if you as an American parent do not “Stand Up” now to protect your children’s future in America, They will not have one! Their “American Dream” will be an Internationally controlled dream with no where to go and that’s if they survive, look at the high unemployment, food changes, deadly chemicals, and diseases that have infected America, these series of events aren’t happening for no reason, these were all part of planned out “Evil Plots,” against Americans and the United States. 

So, please take this very seriously, and join us, help us, we can’t do it alone America, we need every American citizens support! Many of us aren’t fighting for no reason, we are all trying to protect one another, is that so hard for people to believe! There are good people out here in the world, who truly care for other human beings! Ask yourself, if your American families history and future is important enough to you, to stand up and save? Or do your care if you, or your family live or die? Or do you care, if have to succumb, to evil predators that want control your life, telling you how to eat, sleep and breath while torturing you? 


Learn more about Represent.Us and the American Anti-Corruption Act 


Also, please view: Website http://www.consumer2savlives.com 

Look out for personal live video, by CABIRI’s founder with disturbing details that will shock you, into realizing why it’s so important for all American citizens to work together! There will be a nominal fee to view video, being that explicit personal experience details about the ‘Founder’ and ‘Untold’ extensive research information that the Federal Government isn’t telling you about, will finally be revealed! Please trust everyone will want to view video, it’s to help save your family from the “Evil that’s brewing in America!” 



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American International Big Pharma Mergers = DEATH & DISEASE

$16B deal for GlaxoSmithKline oncology meds turns Novartis into cancer heavyweight

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GlaxoSmithKline and Novartis, starring players in a Big Pharma deal bonanza

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Bulk up or slim down? Maybe both: Pfizer said to weigh a $100B deal for AstraZeneca

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GSK announces major 3-part transaction with Novartis to drive sustainable sales growth, improve long-term earnings and deliver increasing returns to shareholders

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Novartis announces portfolio transformation, focusing company on leading businesses with innovation power and global scale: Pharmaceuticals, Eye Care and Generics

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NIH Funds Influenza Research and Surveillance Network – http://www.fiercevaccines.com/press-releases/nih-funds-influenza-research-and-surveillance-network-0

Novartis bids farewell to vaccines with $7.1B sale to GSK

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Ebola deaths rise to 135 as vaccine research lags

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Merck, Sanofi hope for sales expansion with two-dose Gardasil switch

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The President’s Cancer Panel is pushing for increased use of Merck’s and GSK’s HPV vaccines

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Crowdfunded HIV vaccine project draws criticism from scientists

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Falsified AIDS vaccine data lands researcher an NIH funding ban – “Big Pharma Bribery in America!” 

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UPDATED: GlaxoSmithKline slams brakes on trial of MS drug linked to data scandal

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Read more: It’s official: Gilead’s Sovaldi zooms past previous records with fastest-ever drug launch – FiercePharmaMarketing http://www.fiercepharmamarketing.com/story/its-official-gileads-sovaldi-zooms-past-previous-records-fastest-ever-drug/2014-04-22#ixzz2zga44jJU 

BMS sues ex-account manager, claiming she took PD-1 marketing secrets to Merck agency aka Merck KGAA of Germany! 

Read more: BMS sues ex-account manager, claiming she took PD-1 marketing secrets to Merck agency – FiercePharmaMarketing http://www.fiercepharmamarketing.com/story/bms-sues-ex-account-manager-claiming-she-took-pd-1-marketing-secrets-merck/2014-04-15#ixzz2zgaSNj2z 

Endo’s off-label Lidoderm mantra, whistleblower says: ‘Put the patch where the pain is’

Read more: Endo’s off-label Lidoderm mantra, whistleblower says: ‘Put the patch where the pain is’ – FiercePharmaMarketing http://www.fiercepharmamarketing.com/story/endos-label-lidoderm-mantra-whistleblower-says-put-patch-where-pain/2014-02-26#ixzz2zgbtUOm9 

Amgen whistleblower went undercover for the feds – http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/amgen-whistleblower-went-undercover-feds/2012-12-20


J&J whistleblowers to collect record $168M share of DoJ settlement

Read more: J&J whistleblowers to collect record $168M share of DoJ settlement – FiercePharma http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/jj-whistleblowers-collect-record-168m-share-doj-settlement/2013-11-07#ixzz2zgchrb5A 

