Getting America on Track

Hello Fellow Americans, 


Please join CABIRI, and United Republic’s Represent.Us campaign. There are many true Americans who are stepping up for all fellow Americans to help stop the looming corruption in America, which is impacting all of us. Please realize there is something definitely broken in America, many media networks, politicians, causes, bloggers and new organizations have been speaking out, about the ongoing severe issue’s in America.

If Americans do not ‘Unite’ together to let the powers at be know, that American citizens will not stand for their Corporate and Governmental, Greed, Money, and Fallacies, every American must brace for the “Evil” that is brewing and going to get much worse even becoming deadly. This is a very serious matter and is very ‘Real’, many American citizens, such as CABIRI, aren’t just blowing “Hot Air,” we have a problem in America, and we all must stand together. We can make a change, if everyone puts forth some type of effort!

CABIRI, has spoken to several ‘American Citizens’, with diverse ethnic backgrounds, who were young, and old. Many are concerned about what’s occurring in America, many have seen the international infiltration that’s occurring, and changing America, and impacting their American families life. American Citizens rich, and poor are very frustrated and upset, many of them feel stuck struggling to survive, and do not know where to turn, and do not have the means to turn to anyone, it’s very sad and disturbing to see “Fellow American citizens” whom are suffering, and wondering what happened in their country.

Some of the rich American citizens feel, nothing can be done due to the fact they feel Americans have been brain washed, which is a form of control, to make people do what you want them to do, making them believe the “Powers at be” truly have their families best interest at heart. 

This is why, it’s so important America, to please join us, our time is running out, due to the fact there has been evil plots in place since the early part of 1900’s, and are now coming to light, which is not good for any American family, especially your children, who have decades longer to live in America. So if you as an American parent do not “Stand Up” now to protect your children’s future in America, They will not have one! Their “American Dream” will be an Internationally controlled dream with no where to go and that’s if they survive, look at the high unemployment, food changes, deadly chemicals, and diseases that have infected America, these series of events aren’t happening for no reason, these were all part of planned out “Evil Plots,” against Americans and the United States. 

So, please take this very seriously, and join us, help us, we can’t do it alone America, we need every American citizens support! Many of us aren’t fighting for no reason, we are all trying to protect one another, is that so hard for people to believe! There are good people out here in the world, who truly care for other human beings! Ask yourself, if your American families history and future is important enough to you, to stand up and save? Or do your care if you, or your family live or die? Or do you care, if have to succumb, to evil predators that want control your life, telling you how to eat, sleep and breath while torturing you? 


Learn more about Represent.Us and the American Anti-Corruption Act

Also, please view: Website 

Look out for personal live video, by CABIRI’s founder with disturbing details that will shock you, into realizing why it’s so important for all American citizens to work together! There will be a nominal fee to view video, being that explicit personal experience details about the ‘Founder’ and ‘Untold’ extensive research information that the Federal Government isn’t telling you about, will finally be revealed! Please trust everyone will want to view video, it’s to help save your family from the “Evil that’s brewing in America!” 



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Americas Homeless People Forming Organizations

Thank you Council for Homeless New Yorkers  for re-blogging CABIRI’s post concerning the homelessness in America.

Please view blog report of invasion of privacy by Morgan Spurlock, you’ll find very interesting also. The sad truth about all of this, is top officials are aware of the homeless problems in New York and all over America, cameras are everywhere, you would think they’d see that there’s truly a homeless problem in U.S.? I guess drones or camera’s fail to see people suffering and homeless. Every where you turn today all Americans are faced with so many disparities, there is nothing positive coming from American citizens, only negativity concerning their country, this has to change, America for everyone’s sake.

This is so hurtful to see ” Millions of American Homeless Citizens suffering!” It seems no is doing anything to help or hearing the cry for help!. America is supposed to be the Land of the free, everyone should be happy! So, why are people homeless, unemployed and sad!

