Special Report!! Hillary Clinton reveals true international debacles in America

All Americans must read this article! 

Clinton urges tech leaders to invest in training

Finally, a top leader get’s what’s currently occurring in America!

The 2016, “President Elect Hillary Clinton,” explains in detail what’s truly currently occurring in America, which many other top U.S.leaders have yet to realize or are avoiding acknowledgement of the crisis! Which is quite scary!

Thankfully, Hillary realized the impact of the current foreign national control in America, in the article written by Guardian News, Writer Lisa Leff. Hillary spoke about issue’s such as; Lack of Female Leadership, Safe Healthcare for Women, Non-American Citizens Jobs opposed to International U.S. job Recruitment-Employment giving precedence to their ‘Countries or other Non – American Citizens’ via ‘U.S. Immigration Visas,’ which is showing favoritism, denying many American citizens the right to work in their own country.

 Hillary also commented on; increased housing prices which have driven millions of American Citizens out of their homes, which many are currently homeless in California and all throughout the United States!

Hillary is definitely on the right track, realizing this is a “Major Problem” in America and must be addressed accordingly by all U.S. top leaders helping to save the U.S. economy from foreign countries! Hillary is taking the proper steps forward to fix Americas true international debacles!

CABIRI, has been attempting to report the series of events by international countries in control of America’s top corporations and businesses, which has impacted the American economy and millions of U.S. citizens.

Now there maybe be a light at the end of the tunnel for all American Citizens! Thanks to Hillary Clinton! 

Please Read Full Story and pass along, this is the true reasoning of Americas disparities! 

Clinton urges tech leaders to invest in training – http://www.theguardian.com/world/feedarticle/11286603



EB-5 Alive In America


CABIRI, PREVIOUS PUBLISHED ARTICLE; Please read what other countries think about the EB-5 Visa Bill:


U.S. Green Card in addition to the BUSINESS
How to turn your hotel cost $ 20 million to $ 200 million ski resort? American businessman Bill Stanger reached this result thanks to funding through a U.S. government program that provides foreign investors and their families green card if they invest in certain projects, stimulating the economy.
Introduces us to the action of the program lawyer from Miami, Florida Irina Rostov, dealing with issues of business immigration.
Jay City, located in the state of Vermont on the border with Canada. Here in the picturesque Northern Appalachians, located Jay Peak ski resort, in recent years has turned into a major tourist complex with an indoor water park, two hotels, cottages, restaurants and bars surrounded by ski slopes and speed lifts, thanks to a program for international investors EB- 5.
Bill Stanger, general manager, president and co-owner of the resort since 1985 worked as the manager of the hotel. From tourists, he learned that in America there is an immigration program EB-5 which investors can acquire residence in the United States. This program was created in 1990 when President George HW Bush, but enjoy great popularity began after 2005, when introduced changes in the law, facilitate the development of large projects with many foreign investors. Undoubted advantage of this program is to obtain Green Cards quickness. Permission for a temporary, two-year green card, usually come within 8-14 months from the filing date. In 2012, the U.S. government issued about 8,000 EB-5 visas. Chinese citizens who are very familiar with this program, received 5735 of these visas. Russians are just now learning about it, and yet only 77 visas were obtained Russian citizens.
Get the EB-5 visa can be a traditional method or through a program of regional centers. Using the traditional method, an investor invests typically $ 1 million dollars in business, which he directs and which should create at least ten jobs. A program of regional centers allows you to combine contributions from foreign investors in the limited partnership and invest in projects submitted for approval by the Citizenship and Immigration Services United States (USCIS). Since these projects are almost always in areas with high unemployment or low population density, the amount of investment required is reduced to $ 500,000 and this is allowed to take into account indirect jobs created. Very attractive is that the investor should not create business itself. Only need to select the project and make capital. Regional Center and developer fully assume the responsibilities associated with the development of the project and current affairs.