Sanofi faces bribery allegations from China whistleblower – http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/sanofi-faces-bribery-allegations-china-whistleblower/2013-08-08

Zorro’ claims Novartis’ Alcon unit faked trials to bribe Chinese docs

Read more: ‘Zorro’ claims Novartis’ Alcon unit faked trials to bribe Chinese docs – FiercePharma http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/novartis-faces-second-set-bribery-claims-china/2013-09-17#ixzz2zgdIzd4H 

ASCO plans cost-benefit scorecard for cancer meds as prices grow ‘unsustainable’

Read more: ASCO plans cost-benefit scorecard for cancer meds as prices grow ‘unsustainable’ – FiercePharmaMarketing http://www.fiercepharmamarketing.com/story/asco-plans-cost-benefit-scorecard-cancer-meds-prices-grow-unsustainable/2014-03-26#ixzz2zgb1UYnn 


FDA Warns Against Laparoscopic Power Morcellation – http://www.bigclassaction.com/lawsuit/laparoscopic-power-morcellation-treatments-fibroids.php?ref=rss


Glyphosate Herbicides Now in Pregnant Women’s Breast Milk http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_29854.cfm


Corporate Interests, Including Monsanto, behind Ukraine Putsch -http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_29846.cfm


Monsanto and Big Food Losing the GMO and ‘Natural’ Food Fight -http://www.organicconsumers.org/articles/article_29781.cfm




Bill to restore US unemployment insurance likely to deadlock in Congress – Are You Joking! Republicans Rule!

America, Please view below articles, view the top leaders who are really running the majority of the ‘States’ in America!

“Republicans!”  They have the audacity to speak about job growth! This is very contradictory, when they are in control of the vast

majority of the ‘States’ in America! 


See ‘ALEC’ Organizations individual Republican State Leaders! Republicans are preventing job growth and halting unemployment

extensions for their own ‘States’ and ‘Governmental’ ALEC organization hidden agenda’s!

Let the facts speak for themselves! Read below researched information, and please by all means look up the information for your own

knowledge. It’s very imperative this is acknowledged or American families will continue to suffer by the hands of the “Republicans.”


Please pass along to all top leaders, so they can comprehend who’s really doing the damage to millions of United States Citizens! 



White House accused of abandoning imprisoned US aid worker in Cuba  http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/apr/08/obama-alan-gross-zunzuneo-cuba-twitter-usaid 

(This man was imprisoned during the Bush Administration – Why is this coming out now??) 



Internationally Corporate Controlled America

Corporate Owned America

There has been numerous discussions concerning the GMO, GM, and Climate Control. No one has yet grasped the direct reasoning of why these series of events are occurring in America. International business ownership hidden agenda’s. View below links after reading you’ll see international patterns and corruption unfolding.

CABIRI, has been reporting information free of charge for American citizens, due to the beliefs of saving human lives first, which should not have a price tag attached to it, the citizens of America need to be alerted about pertinent information so they can protect their families against the growing corruption in America.

In viewing many websites they want you to sign up or subscribe to their websites, then pay a fee to gain their so called important information, newsletters, video’s etc., this is very frustrating to see, when the information they are holding can help save millions of human lives in America! This is selfish and inhumane, money can never replace a human life or the loss of a family member. 

With that out the way, let’s talk about the growing buzz of the above issue’s currently impacting America! The real problem in hand is not being seen or has been over-looked for quite awhile, many of United States top industry specific Corporations are internationally led, based in either Germany, Europe, Belgium, Switzerland and many other countries abroad. The top corporate international leaders have major control over mega-amounts of the United States economical resources, in numerous industries and markets that are impacting millions of American citizens, Americas security, and country well-being. If these International issue’s in hand are finally realized and acknowledged maybe things will change for the better in the United States and worldwide. 

As an American citizens, we should ask ourselves, How could international countries be in control of many top United State’s economical industries, when their home country has different ethics, core values, laws, standards, regulations, security, safety requirements, foods, cultural value’s, land, housing etc., which may conflict with the United States of Americas core constitutional values for the American people?  

