International Hackers are stealing American Entrepreneurs business information

CABIRI, has spotted several new business idea’s by entrepreneurs that are being stolen by international countries! These countries are setting up websites with no contact information, just email contact info.! The multitude of recent hacking’s were done for a reason America! Please Wake UP!! 

Americans have no chance in fighting a war against all of the New international hackers, top corporate business owners and governmental leaders. What are Americans to do! Americans hard work of business concepts and idea’s have been stripped away from them by international hackers, who will now profit from a American business idea in their country by using American citizens! Like many of them are doing currently now! Steadily sending money back to their countries! 

Also American entrepreneurs Do not trust any Investor site’s that want you to put your business information out there it will get stolen!

That’s the main problem these countries have plenty of cash to go around! American entrepreneurs can’t find any American investors to help get their business started, unless they are foreign! In the meantime, these entrepreneurs concepts and idea’s are being set up and used in America by international culprits behind closed doors, who have hacked into systems, emails or retrieved information by fake investment request information! 

America and the internet is becoming a total nightmare led by international countries living, stealing and taking all of American citizens land, food, chemicals, oil, consumer products, pharmaceutical drugs, houses, book companies, film, entertainment, and many more economical resources! 

American citizens it is time to wake up! The international culprits are beating Americans and taking everything away from American families that is rightfully theres as a American citizen, along with killing off the American population via Eugenics Theory.

The U.S. Government is allowing this to happen! WHY!! The bickering has to stop in congress between parties to focus on what these new international business owners are truly doing over here in America! There are pulling out all the stops to gain control fast! 

Please wake up! All America must start seeing the light, or America will soon be led by all international non-friendly countries! They are here for a reason America. Certain countries are posting ads on their foreign websites on how to get a U.S. Visa & How to pass the U.S. Visa Tests!

These international countries are getting help from their counter partners who already reside in America, many of them are already top American business owners, helping them along the way with these start ups, new businesses or corporations & There is proof America! The U.S. Government is keeping major issue’s hidden from all American citizens! Snowden is attacking the U.S. all while the U.S. is being attacked by International culprits residing in America!

A few of the main states are New York, New Jersey, California, Ohio, West Virginia, North Carolina, and Florida! 

Is no American seeing what is going on in your country? Are Americans that feeble minded? America is sinking fast!  Your children will suffer in the end and you also at some point! 

Rally the troops this has to stop in America! Enough is Enough! The International Economical Warfare signs are here in full throttle and Americans are losing! 

See: and read blog posts see what is going on in your country America! Your family and the Next American generation is doomed!! 



Freelance Writer – Kaila Truth’s




Drones Won’t Help America

Drone’s can’t help if the Predators are living in America
A article today about Obama pressured by drones, is not the path America needs to go down. American’s are missing subtle clue’s on what’s occurring, “Here and now in America,” which is a attack on our entire country and all America’s economical resources.

Many businesses in America are run by foreign countries, “And yes”, sadly they are recruiting American citizens by bribery or other means necessary, too gain American trust to acquire the things they want or desire in America. It’s called “Killing people with Kindness”. It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to see internationalist are working with their families in their countries.

Just as American’s have family members they help and protect. Internationalist have their families in their country to take care of  also, many foreign newcomers eventually send for their family members, too become part of their new American family owned business. They also do this too keep the family together to continue the family traditions, many internationalist raise their children with their countries family value’s and morals not American history. Many of their English speaking and American Educated children, translate for them and run their family businesses or their son or daughters marry into an American family.

This is all a money and educational American family learning tactic, many internationals do not remain married to an American, only long enough to get their American citizenship. Once they receive there citizenship they start sending for other family members, all it takes is one family member to plant their feet in America, the rest of the family can start coming one by one. All carefully, planned out tactics!

This is truly unfair too American citizens, how can foreign families run a business, and not speak a bit of English, then turn around and raise their children in America to run their family businesses, while sending money back to their extended families. This tactic is used so America, views the foreign led business and family members as true Americans, which there actually not. They are only squeezing every dime out of the American society sending money back to their countries, the sad part is they are becoming wealthy in America while running their foreign businesses, by keeping it in the family only! 