Projected income from such projects 1% -6% per annum, but the return on investment is usually made within 5-7 years from the date of investment.
Given all this, Stanger went to the leadership of Vermont, and persuaded the government to register your own Regional Center. Together with the then state governor Howard Dean, he took an active part in the establishment of the Regional Centre, which has support at the federal level in the face of an old-timer of the Senate Patrick Leahy. Incidentally, this Center is the only regional center, which is owned by and under the full control of the state government.
In Stanger projects since 2006 invested more than 550 people from 74 countries. And more than 500 of them have received a Green Card and can live in any state in America, regardless of the location of the project on which they have acquired a residence permit.
In the heart of the resort Jay Peak, commissioned in 2011, stands on a hillside impressive indoor waterpark with a retractable glass roof, numerous water slides, with artificial waves and slow river, designed with respect to energy-saving technologies.100 million people live in the U.S. and Canada within four hours drive from the resort. Therefore, to attract tourists in the summer, thus expanding source of income, was built exclusive golf course, golf club set, golf academy, equipped space for training. Hotel rooms are made with American scale, huge, fully equipped kitchens, bedrooms.Built spa, indoor ice rink, children’s learning center for skiing and kindergartens. For two years the resort has surpassed the projected workload and income by 20%. A first group of investors in the first quarter of this year, will get a return on investment of $ 500,000.
In 2012, a supporter of the program Eb-5 Sen. Patrick Leahy used projects Jay Peak, as a successful example of this program during the session of Congress, where it was decided to extend for a further three years of its existence.
“Since the project must be approved by the Immigration Service to obtain a Green Card, his choice is the key to success in the EB-5, – says Irina Rostov. – Approval of draft statements investors Jay Peak 100%. So Vermont Regional Center certainly enjoys the confidence of immigration lawyers. ”

Bill Stanger and his business partner Ariel Kviros continue to develop new projects worth more than half a billion dollars. At the heart – a successful formula: attracting foreign investors wishing to diversify their financial portfolios and acquire residence in the United States, the system of checks and state support in the face of Vermont Regional Center in order to guarantee the implementation of EB-5 program, equity investments and Kviros Stanger, exceeding $ 90 million, and finally, the development of projects under the existing demand.
Currently, the following programs:
In the town of Burke – tourist ski resort with a budget of $ 104.7 million hotel with 116 rooms, aqua center, indoor tennis courts and an Olympic-size swimming pools. Academy of ski this city came 29 Olympians, but first-class ski slopes near this hotel would be the first. Construction will begin in spring 2014. Stanger predicts that the hotel will be open for the winter season 2015-2016 year.
In Newport, located on the shores of picturesque Lake Memphremagog, will be built Research Medical Center. The project budget is $ 118 million in revenue will come from rent for medical research and production of medications Korean company AnC Bio, which opened a branch in Vermont in 2012. Built complex under specific customers – more than 25% of the premises booked under long-term contracts.
On the other side of the lake – Hotel “Marina” to the convention center. Budget of $ 100 million, followed by reconstruction projects main streets of the city of Newport and the expansion of the runway of the Newport Airport
Acting Gov. Peter Shumlin, pays tribute to Stanger for the successful organization of such large-scale projects and fundraising for business people who want to have a business and obtain a residence permit in the United States.

To learn how to invest in Jay Peak (Jay Peak, Inc.),

Please contact +7 (499) 681-1910 (Russian) or +1 (802) 988-2611, e-mail. Email: amaclean@jaypeakresort.com ;www.jaypeakresort.com .
Immigration Lawyer Irina Rostov: +1 (786) 408 3183; email.

America’s Socioeconomic Consumer Advocacy News

L.A. County Supervisors create a new office that would help immigrants receive assistance: http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-county-immigration-office-20170110-story.html

Freelance Writer,

Drones Won’t Help America

Drone’s can’t help if the Predators are living in America
A article today about Obama pressured by drones, is not the path America needs to go down. American’s are missing subtle clue’s on what’s occurring, “Here and now in America,” which is a attack on our entire country and all America’s economical resources.

