SCAM ALERT: National Financial Hardship Loan

Please be advised of this current scam!!! Scammers have been reported by many others to the FTC!

Scammers will contact you from a ‘Unknown’ Number stating you have been approved for a 31k-36K Financial Hardship Loan to use anyway you’d like. Many have reported they are getting excessive calls daily by these scammers.

Scammers are using various phone numbers and will ask you for your Social Security Number and Banking information for the loan deposit. DO NOT GIVE THEM ANY OF YOUR INFORMATION…

Before you reply to any unknown calls please do your research! Look up the information before calling back, if you do

decide to call them back let them know that your on the ‘DNCL’ on the Do Not Call List!

See Below: National Financial Hardship Loan Contact Numbers Reported – This is pure insanity! It seems the numbers are ‘Skype’ numbers that’s for the ‘FTC’ to investigate! This is a long list of reported numbers! These scammers are on a mission!!

(878) 201-0775

 (862) 225-4545 Told to call (848) 316-0638

(209) 563-1937


(331) 204-0528

(833) 272-9397

(833) 636-3181

(844) 999-4039

(833) 269-8912

 (844) 999-4039

(855) 902-8690

(833) 664-2507

(833) 645-2680

(240) 252 3119

(314) 266 0021

(844) 9337096

(833) 636 2543

(833) 616-0496

(833) 666-1736

(833) 636 2543


(833) 346-1787

(855) 601-8979

(314) 266 – 4426

(866) 201-4393

(966) 625-0021

 (866) 201-4393

These people need to be found and SHUT DOWN!! Preying on vulnerable American Families in these hard economic times! Please protect you family from scammers who are on the prowl!!

FDA FAKE IUD’s Kept Quiet & Still Put Onto Market…

July 22, 2010 Dear Colleague,

Is it possible many women received fake faulty IUD’s?

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA or the Agency) is seeking your help in communicating an important woman’s health safety message to your members. We hope you will share this information with your members to ensure that they are obtaining and using only FDA-approved products.

The FDA has become aware of the purchase, use, and distribution of unapproved intrauterine devices (IUD) and intrauterine systems (IUS) by some medical practices throughout the United States. The violative products include unapproved versions of FDA-approved products such as Mirena, Implanon, Copper-T, and ParaGard; as well as products not approved for use in the United States, such as T-Safe. The FDA’s major concerns with the use of unapproved IUD/IUS’s are (1) the potential lack of safety and efficacy, and especially the risk of reduced efficacy for preventing pregnancy; (2) the negative public health impact from the import and use of unapproved IUD/IUS’s that can be from unknown sources or foreign locations, and may not have been manufactured, transported or stored under conditions required as part of the FDA approval process; and (3) the use of and subsequent billing for unapproved medical products, which raises the possibility of insurance fraud, particularly Medicaid fraud.

To reduce the chance of receiving an unapproved or adulterated medical product, your internet purchases should be made from state-licensed distributors or pharmacies located in the U.S. Health care providers should be aware that purchasing medical products from web sites that are outside of the U.S. may be illegal and may increase the risk of receiving a potentially harmful product, since many web sites sell products that are not FDA-approved and could be manufactured in other countries. These products may or may not have been approved by regulatory agencies in other countries or may be counterfeit.

For example, FDA is aware of several web sites that appear to be Canadian web sites but ship products from countries other than Canada. For this reason, the Agency does not recommend inserting IUD/IUS’s furnished by a patient who may have purchased the product on the internet, without first properly verifying that it is an FDA-approved product that was purchased from a licensed pharmaceutical or device supplier in the U.S. Federal law requires that IUD/IUS’s be FDA-approved prior to marketing. This law is designed to protect patients from products that are unsafe and ineffective.

The recent issue with patients in Rhode Island unknowingly receiving imported, unapproved IUD/IUS’s highlights the unacceptable risk patients may be exposed to when a product’s identity, purity, source, handling, and storage cannot be verified. Health care providers should be reassured, however, that FDA- approved IUD/IUS’s have gone through rigorous testing and review for safety and efficacy, and must meet specified storage and manufacturing practices.

Providers can continue to use these FDA-approved IUD/IUS’s with confidence in their safety and efficacy. The FDA is asking that you communicate this information to your members so that appropriate steps can be taken, if necessary, to ensure that they are obtaining and using only FDA-approved products.

Patients who may have received an unapproved IUD/IUS have been instructed to consult with their providers regarding next steps, including whether or not their IUD or IUS should be removed. So far, the FDA has been made aware of the use of these unapproved products in several states; however, as the investigation continues, this issue may impact other states nationwide. Information regarding the distribution of unapproved IUD/IUS products can be reported to FDA’s Office of Criminal Investigations at, under “Report Suspected Criminal Activity.

” The FDA and other public health organizations continue to look into this situation, and will update the medical community as new information of public health importance becomes available. The Agency is committed to promoting and protecting the public health by ensuring that only safe and effective products are available to the American public. We appreciate your hard work and willingness in support of this effort.

Sincerely, Theresa Toigo, RPh, MBA Director,

Office of Special Health Issues Food and Drug Administration

Foreign Culprits Using Stripe To Defraud Americans – When Will It Stop…


One of Cabiri’s main goals has been to stop Corruption and Fraud exposing all culprits Locally and Federally.

The reasoning behind this blog dating back to 2013, has to help authorities catch these illegal culprits who’ve been working behind the scenes to defraud American Citizens. Thankfully, Cabiri is very good at catching these culprits by doing their own intensive detailed investigations. Cabiri aka CandyK is very good at it; using intuition, psychic abilities and military upbringing noticing very quickly something just isn’t right in may of these cases; you’ll read throughout written blog articles.

By unknowingly catching many of these culprits and reporting ‘Locally & Federally raises concern about if the ‘Federal Government’ organizations are truly monitoring ‘Cyber Crimes’ to protect American Families.