These international countries may not agree with, or care to abide by these American beliefs. Somehow many of the top North American based Internationally led corporations have studied and learned all they could from Americans for decades, to eventually finagle their way through the American Governmental System to eventually gain control of vital economical resources, American families depend upon on a daily basis.

Obama, is not in control of the United States “Big Internationally” led American owned corporate business owners are in control, running America as they internationally see fit. Notice the American fatalities occurring, pharmaceutical lawsuits are popping up in numbers, Flu Pandemics, Stock Market Rigging, Mysterious Cruise line Air Borne illnesses, Homelessness, Business Explosions, Water Contamination’s, Cancer illnesses, Climate Changes, and most importantly the way true American born citizens are struggling to live and keep their homes and families together in America. 

Has anyone not also figured out that the Pharmaceutical Industry is internationally led and all of the top international pharmaceutical leaders are in control of Americas costs of healthcare/dental, insurance, drugs, medical products, hospitals and top government agencies. Did you also know the GMO seeds and farms are corporately internationally owned! Well guess who’s next General Motors (GM), is also internationally owned.

This type of corporate international ownership in America has now turned into “Cash Mongering Greed,” and not for the well-being of human lives. America is heading down a path of “immediate destruction” if these Top Internationally Corporate Owned Businesses; are not acknowledged or addressed! They will continue to control America, many of the international top leaders are seemingly portraying they want to work with the ‘United States Government and Global leaders,’ when in fact they are working together to gain more control over the United States Government to acquire, much more than what they already have their international hands on in America!   

As long as internationally led top corporate business owners, small business owners and their families, are in economic control in America, they run the show in every Economical Industry, Agency, Government, Foundation, Wall Street, Bank, Grocery Store, Real-Estate, Corner Store, Hospital, Oil, Healthcare, Technology, Ships, Books, Internet, Biotech, Education, Energy, and Chemical industries in the United States. These “Big Corporate Owners have “Money, Power, and Control” to dominate America! By the series of events occurring in the United States they’re truly Succeeding with their “Global and American hidden corrupt worldly goals and monopolies impacting millions of human lives.”


View the listing of articles, read carefully the international countries, and corporate owners involved impacting millions of American citizens!


GM and NHTSA’s Conspiracy of Silence Unravels – http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/03/31/GM-and-NHTSA-s-Conspiracy-Silence-Unravels

New GM CEO Mary Barra visits Opel in Rüsselsheim – media.opel.com/…/news/intl/en/2014/opel/01-27-gm-ceo-marybarra.html – Mary Barra made her first overseas trip as GM’s new CEO to Opel headquarters …Barra noted that GM is investing €4 billion in Germany and Europe through 2016, 

New GM head Mary Barra promises new vehicle production – http://www.ctvnews.ca/autos/new-gm-head-marybarra-stresses-commitment-to. – Jan 27, 2014 · New General Motors chief Mary Barra has stressed the company … at the main plant in GermanyBarra said it was “no accident” that Opel … go viral 

GM Restructuring: Opel Pulled From China, Buick Go … news.silobreaker.com/gm-restructuring-opel-pulled-from-china-buick.. – GM Restructuring: Opel Pulled From China, Buick Goes to Germany. … When General Motors Co Chief Executive Mary Barra faces Congress next week she will have to



 http://earthopensource.org/files/pdfs/GMO_Myths_and_Truths/GMO_Myths_and_Truths_1.3b.pdf – Myth: GM foods are strictly regulated for safety Truth: GM food regulation in most countries varies from non-existent to weak

http://naturalsociety.com/top-10-worst-gmo-foods-list/ – Top 10 Worst GMO Foods for Your GMO Foods List

http://naturalsociety.com/mayans-win-huge-battle-ban-gmo-crops/ – Mayans Win Huge Battle to Ban GMO Soy Crops

http://naturalsociety.com/france-valiantly-resisting-gmo-corn-europe-despite-eu-commission-pressure/ – France Bans GMO Maize Despite EU Commission Pressure

GMO LLC – About GMO – www.gmo.com/America/About – GMO, founded in 1977, is a privately held global investment management firm servicing clients in the corporate, public, endowment, and foundation marketplaces

Current News: http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/mar/31/caterpillar-avoid-4billion-us-taxes-senate-report – 

Senate report claims Caterpillar avoided $2.4bn in US taxes – Carl Levin’s subcommittee on investigations says the equipment-maker routed money through a Swiss subsidiary

Caterpillar has, for many years, been a member of the World Business Council for Sustainable Development based in Geneva, Switzerland. Caterpillar has been listed on the Dow Jones Sustainability World Index each year since 2001 http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Caterpillar_Inc.

