Government Harrassment & Racial Profiling by Law Enforcement

American Citizen are being tracked and harrased by Americas Law Enforcement Officials

America, there is a new trend happening in the United States, many citizens are unaware of that needs to be addressed. CABIRI, has been speaking with numerous American born citizens, who are fed with the United States Government and their prawns working with them!

In states such as; Florida and New York, many citizens are complaining about police harrassment for minor infractions, which law enforcement agencies are targeting Latino’s, African-Americans and Hispanics, which is considered racial profiling and harrassment. These agencies are attacking poor and homeless citizens whom are already suppressed and some professional citizens whom have never had a run in with the law, all due to skin color.

Please read below some current scenario’s that were communicated to CABIRI! The scenario’s are very disturbing and should hit home to all American Citizens, for this could happen to you, a friend or a family member;

1. A well known Latino coach, on chemo-therapy, who choose not to disclose his name due to his professional status; Stated himself and wife whom are of Latino origin born in America with deep family roots, recently relocated from New York to Florida due to uncessary excessive police harrassment by NY Law Enforcement Officers, whom are stopping and harrassing anyone that is Latino, African-American or Hispanic! Apparently, for anything that they can find wrong or trump up against any of these nationalities they are doing it! They are giving citations for various minor things, due to the color of their skin. He stated they are also giving them excessive jail time and tickets for very small amounts of illegal substances, like one marijuana joint! Which is ridiculous when this may be legalized and is legal in many states! The gentleman stated; once you go to court it seems the judicial system is involved in these planned out scheme’s! The middle-aged many 55yrs of age stated all the racial profiling was supposed to be stopped by the new Mayor of New York after “Bloomberg.” He stated this is not the case instead, the racial profiling acutally has increased dramatically, he stated they are giving New York Citizens excessive citations; to boost State’s Revenue’s, and to promote or give pay raises to Law Enforcement offcials! They are being told the more “Busts” you make the better your pay and you can also get promoted within the department up the ranks by the number of busts or tickets you write! Is this legal America!

This is awful and should be very illegal in the United States! These actions are putting ultimatiums on Law Enforcement Officials, who now have to work hard to “Bust” as many citizens as they can, or they may lose their jobs or never get promoted! This also puts naturalized American born citizens of color at risk, backing them up against the wall, due to the color of their skin, which many of these citizens may be law abiding professional citizens! Why are many New York citizens being harrassed for ‘No reason at all?’ These actions by the Mayor of NY the Judicial System, and Law Enforcement Agency’s could be considered a “Pyramid Scheme” by New York’s State and Local Governments, targeting innocent citizens to boost there State and Local revenue’s! Which is illegal and unethical! Racial Profiling must stop! Also answer this; why aren’t other nationalities such as Whites, Europeans, Germans, Russians, Indians, Hungarian, Chinese, Japanese, Israel, Australians or any other nationality that have now moved into America, not being harrassed?

2. This next scenario was taking from a Mother in Florida who’s child was incarcerated for the first time in his life in Florida! Local Law Enforcement, tried to recruit her young adult son for other “Drug Busts” to take down other top drug consipators! Which would put her son in harms way, whom is a good kid just messed up one time trying to help his mother! She stated the Law Enforcement official told her son if he did not agree; they will issue a warrant for his arrest, although he had already been before a judge for his mistake! America no matter how you look at this situation this is very upsetting! The poor mother now is looking to move out of the area and State of Florida for fear her African-American son will be now profiled by Florida Law Enforcement officials. For not agreeing to become a ” Police Informant!” The mother and son, are now very frightenend and must stay in the area until all his court matters are taking care of, this is awful and very disturbing America! This young child whom has never been in trouble in his life, and was only trying to help his mother whom has been dramactically ill for 2yrs. and unable to work, both of them now have to fear for their lives against police brutality, due to her son not agreeing to become an “Informant”! Are you kidding me America!

The mother did not want her son to be known as a “Snitch,” which could result in her and her son’s death! Now they are very afraid to go out the house or live in the State of Florida, although stuck until her son has completed his Pre-Trial Services. She knows although, this was not right for her son to do, and he also understands and very frightened to ever to return to jail, since this was his first time! She stated they are very afraid, of what may happen in Florida! America this is awful and unlawful and all of Florida’s Local and State Law Enforcement officials should be investigated! “Again names will not be disclosed due to sensitivity and protection of family.”

3. This last scenario, was taken from a woman who was picking up a friend at a “Florida Jail!” Be aware to all American Citizens for this one, this is a “Shocker!” The woman stated; her license plates were run in the parking lot at the jail, to see if she had any outstanding warrants for her arrest. Although, she had none, she thought about “Entrapment,” for all the citizens who may visit, or come onto State property! Law Enforcement officials are becoming very sneaky by running license plates without citizns knowing it! She stated, if you happen to have a warrant for your arrest officers are coming out and arresting citizens as they are visiting or picking up family members. America this is Entrapment, illegal and unethical and also needs addressed!

4. This is a tidbit of information for “Bails Bondsmen” who depend on this field as their sole income! Guess What! State and Local Governments are now taking over your job, which will “Wipe Out” all “Bail Bondsmen!” How? Public Citizens can now pay bonds; Online, or use a 877# they can call and pay over the phone, and this does include “Surety and Cash Bonds!” So Please be aware!

America these scenario’s tooken from random citizens should be very disturbing and eye opening to many, this is abuse of power by Local, State and Government Officials against American Citizens, and ‘Must’ be addressed! As American citizens if we do not prevent such scenario’s like this from occuring, what else will State and Local Government officials, feel like they can get away with! Please pass along and help prevent this type of harrassment in America against American Citizens!

This is abuse of Power in America, and according to previous “ForeFathers” American Citizens have the last word, not other human being elected officials with a title, who feel they have the right to harm other human beings, whom are paying taxes and their salaries! They are not “Supreme Beings” and have no right!

Thank you for reading, and please pass along and stand up and fight for your rights in America! Another human being has no right to control you, this is your life and remember you only have one to live!


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Special Alert!! Women Taking Deadly Birth Control Toxins

All Women! Please be aware of “Birth Control” Toxic Dangers From 2nd, 3rd Generational toxins and Newer Birth Control Mixed Chemical Toxicities, That can severely harm your bodies internally and externally!