Many businesses in America are run by foreign countries, “And yes”, sadly they are recruiting American citizens by bribery or other means necessary, too gain American trust to acquire the things they want or desire in America. It’s called “Killing people with Kindness”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see internationalist are working with their families in their countries.

Just as American’s have family members they help and protect. Internationalist have their families in their country to take care of  also, many foreign newcomers eventually send for their family members, too become part of their new American family owned business. They also do this too keep the family together to continue the family traditions, many internationalist raise their children with their countries family value’s and morals not American history. Many of their English speaking and American Educated children, translate for them and run their family businesses or their son or daughters marry into an American family.

This is all a money and educational American family learning tactic, many internationals do not remain married to an American, only long enough to get their American citizenship. Once they receive there citizenship they start sending for other family members, all it takes is one family member to plant their feet in America, the rest of the family can start coming one by one. All carefully, planned out tactics!

This is truly unfair too American citizens, how can foreign families run a business, and not speak a bit of English, then turn around and raise their children in America to run their family businesses, while sending money back to their extended families. This tactic is used so America, views the foreign led business and family members as true Americans, which there actually not. They are only squeezing every dime out of the American society sending money back to their countries, the sad part is they are becoming wealthy in America while running their foreign businesses, by keeping it in the family only! 

They do not believe in hiring out of their culture, think about how many foreign restaurants you’ve been to, what is the nationality you see working? There is no American’s present, in the business or maybe one. Why is that? Start thinking about indifference’s America, protect your country. If your a well-rounded person, you also know that many foreigners do not like America, and many of their children have a hard time intermingling due to cultural differences. American’s can’t relate to a communist country or a third world country, if they’ve never visited.

This is the case for many foreign children who can’t relate and have a hard time adapting to American culture, they do not understand it, so eventually they return to their country. Many of their children have few American friends, they seem to befriend other foreign cultures’ or family members, who are just as confused as they are about American culture and living, although many of their family members are running American businesses.

Many countries also have a “family law” one could say, if they send their child to college or abroad, the child or children are required to pay the parents a percentage of all income earned, until their passing. This is not a requirement of America children. Think about this scenario, If every foreign owned business in America, brought over their family and friends to work at their American businesses and corporations, and foundations, how many jobs would that leave American citizens?

The foreign nationals residing in America have more rights in America than true American citizens, they have more funding given to them by United States EB-5 immigration bill, that pays immigrants to come too America, along with giving them full access to invest in any American business. After the bill and decades of preparation and infiltrating American markets, the new massive foreign business owners have much to say about America, they are molding America, with money-power and greed. 

This is the true problem American’s aren’t getting, we have a problem right here at home that’s been planned out since after World War I and II. It’s much worse due to immigration influx laws that’s allowed non-friendly foreign nationals into America over several decades. Who’ve launched a discreet Economical warfare on America and American citizens, this should be now evident to those following the series of events occurring in America. Understand, if you gain control over a countries State’s, Laws, Businesses, Economical resources and Land, the following are vital to a countries functionality, and can be damaging too a countries livelihood too stand alone.

 American citizens must realize many non American friendly foreign nationals are running top corporations in America. Decades of planned plots by other countries against America have been in play for a very long time. Other past American presidents tried communicating to the next American generations, this exact time would come, and Americans would have to face the disastrous situations brought about.  

Sadly, one president didn’t adhere to our past presidents advice instead he implemented the EB-5 Immigration bill, HW Bush passed his new immigration bill  in the 1990’s. The bill gave international countries the option to buy what ever they wanted in America, as long as they showed the cash, along with the American Government bonus given to them for coming too America,”Wow free to purchase whatever your hearts desire,” without knowing anything about American business ownership, America people or American culture!

