United States “Childish” Government Leaders

America’s Republican party members arguing, bickering, and lawsuit against ‘Obama’ is not doing anything for American Citizens or our the United States!

America has elected “Childish Governmental Leaders,” who are putting millions of American citizens lives in danger, Republicans are doing nothing to move United States forward! How in the world can you focus on anything if your continually arguing and bickering, back and forth with your co-workers. Tempers have flared, and one wants to take down the other by any means necessary! How can anything get ‘accomplished’ or ‘resolved’ if tempers are always flaring.

Republicans purpose to do their “Job” accurately has now become a personal vindictive battle! Which is not good for American Citizens.Many of these “Professional grown men and women” hold ‘Ivy League’ college degrees and are acting like children, due to the fact they can’t get there own way! Any, professional responsible adult with “Common Sense” knows that there must be ‘Compromise’ in any business situation, transaction or relationship! Many should now see, that it doesn’t matter where you went to college or what prior professional position you’ve held, people can still act irresponsibly like a child and throw temper tantrums, and do ferocious things to others just to prove a point to get their way! America this is exactly what’s occurring in our United States Government, should we really trust people like this running our Government? How are these type of actions good for anyone?

Suing the “President of the United States” is a very childish action, republicans are not considering the damage this is doing, or thinking about the best interest of the American people, the World or America! They are only thinking of their own personal agenda’s to go against everything the “President’ is trying to implement, instead of being responsible and compromising! How can you trust anyone with this type of bitter angry attitude mixed with hatred? ‘American Citizens’ and other ‘World Leaders’ should be very concerned with the actions of ‘Americas Republican Leaders’ who are causing unnecessary turmoil, since they can not get there way!

Everyone knows no one can think clearly or logically if they are angry, so how are the ‘Republicans’ actions against ‘Obama’ good for America? Congress members were voted into office to help America, and American citizens, not to sue the ‘President!’ There actions are hurting all American people, do republicans and many others realize ‘Obama’ is trying to clean up many years worth of a mess “Bush” implemented, which is not going to happen overnight, especially if he’s continually getting ‘Flack’ from the Republican party! Every year since ‘Obama’ has been in office they have tried to shut him down on everything he’s wanted to change or make better for the American people!

How can the President or anyone for that matter do their job accurately! Their hatred towards him, has hurt our country in more ways than one! In the meantime, as they are arguing and trying to bring down ‘Obama’ there are many things brewing behind the scenes they are not paying attention to! International plots are being made to harm America and American Citizens, and let’s not forget to add international countries are probably looking at America as a ‘Joke’ and laughing at us!

America, do you see any other country acting the way the United States Congress is acting? No!! Why are American Citizens not saying anything about this, we have a huge problem! When hatred is involved you can’t trust people with such deceit to run a country, and make important decisions for millions of people! Evil is looming inside many ‘Republican party members,’ so how can they truly make sound logical decisions for the American people! Also, although many ‘Republicans’ are already financially wealthy, they also have the nerve to want American citizens to ‘Fund’ their deceitful actions! Are you kidding me America, this is more insult to injury in a already struggling ‘Economy’! How can you really sit back and trust people with so much ‘Power?’ They are making vital decision for you and your family and the United States of America, led by anger? Many “Americans should ask themselves this question,” Do you really trust unstable people like this running your country? Do you think they have your best interest at heart when their mind, body and soul is clogged with so much anger and fury?

If you agree, then it’s time for some ‘Political’ changes in Americas Government! United States, needs members who are rational, compromising and ethical and can work with many types of people no matter what color they are! America is now internationally diverse, ‘Republicans’ and many others just don’t get it or failing to except the fact! So if they can’t comprehend such a small detail as this how can they lead a country?

Thanks for reading and please start standing up and protecting your country for the good of your family! 

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America The New Holocaust

Prepare for the worst America

America please realize the majority of United States problems are man-made disasters that have now caught up with today’s society.The series of events that have been occurring in America, have been in place for decades! This means way before “Obama” took office so impeaching him would not do any good. Americas current dilemma’s are planned out creative plots, that were put into place since World War I & II.