The WBCSD was created in 1995 in a merger of the Business Council for Sustainable Development and the World Industry Council for the Environment and is based in GenevaSwitzerland with an office in Washington, D.C. – http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/World_Business_Council_for_Sustainable_Development

Founder of Caterpillar: Stephan Schmidheiny – Stephan Ernest Schmidheiny is a Swiss billionaire. He was recently sentenced to 18 years imprisonment, convicted of gross negligence in the highly publicized trial relating to the exposure of customers and employees of Eternit to asbestos. As of March 2013, his net worth is estimated by Forbes to be $3 billion –

Stephan Schmidheiny and the 88-year-old Baron Jean-Louis Marie Ghislain de Cartier de Marchienne, from Belgium, were charged for allegedly negligent behavior in exposing Eternit’s workers and citizens to asbestos. The legal proceeding began at the Palace of Justice, Turin, Italy on December 10, 2009. The trial was a mass civil action in which some 6,000 people were seeking damages over the deaths of around 3,000 people who worked at or lived near Eternit’s plants in Italy.  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stephan_Schmidheiny

http://asbestosinthedock.ning.com/forum/topics/baron-de-cartier-and-stephan-schmidheiny-sentenced-to-16-years-pr – Baron de Cartier and Stephan Schmidheiny sentenced to 16 years pri


 Pfizer gets FDA green light for Nexium OTC launch as AZ braces for competition – FiercePharma http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/pfizer-gets-fda-green-light-nexium-otc-launch-az-braces-competition/2014-03-31#ixzz2xbW67jbH 
Biogen hemophilia nod puts Baxter’s to-be-spun-off biopharma unit on notice

 Biogen hemophilia nod puts Baxter’s to-be-spun-off biopharma unit on notice – FiercePharma http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/biogen-hemophilia-nod-puts-baxters-be-spun-biopharma-unit-notice/2014-03-31#ixzz2xbZd7WZP – This is horrific there has already previously been international cases of tainted blood in America. The FDA is approving more! Something is definitely not right with the American FDA! Why do they continue to approve these tainted drugs by International Pharmaceutical Corporations! 

Massachusetts bans Zogenix’s controversial new painkiller Zohydro – http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/massachusetts-bans-zogenixs-controver sial-new-painkiller-zohydro/2014-03-31

http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/03/31/Your-Identity-May-Be-Stolen-Your-Next-Doc-Visit – Your Identity May Be Stolen at Your Next Doc Visit

GSK building up R&D, manufacturing and goodwill in Africa – Drugmaker will invest £130M create 500 jobs over 5 years –  GSK building up R&D, manufacturing and goodwill in Africa – FiercePharma http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/gsk-building-rd-manufacturing-and-goodwill-africa/2014-03-31#ixzz2xbfXLzid

 http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/31/guinea-ebola-epidemic-medecins-sans-frontieres – Guinea (Africa) faces Ebola epidemic on unprecedented scale, doctors warn – Is this an coincidence or a conspiracy?

GlaxoSmithKline pulls all U.S. alli supplies, launches product-tampering probe – http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/glaxosmithkline-pulls-all-us-alli-supplies-launches-product-tampering-probe/2014-03-27

Contrary to popular belief, side-effect reports on new meds keep a steady pace, study finds –  http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/contrary-popular-belief-side-effect-reports-new-meds-keep-steady-pace-study/2014-03-19#ixzz2xbhhSiS6 – So why is the “FDA” continually approving these toxic deadly drugs in America

GlaxoSmithKline pulls all U.S. alli supplies, launches product-tampering probe – http://www.fiercepharma.com/story/glaxosmithkline-pulls-all-us-alli-supplies-launches-product-tampering-probe/2014-03-27#ixzz2xbhB4pLV 

Stap cells: research paper on stem cell breakthrough was partly falsified – Investigators at Japanese laboratory say lead author manipulated presentation of results to improve their appearance http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/apr/01/stap-cells-research-paper-on-stem-cell-breakthrough-was-partly-falsified