The implemented immigration bill has back fired on America, now many foreign countries have purchased every industry imaginable in America’s business sectors. Now mysteriously many American’s are struggling to feed their families and unemployed and are truly suffering, the stories being reported by many American families are very heart wrenching, beginning with the West Virginia water polluters, who are getting away Scott free with their sudden bankruptcy and governmental corruption cover up, leaving many West Virginia’s holding the bag.

The business change of American hands to foreign hands has a huge impact on many American families. Other countries do not live by the same rules, regulations, safety, or sanitary conditions as American’s. Why do you think every country wants to own and live in America? If their countries were great what is the reasoning for moving too America? Or why aren’t American citizens moving over to other countries so they can live and own businesses?

 An Investigation into International and American land and business ownership statistical results, may wake up American’s to truly view who’s really in control of America’s resources and why many Americans are facing homelessness and disparity. Changes in America can’t be made if wealthy foreigners, in control are privately flying below the radar blocking many things, which affects the middle-class and poor American families. This is the true reality in America.

It’s not the United States, it’s the foreign internationals within in the United States! Who are doing a great job, by diverting America’s attention to the Republican/Democrat debacles, opposed too their foreign corrupt practices they’ve been plotting for decades and currently carrying out, right here in America. Something worse than 911 is coming for America, this is all due to the new unknown internationals currently living in America, many Americans are sitting ducks. All plots have been previously planned and in motion for decades, not just the past 5,10 or 20 yrs., it’s been long before many American citizens were born.  American’s seem to have no clue, we’ve been shafted! Time will soon tell the truth!  American’s need not “bash the American government, that makes America seem very weak to internationals.

This is showing a weak country, which America is not a weak country, the Government and American citizens just have to gain control back of America, from foreign wealthy American citizens and their families who are currently living and winning in America! It’s very important yes, to protect American citizens and every human life, although before you judge you may want to dig deeper to find out who’s behind the brick wall, you may be surprised what you find. 

CABIRI, Freelance Writer

Obama pressured over drone policy amid reports US citizen h

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Social Security Administration VS Deceased U.S. Citizens

Foreign Nationals American Social Security Scam

 The American Social Security Administration is responsible for every American citizens social security number, whether they are dead or alive. When the Social Security Administrations systems were hacked in 2012, did the U.S. Government not think of the impact this could have on American citizens.

 There is reasoning behind the recent hacking’s of American’s private information. The illegal foreigners are taking Americans private information dead, or alive, and using the information to their own benefits to infiltrate many area’s in the United States,taking away from many American families.They are using American Social Security numbers for many of their undocumented family members, to acquire Government services and American resources,and employing their family members at their U.S. owned companies.
The following questions need answered, When you get a speedy visa implemented by the Bush Administration in the 1990’s, Who is monitoring foreign nationals and their families members? How are they filing taxes or not filing taxes with a work-visa? Does the American Government supply foreign nationals with social security numbers when they apply for American citizenship or a Work-visa?

Also, how can foreign nationals get bank accounts, financial aid, jobs, apply for loans, buy homes, rent apartments and get governmental assistance, for their entire family, with a non established social security number on a foreign visa or passport? In addition, How does the American government keep track of American income made by foreigners? How does the United States Government know how much income is being sent back too their countries family members and Governments?

Also,How in the world does the Social Security Administration know what American’s are dead or alive, if their database has been recently hacked, Do they really know who is legal or not legal? Who’s American and Who’s not? 
If a American dies, Does the the Social Security administration keep up with their social security number ensuring someone hasn’t stolen their identity?

Many undocumented foreigners are assuming the lives of many American citizens who’ve been deceased for decades or recently passing, and lets us not forget including the current American citizens private social security information they’ve hacked or stolen their identities.

American’s are being invaded in every possible way, it seems America can’t win for losing thanks to the United States Government,which has now been infiltrated by foreign nationals who are changing Bills, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which has been in place for decades for every American born citizen. The new influx of foreign nationals are taking over numerous American markets, businesses, corporations in every industry, along with our homes, land, farms, and American’s social security numbers.