It all makes logical sense, if you weaken a country by “Economical Warfare,” and Depopulate by “Pharmaceutical and Food Industry,” you can expeditiously take over a countries viable resources it needs to function as a country. In return the country will have to rely upon other countries for resources. Although, in America it’s quite the opposite, foreign countries have figured out a way to take control over Corporation$, $tate & Local Government$, to gain control of America and the American people, and this is while their “Board Members and Leaders,” are based and residing in another country. 

An example of this America is; “Bayer Healthcare,” many may not know that their “Board Members” are based in Germany not America. This should be a major concern for every American, especially Jews, ask yourselves how can Germany and Europe call the shots in America, while residing in their own countries? Also, how can this be better for the American people, do the American people and government truly know if these countries, have the American people’s best interest and well-being in mind when they are making business decisions for America.

Many forget about previous history, where America put many Germans in jail for “War Crimes.” The roots run very deep in this country which dates back to the World War and the evils of Adolph Hitler, by which many of these groups are currently resurfacing. Sadly, the only Presidents that recognized what the Germans were up to in America were Franklin D. Roosevelt and Ted Kennedy. 


America, please read following links below, which provides detailed important information every American must read about the monstrosities committed by this country, and also realize this is definitely not the past, its the present and currently occurring strategically.  

Nazi death squad researchers race against time to detail ‘Holocaust by bullets http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Nazi+death+squad+researchers+race+against+time+detail+Holocaust+bullets/9772794/story.html

Anti-semitism on the rise, Jewish leader warns http://www.ottawacitizen.com/news/Anti+semitism+rise+Jewish+leader+warns/9820415/story.html

Holocaust by Bullets presentation coming to Calgary – Shedding light on Nazi killing squads


After reading the above articles, every American should truly ask themselves do you really want Germany/Europe or any other international country running Americas top corporations, which impacts you and your family. In reading you should of viewed how Germany has no regard for human beings. Also, please realize every family has history, and some of the same Germans, currently making important economical decisions for Americans in America, could be part of this past holocaust evil.

Who truly knows if Americas, German corporate leaders in America could be a Grandson, Nephew, Cousin or Uncle, of a prior German war crime criminal, which the U.S. military jailed for crimes against humanity! America the disturbing part about all of this, is they are the top “Big Pharma” leaders in America and winning in the Food, Oil, Wall Street, Technology and Consumer Goods markets. They’ve also managed to gain the trust of Americas FDA, NIH, U.S. Government leaders, and Citizens such as Snowden. 

America you should now realize “Obama” is not the problem, in fact many Republican leaders, lobbyists and organizations such as “ALEC,” have been working with many of these foreign corporate leaders in America.All of these so-called American leaders should be ashamed of themselves, for turning against their own country people. 

Please view video concerning Native American Holocaust

Holocaust of the Native American Indians (Full Documentary) – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9F0YLAm5sNQ

Anonymous – Homeless people in US deported to camps"

Ukraine PM: Putin intends to reinstate Soviet Union – https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sV-8RxtQtcw

KGB in America: Cold War Russian Spies, Agents and Operations – Documentary Film – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kGYfQCvLnq8

Thumbs Up! Caribbean nations prepare demand for slavery reparations

‘Our aim is to open a dialogue with European states’
 Wide range of support sought from former slaving countries -http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/mar/09/Caribbean-nations-demand-slavery-reparations

Reparations for all African-Americans, Caribbeans or people of color are due their fair justice in the world, for being sold off like cattle, beaten, killed and made a mockery of in society. Also what if your mixed with both – Cherokee Indian – African American do you get reparations from both sides?

 See below other reparation articles

OBAMA SUGGESTS REPARATIONS TO BLACKS, NATIVE AMERICANS-‘The most important thing to do is not just offer words, but offer deeds’ http://www.wnd.com/2008/07/71043/

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2008/07/71043/#iTs1ioezkvm18bfX.99

The so-called “guilt clause” of the 1919 Treaty of Versailles placed full blame for the war on Germany and ordered reparations of 132 billion German marks (roughly $400 billion in today’s dollars). http://www.csmonitor.com/World/Europe/2010/1004/Germany-finishes-paying-WWI-reparations-ending-century-of-guilt 

US approves $4.5 billion in reparations to Indians, black farmers  http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/301242#ixzz2vX1Qy4dW

Reparations for Native Americans – http://www.democracynow.org/1999/12/21/reparations_for_native_americans