Please Read vital information and Save lives Pass this article Along!
Such as Yaz, Mesh, Mirena-Iud, etc.,

Please read article from the BMJ or British Medical Journal 

RESEARCH via BMJ Group of U.K. – British Medical Journal

All women of America Please read for your own Reproductive Health Safety, in reading you’ll find it very interesting the health risks involved from taking these toxic Birth Control pills, and Birth Control Devices! 

Please read below important information from actual “Research Journal,” that was compiled by several medial professionals:

Different combined oral contraceptives and the risk of venous thrombosis: systematic review and network meta-analysis – 

BMJ 2013; 347 doi: (Published 12 September 2013)

Many different combined oral contraceptives are available. We selected 10 frequently prescribed oral contraceptives for the network meta-analysis:

20 μg ethinylestradiol with levonorgestrel (20LNG)
30 μg ethinylestradiol with levonorgestrel (30LNG)
50 μg ethinylestradiol with levonorgestrel (50LNG)
20 μg ethinylestradiol with gestodene (20GSD)
30 μg ethinylestradiol with gestodene (30GSD)
20 μg ethinylestradiol with desogestrel (20DSG)
30 μg ethinylestradiol with desogestrel (30DSG)
35 μg ethinylestradiol with norgestimate (35NRG)
35 μg ethinylestradiol with cyproterone acetate (35CPA)
30 μg ethinylestradiol with drospirenone (30DRSP)

We categorised 20LNG, 30LNG, and 50LNG as second generation progestogens, and 20GSD, 30GSD, 20DSG, 30DSG, and 35NRG as third generation progestogens. 35CPA and 30DRSP were not used in this classification by generations.
Apart from adjustments in the dose of ethinylestradiol, the progestogen compound was also changed in an effort to reduce side effects. After the first generation progestogens (that is, norethisterone and lynestrol), new progestogens were developed. These new compounds were called second generation (that is, levonorgestrel) and third generation progestogens (that is, gestodene, desogestrel, norgestimate).15 However, users of combined oral contraceptives with third generation progestogens have a higher risk of venous thrombosis than those using second generation progestogens.16 17 18 19 Other progestogens have been developed after the introduction of third generation progestogens—that is, drospirenone (introduced in 2001). The thrombosis risk for contraceptives with drospirenone was found to be higher than for combined oral contraceptives with second generation progestogens.

Women of America are taking 2nd and 3rd generational toxic chemical compounds! Also, let’s not forget to discuss the Newer chemical compounds that weren’t clinically tested properly! The Clinical Trial Dates, Do Not surpass the amount of time needed, to deem a chemical product or drug safe for human consumption or usage! This would mean the FDA and the Pharmaceutical Industry providers are marketing new products to human beings, that are deadly and unsafe. Which is very disturbing and alarming in America!

Basically using women as “Guinea Pigs,” for their mixed chemically induced birth control products! Which are causing Reproductive Health life altering problems for all women!

The British Medical Journal tells the real truth about the serious findings of “Birth Control Dangers!

Thanks BMJ, for allowing the real truth to be known, saving millions of women lives in America and Abroad!

Here’s another one you may want to read!

Breast cancer screening pamphlets mislead women – BMJ 2014; 348 doi: (Published 25 April 2014) Cite this as: BMJ 2014;348:g2636

Additional Full Content Link –

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HEALTH ALERT! FDA proposes program for faster approval of medical devices – Americas Nightmare


America, this is a total nightmare! The FDA has the nerve to want to speed up the process in killing off Americans by expediting the International Pharmaceutical products that are giving American Citizens, Cancer, Strokes, Heart Attacks,Life – threatening diseases, including causing many deaths! Every American must protect their own health at this point!

The international Top Big Pharma leaders in America has now conned the U.S. FDA into quickly approving, non-clinically tested products or clinically tested products that haven’t had the effective research to back the safety of the millions of drugs and medical devices American citizens are putting into their bodies! Please read CABIRI, articles where America is the only country who is funding all of these toxic products! Why is that America? Why are we the only country backing these international pharmaceutical companies who are killing us off one by one, with many of their deadly toxic drugs and products!

These Big Pharma corporations have infiltrated the American markets and have dominated the medical industry in America! All Americans are falling for their cycle of conspiracies, led by Greed-Money & Power! Not the best interest of a human life!! It’s time Americans wake up, Read – Research – Investigate before you take anything prescribed that comes from any of these top international corporations in America! Be Aware! They could cause you or your families life! Or you may be inundated with a disease that could cause your life.

This is article is not to scare anyone, this article is to “Wake Up” America, from a personal experience from someone who knows the truth, and is trying to save lives. This is no joke, and is real, if you don’t trust what is being presented, please do your own research, to protect yourself and your family! This is awful, and we all must do something about this, we can’t not let the FDA and Big Pharma, start killing us off quicker with their toxic products! READ, READ, READ!

If you can find other healthier organic alternatives, then it would be in you and your families best interest to try them out! If not prepare to face doctors, hospitals, surgeries, excessive medications that are not safe! Think about you and your childrens health, do you really want to continue playing “Russian Roulette” with your life by putting all your faith into a Internationally led pharmaceutical Industry who knows nothing about American Culture, and are paying off Americas medical professionals to get their products approved! The “AMA,” doesn’t except Foreign medical degree’s so how in the world can Internationally led pharmaceutical corporate owners supply pharmaceutical products in America? This is very contradictory and disturbing, and everyone must start realizing this Medical contradiction! 

Please save yourselves, find other alternatives for living healthy! There are natural organic products, and doctors available, who are not part of the Big Pharma conspiracy in America! It’s time to change in the 21st century, and start saving our own lives and not being co-dependent on Americas ” International Big Pharma!” By the way who also are raising Medical rates, Insurances, and Supplying millions of Americans with unsafe medical products! Do they really deserve this type of control in America! Again! Why is America the only country backing these companies, research shows many other countries have banned many of their products! 

Please see disaster waiting to happen:
Note: This is a form of “Eugenics Theory” – By Adolph Hitler, and it’s working in America! Be AWARE!! 

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Website: – (Read valuable life saving information)</



American Citizens: Please Read and Pass on to all your Family and Friends – Save your own lives

Please Read Along This is no JOKE!

Brief and to the point America!

America is urgently in danger of collapsing! Every American must read and view all attachments included in this article. There are a series of events currently and rapidly happening in America! CABIRI, has personally found due to a medical- device that almost took the founders life! Who decided to start CABIRI, due to the medical nightmare which she was hospitalized an entire year! The founder started researching who, what, when and how her life was almost taken from her, and why she lost everything she ever owned due too a trauma she didn’t see coming, as a healthy ex-athlete, professional prior corporate individual, and before her medical trauma a prior small business owner! Please see below Bayer Healthcare of Germany and all their economical subsidiaries killing and impacting American families, via sterilization and Cancer & Death’s!