Who really knows whose hands are on American citizens private information, which may be any foreign country Israel, Iran, China, Algeria, U.K., France, or Germany who knows where American’s Social Security and Credit Card information has gone and being used in some illegal form or fashion. These actions are obvious due too the recent influx of hackers, which many are from other countries! 

This is all thanks to EB-5 immigration bill, which currently has the assistance of many U.S. lawyers helping with the speedy illegal immigration processes.The American government, has allowed foreign nationals to take everything away from American families,this is a monstrosity to every American born family! Why would the Government do this to American citizens? Are American’s not worthy people of maintaining their own country?

That’s quite an understatement, America has survived many, many decades without foreign help, look back into American history, these type of actions weren’t heard of by previous American Forefathers, Franklin D. Roosevelt or Eisenhower would of never allowed this to happen, if anything they were protecting their country from these type of foreign shenanigans.These actions are a slap in the face too many Veterans of America, How can the United States Government ask veterans to fight and die for their country?

When they are allowing the same foreign nationals they are fighting against, to freely come over too America,and then have the audacity to pay them and their families to come invest in American businesses? This is very contradictory and disheartening. Have all American soldiers fought and died in vein for their country?

A new bill recently passed, also allows foreign family pets to come with them. Does the American Government not think about cross-breeding dangers, some of these foreign nationals are from third world countries! The foreign nationals and their families are living a better American Dream than American born families, by which many are living in poverty or homeless! This is very unfair to

many American born families.

Every American, should surely see there’s an economical warfare, all throughout America, in every aspect! Americans are not only getting “hack attacked,” from unknown foreign sources, they are stealing personal information and cloning your entire family history. America, realize this is being done by stealing your social security number and obtaining all your pertinent information, including your family history which is attached to your Social Security number.

The U.S. Governments Social Security Administration is supposed to safe-guard and protect American’s Social Security information, this is not the case. If this problem is not addressed immediately, What is the next generation of American born children to do? The next generational American children’s future is looking very bleak, with the new foreign nationals and their children taking over America. Every American born citizen must stand up and demand justice against foreign hackers and violators who’ve stolen private information from American families, and this includes deceased American’s!

Ask your Government, has your social security information been hacked, when was it hacked, if so did they inform you? Do you know if your social security information is safe from hackers? Also does the United States Government know the person or persons who’s stolen your information? Also question, How are foreign families able to get on their feet so quickly in the United States without established credit?

Another widely known point being discussed, is many foreign nationals are using “under the radar large cash transactions”, for reasoning of no paper trail, becoming untraceable transactions. All of these corrupt actions must be stopped, American’s are suffering due to all of these illegal actions brought on by foreign nationals, and the United States Government continues to allow them to get away with it! Leaving true Americans to suffer alone, which is being emphasized all throughout America by many Americans!

Another important factor is, How can the United States Government cut off Unemployment benefits to U.S. citizens who have paid into the Unemployment for many years. Is this legal? Don’t they not deserve their monies paid into the system? 

Demand Investigations & Audits of the U.S. Immigration system, U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. Lawyers and every U.S.foreign owned business! 

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Freelance Editor,  

Immigration vs Bush Administration

  Bush Administration sold America Out back in 1990 to every foreign country! 
 America was sold out by the Bush Administration by implementing a bill, which allows foreigners and their families to move into the United States, and get funded by the American government for moving here! Along with visa access with their own designated lawyers.  This is a foreign scam against business ownership and citizenship, brought on by the American Government in the Bush Administration era. Of course with the help of republicans, they’ve been paying out American citizens tax paying dollars to foreign countries and their families too move to America! This is a joke and humiliating to every American citizen! This should be appalling to every American Citizens and every American must demand these bills be revised immediately for the sake of the American people and our country and the next American generations! There is no way, that America should be paying people to move to our country, taking away from many Americans, this is the craziest thing if you ever heard one.