HR reparations bill okay eyed – http://latestnewsphilippines.com/national-news/hr-reparations-bill-okay-eyed

Calculated MINIMUM Reparation Due to Slave Descendants: $1.5 Million to Each Black Citizen of the USA – http://dissidentvoice.org/2013/01/calculated-minimum-reparation-due-to-slave-descendants-1-5-million-to-each-black-citizen-of-the-usa/

This was posted on the same website above w/Germany – Very Interesting 

It asks, Could you pass a U.S. Citizen Test? Find out! http://www.csmonitor.com/USA/2011/0104/Could-you-pass-a-US-citizenship-test/Who-signs-bills – Posted in Europe, Why is everyone in Europe – Germany moving to America? 


Snowden vs International Conspiracy

images (36)

Snowden America is not the Culprits your Friends Are!

  There’s proof of extensive spying and much more in the United States that has been going on for decades!  Your friends have just mastered the art of American manipulation! Snowden please get the facts straight you have been snowballed into a mess of untruth’s. There is current intelligence that proves, Snowden is mistakenly wrong! He definitely his facts all backwards. It’s actually the reverse, America has been being spied on since Franklin D. Roosevelt ceased assets and sent others back to their country for doing corrupt business practices in the United States. They’ve spent decades spying and doing anything else they could think of to get back over to America to learn and regain economical resources, land, intelligence, American business knowledge and ownership. This has been going on since World I and II. Snowden, apparently didn’t do his homework and piece their patterns and sneaky practices together, his foreign counter-partners have been spying and using corrupt practices in America for quite some time now, probably before Snowden was even born.

 There is proof they have diligently and privately infiltrated major economical markets in America, which impacts American lives. We also know, that they are triggering a series of events in America, due to the fact their on alert, and now know America has caught onto their shenanigans and illicit corrupt practices and sooner or later it will all be exposed. Snowden focus is only on the NSA, his foreign friends infiltrations runs deeper than the NSA in America, and they know it. They are using Snowden and he doesn’t realize it and in the end it will all be exposed for all the world to know including him. Snowden is trying to make America out to be the bad apple when it’s actually been the other foreign countries who’ve been in America plotting. These specific foreign countries need to stop bashing and causing chaos in America and around the world, and just tell the real truth, and learn to work together and build a friendly International and America partnership! 

 Please do not take it out innocent lives, who have nothing to do with it. Your sequence of harming events in America are becoming very noticeable to someone, just as Snowden, who is holding in their hands information that can prove, all your prior and current deceitful actions in America.

The pattern you are using has been exposed and you can not continue to allow Snowden to report and blame U.S. for deceitful corrupt practices when it’s your country that has been doing the damage. Snowden has been bribed, coerced and I’m sure threatened at this point, although that was his choice to take a chance and turn on his country, that has been good to him and his family. Now never to see his family again, all for nothing when the real truth comes out, Snowden will wish he never got involved.

 It’s truly going to be sad for Snowden, and the other country, when they are finally exposed proving they have been leading America and the world astray for decades, and they’re actually the one’s that are causing havoc and are currently doing harm in America. We know many of you are based in New Jersey and NY & scattered throughout America’s 50 states, and we know you have access to many of our vital resources.

  The incident on the Royal Caribbean did not just all of sudden happen and a coincidence. There is proof you have made  diseases decades ago, that you’ve enhanced and brought the nasty diseases over from your country, and you are now using them on American people to cause us harm, amongst the other chain of events you’ve been setting off. This is no way to act, harming innocent lives, if there is a problem, rational business people sit down and come to an agreement or some type of resolution working together as a united global country.

 Remember whether International or American all of your next generational children have to live in this world, do you want them to live in a world of chaos. Those days are long gone it’s time to come forward and move forward, and do the right thing by all human beings in America and your countries, whether we like it or not the world is now diverse. Every human being wants to live a nice joyous life no matter where you live! 

Greed and corruption is not the way to get there, it will eventually end up coming back too you full circle. “Honesty and Truth is the best policy!”