American lives mean nothing to top officials, When homeless people have start forming their own groups in America, We all know this is a huge major problem. Is a “Great Depression Coming In America? Hopefully, not if all American stand up, work, and fight for their American Rights as a U.S. Taxpaying citizen!

Everyone will have to continue to support each other and stand together as one country, who refuses to continue to live this way. It seems America is turning into a Communist Country, where all  Americans have lost their freedom, rights, safety, and being sold via categorized lists to unknown data aggregaters in the world. Wow, what a nightmare! We all are doomed!

Please pass on to all Friends, and Family Members, and other fellow Americans,so everyone can pull together and start helping support one another, now is the time, if you never haven’t before in your life! Things are spiraling out of control in America, people are living in record numbers on the streets! Americans deserve better than this type of treatment. Why is this occurring in America? Something is out of “Whack” and disconnected, all issue’s must be addressed, dealt with and handled, so people in America will not continue to suffer, and die!

Council Of Homeless New Yorkers, CABIRI, supports your group and we all will keep fighting together! 


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href=””>ImageAmericas children are suffering! This is horrific feeling for every parent. What do you tell your children?



Special Report!! Hillary Clinton reveals true international debacles in America

All Americans must read this article! 

Clinton urges tech leaders to invest in training

Finally, a top leader get’s what’s currently occurring in America!

The 2016, “President Elect Hillary Clinton,” explains in detail what’s truly currently occurring in America, which many other top U.S.leaders have yet to realize or are avoiding acknowledgement of the crisis! Which is quite scary!

Thankfully, Hillary realized the impact of the current foreign national control in America, in the article written by Guardian News, Writer Lisa Leff. Hillary spoke about issue’s such as; Lack of Female Leadership, Safe Healthcare for Women, Non-American Citizens Jobs opposed to International U.S. job Recruitment-Employment giving precedence to their ‘Countries or other Non – American Citizens’ via ‘U.S. Immigration Visas,’ which is showing favoritism, denying many American citizens the right to work in their own country.

 Hillary also commented on; increased housing prices which have driven millions of American Citizens out of their homes, which many are currently homeless in California and all throughout the United States!

Hillary is definitely on the right track, realizing this is a “Major Problem” in America and must be addressed accordingly by all U.S. top leaders helping to save the U.S. economy from foreign countries! Hillary is taking the proper steps forward to fix Americas true international debacles!

CABIRI, has been attempting to report the series of events by international countries in control of America’s top corporations and businesses, which has impacted the American economy and millions of U.S. citizens.

Now there maybe be a light at the end of the tunnel for all American Citizens! Thanks to Hillary Clinton! 

Please Read Full Story and pass along, this is the true reasoning of Americas disparities! 

Clinton urges tech leaders to invest in training –


Bill to restore US unemployment insurance likely to deadlock in Congress – Are You Joking! Republicans Rule!

America, Please view below articles, view the top leaders who are really running the majority of the ‘States’ in America!

“Republicans!”  They have the audacity to speak about job growth! This is very contradictory, when they are in control of the vast

majority of the ‘States’ in America! 


See ‘ALEC’ Organizations individual Republican State Leaders! Republicans are preventing job growth and halting unemployment

extensions for their own ‘States’ and ‘Governmental’ ALEC organization hidden agenda’s!

Let the facts speak for themselves! Read below researched information, and please by all means look up the information for your own

knowledge. It’s very imperative this is acknowledged or American families will continue to suffer by the hands of the “Republicans.”


Please pass along to all top leaders, so they can comprehend who’s really doing the damage to millions of United States Citizens!

White House accused of abandoning imprisoned US aid worker in Cuba 

(This man was imprisoned during the Bush Administration – Why is this coming out now??) 



U.S. Constitution Violations

Be Aware of American Business Idea’s that are being replicated

Numerous Related Shocking Video’s Below – Wake up America 

Recently, there’s been an excessive amount of hacking into several America based businesses. Well America that’s not all what’s happening in America behind the scenes, if you dig a little deeper you will view replications of America’s businesses that have popped up between 2002-2014. These new international business owners in other countries are mimicking American business concepts and idea’s. For instance many may not now there’s a fairly new Russian business that is attempting to duplicate YouTube.