The founder has always previously, dedicated her life in helping all human beings in need to the best of her capabilities, even going through her own personal struggles in life. Many of the founders family, friends and business colleagues who’ve come across her respects opinions, well-rounded business knowledge, and she also happens to be very well-travelled locally and internationally. She is known as a blunt, compassionate, “Truth Seeker”, who believes in protecting human beings. No matter if their young, old, child or of; any nationality that may be caused “Unnecessary Harm”!

All American’s are in jeopardy! So please listen, learn, and spread the word! CABIRI has found the disturbing truth! In researching CABIRI, has found very frightening things that we’ve been trying to communicate to all American Citizens of the United States which all holds very true, you can do your own research, below links will help you see the light!

Actually, many Americans and news reporters, journalists, book authors, and Tv programmers, have been trying to tell American citizens. America is in danger! All  American or international leaders who the have guts to stand up and fight for human lives must react now to what’s occurring in America and globally! A world take over is looming and the American dollar is quickly diminishing. Which means all Americans will suffer, What if all of a sudden you can’t use the American dollar anymore, what are you going to do how are you going to feed your family and supply the economical resources you need to survive?

An American economical warfare has been looming for the past decade and is now showing it’s “Ugly Head” in the United States! Every naturalized American citizens must watch all below video’s, the series of events are happening behind closed doors and many citizens are trying to tell all American Citizens. PLEASE Wake UP! America is truly in trouble, and all American’s must become one nation under whatever god you choose to represent to save you and your family. The “Eugenics Theory” is alive and prevalent in America!

Top Big American international corporations and countries have now brought America to it’s knee’s and every American citizen are now suffering or will suffer, including your children. Please do not take this information for granted, for it’s very true and real and everyone needs to stand up and listen to what is being communicated and shown to you!

This is not the time to sit back and do nothing, if you do nothing every American family will be hit harder than you could ever have possible imagined, with things you never thought could happen in this day and age!

Just as CABIRI’s founder never imagined she’d be hospitalized an entire year on/off all due to a faulty medical device that gave her a life-threatening disease, and had her in pre-cancer stages, the device was distributed by several merging international non American friendly countries, which dates back to World I and World II, and many of these countries have infiltrated American Economical Markets, Governments, Businesses, and have hidden agendas in America to bring it down. They’ve even had their own private international meetings excluding America! So what does that tell you! Germany Russia, China, U.K., Europe, Japan and many more including the middle-eastern countries are have been plotting against America!

They are winning big economically here in America and are privately taking American lives via “Big Pharma” to depopulate American citizens by Eugenics Theory!

There also are many other forms of current events that have occurred in America, these events aren’t just occurring for no reason, this is all the impacts of decades of planned out plots, you can view some @ and, please take the time to read and pass along, it’s very urgent for every American to communicate this information, this is no joke, we all must save one another in America, if you care about your life and your families lives you will do something to help or contribute to your country and help save your children’s future in America.

CABIRI, has effortlessly been reporting, American Economical Warfare since November 2013, after stumbling across the hidden conspiracies and corruption occurring in America by International countries, via the pharmaceutical industry, and many other numerous industries in America, which have been brewing for over a decade, and now has hit American borders!

If your wondering why you or your family are struggling, or why a family member has suddenly become sick with cancer or any other unexpected medical trauma, you need to start clicking on all the links below and get educated of what’s occurring in your country! Also, please understand this does not matter if your rich or poor, you are a American. The collapse coming will hit all Americans from every angle you will be in the “Cross-Fire”, you are not immune to a country disaster, police state, communism, or no way to spend your American dollar, or being stricken from a disease, or anything else these international Top American business owners and conspirators see fit in harming the United State’s and it’s citizens taking control, and collapsing the American government, Wall Street, Banks and Businesses!

Please take this seriously, again this is no time to sit back and say “Yea Right” – What a bunch of Bull”! Many American citizens will not be saying this when everything in America comes crumbling down right in front of you! Then what are you going to do, will you be the American citizen who say’s “I could of, would of, or should of done something? By that time it may be too late for you and your family!

It’s here and real, getting worse day by day, so please take heed NOW! Do something NOW! We do not have time to waste this is why CABIRI, is reporting to all America, so everyone can start taking action to protect their precious families and assets. America needs leaders to stand up and start helping too save America! America needs their own “Private Non-Governmental Defense Team” to battle what’s coming and figure out a game plan to stop these, “Greedy international and U.S. Government conspirators,” from taking over United States and collapsing America, leaving it’s citizens in a “Great Depression!” Or even thrown into communist camps!

Note: The “Eugenics Theory,” was put in place by “Adolph Hitler” of Germany and explains it all, and there is no time to waste, so don’t take this lightly, or you, your family, kids and grandchildren will soon suffer, it’s all to go down this year in 2014, according to many you will view in the below video’s the collapse is coming sooner than later! Please pass this on get onboard, communicate to all who matter, most importantly start preparing to save and protect your family, to what is to come in the American Economical Warfare Collapse.

Take your money out of the banks, or you will not have any, go back to the olden days, protect your assets and your personal family interests before they are stripped away from you! Pay Cash it’s FAST! Many international countries are paying cash for all of America’s economical resources and business, to fly below the U.S. Government Radar! Also their inter-country international mergers in America are horrific they are selling American businesses to other international countries like “HOT CAKES!” Leaving America even more WEAK and citizens jobless and homeless!