Let’s look into the current matter; some who’ve been following ‘CABIRI’ will know of the recent previous ‘Cyber Crime’ findings, where ‘Foreign’ culprits from ‘Frankfurt Germany’ were using ‘Best Buy’s’ Geek Squad to defraud ‘American Citizens!’

In this recent fraud uncovering, the company they are using is called “Warrior + Plus’ which is an Affiliate Marketing Company where Vendors & Customers can Buy and Sell Products. They are using this platform using ‘Bait & Switch’ tactics to get customers to purchase their products and not refund their money.

……Andy many of these culprits reside in other foreign countries.

When a customer requests a refund ‘Warrior + Plus tells the customer to contact the ‘Merchant’ directly using their support email provided at the time of purchase, not acknowledging that the ‘Merchant’ is fraudulent using their platform. When the customer reaches out to the ‘Merchant’ for a refund the merchant; who by the way uses 3 different business names; provides the customer a with a link to dispute the charges via ‘Stripes’ Dispute Process.

The ironic part; is Warrior + Plus assumes the illegal fraudulent ‘Merchant’ selling products via their platform is correct by their actions; not acknowledging the vendor is committing fraud on their platform to defraud customers out of money, by using bogus Websites, Sales Funnels, Videos, Templates, and Affiliate Marketing links. The customer never receives their refund and is out of money while the Foreign Merchant, ‘Warrior + Plus holds no accountability of the fraud on their platform.

I tell ya, this is just pure insanity! The Foreign Corruption and Fraud throughout the ‘United States,’ CABIRI, has investigated over the years dating back to 2013; is beyond astronomical. Which begs to question whose in charge of these Governmental Organizations, who are supposed to be protecting ‘American Families!’ CABIRI, has been doing this for ‘FREE’ out of the kindness of her ‘Business Heart’ not asking anyone for a penny to expose these evil culprits preying on innocent Americans.

CABIRI, uses her blog platform to bring awareness, as the numerous reports to multiple Federal Agencies over the years seems to have fallen on ‘Death Ears!’ Or their taking the information off CABIRI blog and using it for their own personal benefit as though they were the ‘Employee’ who uncovered the crimes!

The names of the fraudulent companies: Warrior+Plus, Coursesify, Bizomart, Oppyo, Entertainerz, AppZilo, VidBoxs, WebPull, JoBiin, Academiyo, NinjaKash, VidVee, Buzzify, MailZilo, Vaycamatic, PrimeSite

Address: 2-KA-3 Rangbari Main Road; Kola Rajasthan 324005 – India

Culprit Names: Executive CRM Gaurang Nagar & Ayush Jain & Pranshu

These Foreign culprits are also using platforms such as Aweber as their email autoresponder.

America truly needs to begin separating the ‘Chaffe from the ‘Horses’ We have to do better to protect one another!!”

CABIRI, will continue to work hard uncovering these culprits, So please subscribe

Thank You

Happy Holidays,

CandyK – Daughter Vietnam Veteran

Websites: http://www.cabiri-business-services.com – Kindle Vella ‘The Internal Death’ (Episodes)

Warning: Geek Squad Email Scam Derived From Frankfurt, Germany

Be Aware Of The Current Email Scam:

Verified Publisher: Philandro Software GMBH

Contact# (888) 658-8396

Foreign Call Center you’ll here broken English be spoken in the background

Customer Service Representative Name: (Woman Name: Rihanna)

URL: (This is the site used to take control over your computer if you ask to cancel)

Shell Association (*Any Desk) – They’ll get into your hard drive files

They’ll give you a false confirmation code: (Ex: 764-107-07)

They’ll also give you a fake cancellation password: Cancel 123

As the representative is speaking with you to draw your attention away; you’ll see them taking control over your computer screen remotely on their end to access your computer.

Weebly – Has no contact number only email if you have an website with them – There’s no means to contact them about fraud

Another Caveat stated by CSR Rhianna – Their targeting people who do online banking!

How It Begins:

Culprits will email you stating you have an account with Geek Squad; which is a warranty option at ‘Best Buy!’

The culprits will email you stating that your ‘Credit Card’ will be charged for your warranty.



Although, when speaking with the representative at ‘Geek Squad’ she stated they are partnered with IC3.Gov and FTC.Gov, which is very interesting! So be mindful when signing up for warranty services at ‘Best Buy’ for your purchases using Geek Squad warranty, your warranty is being monitored by two Government agencies.

We must ask ourselves is the ‘Internet or any of our personal information safe from predators such as these?’

Lurking and preying virtually to hack and attack and steal from American Citizens. On another note these scammers are also using text messaging scams you’ll think it’s coming from your ‘Bank’ although if you click on the link they can clean out your bank account in minutes. These scams aren’t being stopped or blocked.

So in summarization; Text Messages with links aren’t safe, Warranty Services Aren’t Safe, Emails Aren’t Safe; and Many Companies in the U.S. are being used by ‘Foreign Culprits & Hackers to steal from hard working Americans.

Maybe it’s time America blocks the U.S. Internet from countries who are found scamming Americans!


Cabiri Business Services – Investigative Journalism by Daughter Of Vietnam Veteran


Pharmaceutical Fraud vs Quality of Life

Human lives are in the hands of corporate criminals racing to dominate the world, “one country, one human life at a time!”


 Corporate Fraud against human lives considered a – “Misdemeanor” 

“Billions of citizens around the world,” depend on pharmaceutical corporations, doctors, FDA, NIH, CDC, and many other Federal Government healthcare agencies and organizations, whom are to provide the human population with proper safe medical products, procedures, drugs and devices. We must question the actions of healthcare corporations, agencies, and organizations, who put their corporate interest before human lives. If we don’t do this how can we truly trust a “Corporation-Business” who’s previously engaged in criminal activity, whether it was directly or indirectly.