 Another American replication is – The replicated new international company, sells domain names and hosting all over the world in every category, it’s very interesting the company’s copyright states, the website became active 2002-2014, so it’s a fairly new company, which happens to be based out of Europe. Recently, Kickstarter a online business start up company was hacked, the website is where a entrepreneur can post their business idea’s and concepts, to assist them in finding funding for their business or project. Unfortunately, due to all the excessive unknown hacking’s America can no longer put business information online or email information on the internet from fear of your idea’s,concepts, inventions or personal information being stolen by unknown hackers who are taking vital information and using it to their advantage, god knows where! 

 This is a devastation to many new business starters such as CABIRI, who currently was in the process of using the website KickStarter, now the fear of business replication is looming. The recent hacking’s have become inevitable to many entrepreneurs. It also seems to be a sudden surge of business hacking’s since Eric Snowdens, leakages and United States NSA debacles.  

Many International countries have dug too deep into America’s territories! These actions are violating the United States constitution. “John Jay,” a prior American Forefather fought for a powerful, balanced centralized systematical government, to prevent this type of activity from occurring in America decades later. “John Jay,” wrote in his Federalist Papers; which are presumed to be a series of 85 letters, directed towards the American public persuading American citizens to change the proposed Articles of the United States Constitution, to benefit and protect America, and it’s American people, in that specific era of time if the Government, States and/or Judicial systems are not doing so for the American people of the United States.

 Forefather, John Jay specifically emphasized keeping in place the 64th Article which states; the dangers of foreign force, and influence over American citizens and the United States government. He also mentioned the United States Senate are the owners of the foreign treaties, who should adhere to upholding foreign treaty laws according to the United States Constitution. Whereas, to monitor and be aware of foreign dangers, harming the country of America and its naturalized American born citizens. This is surely a major issue in America with the new influx of unknown undocumented internationals and their families currently residing and hiding in America.

 The International oversight is becoming more knowledgeable in America. Many new foreign culprits have taken over many economic markets in America, the United States Constitution specifically states the American government is to prevent these foreign actions from occurring in America. International newcomers have been allowed entry into America for decades, who’ve gained idea’s, and concepts, by utilizing American colleges, learning American industry knowledge and by working in America’s corporations, also by owning and operating large and small American corporations, this is partly by way of the United State’s EB-5 immigration bill, which gives immigrants and their families, American business investment opportunities.

 Internationals have been given many privileges on the Federal and State levels, allowing them to change laws in America to benefit their top corporations who control a vast majority America. They have infiltrated and bribed many American agencies, agency workers, and government officials. They’ve become members of many American governmental boards, branches and agencies, which are all meant to protect the naturalized citizens of America, according to the United States Constitution.

 Now all of the international United States governmental culprits, are currently replicating many United States businesses from their home countries using the world wide web to market their new American business replications. The foreign countries are manipulating America in every facet to benefit their countries, if you view the excessive amounts of increased revenue’s and stocks in Russia, Germany, Europe, France and the U.K., realize there are many American factors that were acquired to get them to that point in their countries. They’ve skillfully gained control over many American markets, now expanding around the world partnering with many other countries such as South Africa, China, Dutch, Austria, and Argentina.This is while keeping a firm grip on American territories These carefully planned American manipulations makes them a unstoppable force all around the world in every industry.

 All the above actions mentioned above are direct violations of the United States Constitution that has impacted every United States citizen of America! 


 Other factors to also be weary of along with the hacking’s and U.S. Business replications, is the conflict of interest with the European-German descents residing in America, whom are prior and current appointed Supreme court officials, and part of many American Federal, State, and Legislative top Governmental agencies, corporations,and businesses. Which causes a huge conflict of interest for many pending corporate and business court cases who happen to be German or European owned. American’s are surely not getting fair justice, which again is a direct violation of America’s United States Constitution and Bill of Rights. These current documents written by previous American forefathers are definitely not being upheld by the American Government or its officials, for the sake of America or it’s naturalized American born citizens of the United States and their next generational children of America. 