Glen Beck Warns Economic Implosion Coming
The Most Important Day in America in 50 Years – July 1st, 2014 – World Bank Whistleblower ***Exposes All*** (Pt.1) – The British Banking Conspiracy Part 2 – America, Israel and The Federal Reserve (9/11) – U.S. Government Preparing for Collapse (and Not in a Nice Way) – AMerican Economic Collapse 2014 – Peter Schiff – Jesse Ventura America Economic Collapse Coming 2014 Martial Law! – AMERICA ON THE BRINK 2014 – HARVARD Economist Predicts USD COLLAPSE Will Occur 2014 – Time Running Out For AMERICA – PLANNED GLOBAL ECONOMIC COLLAPSE 2014

– America’s Depression Looming – Home insulation scheme’s speedy rollout was ‘insane and unsafe’ Ukraine aid bill clears Senate hurdle after Republicans drop resistance to IMF loans

Lawmaker Accuses GM of “Criminally Deceiving” the Gov’t – Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries, cuts bonuses across the board

Suffering Eli Lilly freezes salaries, cuts bonuses across the board

Politicians add fuel to the firestorm over Gilead’s hep C drug pricing

The top 10 pharma companies by 2013 revenue

Humira –

Cost watchdogs demand efficacy data on new Bayer CANCER DRUGS

With Big 5, Bayer aims for 8% annual pharma growth through 2016
Aiming for big growth in top 5 meds, Bayer will stake an extra $600M on marketing, R&D
New drugs in hand, Bayer’s pharma sales leap ahead
With a sweetened $2.9B bid, Bayer nabs its Xofigo partner, Algeta

AbbVie CEO’s pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff’s first solo year

AbbVie CEO’s pay doubles to $18.2M in Abbott pharma spinoff’s first solo year – FiercePharma – BE AWARE CONNECTED TO INERNATIONAL BIG PHARMA CULPRITS!!!!

In latest marketing-reform move, GSK recruits in-house doctors to speak for products –

Gilead’s hot-selling Sovaldi draws more patent attacks – – INTERNATIONALLY OWNED!

Sanofi reportedly jumps into $12B race for Merck’s consumer unit

UPDATED: J&J releases more Doxil, its popular cancer med that has been dogged by supply issues

UPDATED: J&J releases more Doxil, its popular CANCER med that has been dogged by supply issues – FiercePharma

Toothpaste factory line or F1 racetrack? McLaren revs up Glaxo’s production –

Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker

Soriot notches a bigger bonus, but total $5.5M in pay is no record breaker – FiercePharma – AMERICAN’S TAX PAYING DOLLARS GOING INTERNATIONAL!!



ALL AMERICAN WOMEN PLEASE GO TO WEBSITE: – Read The important 60pg. document and additIonal

links about how all women have been targeted for decades, by the Elite and other international countries by the EUGENICS THEORY.

A theory that relates back to Adolph Hitler for human population control, and considers humans as cattle, and American women’s

babies are chosen to live or die. American women are being chosen as a fit or unfit women to birth a child due to Family gene state’s

and intelligence!









The Ford International Conspiracy

Vehicle Industry In The Hands of International conspirators!

Here we go again America! The plot thickens, now you will view the international connections with the vehicle industry, which also happens to be led by other international countries who’ve infiltrated another American major market that can impact American families.

View the two articles below and you’ll see for yourself the ties. Ford has gone from a successfully family owned American based Corporation in Detroit, which employed millions of American citizens and fed many families. Due some business mistakes decades ago the Ford Company is now internationally owned, operated and based in another country. This is not good for America, these corporations are profiting billions of dollars to support their own countries, leaving America and citizens in economic turmoil!

See Below Articles:
Ford has historic year with $7.2bn in profits boosted by 2013 US sales

Ford and GM Scrutinized for Alleged Nazi Collaboration – Ford Profits up, Thanks to North American Sales – Ford Posts Record Profits – 2012

Company History
Ford-Werke GmbH
Ford Motor Company Logo.svg
“Eine Idee weiter.”
Type: GmbH
Industry: Automotive
Founded August 18, 1925
Founder(s): Henry Ford
Headquarters: Niehl, Cologne, North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany
Number of locations:Two manufacturing facilities
Key people: Stephen Odell (Chairman)
Bernhard Mattes – (CEO)
Owner(s):Ford Motor Company
Employees:28,842 (2009)
Parent Ford Deutschland Holding GmbH

Recent Known Problems:
In May 2000, the U.S. National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) contacted Ford and Firestone about the high incidence of tire failure on Ford Explorers, Mercury Mountaineers, and Mazda Navajos fitted with Firestone tires. Ford investigated and found that several models of 15-inch Firestone tires (ATX, ATX II, and Wilderness AT) had very high failure rates, especially those made at Firestone’s Decatur, Illinois plant. This was one of the leading factors to the closing of the Decatur plant

John T. Lampe (Chairman & CEO of Bridgestone/Firestone) announced in a 2001 letter to Jacques Nasser (Ford Motor Company Chief Executive) that Bridgestone/Firestone would no longer enter into new contracts with Ford Motor Company, effectively ending a 100-year supply relationship.

CABIRI – Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations

Bitcoin International Conspiracy

U.S. Bitcoin Conspirators

Please read both attached articles, after reading base your own conclusions?
In regards, to what you think of America experiencing a current Economical
Warfare in many American industries.

The Bitcoin is just one of many occurring in the United States! To understand the root of the problem, American citizens must view the piece’s of the puzzle’s that are missing to understand, international business owners have come over to America and infiltrated many business markets in America, Only to benefit their own country and country people, Not America or the American Citizens!

Atricle 1: Bitcoin executive resigns amid money-laundering investigation
Charlie Shrem, Bitcoin Foundation vice-president, resigns
Shrem accused of helping to launder money for Silk Road

2nd Article: London-based company offers safe for Bitcoins

The price of Bitcoin in 2013 rose sharply.If you invest, nevertheless must fear for his money: Again and again it comes to hacker attacks on the accounts.
The problem could be solved now. Trent by Nina Mann, London

Big hype and big risk: The virtual payment unit Bitcoins has won in a few months in value dramatically. However: Unlike “real currency” it is not yet recognized by the central banks, Bitcoins are not protected from theft.Who loses by a cyber attack, can not get a replacement.
Many potential customers deters that. In London there are now the first physical memory are stored encrypted in the Bitcoins. The founders hope that holders deposit their Bitcoins with them, and then storing it longer at home on the computer. So shall the acceptance of virtual unit grow.

Tom Robinson, co-founder of Elliptic who is behind the Bitcoin memory, can only shake his head at the naivete of many Bitcoin buyers.”Many store their digital coins at home on the hard drive,” says Robinson against the “world”, “It’s as if you have one lying his money under the mattress.”

A lot of the Bitcoin buyers have invested in the virtual unit, but without having the technical knowledge of how they secure their valuable investment from theft. “There have been people who have thrown away their old hard drives on which Bitcoins were that millions of euros were worth,” says Robinson.

Million in the garbage One such case recently made headlines in the United Kingdom: James Howells lost around 4.6 million pounds, about 5.5 million euros when he threw away a drive on which he had saved years ago Bitcoins. Only when the Bitcoin exchange rate last fall rose steeply, Howells recalled the forgotten Bitcoins.