From recent market research it seems pharmaceutical, medical, oil, wall street corporate leaders and political lobbyists are altering these “specific industries” for their corporate benefits to gain world power! It’s truly sad to know there’s some individuals with leadership positions who care nothing about a ” Human life!” The main focus is corporate greed and the race to rule the world by any means necessary, which impacting human lives all around the world.

America it’s time for all of us to question the “credibility” of the “Quality of Healthcare” being administered by corporations, businesses, and organizations, who were previously or currently involved in fraudulent activities that could of negligentlycost a human life, or hit a families financial stability. How does anyone know if Pharmaceutical corporations behind schemes such as Medicare/Medicaid Fraud are now “Trustworthy?” And have learned there lesson, to not scheme the government or the U.S. Citizens! “We all know it’s not that easy.” Now don’t we! Glaxo-Smith Kline has been in the spot light being reprimanded in the U.S., China, and India for illicit business practices.

These Healthcare corporations are providing services, products and drugs for the human population, so how does one truly know if were safe from corporate negligence and greed.

Another question we must ask the U.S. Healthcare officials is; Why isn’t corporate fraud cases handled in the same manner as any other regular fraud or criminal case prosecuted in the court of law? If a regular citizens pleads guilty to fraud, there’s usually a financial penalty, as well as a probationary period, and other court order requirements to satisfy the fraud charge.

Along with the fraud penalty, is the United States Federal Court, imposing a probationary period with additional future audits for these corporations – business who are involved in fraudulent activities. If not it should be the case if human lives can be severely impacted by their fraudulent actions. In the real world fraudulent activities could involve jail time, so why does a corporation or  business just get slapped with a monetary fine?

America here’s the “Root Case” of the problem, The United States Supreme Courts have granted Healthcare Corporations the power to alter and “Kill Human Beings!”  Supreme Court rules Drug Companies exempt from Lawsuits

America, how is this legal or ethical, when these other human beings are making decisions, products, drugs and procedures for other human beings. Who is the U.S. Supreme court really protecting, in my opinion it may be the beliefs of the “Roman Catholic church?” The top elitists who are ‘Believer’s’ in the “Eugenics Theory” to depopulate those who are a waste to society! Including those who they feel are unworthy to society. Their actions are being played out in many “Executive Board Rooms,” plotting to harm innocent lives by lying to the poor patients using them as clinical trial guinea pigs! This is awful although very true in our society and whether we realize it or not it’s “Very Realistic and True!” So just as the looming ‘Civil Right’s Violations’ in Ferguson the “Deadly Healthcare Industry” in America must receive just as much attention in order to save lives!

As a Florida resident, I’ve personally seen a abundance of new “Healthcare clinics” popping up all over the place, along with this comes excessive ads for clinical trial research companies seeking citizens to perform experiments on them for their man-made drugs, products and devices. America, please it’s time to think about what were putting into our bodies!

download (3)

See below Healthcare corporations who have our lives in their hands and involved in fraudulent schemes

Coalition against BAYER Dangers – View All Articles @

Bayer agrees to biggest Medicaid fraud settlement – BOSTON (Reuters) — Germany’s Bayer will plead guilty to a criminal charge and pay $257 million in fines and civil damages in what U.S. prosecutors Wednesday called the biggest Medicaid fraud recovery in U.S. history.


The Pharma Letter | 04 September 2013 – Bayer in settlement over Cipro pricing – A partial settlement has been reached in a US class action law suit involving the prescription antibiotic Cipro (ciprofloxacin), originated by German drug major Bayer, it was announced by a group of US law firms acting in the law suit on September 3

Press Release, October 10, 2013 – Coalition against Bayer Dangers (Germany) – GMO patents held by BAYER and BASF – Not only MONSANTO! – The discussion on Genetically modified seeds is dominated by the criticism directed against MONSANTO. In the wake of MONSANTO the German company BAYER has become one of the largest agricultural corporations in the world. Already, BAYER is one of the leading suppliers of pesticides and seeds. A current enquiry at the European Patent Office shows that in terms of the number of GMO patents BAYER actually comes first. – 

People & Power—Drug Money

Pradaxa Lawsuits Show Drug Manufacturer May Have Hidden Research

Study Finds An Underreporting of Injuries Associated With defective Medical Devices

U.S., Nev. join lawsuit against hospice accused of fraud

Hepatitis C plus hepatitis B raises risk of cirrhosis, liver cancer, death

Drugging our kids: RX alliance rewards doctors as drug companies get richer

Behind the Epidemic of Military Suicides

Corruption in the pharmaceutical industry –

Quality of Life Solution by CABIRI,

Quality of Life

Florida Corruption = Rick Scott & Leaders

Palm Beach County System Flaws

1. Lack of Homeless Shelters Rehabilitation Assistance Programs for Women & Children – 10yr. Homeless Program Adopted by Palm Beach County – No return phone calls lack of shelter, funding etc. W.P.B. Mayor blames county for homeless crisis! County we have no $$!

2.No family orientated transitional monitoring faith based 12 Step Treatment/Substance Abuse/alcohol programs – Separate from court order drug program, half way houses, pre-trial intervention.

3.United States Census For Palm Beach County – Omits Statistical Information for White Owned Firms – Includes Black, Asia, Native Hawaiian, Pacific Islander, Native-America, Latino, and Women & Omits PBC male percentage, No account of PBC Foreign Citizens Visa statuses

4. No Immediate Temporary Disability and/or Medical Insurance for unknown medical emergencies extending over a 6mth period of time.

5. Lack of Shore Security – Via Waterways – preventing drug smuggling and human trafficking, or non-monitoring of foreign visitors docking for long periods of time.

6. Lack of auditing and monitoring local Governments, organizations, political leaders, who are accountable, and responsible for other human lives – Current Governor Health Con-Artist himself!