Thousands of lives put at risk by clinical trials system that is ‘not fit for purpose’  http://www.theguardian.com/science/2014/mar/31/clinical-trail-delays-uk-vulnerable-epidemics-doctors

Social Impacts:

Social Costs Mount for the Long-Term Unemployed – http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/03/31/Social-Costs-Mount-Long-Term-Unemployed

http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Articles/2014/03/31/Michael-Lewis-Says-Flash-Traders-Rig-Market – Michael Lewis Says Flash Traders Rig the Market

http://www.thefiscaltimes.com/Columns/2014/03/31/Why-Citi-s-Flunked-Stress-Test-So-Troubling – Why Citi’s Flunked Stress Test Is So Troubling

Author Michael Lewis: US Stock Market Is Rigged – http://www.moneynews.com/StreetTalk/Michael-Lewis-Market-Stock-Rigged/2014/03/30/id/562615#ixzz2xblWdtre 

http://www.theguardian.com/environment/2014/mar/31/climate-change-threat-food-security-humankind – Climate change a threat to security, food and humankind – IPCC report – Climate change report ‘should jolt people into action’ says IPCC chief. UN science panel’s chairman, Rajendra Pachauri, says report on impacts of rising temperatures should push leaders to act

Bishops seek immigration reform during border trip – http://www.theguardian.com/world/feedarticle/11272635


Thank you for taking to time to read all of CABIRI’s, Free information, we are here to protect and save your family from Americas corruption!


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ALERT! United States Venture Capitalists Corruption

America’s Eugenics Theory Take Over 

The United States has been “fooled and schooled,” by International venture capitalists, pharmaceutical corporations, Investors, private equity businesses, international foundations and many other corrupt  mutli-level mergers and pyramid schemers. 

All of the above are covering up their private relationships with many other international countries, whom are working together merging and purchasing many United States businesses, that can harm millions of American citizens. Herbalife, the current corporation being implemented by the FTC, happens to also have many private investors from several international countries including, Europe and Japan. Which goes back to Bain Capital, a company previous led by Mitt Romney. Over the decades these international conspirators have been strategically ousting American business owners or privately killing them to gain control of their targeted American companies.  

These international conspirators have their hands deep into many of America’s economical resources, which are weakening America’s economical resources. The astronomical amount of American businesses and corporations these international Venture capitalists and investors own is very disturbing. America this also has nothing to do with “Obama,” these international actions have been occurring since the early 1900’s, it’s just now becoming visible. 

America is slowly being brought to it’s knee’s by foreign corrupt conspirators who are using the “Eugenics Theory” to weaken Americas resources to gain control, by infiltrating Pharmaceutical and Medical industries to control the population of America, getting rid of undesired American citizens.

The “Economical Warfare and Pyramid Schemes,” are within the Corporate, Government, Wall Street, Private Investment companies, and equity firms. The synopsis goes; acquire United States based businesses or corporations, which may entail two international separate companies plotting to take over a separate portion of the American business, then infiltrating the company finding weaknesses to turn around and take it over, then merging with several of their international business partners or selling the U.S. based business to their international investors.  

These actions are occurring in all businesses and corporations in America, they are using multi-level marketing, large acquisitions, and multiple mega international and U.S. company mergers in every industry in America. They are also using their own private form of “International Global Wall Street.” (So watch American Wall Street you currently have international global competition).

 Their American businesses are re-established under new international terms, with guidance by their international partners whom they are working alongside. America is in a state of “Economical Warfare,” via Eugenics Theory which outlines all international conspiracies and series of events currently occurring in the United States. The FTC, SEC, and the United States Government, are not acknowledging these disastrous actions by international conspirators, although being reported!

America it’s very real and every American must act to save their families lives. Your family may be currently being targeted and you’re in the dark. This is your forewarning America, please take heed. 

The international business connections are running deep all throughout America. Which is weakening America and endangering many American families. America please help report the current “Economical Warfare” in America communicate this information to the public and all governmental leaders, to save your country and millions of lives!  The longer we wait the more control they gain and more deaths will occur! 




Freelance Writer 

Read More: Eugenics Theory – http://www.consumer2savlives.com