There are many things to think about in America? One big question, Is America now the next Europe or Germany? 

Editor’s Note: 

One last note before reviewing business replications and constitutional law violations. Be aware, that the Legislative Age range, which the United State’s Constitution spells out specifically, is between 25yrs – 75yrs of age., So why are America’s Governmental, Federal, Legislative and Executive branches filled with many older leaders who do not understand the newer generations? This activity must change in America, many middle-aged leaders should be in the mix just as the prior Forefathers outlined in the United State’s Constitution, even they realized, at some point older leaders would not be able to keep up with the newer generational changes of each decade, and a time would come where new leadership must have a variable age group for the fairness and equality of America and it’s naturalized born American citizens.

 America the time has come to make many changes, for our Country and the next generations. If nothing is done, everyone must prepare to live a life of misery, disparity and inequality for yourself, your children and your grandchildren. International waters are running deep all throughout the United States. Many of the international top leaders, do not know what it means to live pay check to pay check, get laid-off, unemployed, or lose their home and/or business. See below relevant articles, you can come to your own conclusions about your Constitutional and Bill of Rights as an American citizen. 

FYI: U.S. SUPREME COURT Justices are of  Roman Catholic Religion 

Review Similar American Businesses – International Replications:‎ – World of Webcams




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911 Conspiracy Is True!!

 America has been thwarted from the real truth. If you are a media reporter, blogger or journalist, hackers are trying to prevent many from reporting the real facts if your getting close to the truth. Along with putting many in jail who are also reporting, the facts about the American foreign conspiracies and the current International Economical Warfare America is facing.  

 Mathew Mills, the Super Bowl interrupter had every right to stand up for his country, alerting Americans about the 911 conspiracy which was done by the hands of foreign constituents whom are residing in America. They’ve been using top Governmental political figures in America for decades to assist them with their plots. The top greedy political figures have no clue, they were being coerced and befriended by foreign predators who wanted too gain control of America and truly didn’t like them personally. These tactics has worked out wonderfully for these foreign predators.

The new American foreign political leaders, actions aren’t friendly relations when Europe – Germany and China is now in control over many markets in the United States, which has resulted in American families suffering in poverty, no jobs, cut unemployment, higher healthcare, and cut Governmental assistance programs.The United States top Governmental officials, mainly Republicans; have been gullible and too trustworthy of foreign predators,whom are only in America to work with their countries to gain control over all American resources.

The American politicians fell for their corrupt schemes! Isn’t there a saying trust your family before your foe’s? Are there any more true American families?

Why didn’t’ these American political leaders trust their own American country people, if they didn’t understand how to handle demands of international countries, maybe they should of researched the previous American Fore Fathers History, to view how they handled international country relations.They surely didn’t sell out or start giving America away to these other countries or pay them to come over too America!  

It’s been proven over decades many countries are not American friendly, so why would the America’s political leaders believe another country over their own country people. Money and greed by these American political leaders has been a planned out plot foreign countries have put in place for decades. Some countries assets were ceased decades ago by a previous American President, for the same reasoning of them doing corrupt business practices in the United States!

They are using American resources to launder money back to their countries while learning, owning, working and investing in American businesses. They’ve been using their American owned businesses and foundations to do many of their sneaky corrupt practices. By which they learned from American Colleges, Wall Street, and Foreign lawyers!  

These wealthy foreign families have been able to bypass the American governmental system for decades funneling money back to their countries too eventually turn around decades later to take control of America, by which they have succeeded! At this point it makes no sense for America to fight wars with other countries who are living right here in America, this is defeating the purpose!

An example; the Boston Suicide bombers who are foreign children,the American Government has allowed to come over to the United States to attend top American Universities. Did the Government not realize college wasn’t their priority, these foreign adults and children are in America for their own personal agenda’s, and many of them are collaborating with their home countries to plan out plots against American citizens. It is a known point many other countries train their children at a very young age to carry out these planned out suicidal deadly dangerous plots.