7. Lack of affordable Housing for Veterans, Elderly, Single-Parent Mothers, & the Medically Ill

8. Lack of International Educational Programs – Assisting International children and families with English, History, Laws, Schooling, etc.,

9. Debt to Income Ratio Inequality – Poverty – Hidden Homelessness Crisis in Florida

10. Outdated Programs listed as services – Stating available for assistance when in fact their not.

11. UN Condemns U.S. Police Brutality, Calls For ‘Stand Your Ground’ Review – Florida has a bad case of racial profiling

12. HUD RELEASES JULY 2014 HOUSING SCORECARD – “The market indicators for the housing market recovery were mixed in July as foreclosure filings continue to improve, but home sales, particularly for new homes, showed unexpected weakness,” said HUD Assistant Secretary for Policy Development and Research Katherine O’Regan.
13. Rehabilitate or punish? – Psychologists are not only providing treatment to prisoners; they’re also contributing to debate over the nature of prison itself.
Palm Beach Post Article: Posted: 6:51 a.m. Monday, July 2, 2012
By Sonja Isger and Jennifer Sorentrue
Palm Beach Post Staff Writer

After more than a decade of planning, Palm Beach County will open its center for the homeless today.
It is the first time that the county’s homeless have had a single place to go for shelter, medical care, job training and other social services.

Although a handful of local charities and churches have always helped the homeless with emergency shelter, meals and job training, the county has lacked a central place for the homeless to go to easily navigate those services.

Homeless advocates say the center’s opening is the culmination of a perfect set of circumstances — a county commissioner advocating the project; a partnership between the county and nonprofits working with the homeless; and $8.5 million in federal grant money. What happened to the funding, who monitors and disburses has federal funding disbursement went toward homelessness assistance? If so why has homelessness increased in the Palm Beach County area.
“Everything came together,” said Marilyn Munoz, Executive Director of the county’s Homeless Coalition.

County commissioners first talked about providing an emergency shelter for the homeless in 2001, when former Commissioner Addie Greene formed a task force to help craft the plan.
But the next year, Greene said that the shelter should no longer be the task force’s top priority, acknowledging that political pressure from other commissioners had persuaded her to change her mind. Many worried about finding a location for the facility and complained that they would simply be “warehousing” the homeless.

Greene’s decision came after the county’s director of human services issued a report in 2002 saying that building a shelter for the homeless would be “cost prohibitive.” Instead, the director said he wanted more money for social workers to provide counseling for homeless people. He also said he would pay for more room nights and motels and halfway houses for the homeless while the social workers worked to find permanent help.
“In the beginning, (county managers) sort of encouraged you not to build permanent shelters,” said Commissioner Karen Marcus, who was first elected to the board in 1984. “It was, ‘if you start building them, you are actually going to get more homeless.”
By 2005 the county had partnered with CARP, Inc., which stands for Comprehensive Alcoholism Rehabilitation Programs, to help fund a 16-bed Homeless Residential Assessment Center at CARP’s campus in West Palm Beach.

But advocates kept pushing for a county-owned facility.

Meanwhile, an impromptu homeless shelter at Westgate Tabernacle in suburban West Palm Beach was drawing attention to the county’s growing homeless problem. The tabernacle drew the ire of county officials for opening its own shelter to house as many as 150 people a night. County officials argued that the shelter violated both fire code and zoning laws.

The tabernacle sued the county in 2007 and 2009, seeking relief from the fines. It argued that county officials had denied the homeless problem existed.
At the same time, then-Commissioner Jeff Koons was urging the commission and county administrators to address the county’s homeless problem. Working with nonprofits, he ultimately helped establish a homeless advisory board, responsible for crafting a 10-year plan to end homelessness in the county.

Koons resigned from the commission in 2010 amid an extortion scandal and was sentenced to five years’ probation but has since returned to advocating for the homeless. In an interview Thursday, he recalled urging advocates for the homeless to talk to commissioners about the county’s problem.
“I’d tell people whenever you bump into a commissioner, tell them how proud you are that they are working on homelessness,” Koons said.

The resource center became a critical piece of the 10-year plan, which was approved by the commission in 2008.

“Without Jeff Koons pushing it, I don’t know that it would have gotten this far,” Marcus said of the center. “It just became a real priority for him. He reached out to all the providers.”

Homeless in Palm Beach County
• A 2011 count found there were 3,228 homeless people in Palm Beach County.
• In county schools this year, there were 1,590 students between the ages of 5 and 17 who were considered homeless or in danger of becoming homeless.
• Fifty-six percent of the students in the county’s school system qualify for free or reduced-cost lunches.
• The leading causes of homelessness in the county are unemployment and lack of affordable housing, officials say.
• The county’s homeless outreach team placed 1,423 adults in emergency shelter last year.
Homeless Resource Center
Cost: $9.2 million
Location: 1000 45th St., West Palm Beach
Capacity: 60 beds, opening in three phases; 20 beds will open July 2; 20 beds will open Oct. 1; and 20 beds will open by Jan. 2. (non – existing)

Operation: Palm Beach County has contracted with three local nonprofits to run the facility and provide the social services. The county’s homeless outreach team will also be based at the center.

Lead operator: Gulfstream Goodwill Industries, responsible for overseeing the on-site interim housing and providing individual housing placement. (2013 No Services Available for homeless)

Adopt-A-Family: Will help families find services and housing. (2013 No services available)

The Lord’s Place: Will help refer people to the center and will provide employment and life skills services. (2013 No services available)

Lewis Center – (No services Available)

Homeless coalition – No return phone call – Governors R. Scott office – We can’t help you we have no $$ (How can you trust a man who’s had previous healthcare fraud, to do right by his citizens?)
Medical services: Staff from the county’s health department will provide on-site medical service.