 See below corrupt scandals links associated with the economical warfare in America:

Edward Snowden tells German TV that NSA is involved in industrial espionage –


2 Bitcoin operators charged in NY ‘Silk Road’ bust – http://www.theguardian.com/world/feedarticle/11167148 –

Bitcoin Foundation vice chair arrested for money laundering – http://www.theguardian.com/technology/2014/jan/27/bitcoin-foundation-vice-chair-arrested-money-laundering


Google buys artificial intelligence firm DeepMind Technologies for £400m


NSA and GCHQ target ‘leaky’ phone apps like Angry Birds to scoop user data – http://www.theguardian.com/world/2014/jan/27/nsa-gchq-smartphone-app-angry-birds-personal-data

• US and UK spy agencies piggyback on commercial data
• Details can include age, location and sexual orientation 
• Documents also reveal targeted tools against individual phones

News of the World reporter hacked phones a thousand times, he tells court – http://www.theguardian.com/uk-news/2014/jan/27/news-world-reporter-hacked-phones-dan-evans-simon-cowell

European shares drop after fears of crisis in emerging markets


Mail Online to switch to .com domain name


China’s princelings storing riches in Caribbean offshore haven


Arsène Wenger set to stay at Arsenal after club seal £150m Puma kit deal – Part of ALEC/Republican organization!


New bread for Hovis as Premier Foods offers slice for £200m investment deal – http://www.theguardian.com/business/2014/jan/27/premier-foods-slice-hovis-investment-deal


‘He said he was going to blow things up’ Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/college-freshman-has-weapon-of-mass-destruction/#YtRk0vP66O6ht3IT.99


Women died at same hospital

Read more at http://www.wnd.com/2014/01/state-probes-2-childbirth-related-deaths/#gQmuqZQYIDYsTVZz.99

Royal Caribbean cruise cut short after more than 600 are sickened – The Virus came from New Jersey that is where they are living and running businesses! http://www.cnn.com/2014/01/26/travel/cruise-ship-illness/


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What a country! A love letter to America – MUST READ AMERICA

                                Every American Citizen Should Read This Letter Addressed to American’s & ask yourself ?’s

                                   See how free spirited other countries truly think America Is!   What Are We Doing America

You’ve welcomed me with open arms. You are approached open and curious about me. You’ve taken me four months with you. Although you do not even knew who I am, what I can and what I want. That you did not care. You’ve answered all my questions, my strange pronunciation and my very mediocre English over listens politely.

I took only a few seconds indecisive stand on the street – always jumped me someone at your side who could show me the right way. I needed herumzustammeln only somewhat helpless and it was all helped me in a good mood. In the restaurant, the post office, in hotels, at the hairdresser, in the offices, in stores, at the gas station on the road.

You could not know if maybe I’m important. My employer is not very well known here. But you do not care. Almost all doors have opened, I was able to speak at least for a few minutes with all the interesting, intelligent and successful people I’ve always wanted to meet. I was allowed to look behind the scenes of the companies that I have always been most interested.

This is done, not spoken

Not for a second I have aggressive moods or irritability felt by which we know so well in Germany. On the contrary. I’m hit anywhere in serenity, coolness and a friendly self-confidence.

Many of the stories I’ve told in my German home, you have not understood correctly. Why is everything always so complicated in Germany? Why are people so critical and strict – especially with himself? You live, work and think very differently than we do. Talking to you is not anyway. Much rather you do something simple, without better to know everything always before. If something does not work, there is just a new start.

Your kindness will you so often interpreted as superficiality. Above all of us Germans. I wish more of this kindness in my home. I like friendly interfaces. Maybe it’s at your kindness just to good education. And behind all the phrases and rituals are often hidden very intelligent people.

Important figures are inconspicuous

Most likely this was simply the remains of British understatement. In order to get not very far in Berlin and the rest of Germany. This volume works very well. But with your kindness I’m just efficiently than down corners of the mouth and Brüllerei.

The strange man in quite colorful and worn sports clothes sitting in a reading next to me, turns out in the subsequent question and answer session as a Stanford professor of philosophy.The boss of a fairly large company will appear in time for lunch in a very elegant restaurant. In impeccable suit.With very green sneakers.

The small, wiry, young Asian with baseball cap is not the Speaker of the Executive Board, but is itself the chief of the whole store. No, you did not need to costume up with the insignia of the hierarchies. Here’s just everyone who he is. I was allowed to wear my clothes without being noticed among all the stupid sports Jack carriers.

