In 2014 Federal Registered Contractor Exposed All Current Corruption

Back in 2014, after researching the ‘Top 10 Pharmaceutical Corporations,’ in the United States it seems all was ignored by the ‘Obama Administration’ and many other Leaders, Groups, and Activist. It seems if your a Black American woman you aren’t qualified enough to communicate the ‘TRUTH’ that’s currently unfolding in our Nation. Do we dare say this is a case of ‘White Privilege’ and Journalism Racism in America.

As the writer of over 800 articles and multiple communication efforts to many Federal Agencies, it seems if you are a Black American reporting ‘Intelligence’ it’s deemed useless if it comes from a Black American.

Beginning Monday July 17th, 2021 Kaila Truths will be communicating all of her research intelligence that dates back to 2014. Let me add I was told if I’d communicated my research information that I’d be killed; which now I see was a ploy to keep me silent so the White Journalist could communicate the same intelligence I’d found back in 2014; and beginning my Blog CABIRI; Consumer Advocacy Business Industry Research & Investigations.

It’s time America, begins acknowledging Black Professionals and Journalists!!

We wonder why there is a huge racism issue in America. It recently dawned on me as I’m looking at many media stations and hosts that not one of them are black although their intelligence somehow is more credible than what a Black American Female uncovered long before any of these ‘White’ media personalities came into existence.

So we all must ask ourselves the question is America ‘RACIST’ among Black American business professionals.

Look forward to all my research & investigations to be exposed as a African American Female Researcher who knew what she was talking about back in 2014; by which of many white and black Americans ignored.

It will take me some time to communicate my research although it will be exposed!!

God Bless America,

Kalia Truths

America In Distress

America is the said to be the ‘Greatest Nation In The World!’ At this point it’s seeming like the America is the most corrupt country in the world. United States has become the country of Republicans & Democrats who are at each others throat pitting all Americans against one another causing division.

Will America ever heal from the division? Whites are against Blacks; Blacks are against whites; Hispanics are against both whites and blacks. America has become a cluster of madness and distress; as God is watching United States fall to it’s knee’s.

The American people have forgotten their morals, values, history, culture and loyalty to a nation that was given to them by ‘God!

The meaning of ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ has become non existent. Instead we see hatred, disrespect, lying, racism, and massive corruption which goes against everything ‘God’ stands for.

Will American survive the distress or will it fall to it’s knees and be destroyed for good?

All Americans are sitting on the seat of their pants to see the fate of one of the Greatest Nations in the world!

The week of January 19th, 2020 will be beginning or the end of America.

Let us all pray January 20th, 2021 will be the beginning for all American Families..

Thanks for reading,

Kaila Truth…Freelancer-Entrepreneur