Report: Heroin epidemic in South Florida -The problem has become an epidemic, according to the National Institute on Drug Abuse, in the aftermath of the crackdown on pill mills that dispensed high-potency painkillers. By Dan Christensen – –

American Citizens Fed Up with International Citizen Control

Many Americans are fed up and speaking up about International country people who have come over to America!

The United States Government is failing to realize there is a ground war going on in America, that may not turn out
very pretty, if a handle is not put on all the Immigrants who have come over to America! Many Americans are getting fed up at this point young and old and the “Pot is slowly brewing and thickening!”

Many American born citizens have now realized that many International citizens now own Corporations, Businesses Real-Estate, and have taken many jobs away from hard working generatinoal American families! This is not good America, CABIRI, has been speaking and following the media for quite some time and the plot is thickening!

Americans are very upset with the United States Government for allowing International Countries people to come over to America on Visa’s and acquire anything they want! Which is now turning into a major problem. If nothing is done Americans will start a war in their own country to take back what is rightfully theirs. All these smart politicians are missing the boat on this, as the pot is brewing. Why do you think Americans are not giving up “Gun Control”, why do you think there are private American Militia Groups forming in America for a reason and many are missing what is truly going on!

The American Government, should United States back into the hands of the American people or their may be some not so nice things to occurr down the line! Americans have children and they want to live the American Dream, and if International Country people have taken over, how will this be possible! Which causes a grave problem in America, the United States Government is missing. The Department of Homeland Security has no control over International Visa holders or newcomers, this all in the hands of the United States Government whom are allowing all of these international country people to come take control over many of Americas Business Industries, which is wiping out the Naturalized American Born Citizens an their families and the Next American Generation.

Many Americans are realizing this is only occurring in America, No other country in the world is allowing other international country people to take over their country by visa entry! Also another factor brewing is American Citizens are fed up with International Country people evading Taxes, and Credit History requirements, and College Tuition perks, why American citizens are being scrutinized for every little thing possible, International Country people are getting away with Economical Murder in America, taking away from millions of American Families.

If the Government does not put handle on this Immediatley, they thought the “Bundy Ranch” was bad, what if they had that all across America! They have no idea Americans are buying guns and purchasing guns for a reason, and are refusing to give them up for a reason! In CABIRI, finding many Americans Citizens are fed up with every where they turn it’s a International Citizen whom is doing better than them in their own country and they were born and raised in America with deep family roots. So the pot is definitley brewing and the United States Government should realize Americans are going to stand for this too much longer! Many have expressed to CABIRI, the United States Government is Corrupt and for International Citizens and against it’s own American Citizens. Which is a major problems.

The United States Forefathers’ stated if ‘Internationalism’ every became a problem in America, there would be a turn over in Americas Government leadership and American Citizens will have to fight to take control back over thier country! This may happen sooner than later, many American Citizens tempers are looming and tired of seeing international visa holders and residents excelling and Americans dimishing. Which is a major problem!

Please tell your American Government Leaders to put America back in the hands of the American Citizens or prepare for some very uneasy times looming in American by millions of “Fed up American Citizens, who want their country back, which means, Land, Jobs, Schools, Oil, Food, Healthcare, Biotechnology, Technology, Wall Street, etc., basically all economical resources that have been stripped away from American Families.

How The international Banking Cartel Controls The World Through The U.S. Military And Economic Sabotage

Government Harrassment & Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement

American Citizen are being tracked and harrased by Americas Law Enforcement Officials

America, there is a new trend happening in the United States, many citizens are unaware of that needs to be addressed. CABIRI, has been speaking with numerous American born citizens, who are fed with the United States Government and their prawns working with them!

In states such as; Florida and New York, many citizens are complaining about police harrassment for minor infractions, which law enforcement agencies are targeting Latino’s, African-Americans and Hispanics, which is considered racial profiling and harrassment. These agencies are attacking poor and homeless citizens whom are already suppressed and some professional citizens whom have never had a run in with the law, all due to skin color.

Please read below some current scenario’s that were communicated to CABIRI! The scenario’s are very disturbing and should hit home to all American Citizens, for this could happen to you, a friend or a family member;

1. A well known Latino coach, on chemo-therapy, who choose not to disclose his name due to his professional status; Stated himself and wife whom are of Latino origin born in America with deep family roots, recently relocated from New York to Florida due to uncessary excessive police harrassment by NY Law Enforcement Officers, whom are stopping and harrassing anyone that is Latino, African-American or Hispanic! Apparently, for anything that they can find wrong or trump up against any of these nationalities they are doing it! They are giving citations for various minor things, due to the color of their skin. He stated they are also giving them excessive jail time and tickets for very small amounts of illegal substances, like one marijuana joint! Which is ridiculous when this may be legalized and is legal in many states! The gentleman stated; once you go to court it seems the judicial system is involved in these planned out scheme’s! The middle-aged many 55yrs of age stated all the racial profiling was supposed to be stopped by the new Mayor of New York after “Bloomberg.” He stated this is not the case instead, the racial profiling acutally has increased dramatically, he stated they are giving New York Citizens excessive citations; to boost State’s Revenue’s, and to promote or give pay raises to Law Enforcement offcials! They are being told the more “Busts” you make the better your pay and you can also get promoted within the department up the ranks by the number of busts or tickets you write! Is this legal America!

This is awful and should be very illegal in the United States! These actions are putting ultimatiums on Law Enforcement Officials, who now have to work hard to “Bust” as many citizens as they can, or they may lose their jobs or never get promoted! This also puts naturalized American born citizens of color at risk, backing them up against the wall, due to the color of their skin, which many of these citizens may be law abiding professional citizens! Why are many New York citizens being harrassed for ‘No reason at all?’ These actions by the Mayor of NY the Judicial System, and Law Enforcement Agency’s could be considered a “Pyramid Scheme” by New York’s State and Local Governments, targeting innocent citizens to boost there State and Local revenue’s! Which is illegal and unethical! Racial Profiling must stop! Also answer this; why aren’t other nationalities such as Whites, Europeans, Germans, Russians, Indians, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Israel, Australians or any other nationality that have now moved into America, not being harrassed?