The American political leaders have become gullible to this known fact, did they not comprehend this could be the case? They opened up the American flood gates to dangerous, corrupt, foreign criminals and their children! The American government doesn’t know the lives any of these foreign people led in their countries, nor do they know who they are, or their families private history or who they are attached too in their countries, although giving them a “free pass” into America to do as they please. 

 Many foreign country people are embedded throughout America, whom are working with their countries to carry out many planned out plots against American’s for past war retaliations. The recent series of events were inevitable, 911, Suicide Bombers, H1N1 Pandemic, Royal Caribbean Virus outbreak, Chemical spill, Deadly Drugs, Medical devices, and the Plant explosion all of these incidences didn’t just occur, they’d been planned out plots against Americans brewing for some time now. The other countries retaliate when they don’t get what they want from the American Government. How can American’s fight against foreign owned corporations and private foreign individuals who are living among the American population, this is a disaster to every American family? Are Americans to bow down at this point and accept the fact America is now controlled by other countries, Europe – Germany – China – Nigeria being the main Four? There are many proven intelligence facts about the Economical Warfare in America that shows this!

Also be aware “Male and Female made” diseases, have been brought into America to control the American population!The logic behind this is, If they do away with the American population, it will be much easier to take control. Again, these are all well planned out conspiracies they’ve been forming for decades, now century’s later the American population are starting to feel the impacts of these foreign countries workings.

They’ve taken over every market in America, now many American’s families are suffering. Everyday there is a sad American story being told, from poverty all the way up to the corporate level where many Americans are now faced with seeing foreign workers from other countries, who are getting more benefits than the American born citizens. Which should not be! Another known sad occurrence in the American government, they are paying Filipino’s, Asian’s, Haitians and many other foreign nationals to come over to America, giving them free housing, paying their college tuition’s and assisting them with employment. How is this fair to the American citizens who have to pay for their own tuition and housing and pay back the American Government back? Americans are penalized and charged interest for not paying back their student loans and their credit history is affected. Why is our American government giving this opportunity to foreign countries and not their American people.

With these actions by the American Government this has caused many Americans to go into financial debt, and take many jobs away from American citizens by giving the jobs to foreign nationals, who they’ve paid to come to America! Why is the American government paying any country to come over here to take our jobs, these countries are not paying Americans to come to their country and giving Americans free room and board to their jobs!

American’s must start organizing together to take back control of our country, sadly as it may seems America is no better than any other country, whom are ousting their Governmental leaders, American’s may have too do the same to take back control over our country. Americans can not sit stagnant and let other countries take from our country any longer which is rightfully for the American born citizens. This is not fair too American born children who deserve a chance to live the American Dream long after their parents and grandparents are gone. 

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Social Security Administration VS Deceased U.S. Citizens

Foreign Nationals American Social Security Scam

 The American Social Security Administration is responsible for every American citizens social security number, whether they are dead or alive. When the Social Security Administrations systems were hacked in 2012, did the U.S. Government not think of the impact this could have on American citizens.

 There is reasoning behind the recent hacking’s of American’s private information. The illegal foreigners are taking Americans private information dead, or alive, and using the information to their own benefits to infiltrate many area’s in the United States,taking away from many American families.They are using American Social Security numbers for many of their undocumented family members, to acquire Government services and American resources,and employing their family members at their U.S. owned companies.
The following questions need answered, When you get a speedy visa implemented by the Bush Administration in the 1990’s, Who is monitoring foreign nationals and their families members? How are they filing taxes or not filing taxes with a work-visa? Does the American Government supply foreign nationals with social security numbers when they apply for American citizenship or a Work-visa?

Also, how can foreign nationals get bank accounts, financial aid, jobs, apply for loans, buy homes, rent apartments and get governmental assistance, for their entire family, with a non established social security number on a foreign visa or passport? In addition, How does the American government keep track of American income made by foreigners? How does the United States Government know how much income is being sent back too their countries family members and Governments?