At this time, the drive had disappeared already in the depths of a landfill, it would have cost several thousand pounds to let search them – with no guarantee of success.
At the same time large quantities of Bitcoins have been stolen by cyber criminals repeatedly. “Online purses are not safe from hacker attacks,” says co-founder Tom Elliptic Robinson, “many people have therefore lost their Bitcoins.”

Combination of physical and digital security, Tom Robinson advises buyers, therefore, to deposit their Bitcoins in its memory.”We combine digital and physical security measures,” says the Oxford graduate, who founded the company with two friends.

Physical keys that can not be connected to the Internet, access to the storerooms of all Bitcoins to make copies. “These keys can not be hacked,” he says. Only when all of Elliptic founders agree that Bitcoin copies may be made available.

The store is a step towards a “full Bitcoin bank,” says Tom Robinson. Who deposited its Bitcoins in the London store, pays a fee based on the value of the Bitcoin units. For this, send the customer their Bitcoins in digital form to Elliptic.

No information on the volumes,The company does not tell you how many customers have already taken this step or how many Bitcoins have been deposited.The interest of the Bitcoin community is very large, it was called at the request of Elliptic.

Tom Robinson is working with the insurer Lloyd’s of London, the calculated and replaces the market price of Bitcoins in U.S. dollars, they should be lost, despite the security measures in memory.

The Bitcoin industry was in a period of transition, says co-founder Elliptic Robinson.The British tax authority HMRC is currently investigating whether in the future they treated Bitcoins as “private currency”, which would reduce the tax burden for the owners of Bitcoins in the UK and significantly increase the financial attractiveness of the unit. A result is expected in early February.

Bitcoin ban in China, The Chinese central bank, however, had the Bitcoin platforms banned end of the year to take deposits in the Chinese currency, the Renminbi, which is equivalent to a spell of virtual currency.

The online giant Alibaba subsequently announced to want to accept Bitcoins through its platform “Taobao”. “Many countries are working to regulate Bitcoins,” says Elliptic-founder Tom Robinson: “Given the strong capital controls in China it is no wonder that the government prohibits this unit.”

Should the UK tax authority HMRC Bitcoins than declare “private currency”, this would the financial center London provide advantages in international trade Bitcoin. “Such a step would the British Bitcoin industry a significant competitive advantage,” says Richard Asquith, Head of Tax at TMF Group. Singapore amended its tax law,Due to the strong growth of Bitcoins trading it is likely that the U.S. This year would take further steps to regulate the virtual unit. Singapore had amended its tax law in the past week accordingly.

Other European countries are still hesitant with the recognition of the digital unit – with the exception of Germany, the Bitcoins recognized as “private money” in the summer of 2013.
But in Germany, the mood seems to turn over: Bundesbank board member Carl-Ludwig Thiele warned last week against the use of Bitcoins and described it as “highly speculative”.

Invested investors threaten basically a total loss. said the Federal Banker to the “Handelsblatt”.11 million Bitcoins currently exist Bitcoins are produced by a complicated “mining” process, in which a computer has to solve a math problem with a 64 numbers counting code. For each solved problem of the “Miner” will be rewarded with new Bitcoins.

According to the BBC Currently, there are about 11 million Bitcoins world. To obtain Bitcoins, the user needs a so-called “Bitcoin Address”, consisting of 27 to 34 letters.

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United States International Economic Warfare – Who’s Really In Control America?

                          United States International Economic Warfare – Who’s Really In Control America?

American Citizen’s Please Read; Which International Corporations Are Supplying Your Family With Vital Economical Products Impacting Every American Household! America it’s “Very Imperative,” Every American Household Purchases My Book, If You Care Anything About Your American Children or Grandchildren Or The Next Generations To Come! Please visit my website for more details!

West Palm Beach, FL, November 04, 2013

“New Age” International-United States Pharmaceutical World

The United States of America has become a “Diversified Cultural Country. In this “New Wake,” American Citizens and the U.S. Government have failed to realize, what this actually means for the American People and Their Precious Families. “Wake up America it’s called, Economic Warfare!” Very Important Vital Economic Resources, Businesses, Money, Jobs are being swept away from our Country Very SWIFTLY and QUICKLY!

Being a prior “Corporate Business Professional,” and Business Owner, I’ve never imagined going from a Healthy “Go-Getter,” To a Medical Mess losing everything and everyone around me due too severe Life-Threatening Side Effects from a Faulty Drug. “With that said,” My career has changed to Consumer Advocacy to help, “Protect and Educate American families.” In my book the American public will read the “Real Truth and Facts,” Behind our “New International Corporations,” doing business within the United State’s who are currently impacting, “American Family’s Lives”!

AMERICA! Obama care is the least of United States problems! There’s bigger Fish swimming in the American sea; American Citizen should be very frightened! You’ll read in my first Rookie Book, “New Age International-United States Pharmaceutical World,” That your U.S. Government isn’t concerned with the Health, Safety or Well-Being of the American People!

Please Answer The Following Question: What International country do you Personally know, would permit any American Business Professional to move Into there country and allow them to open several large corporations, then let The American corporation Lay-Off the majority of their countries employees, In return recruit United States employee’s on work visa’s to work at the New American Owned Corporation? More details inside my book, Americans start paying attention things are happening in your country!

“America,” Ask your Government Officials, FDA, NIH and other Major American Health Agencies; Who’s Really In Control, of Americans Vital Economical Good’s? After reading my disturbing book you’ll find “NOT THE UNITED STATES!”

Read why there’s a huge problem; within our Country besides America’s Pharmaceutical Industry. Every American Family is Currently at risk!

Please read attached Article’s For Fact’s and Proof America has some severe economical issue’s!

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                                                                  HlN1 – FLU PANDEMIC CULPRITS 

CABIRI, Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations decided to release some very important unknown business information and facts for all American citizens pertaining to the current H1N1 Pandemic that has spread all across the United States and affected thousands of families. Please do not get a Flu Shot America, it’s very deadly and toxic! Do what you can to fight the illness, try home remedies anything you can to fight it off naturally!  

  The upsetting factor about the H1N1 aka Swine Flu, is the severity of illnesses it has caused too the American population. Many American citizens may not know were the pandemic derived from or it’s original owners. H1N1 is not just floating out in the air, yes people catch the flu never a pandemic. The Virus was approved into the American population, by the United States Food and Drug Administration in 2009, once the good ole U.S. FDA approved the strain in 2009 a worldwide flu pandemic broke out with H1N1 virus. Currently in 2013 the CDC are claiming the swine flu, known as H1N1 is spreading widely throughout the United States in many states. How did this H1N1 get exposed to so many American Citizens?                                 

