Check Out: CandyK’s Published New Non-Fiction Book Series On Amazons ‘Kindle Vella’ – ‘Devil Inside Of Me’

Short Story Series

STAY TUNED….. for more episodes that will shock the world!

Based on CandyK’s true story and actual events, many didn’t want her story to go public. But God had a different plan for CandyK, and now it’s time for her story to be told.

Don’t miss out on this incredible journey, and stay tuned for more episodes that will shock the world!

Episode 1: Mirena Iud ‘The Silent Devil’ Inside Of Me

“That Turned My Life Upside Down”


Episode 2

The Internal Death

It has taken CandyK some time to get to the place she is now, but she is finally ready to share her traumatic medical experience with the world.

She’ll be doing so through her new BOOK SERIES, All Episodes, where she will be sharing her story for the first time.

All women, husbands, wives, daughters, grandmothers, and more will want to hear this ‘Shocking Story.’

CandyK will be revealing all the details of her near death experience, and the people involved, that left her for dead.

Thank You and God Bless;

Author: CandyK – Daughter Of Vietnam Veteran, Public Figure, Certified Homeless Women’s Advocate, Certified Humanitarian Consultant, and much more…