2. This next scenario was taking from a Mother in Florida who’s child was incarcerated for the first time in his life in Florida! Local Law Enforcement, tried to recruit her young adult son for other “Drug Busts” to take down other top drug consipators! Which would put her son in harms way, whom is a good kid just messed up one time trying to help his mother! She stated the Law Enforcement official told her son if he did not agree; they will issue a warrant for his arrest, although he had already been before a judge for his mistake! America no matter how you look at this situation this is very upsetting! The poor mother now is looking to move out of the area and State of Florida for fear her African-American son will be now profiled by Florida Law Enforcement officials. For not agreeing to become a ” Police Informant!” The mother and son, are now very frightenend and must stay in the area until all his court matters are taking care of, this is awful and very disturbing America! This young child whom has never been in trouble in his life, and was only trying to help his mother whom has been dramactically ill for 2yrs. and unable to work, both of them now have to fear for their lives against police brutality, due to her son not agreeing to become an “Informant”! Are you kidding me America!

The mother did not want her son to be known as a “Snitch,” which could result in her and her son’s death! Now they are very afraid to go out the house or live in the State of Florida, although stuck until her son has completed his Pre-Trial Services. She knows although, this was not right for her son to do, and he also understands and very frightened to ever to return to jail, since this was his first time! She stated they are very afraid, of what may happen in Florida! America this is awful and unlawful and all of Florida’s Local and State Law Enforcement officials should be investigated! “Again names will not be disclosed due to sensitivity and protection of family.”

3. This last scenario, was taken from a woman who was picking up a friend at a “Florida Jail!” Be aware to all American Citizens for this one, this is a “Shocker!” The woman stated; her license plates were run in the parking lot at the jail, to see if she had any outstanding warrants for her arrest. Although, she had none, she thought about “Entrapment,” for all the citizens who may visit, or come onto State property! Law Enforcement officials are becoming very sneaky by running license plates without citizns knowing it! She stated, if you happen to have a warrant for your arrest officers are coming out and arresting citizens as they are visiting or picking up family members. America this is Entrapment, illegal and unethical and also needs addressed!

4. This is a tidbit of information for “Bails Bondsmen” who depend on this field as their sole income! Guess What! State and Local Governments are now taking over your job, which will “Wipe Out” all “Bail Bondsmen!” How? Public Citizens can now pay bonds; Online, or use a 877# they can call and pay over the phone, and this does include “Surety and Cash Bonds!” So Please be aware!

America these scenario’s tooken from random citizens should be very disturbing and eye opening to many, this is abuse of power by Local, State and Government Officials against American Citizens, and ‘Must’ be addressed! As American citizens if we do not prevent such scenario’s like this from occuring, what else will State and Local Government officials, feel like they can get away with! Please pass along and help prevent this type of harrassment in America against American Citizens!

This is abuse of Power in America, and according to previous “ForeFathers” American Citizens have the last word, not other human being elected officials with a title, who feel they have the right to harm other human beings, whom are paying taxes and their salaries! They are not “Supreme Beings” and have no right!

Thank you for reading, and please pass along and stand up and fight for your rights in America! Another human being has no right to control you, this is your life and remember you only have one to live!


Prosecutor: Cops in rural California town preyed on poor drivers –

King City police officers arrested in corruption scandal

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Americas Soviet Union Talent Networks

Americas InterFace Modeling Network Tied to Pharmaceutical Corporations and Soviet Union

Here’s more proof of International business ownership in America, impacting American Citizens!

America, please research talent agencies, before signing your child up to pursue their passions. Interface Modeling Network is a international scam, with deep roots, this company is misleading young children and their parents. The State of New Jersey actually filed, it’s own lawsuit against two of the companies owned by Roman Vintfeld.

Which is great, at least someone did something to prevent this company from, diminishing small children’s dreams, and stripping the pockets of their parents,while not following through on promised services to be provided. The owner is still in operation and not from United States and has ties to surprising U.S. pharmaceutical corporations. Please view business related links for this talent agency.

Before going forward, CABIRI’s founder wants to tell her personal experience with InterFace Talent Network. My son, 17yrs. old at the time personally went to “Interface Modeling Agency” to pursue modeling and his passion of skateboarding. They first lured him in at the local mall, where he’d been going to daily to fill out the contest entry, to become a winner. He actually was visiting a friend, who’d worked at the Interface booth, so with his friends persuasion each time he went to mall, he’d filled out contest entry form. Poor thing was very determined, to pursue his dreams!

His wish finally came true when the agency called a couple of months later, stating he’d been chosen and they wanted to interview him. So of course very excited for him, I took him to the Boca Raton, Fl., location, where he went through a couple of people interviewing him. One was supposed to be some type of Director; this was their so called approval process.

The last stage, we were showed around the building, too be coerced a little more, only to be sat down and hit them with the cost, by which they wanted upfront for their services, and a one shot  deal, THAT DAY take it or leave it. Well of course, I agreed, this was my son’s dream come true, So we thought!

So I put down a deposit and returned the next day with the remaining balance a grand total of around $3000, for them to start the process, and sign a contract with him for Photos, Website, and Marketing. My son received his photo shoot for his pictures, by which he was to bring his own wardrobe, so not included in $3000. The pictures were taken right at the location, outside, some inside, and there was no dressing rooms available for him to change, so he changed in front of a crowd of other children, until I complained and they found a office for him to change in. So, unprofessional and embarrassing!