 The history is repeating itself, the same thing occurred when the FDA approved the flu virus in 2009 causing over 12,ooo American deaths, now its mysteriously back with a vengeance to annihilate American families. In 2009 the strain was predominately found in children and the elderly, now years have progressed and the drug has been enhanced impacting now the entire America population with the H1N1 virus.

  The H1N1 strain originated in Germany! One could say the H1N1 was put into the American population to infect as many as people as possible, causing deaths in men, women, children! You may catch on to the entire debacle by reading further. H1N1 originated from AstraZeneca, which was one of the world’s seventh-largest pharmaceutical company’s, measured by 2009 prescription drug sales. AstraZeneca plc. Drug Pipeline consists of; major diseases, cancer, cardiovascular, Gastrointestinal, Infection, Neuroscience, Respiratory, Inflammation, and Anti-viral therapies.

  AstraZeneca originated in 1999 through an acquisition, between a Swedish based company by the name of Astra AB. based out of Switzerland formed in the early 1900’s, they joined a UK based British company by the name of Zeneca Group plc who also dates back to the early 1900’s., Zeneca was a spin off from a prior British chemical company, a manufacturing company which was known for being a British Empire. The company produced paints, specialty products (foods, polymers, electronic materials, fragrances and flavors, microbial produced biodegradable plastic called Biopol a GM bacterium that converted glucose and paints, synthetic fibers, polyesters, nylons and lastly explosives.  

 The two companies now one (German-British) are prominent top pharmaceutical companies in the United States supplying American families with medications dating back to the 1900’s that consist of chemicals and many other alarming products you read above. Some of their lawsuits consist of; antipsychotic drug, Seroquel, which was known to cause people to develop diabetes and caused 36 illnesses and one death, the company was sued for their fraudulent marketing and promotional practices for the drug, defrauding the U.S. Medicaid, Medicare and other health systems, Claims were made against AstraZeneca for promoting Seroquel’s use in children and adolescents long before establishing it was safe or effective for any use in the population,  severe side-effects and many human guinea pigs were used globally to test many of their tainted products some by they way fell severely ill and died.

 AstraZeneca merged and became a German owned corporation at some point; several other claims had surfaced, Marcia Angell, former editor-in-chief of the New England Journal of Medicine and a lecturer in social medicine at the Harvard Medical School, alleged in Stern, a German-language weekly newsmagazine, that AstraZeneca’s scientists had doctored their research on the drug efficiency. They also bribed doctors to promote their drugs for kickbacks, sexual harassment, claims of working with the KGB, and the producers of HPV Human Papilla Virus, also rampant in the United States, let’s not forget the recent Nexium lawsuit. There is much more to be told, the plot thickens! If interested please contact CABIRI for additional information!

 Were going to move on to the next culprit of the HlN1 virus, Glaxo Smith Kline also a German based corporation headquartered in Germany. GlaxoSmithKline plc (GSK) is a multinational pharmaceutical, biologics, vaccines and consumer healthcare company. GSK involvement consists of; getting the good ole U.S. FDA approval for their H1N1 virus in 2009; (manufactured by GSK’s ID Biomedical Corp. subsidiary), they joined four other influenza vaccines approved in 2009. (Both AstraZeneca & GSK approved for the same H1N1 drug in the same year?) GSK deceptive practices consisted of sponsoring at least four medical trials using Hispanic and black children in New York Incarnation Children’s Center without prior parental authorization, in 2006 GSK and US Army military was criticized for Hepatitis-E vaccine experiments on 2000 soldiers conducted in 2003, in 2012 Argentina fined GSK for experimenting with human beings” and “falsifying parental authorization” during vaccine trials on 15000 children which 14 children died. Glaxo Smith Kline has numerous other claims that have been made against them impacting all American lives.

 CABIRI, Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research and Investigations strongly feels this type of pertinent information should be communicated to the American public! Many American families would think twice about what medications they are putting into their bodies, and especially their innocent children bodies. Medication can alter a human life in a matter of minutes, days, weeks, months or years!  Just think of how many children on medications in the United States, currently being used as human guinea pigs for a top pharmaceutical company testing out their new products, by doing human clinical trials on healthy adults and children and the poor parents have no clue?

The sad part is doctors are prescribing the drugs for bribery money and gifts, given too them by these pharmaceutical corporations, so how would one know if your not a clinical trial statistic? The doctors just want their kickback they are not going to communicate to the parents the drugs are dangerous, and still in clinical trial phase, although approved by the United States Food and Drug Administration?  This is horrific situation for all American citizens and their children, what are they to do?

 CABIRI, will be here to help protect you from these types of predators by researching and investigating every business industry in the United States, so every American will know what company’s are safe and which are not! The Client Service Negligence program will target the Service industry side to hold them accountable for negligent services. All information will be posted on line for every American citizens, Who deserve a chance to protect their children from unsafe corporations, such as the two companies above who are now responsible for a H1N1 pandemic in America!

 Please visit website for additional information and please help support CABIRI, continue to research and investigate crucial business information to the American public. CABIRI’s portfolio consists of consumer business industry research and investigation information for all American citizens, the report above is a sample of information that’s included in the business package, there’s extensive details that were not discussed, although as important. Please contact CABIRI for additional information for AstraZeneca, GSK or any other businesses you may have concerns about. CABIRI will help save many lives by keeping America informed and educated about the same businesses they trust with their families health, safety and well-being, who happen to be hurting their lives in a indiscreet way. Ask yourselves is your life and your children’s life worth a business or doctor gamble? That’s exactly what your doing when you have no idea who’s behind the scenes of a business or corporation! Image

 Kaila’ Truths @


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Snowden Is Wrong! United States Has Been Spied on For Decades

Eric Snowden international links against the United States

 December 18, 2013

Centruries of Spying on  America

Just as Eric Snowden, it’s time Consumer Business Industry research and investigative report some crucial facts.  Mr. Snowden happens to be way off base, with his United States spy allegations. It happens to be, the other way around and has been for several decades since World War I & II where many countries have tried to re-gain access to U.S. markets due to previous business assets being seized in the 1900’s by prior U.S. government officials.  United States, is possibly being targeted for previous war reparation pay backs concerning U.S., bombings, deaths and Non – U.S. imprisonments.