NO, other country is going to pay an American investor and their families to move to their country! So why in the world is the American government allowing this? The bill implemented by the past Bush Administration is the reason America has now turned into a international country. These foreign countries and their families have taken over much of America, leaving many American citizens, in poverty, unemployed, losing their homes, and unable to feed their families. This has been going on since the 1990’s, when the bill was implemented and now has hit home to many American families! The Bush Administration has allowed these foreigners to come to America on work-visa’s bypassing the system using good foreign American lawyers, allowing them to take control over America buying businesses, corporations, homes, land, and anything else they can get their hands on in America! 

They even had the audacity to have lawyers available to assist foreigners with their Visa’s if they’re interested in coming to America, this goes to show there are many dishonest lawyers in America, who also need investigated! So let’s see, the American government is paying foreign families to come to America and helping them get here through the immigration and work-visa Governmental system, apparently led by the republicans since the bill was implemented during the Bush Administration.This is a nightmare for every American family in the United States! They’ve turned America into a International nightmare for every American born citizen, Why would they do that to American citizens they’ve already outsourced many businesses to foreign countries, why would it be necessary to pay foreign countries and their entire families too come to America with the money the American government has given them?

This is definitely a double-standard and not in the best interest of the American people. In fact, these actions are a slap in the face to every American family who is now struggling in their own country! Foreign nationals are now living the American Dream and the American people are living in poverty and suffering.These foreign countries have been allowed to come and infiltrate every area throughout America’s 50 States, impacting every American family! America does not personally know these individuals or put them through any stringent tests or follow-up with them on a consistent basis, although the government has allowed them in our country. The American government do not know these foreign nationals pasts, mind-sets, qualities, values, family history, or likeness of America. Thanks, to the Bush Administration, no one knows if these foreign nationals and their families are safe to be in our country! If American friendly why are many Americans suffering, the bill listed in other countries has been in effect, 1990-2014 this a long time for a foreign national to be in America to cause corrupt damage to the entire American population.

These new foreign American paid families are taking away from American families and sending American money back to their country to benefit their extended families not American families. The bill should be revised immediately, every American family should be upset! The Republican American government rather take care of and pay foreign nationals, than take care of their own American citizens. This explains why many American foreigners business owners are part of the ALEC private organization and other top government institutions.  

They’ve made money throughout the decades in America which has allowed them to pay double, triple and quadruple for any businesses in America. The foreigners let in by the Bush Administration bill, learned early on some American’s are greedy, and all they have to do is flash dollar signs in front of many American’s and they can get and buy whatever they want! Every American citizen must stand up and demand answers of why the American government would pay people from other countries to come invest and own businesses in America, when they have their own American citizens who aren’t being paid?  

Read below article posted in other countries concerning American citizenship!

U.S. Green Card in addition to the BUSINESS Ownership How to turn your hotel cost $ 20 million to $ 200 million ski resort? American businessman Bill Stanger reached this result thanks to funding through a U.S. government program that provides foreign investors and their families green card if they invest in certain projects, stimulating the economy. (Why does America’s economy need stimulated by foreign visitors?)

This program was created in 1990 when President George HW Bush, but enjoy great popularity began after 2005, when introduced changes in the law, facilitate the development of large projects with many foreign investors. Undoubted advantage of this program is to obtain Green Cards quickness. Permission for a temporary, two-year green card, usually come within 8-14 months from the filing date. End of portion of article for more please contact CABIRI!

This bill has to be revised immediately for the inequality of every American citizen, the government has allowed international visitors and their families to take away from American families which is a major injustice! this should not be, why are they giving away America to foreign families! What about American families? Another point that should be also addressed is the credibility of all the Lawyers who are assisting foreign immigrants with a speedy USA Visa! This is totally not fair to the American people of America! Do Americans not matter? What will Americans have left for the next American generations?

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(American’s should demand investigations & immigrant accountability)
See the laundry list of help international investors and their families are getting!
While American citizens get no help and our in poverty! Due to all of the below immigration bills in place!

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