A month later, he was chosen to go for an acting class, in Fort Lauderdale, Fl. at “Famous Faces,” he attended the so called acting class, then the next call was for a marketing event for “Nickelodeon,” which I paid $167 for him to attend, so this was not included, in the $3000 originally given to the agency to start the talent process. He also received a website for a year, with no activity, after a couple months or so, no contact the whole process went dead! No phone call, letter, email or nothing!

After a year of no activity, Interface Talent Network, stated we had to pay to renew his website, and there was a lot of activity on his website of interested scouting agents. Are you kidding me, what was the $3000, for? And the information was new to us when no one bothered to contact us! This company truly misled us, they didn’t provide anything worth the amount of money I originally forked out at the beginning.

Now keep in mind, nothing could be done, until the money was paid upfront, and they had their money and a contract, The agency was smart they scheduled my sons photo shoot for the following week making it impossible to request a refund, or proceed with a 3-day cancellation. Which was another misleading tactic.

InterFace Talent network, coerced us, for their financial benefit, never having the best interest of my sons dreams in mind, in fact his dreams have been diminished thanks to InterFace Soviet Union Talent Network.

This is very sad, many other American mothers, have gone through the same type of experience feeling scammed and financially taken advantage of, and their child’s dreams diminished. These are innocent lives, being taken of advantage of Interface had no regard for the lives they’ve impacted.

Review below shocking links concerning the InterFace Talent Network and Information about “Soviet Union Jewish Refugee’s.”

Here some questions that should be considered; Why are Soviet Union Refugee’s running businesses in America? Also why are many international corporations, tied in some form or fashion to the pharmaceutical industry? Also, why are the majority of Americas international businesses and corporations privately held? It’s very alarming to see this occurring in America. This all reverts back to “International Background Checks, International Credit History, and International U.S. Visa Business Ownership in America. Which basically, means American citizens are funding other countries by doing business with these International American based Business Owners!

The below research links are for informational purposes only. Although, advised to review, for your own personal knowledge!

View related links:

NJ Modeling Company Charged With Consumer Fraud Following Over 200 Complaints


InterFACE 1

Startup –

Roman Vintfeld is with the growing business InterFACE Talent Network located in Edgewater, NJ and is interested in talking to potential investors in the United States. (Why are American Investors funding International companies instead of helping their own country?)

Roman Vintfeld and his Edgewater, East Brunswick companies sued for offering phony modeling services

InterFace Talent Network Corporate Information:


OTRIAD digital marketing

Privately Held; 11-50 employees; Marketing and Advertising industry

October 2012 – Present (1 year 8 months) NYC


InterFACE Talent Network

Privately Held; 501-1000 employees; Entertainment industry

March 2007 –Present (7 years 3 months)


Industry Model and Talent Studios

2003 – 2009 (6 years)

History: ( Talent Agency – Pharmaceutical)

Please view French website; Créer mon Blog Personnel – Website Info.

Create a Blog Personal blog A Blog Blogs jblog is a software platform that facilitates free online publishing a blog. This is a service that offers a multitude of tools for people to publish content on the web music blog blog blog humor personal blog fashion blog animals sky blog, image blog blogger make free blog directory of blogs on the internet … (Is this Americas WordPress in French?)

See below research findings: (Warning very confusing details)

InterFACE is led by Mr. Roman Vintfeld, Mitch Rubin, chief financial officer/chief operating office and Danielle Vintfeld, vice president, in new 12,000 square foot New Jersey offices.

Raised in a family of Soviet Jewish refugees, Vintfeld came to this country when he was 8, having started his entrepreneurial career selling family possessions on the streets of Italy to have enough income to settle in the United States.

Executives for this regional headquarters are Eric Bernstein, vice president of operations, Sioban Shariat, vice president of development and marketing and Janixx Parisi, executive director of development and marketing. The New England area is serviced by the InterFACE office in Connecticut. InterFACE presently has 10,000 clients ranging from children to seniors.

The New England area is serviced by the InterFACE office in Connecticut. InterFACE presently has 10,000 clients ranging from children to seniors. InterFACE assists entertainment talent in creating online high resolution composite head shots for modeling, music, acting and other entertainment talents.

In industries like fashion and entertainment, where barriers to entry are high and competition is fierce, InterFACE strives to provide aspiring actors, singers, musicians, models and other entertainment talent with the right tools to market themselves and entertainment industry professionals with a cost-effective and convenient way to scout a talent pool that meets their needs. Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. filed the patent application on April 24, 2003. The patent application number is 00629/DELNP/2003 A. The international classification number is C12N15/85. (This paragraph is very interesting and confusing are they the patent owner of InterFace Talent Agency, a Pharma Company?)

Regeneron Pharmaceuticals, Inc. (Regeneron) (Public, NASDAQ:REGN) is engaged in the research, development and commercialization of therapeutics to treat human disorders and conditions. The Company’s facilities are primarily located in New York. As of December 31, 2009, the Company had one marketed product: ARCALYST (rilonacept) injection for subcutaneous use, which is available for prescription in the United States for the treatment of Cryopyrin-Associated Periodic Syndromes (CAPS), including Familial Cold Auto-inflammatory Syndrome (FCAS) and Muckle-Wells Syndrome (MWS) in adults and children 12 and older.

Its late stage programs are rilonacept, which is being developed for the prevention and treatment of gout – Cheap Replica Ulysse Nardin Watches flares; VEGF Trap-Eye, which is being developed in eye diseases using intraocular delivery in collaboration with Bayer HealthCare LLC, and aflibercept (VEGF Trap), which is being developed in oncology in collaboration with the Sanofi-aventis Group(This is very interesting, Please see website for full details, also click on the links embedded in the blogs you’ll find it very interesting in what you view?) What does Bayer  HealthCare & Sanofi – Aventis pharmaceutical companies have to do with a Talent Agency Network, and posted on a French Blog?