The goal of many international countries is to take control of the United States, their Strategy has been to kill American people with kindness and money to gain trust for business relations, trust of top government officials for political reasoning’s, and infiltrate The U.S. job markets to learn and own U.S. businesses. Specific international countries based in the U.S. are accomplishing their goal, while impacting America’s government, Businesses, American lives and major vital economic resources! Just as Snowden stated the U.S. is spying, well there’s proof proving several countries have been spying on The United States as well and there’s proof of their brilliant strategies in how they’ve been able to dominate the United States and global business markets, and many Other industries they have control over. Many of them are trying to reach a Free Trade Deal with the United States, which is the worse thing U.S. could do spying will get worse!

Snowden’s new international BFF’s

Eric Snowden, may perhaps be one of the top NSA officials Russia and Germany sought out to gain United States intelligence information before the leakage, or maybe gave him a nice bonus to follow through with getting the intelligence in exchange for his current protection or maybe he was coerced into taking a bribe to leak and acquire United States intelligence information. It’s extremely strange Russia is protecting Snowden from the U.S., along with Germany, who traveled to Russia to speak directly with Snowden about the U.S. leaks, spy information, and his asylum. Could the NSA and Interpol possibly be the culprit’s behind United States current conspiracies?

The U.S. Interpol has the top United States foreign pharmaceutical companies as their sponsors, which some pharmaceutical and biotech companies happen to be top U.S. Foreign corporations based and operated, in their home countries while collaborating with their U.S. based business and subsidiaries.  

No Stopping Now

CABIRI, has been on a personal crusade for months trying to communicate findings just as Snowden, although his information is very contradictory to our research and Investigations. It’s not America Doing the Spying it’s the other way around Snowden, several foreign countries have been spying on America, for DECADES if you would of Done proper due diligence and know about American History you could have figured that out, you didn’t need a high-profile government job to figure out what you and your New BFF’s are doing here in America!  Sadly, Snowden is being used as a pawn to their Madness due to his top level NSA government position held, or they could have given Snowden a handsome financial bribe?

Sorry Snowden you fell for the trap you will be disappointed when all the true Facts come to light about the same countries you think Have your back! I’m wondering if Snowden has a new job in Russia, Who’s paying for his living expenses, like food, shelter, and clothing? Or does he Have lots of bribery Money left from his, United States intelligence leaks? Poor Snowden didn’t realize, prior decades of demons still living want revenge for past crimes and wars, not associated With today’s society. Snowden and the international business owners fail to realize American citizens will do what is necessary for their country when it comes down to America’s safety and well-being.

 Another interesting factor is why would Russia put up missiles? Is it just because, or is it due to Snowden’s information, or a guilty conscience. Well it really doesn’t matter at This point, the time has come for these countries to stop, the hidden agenda’s, corruption practices and bribery they’ve been indiscreetly pursuing the past several decades by Infiltrating and entering specific United States business markets. Snowden is not alone in his intelligence; other professionals in America have caught onto how these International countries are endangering American lives and humanity globally.  

Decades of business corruption

Many people are unaware spying and corruption has been going on for decades, many international countries do not have access or privy to the education or economical resources of America. Any Invitation or opportunity to leave their country for a better life or education they jump at the chance to live or work in the United States.These actions have become a large financial strain on the United States, and its citizens. Many Americans currently are homeless and unemployed and have no wear to go!

The American elderly, Business professionals, teen-aged children have no jobs, College graduates are unable to locate a decent job after college graduation, or they can no Longer afford their College tuition’s, all of these factors fall back onto the American baby boomer class who somehow has to pick up the slack affecting all American Households.

Furthermore, international corrupt business problems occurred in the United States long before Eric Snowden, if you know anything about American History. The problem  is, it’s all becoming publicly known sadly history may be repeating itself and the international dilemmas must be addressed once again by the United States American Government. There is something definitely suspicious about all the foreign U.S. business links, who own numerous United States businesses with governmental, community And international connections. Quietly foreign countries have partnered together for a United States Economical Alliance, although some countries may have shown some resilience their seems to be international economical business partnerships, in the UK, Europe, Germany, Canada, Spain, Netherlands, Belgium, France, Switzerland, China, Israel, and Iraq. All of these countries have something to gain by residing or owning a Business in the United States, many own U.S. private companies and foundations  Where they can carry out hidden agenda’s, and conspiracies against America. Let’s not forget being in control of all their business practices, employment, assets, financial Transactions and governmental reporting.

 Many foreign companies and their counter partners have mastered the way into infiltrating all U.S. markets and winning big! Although many international countries used the American dollar and citizens over a long period of time as a huge crutch! Many Americas helped get them to their foreign countries current wealthy status. This may have Back fired on the United States now their profits and knowledge gained is being used against America and its citizens, they have too much power in our country! Why is that? Could it be political involvement to get what they want in America?

 With temporary work-visa’s, company purchases, and employment (top and low profile), internationalist have been able to gain access to many U.S. markets, which has allowed them to learn more about  American people, top government officials, agencies & programs, the United States judicial system, Health facilities, Biotech,Pharmaceutical, Law firms and many other important economical markets. 

They’ve gained entrance into many United States colleges and programs where foreign residents with no hard work or U.S. government stipulations can enter into United State’s colleges, giving them access to Gain more lucrative knowledge to become, private United States spy intelligence citizens reporting back to their base country. Its funny too see many foreign U.S. residents residing in the United States for long periods of time and can’t speak a lick of English and use their American schooled children to translate for them, even though if you visit their home country a United States citizen must learn their Language and abide by all their countries rules and regulations. Why is it so different in America, why do we bow down to foreign countries and their citizens and feel the Desire to accommodate other countries and their families; America is in debt trillions of dollars we can’t afford anymore economical burdens.

 United States Broken System

The American Dream has been violated by many foreign nationals and their greed, which has now turned the United State’s into a pool of foreign sharks, taking away from and Hurting American households. In the midst of the new current turmoil, how will the United States protect American citizens when many of these foreign nationals hold High Ranking positions in the United States political arena’s such as NSA and Interpol, which are top U.S. governmental agencies who are responsible for protecting American Citizens from foreign predators.

 The system of the United States is truly broken, along with the trust of the American citizens’ protection, health and well-being. Does the U.S. government really know how Many internationalists are currently working within the United States political parties or top governmental agencies, providing vital American intelligence to their home Countries? Let’s not forget to mention the many private businesses, corporations, hedge funds, and foundations currently owned by foreign citizens residing in the United States. The U.S. government should be aware of how many international business owners who are currently in the United States with or without a work visa, this Type of information should be publicly communicated to the American people for their fair chance in becoming an American business owner. Many foreign nationals are Utilizing their American knowledge gained by adopting U.S. business practices, by means of owning and working in several U.S. business markets, which many of these U.S. Business international owners work directly with their home countries business associates and corporate headquarters reporting more U.S. intelligence.   