Success is not regarded with suspicion, but celebrated

The young people at your West Coast are going to program a new world in which we all live in the future. They make quite naturally and intuitively. Where are our problems – and how can we solve them? In each question, there must be an answer. If you think about it long enough. If you’re smart enough.

Do not go, there are not with you. Knowledge of digital technology and money to go here an almost magical connection. And it is you completely, no matter how we see it all, if we have objections, worries or concerns. It will happen anyway. Even without us.

Success is not suspiciously eyed at you, but celebrated. On the Internet one can read, for how much money and was bought by whom the opposite house. My neighbors drive two large jeeps.

His is black, she drives the white. Together, the car barely fit on the driveway. The neighbor on the other side runs a small, blue electric car. And bicycle. It is understood anyway. Exceptional performance and inimitability are required – and be promoted with a lot of money.

Freedom Is not Free

In your restaurants I have eaten the best food you can imagine. The best hamburgers anyway. Your wines are adorable. Your oceans, the mountains, the valleys, the cities, deserts – these incredible landscapes we know from the movies, it’s only with you. And above all the light. One has the sense all the time to play along in a very tastefully lit film and look much better than in Germany.

Yes. At the street corners of your large cities, there are a lot of misery. Who is not able to keep up in your big game about money and success can be found quickly on the road again as in Germany. Behind your smile, your happiness and the buffed sound of your language conceals a portion of ruthlessness. You know very well that there is not your freedom, your beauty, your uniqueness in vain.

It must be fought hard for it. And that makes you often harsh and unjust. But you know that yourself. And it looks like you’re growing in a position to change you over and over again and improve. That’s what I like about you. And please do not let yourself be one of us eternal wiseacres from old Europe into confusion. At the end you probably help us again from any trouble.

The author is deputy editor of the “World” group.




America’s Interpol International Connections


United States Interpol Agency has numerous international sponsors, by which many sponsors are top pharmaceutical & biotech companies in the United States. Not only does American’s have to worry about the NSA, the U.S. government and citizens should be concerned with the U.S. Interpol police agency, who’s international connections run deep! In early 2013 the Pharmaceutical Industry Initiative to Combat Crime signed an agreement with 29 of the world’s largest pharmaceutical companies, giving the U.S. Interpol agency funding in Euro dollars over a 3yr, period of time which enables these international corporations to take more control over the United States pharmaceutical markets and the U.S. Interpol agency.

Interpol’s so called agreement, is to prevent pharmaceutical crime and counterfeiting for branded and generic drugs in the United States to combat crime, which many of these top U.S. pharmaceutical companies are providing the world and American citizens with many of the same tainted toxic drugs they are combating. How can you combat crime when your the culprit’s doing the crime?

The top U.S. pharmaceutical companies and U.S. National Interpol agency, other sneaky objective’s is to dismantle organized crime networks, expand training and building opportunities with their newly formed U.S. partnership. Top U.S. pharmaceutical companies are providing funding for their own criminal activities, inflicting harm all over the world and U.S. population impacting numerous lives.These pharmaceutical companies efforts are in vein, when these international pharmaceutical companies and U.S. Interpol agency has the majority controlling interest in combating crime, one could say the relationship between the United States Interpol and International U.S. pharmaceutical companies would be a contradictory partnership.  

Mr. Snowdens reports of United States illegal activities should be re-focused, on his counter partners International criminal activities against the United States and how they’ve illegally infiltrated top U.S. governmental agencies and businesses by financing their own efforts to take control over the United States, which many Americans may not know the majority of international funding comes from American citizens, over a long period of time via international U.S. based business operations.  

America not only has severe problems with the U.S. NSA, there are major issue’s within the United States Interpol agency the world’s largest police monitoring agency, whom are working directly with U.S. international pharmaceutical markets.

Known Interpol U.S. Pharmaceutical Sponsors

AbbottAlmirallAmgenAstellas PharmaAstraZenecaBayer AGBoehringer IngelheimCelgeneChugai Pharmaceutical Co.Daiichi SankyoDainippon Sumitomo PharmaEisai Co.GlaxoSmithKlineLilly, LundbeckMenarini SAMerck & Co.Merck KGaANovartisNovo NordiskOtsuka PharmaceuticalsPfizerRocheSanofiShionogi  & Co.Takeda Chemical IndustriesUCB



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