America, this should set off international alarm bells, if not convinced please see additional links;

Jewish refugees

Soviet Union Jewish Refugees

 Soviet Jews: We Must Do Our Utmost -This article explains some important details concerning “Bush Administration”

 Anti-Semitism, A Global Issue –

See Below Quotes Below “Hitler Quote’s” – by Famous

This what we are dealing with in America! Very Disturbing – They own our corporations!


Thank you for supporting CABIRI, we will continue to protect American Families against International corrupt businesses and corporations doing business in America, whom are impacting lives.


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Consumer Advocacy For The American People

Please look out for CABIRI’s new upcoming project that will assist many American business owners!

International Pfizer – AstraZeneca Conspiracy

America, please read the attached articles, you’ll view corruption at it’s best! Read how foreign countries are side-stepping Americas taxes by running their “Big Pharma” Corporations based in U.S. in their international country or some other country! Not in the U.S.!

They’re only doing business in the U.S. to gain profits from American Citizens, who are buying their pharmaceutical drugs more than any other country! Americans are unknowingly, making other countries rich, while they have hidden-agendas brewing in America! Cancer, is growing rapidly in America for a reason, it’s called “Reverse Psychology” surprisingly, AstraZeneca pipeline is full of Cancer Drugs for “Pfizer! The below article will spell it out and many more debacles you’ll think twice about if you care for your well-being in America! 


Pfizer AstraZeneca takeover attempt prompts job warning from Vince Cable Business secretary says he is committed to maintaining UK’s position in pharma industry, but investors welcome bid!

Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan 

Additional locations: U.K., Sandwich – U.S., MIT – Boston MA, California, Michigan

U.S. – Germany mixed family partnership based out of (Ludwigsburg, Germany/U.S.) – presumed makers of “Citric Acid” 

Area’s: Primary Care, Specialty Care, Oncology, Emerging Markets, Established Products, Consumer Healthcare, Nutrition, & Capsugel

Originally – Fine Chemicals Company – Known for Producing drugs through chemical synthesis

Mergers & Acquitsitions: Warner Lambert, Pharmacia, Searle, UpJohn, Monsanto, Wyeth, King Pharmaceuticals, Alacer Corp


Products: Zoloft, Lipitor, Norvasc, Zithromax, Aricept, Diflucan, Viagra, Celebrex, Emergen – C, Xanax, Xalatan, Depo-Provera, Feldene 


Astra AB – Originated “Stockholm, Sweden

Formation of AstraZeneca
ICI – Imperial Chemical Industries – Acquired By:(Azko Nobel)
Prior British Chemicals Empire Largest Manufacturing Corporation

ICI aka Henkel AG Integration (Dusseldorf, Germany) – Chemical Manufacturing – Detergents, adhesives, brand technologies, industrial business,

“ICI” aka Zeneca Group, Zeneca Plc, Zeneca Farm-Foundation (British Multinational Pharmaceutical Company – U.K./Europe)

“ICI Acquired – Unilever Anglo-Dutch Multi-national Consumer Goods – Worlds 3rd Largest Consumer Goods Company
Areas: Foods, Beverages, Cleaning Agents, Personal Care, Shampoo, Deodorant, Hair-Care

U.S. – North Wilmington, Delaware, Millbank, Headquarters: London, U.K, New Jersey, Netherlands, Sweden, France, India, Japan, Brazil, Canada

Products: Paints, foods, polymers, electronic material, chemicals, fertilizers, insecticides, dyestuffs, non-ferrous metals, Biopol, Paludrine, Halothane, Inderal, Beta-Blocker, Tamoxifen, Synthetic pyrethroid insecticides, Synthetic fibres, Polyesters, Nylons, Industrial polymers, Various Paints, Personal, Consumer & Home Care, Vaccines, Pharamcokinetic, Isoenzymes, Biotechnology, H1N1 Intranasal Novel,Antibody, Raxibacumab, erythematosus, Benlysta, Inflammatory Disease, Gastrointestinal, Infection, Respiratory, Pathological, Oncology, Neurological
Human Health Services: Astrazeneca/MedImmune – 90 Million (Phase 1 H5N1)

$894M deal ends most of Pfizer’s lawsuits Death’s

Tort Hell: Pfizer And A Lawsuit Over An Injury From A Generic

Lipitor Lawsuit News: Pfizer, Inc. Named in Whistleblower Lawsuit Alleging Improper Marketing of Lipitor

$142 Million Award Against Pfizer Stands – What is Off-Label Marketing?

Lawsuits claim Pfizer drug Lipitor gave women type 2 diabetes

Pfizer enters final settlements in 660 Chantix lawsuits

Pfizer resolving several lawsuits over its drugs

Pfizer Hit With $43 Million Settlement For Misleading Marketing Of Drugs

Pfizer Recalls Antidepressant Effexor Because It Is Not A Heart Medicine

Louisiana Woman Files Lipitor Lawsuit Against Pfizer


Nexium Use and Increased Risk for Fracture or Plavix and Nexium lawsuits? –

AstraZeneca Settles Most Seroquel Suits –

Scientist’s lawsuit accuses AstraZeneca of fudging Brilinta study

WSJ: Scientist’s lawsuit accuses AstraZeneca of fudging Brilinta study -

Statins | Crestor Lipitor Zocor | Diabetes | Lawsuit –‎


Pharmaceutical Giant AstraZeneca to Pay $520 Million for Off-label Drug Marketing –

AstraZeneca to cut 2,300 more jobs –

Test results take precedence over ethics –

AstraZeneca Buys MedImmune for $15.6 Billion –

Pfizer Proposes a Marriage With AstraZeneca, Easing Taxes in a Move to Britain – of Fire Fraud and Whistleblowers in Big Pharma

America, please ask yourselves – What benefits are these companies giving you and your families?
Should Americans trust International Pharmaceutical companies with their health and well-being, based in another country?


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