Friends Till The End

 Eric Snowden made a perfect statement, “Friends who back together stay together,” the statement is definitely politically correct the same quote applies to international U.S. Business owners an American quote would be “Keeping it in the family,” currently there are many countries and Non-American business owners working together Impacting every business industry in the United States. Whatever market you can think of off the top of your head, is the market foreign nationals are working in the United States.  With the new international business owners this has triggered increased corporate corruption, and lawsuits with the U.S. Government, Pharmaceutical and many Health Agencies, Judicial System, Biotech, Consumer Goods, Lawyers, Doctors, Scientist, Agriculture, many more. Now somehow the U.S. government must take back control of our country from top foreign corporate business owners and put American businesses back into the hands of the American people.

 It’s OK to want to work with America or visit, although the line should be drawn; American businesses should not be allowed, in the hands of foreign money hungry Business professionals, making astronomical profits to eventually leave American citizens and their families with nothing. Many American families are being subjected to International private business practices, we are not aware of, every country and culture is completely different in many ways which includes business practices, safety and Corporate structure. Recently Americans have been affected with life-threatening diseases, Cancer deaths and illnesses, Tainted blood, addictive drugs and life threatening Prescription drugs, High Health Care costs (Not Obama related), Job Losses (due to foreign company U.S. business control), Food Borne illnesses, Severe and life-Threatening and deadly Women’s Health Issue’s due to counterfeit and faulty toxic Recycled contraceptives and birth control, Chemical issues, Non-U.S. business ownership, higher tuition fee’s, hacking, spying, espionage, bribes, political bribery on corporate and judicial levels, Security Breach, Agricultural, Anti-Trust, GMO protest, reduction in American citizen’s governmental assistance programs (Note: Foreign nationals do not pay taxes – which means American citizens pick up the tab), Americans are financing Internationally owned businesses, supporting numerous undocumented families using American citizen’s governmental benefits which should go to The American people of The United States! 

A History of Spying to gain control

There is much more information to be told, the time has come for America to start speaking out for their country and American citizens!  The global spying and bickering has To stop, everyone is a Human being and deserves a life of peace, health, happiness and prosperity, no matter what country they reside in! The United States and foreign leaders knows, there is no way in the world a United States citizen or citizens could go over to their country and do any of the shenanigans they are allowed to get away with in the United States! When visiting another country you can not do anything out of the ordinary without being closely monitored by their government officials, so why do foreign visitors think they can just come to the United States and get a free pass to do as they please?

  Many foreigners are not bad many have good hearts and are friendly human beings, and many mean no harm just as many Americans mean no harm to them. Unfortunately, Decades of previous history of business and territory quarrels and issue’s with other Non-American friendly countries happens to be impacting the new generations, possibly due too older generations still holding high political positions and are stuck in the past and may have hidden agenda’s, for previous war reparations. The past should remain in the past and all must move forward, this does not mean foreign countries can take over United States with their Money, bribery, business ownership, spying, lawsuits, or many other Business illegalities. Many countries have learned to dominate the United States gaining control over U.S. vital economical Business Markets while working with their co-Conspirators in their home countries, impacting every American life. The United State’s has now been compromised, and does not look good for America.

Many foreign nationals currently reside in America and many more are illegally finding ways to sneak into the United States via highways, planes, waterways, borders. Many of them have no temporary work visas or their visa has expired and undocumented.

Helping America – Stop International Market Control

Many Americans may not know foreign nationals, if asked the majority of them plan on moving back to their home country after there American work experience and college Education is over Many of them do not like the United States and prefer their home countries. So why come here and take away from American families if you don’t plan on Staying? Why waste our time? Americans should See it’s all a international game and a ploy to gain American knowledge that may be forced upon them by their home Countries, which some have communist leadership. Their main goal and purpose is to learn the American way and achieve a great education and business trade. Many foreign national predators and their linkages have taken a toll on our families, now is the time to stop them from dominating American and global businesses.

Consumer advocacy business Industry research and investigations will keep Americans alert on all corrupt illegal foreign impacts the U.S. government and agencies do not want the Public to know, which every American deserves to know if their life is currently at risk; and which corporations are putting it at risk. There are very serious life-threatening Dilemma’s currently on American soil and MUST be addressed by the United States government, and this does not include top foreign nationals working with or within The United States Government or its agencies.

 CABIRI, will speak up and tell the real truth and facts relating to foreign national business industry research and investigations. Snowden stated in a letter he could provide proof of all the United States spy dealings, the boat rocks both ways America has proof your counter partners are doing very bad things in America and globally and all their Illegalities and corruption will soon be exposed, in a matter of time! 

 United States has an economical foreign take-over crisis, that’s hurting and impacting all American citizens. America must learn too stand up and utilize freedom of speech it’s Your right! Demand your U.S. government speak up and tell the truth, demand answers, demand permanent fixes, demand to know how many American citizens own Businesses opposed to foreign U.S. business owners and demand international laws be changed to benefit American families, which doesn’t include International family’s or  Additional family members with work visas. There is much more untold information America, CAIBIRI will report and provide private research business information to all American citizens being affected by international Corporations their Subsidiaries or its affiliates.

 CABIRI, will help fight American born citizens rights, and demand the U.S. government put stricter rules in place for American citizens, foreign visitors are not equal to Americans, America is for the American people not Internationals! Our goal is to extend Citizen Protection globally no matter what country protecting ALL Human Rights!


Final Special note: Several U.S. top international pharmaceutical & Agriculture companies are supplying Americans with various drugs and food from foreign countries, which do not have human lives Best interest at heart, the only interest they have is their bottom line profits from American citizens and their North American corporation’s business Profits. While owning and operating these Top companies they can funnel money back to their home country or continue to purchase many more American Businesses in cash making their country wealthy and driving America deeper into the poor house.

Consumer Tips: For all who want too blame Obama he was not in office decades ago, the current U.S. international issue’s go deep beyond our current president, the problems reach back to the 1900’s is coming back to bite US! Too bad they will be stopped in their tracks when the real truth comes out!

Be aware of products and services – Sometimes things aren’t what they appear TO BE!Image 


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