They do not believe in hiring out of their culture, think about how many foreign restaurants you’ve been to, what is the nationality you see working? There is no American’s present, in the business or maybe one. Why is that? Start thinking about indifference’s America, protect your country. If your a well-rounded person, you also know that many foreigners do not like America, and many of their children have a hard time intermingling due to cultural differences. American’s can’t relate to a communist country or a third world country, if they’ve never visited.

This is the case for many foreign children who can’t relate and have a hard time adapting to American culture, they do not understand it, so eventually they return to their country. Many of their children have few American friends, they seem to befriend other foreign cultures’ or family members, who are just as confused as they are about American culture and living, although many of their family members are running American businesses.

Many countries also have a “family law” one could say, if they send their child to college or abroad, the child or children are required to pay the parents a percentage of all income earned, until their passing. This is not a requirement of America children. Think about this scenario, If every foreign owned business in America, brought over their family and friends to work at their American businesses and corporations, and foundations, how many jobs would that leave American citizens?

The foreign nationals residing in America have more rights in America than true American citizens, they have more funding given to them by United States EB-5 immigration bill, that pays immigrants to come too America, along with giving them full access to invest in any American business. After the bill and decades of preparation and infiltrating American markets, the new massive foreign business owners have much to say about America, they are molding America, with money-power and greed. 

This is the true problem American’s aren’t getting, we have a problem right here at home that’s been planned out since after World War I and II. It’s much worse due to immigration influx laws that’s allowed non-friendly foreign nationals into America over several decades. Who’ve launched a discreet Economical warfare on America and American citizens, this should be now evident to those following the series of events occurring in America. Understand, if you gain control over a countries State’s, Laws, Businesses, Economical resources and Land, the following are vital to a countries functionality, and can be damaging too a countries livelihood too stand alone.

 American citizens must realize many non American friendly foreign nationals are running top corporations in America. Decades of planned plots by other countries against America have been in play for a very long time. Other past American presidents tried communicating to the next American generations, this exact time would come, and Americans would have to face the disastrous situations brought about.  

Sadly, one president didn’t adhere to our past presidents advice instead he implemented the EB-5 Immigration bill, HW Bush passed his new immigration bill  in the 1990’s. The bill gave international countries the option to buy what ever they wanted in America, as long as they showed the cash, along with the American Government bonus given to them for coming too America,”Wow free to purchase whatever your hearts desire,” without knowing anything about American business ownership, America people or American culture!

The implemented immigration bill has back fired on America, now many foreign countries have purchased every industry imaginable in America’s business sectors. Now mysteriously many American’s are struggling to feed their families and unemployed and are truly suffering, the stories being reported by many American families are very heart wrenching, beginning with the West Virginia water polluters, who are getting away Scott free with their sudden bankruptcy and governmental corruption cover up, leaving many West Virginia’s holding the bag.

The business change of American hands to foreign hands has a huge impact on many American families. Other countries do not live by the same rules, regulations, safety, or sanitary conditions as American’s. Why do you think every country wants to own and live in America? If their countries were great what is the reasoning for moving too America? Or why aren’t American citizens moving over to other countries so they can live and own businesses?

 An Investigation into International and American land and business ownership statistical results, may wake up American’s to truly view who’s really in control of America’s resources and why many Americans are facing homelessness and disparity. Changes in America can’t be made if wealthy foreigners, in control are privately flying below the radar blocking many things, which affects the middle-class and poor American families. This is the true reality in America.

It’s not the United States, it’s the foreign internationals within in the United States! Who are doing a great job, by diverting America’s attention to the Republican/Democrat debacles, opposed too their foreign corrupt practices they’ve been plotting for decades and currently carrying out, right here in America. Something worse than 911 is coming for America, this is all due to the new unknown internationals currently living in America, many Americans are sitting ducks. All plots have been previously planned and in motion for decades, not just the past 5,10 or 20 yrs., it’s been long before many American citizens were born.  American’s seem to have no clue, we’ve been shafted! Time will soon tell the truth!  American’s need not “bash the American government, that makes America seem very weak to internationals.

This is showing a weak country, which America is not a weak country, the Government and American citizens just have to gain control back of America, from foreign wealthy American citizens and their families who are currently living and winning in America! It’s very important yes, to protect American citizens and every human life, although before you judge you may want to dig deeper to find out who’s behind the brick wall, you may be surprised what you find. 

CABIRI, Freelance Writer
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