An American Doctor Experiences an NHS Emergency Room

Please realize America’s Top Big Pharma Corporations are Internationally owned who are killing and impacting millions of American Citizen lives. The Doctors, FDA, NIH, CDC and American Politicians are working hand in hand and care nothing about a human life.

Dr. Jen Gunter

You know it’s going to be one of those days when one of the first tweets on vacation inquires about the closest hospital.

IMG_8896Victor, one of my 11-year-olds, had something in his eye courtesy of a big gust of wind outside of Westminster Abby. He was complaining enough to let me flip his eyelid and irrigate his eye on the square in front of Big Ben. (I’m sure several people thought I was torturing him).  Despite an extensive search and rinse mission no object or relief was to be found. I fretted about going to the hospital. It wasn’t the prospect of navigating a slightly foreign ER, but simply the prospect of the wait. While I am a staunch supporter of the British NHS in the back of my mind I envisioned a paralyzingly full emergency room and an agonizing 18 hour wait only to find he had nothing in his…

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The Three Reasons Why Americans AREN’T Rising Up in Open Revolt (Robert Reich)

Published on Feb 9, 2014
With income inequality rising, the middle class increasingly squeezed and more of us than ever feeling the pinch, why hasn’t the American public risen up to demand reform? It’s happened before, as in the Progressive Era, during the New Deal and the Great Society, so why not now?

In his latest “Regulators” vlog, University of California Economics professor and former Secretary of Labor Robert Reich explains the three reasons keeping Americans from rising up in open rebellion to demand change.

#NoFilter – Stop Corporate Money from KILLING Our Democracy

Published on Feb 27, 2014
Today there are more than 100,000 lobbyists representing interests that spend more than $9 billion to influence government policy – and the majority of this spending is typically hidden from the public. So who are our elected officials truly representing – average American citizens? Or the vast monied interests that shower politicians with campaign contributions and other lobbying money to ensure that their policy preferences, financial interests and pet projects top the government’s priority list.

The only solution, as Ana Kasparian points out, is to get money out of politics. But we can’t depend on the same politicians who benefit from this corrupt system to do anything. That’s why The Young Turks formed a political action committee,, to pass a Constitutional Amendment overturning Citizens United, eliminating corporate personhood and taking vast corporate sums out of the political process.

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