Also,How in the world does the Social Security Administration know what American’s are dead or alive, if their database has been recently hacked, Do they really know who is legal or not legal? Who’s American and Who’s not? 
If a American dies, Does the the Social Security administration keep up with their social security number ensuring someone hasn’t stolen their identity?

Many undocumented foreigners are assuming the lives of many American citizens who’ve been deceased for decades or recently passing, and lets us not forget including the current American citizens private social security information they’ve hacked or stolen their identities.

American’s are being invaded in every possible way, it seems America can’t win for losing thanks to the United States Government,which has now been infiltrated by foreign nationals who are changing Bills, the U.S. Constitution and Bill of Rights, which has been in place for decades for every American born citizen. The new influx of foreign nationals are taking over numerous American markets, businesses, corporations in every industry, along with our homes, land, farms, and American’s social security numbers.

Who really knows whose hands are on American citizens private information, which may be any foreign country Israel, Iran, China, Algeria, U.K., France, or Germany who knows where American’s Social Security and Credit Card information has gone and being used in some illegal form or fashion. These actions are obvious due too the recent influx of hackers, which many are from other countries! 

This is all thanks to EB-5 immigration bill, which currently has the assistance of many U.S. lawyers helping with the speedy illegal immigration processes.The American government, has allowed foreign nationals to take everything away from American families,this is a monstrosity to every American born family! Why would the Government do this to American citizens? Are American’s not worthy people of maintaining their own country?

That’s quite an understatement, America has survived many, many decades without foreign help, look back into American history, these type of actions weren’t heard of by previous American Forefathers, Franklin D. Roosevelt or Eisenhower would of never allowed this to happen, if anything they were protecting their country from these type of foreign shenanigans.These actions are a slap in the face too many Veterans of America, How can the United States Government ask veterans to fight and die for their country?

When they are allowing the same foreign nationals they are fighting against, to freely come over too America,and then have the audacity to pay them and their families to come invest in American businesses? This is very contradictory and disheartening. Have all American soldiers fought and died in vein for their country?

A new bill recently passed, also allows foreign family pets to come with them. Does the American Government not think about cross-breeding dangers, some of these foreign nationals are from third world countries! The foreign nationals and their families are living a better American Dream than American born families, by which many are living in poverty or homeless! This is very unfair to

many American born families.

Every American, should surely see there’s an economical warfare, all throughout America, in every aspect! Americans are not only getting “hack attacked,” from unknown foreign sources, they are stealing personal information and cloning your entire family history. America, realize this is being done by stealing your social security number and obtaining all your pertinent information, including your family history which is attached to your Social Security number.

The U.S. Governments Social Security Administration is supposed to safe-guard and protect American’s Social Security information, this is not the case. If this problem is not addressed immediately, What is the next generation of American born children to do? The next generational American children’s future is looking very bleak, with the new foreign nationals and their children taking over America. Every American born citizen must stand up and demand justice against foreign hackers and violators who’ve stolen private information from American families, and this includes deceased American’s!

Ask your Government, has your social security information been hacked, when was it hacked, if so did they inform you? Do you know if your social security information is safe from hackers? Also does the United States Government know the person or persons who’s stolen your information? Also question, How are foreign families able to get on their feet so quickly in the United States without established credit?

Another widely known point being discussed, is many foreign nationals are using “under the radar large cash transactions”, for reasoning of no paper trail, becoming untraceable transactions. All of these corrupt actions must be stopped, American’s are suffering due to all of these illegal actions brought on by foreign nationals, and the United States Government continues to allow them to get away with it! Leaving true Americans to suffer alone, which is being emphasized all throughout America by many Americans!

Another important factor is, How can the United States Government cut off Unemployment benefits to U.S. citizens who have paid into the Unemployment for many years. Is this legal? Don’t they not deserve their monies paid into the system? 

Demand Investigations & Audits of the U.S. Immigration system, U.S. Social Security Administration, U.S. Lawyers and every U.S.foreign owned business! 

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Freelance Editor,